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Wrap your presents and tree this year

Jennifer Kopf


Looking for the perfect tree topper but want something out-of-the-box? May we suggest our new favorite way to trim your tannenbaum: Christmas tree ribbons. These decorations are just the finishing touch your Christmas tree needs. You wouldn’t leave a beautifully wrapped Christmas present without a bow, and you shouldn't leave your tree without one! These 18 Christmas tree ribbon ideas are a wonderful, easy-to-do Christmas craft guaranteed to fit any Christmas design theme.

Before you decide how you want to style the tree, you must first decide what type of ribbon you want to use. If your tree exudes a classic Christmas vibe, try something like a wide Tartan ribbon. If your style leans a bit more rustic, jute or burlap ribbon is probably the choice for you. For the glitz-and-glam holiday lovers, a ribbon with metallic hints or made of shiny satin is best. You’ll also want to grab your sharpest ribbon-cutting scissors and Christmas light clips to keep things in place while you play around with the look.

There are a myriad of ways to include ribbon in your Christmas tree—everything from simple ribbon ties to a full-out ribbon explosion with ribbon Christmas garlands or ribbon Christmas tree topper. While some ideas may take a little more time than others, they’re all easy to create once you have the basics down.

Here’s how you decorate your tree with…

…a ribbon garland: Start at the top of your tree and secure the ribbon end to the top of a branch with a clip. Carefully wind your way around the tree, going over and under branches as you come down. If you run out of ribbon as you go, clip the end somewhere in the back of the tree and repeat the same process with your new strand. You can also use wire-edged ribbon for a more structured look.
…vertical ribbon strands: Start by cutting six to eight pieces of ribbon that are each approximately a foot longer than the height of your tree. (You can cut more strips if you want a fuller ribbon look.) Secure one end of each ribbon to the top of the tree with a clip. We recommend getting a large tree topper to hide all the clips! Let each strand cascade down the tree, tucking it back where you would like to create a fold.
…a ribbon tree topper: The mechanics of a tying ribbon tree topper are similar to tying a regular bow. We recommend using a wire-edged ribbon for this so that your bow keeps its shape all season long. First, cut a strip of ribbon long enough to leave you with no shorter than 6i n. tails. You can then tie it to the top of the tree in a simple two-loop bow or create multiple loops for a show-stopping look


Grandmillenial-Inspired Christmas Decor

Brian Woodcock

If the soft tones of pastels and velvet and estate sale–esque heirlooms like mercury glass, ginger jars, and needlepoints make your heart sing, then a grandmillenial-inspired Christmas tree is just what your home needs to feel festive and bright this holiday season. For a prim and proper topper, make a velvet bow from two-inch ribbon. Tie it just as you would shoelaces to evoke an effortlessly chic French-girl vibe. Let the ends flow a third of the way down the tree, and trim at an angle.



Prize Ribbon Garland

Brian Woodcock

You can create a charming, first-rate garland by stringing together prize ribbons or other colorful collections (try pennants, scouting badges, or vintage travel tags) with floral wire. Choose a wide tree so that the garland will have space to stretch across, and coordinate your ribbon selection to match your existing Christmas decor.



Jute Ribbon Tree Decorations

Monica Buck

For a rustic look, cascade striped jute ribbon—such as upholstery webbing—down the complete height of your Christmas tree. Add additional holiday charm by attaching jingle bells to the ribbon with glue or a few simple stitches.



Soft and Pretty Christmas Tree Ribbon Garland

Country Living

When tucked deeper toward the middle of the tree, ribbon garland helps fill in holes and adds some unifying color to your Christmas tree, while letting your ornaments and other decorative garlands take center stage. To get the look, add the ribbon garlands prior to hanging your other ornaments, making sure to tuck the ribbon further back into the branches.



Christmas Tree Ribbon Garland

Lisa Hubbard

Casually draped around the Christmas tree, a garland of wide ribbon—three inches is best!—adds softness with a golden touch. Adding a ribbon garland is easy to do. Just start at the top and wind your way around the tree, loosely going over and under branches along the way.

Prefer a primarily red, white, or even blue tree? Use ribbon garland in your favorite color to establish the color palette and tie all your tree decorations together.



Simple DIY Ribbon Ties

Cedric Angeles

No ornaments? No problem! Ribbon provides a festive touch to each branch when tied in place with a simple knot.

Add additional texture with DIY pine cone ornaments. To make: Wrap baker's twine around the circumference of a pine cone and then tie the ends together creating a loop for hanging.



DIY Jute Ribbon Garland

Cedric Angeles

For a fun farmhouse look, make a jute ribbon banner garland. Here's how: Cut short strips of jute ribbon—such as striped upholstery webbing—then fold each strip over a long strand of heavy jute twine and secure with glue.



Red Plaid Ribbon Garland


Red tartan plaid is always right for the holidays! Choose wire-edged ribbon that's at least two inches wide for a high-impact garland.



Christmas Tree Ribbon Bows

Ellen McDermott

Ribbons easily tied into big accent bows help establish an unexpected holiday look. Use a combination of solid and patterned ribbons for a fun and interesting mix. Then add some solid-colored ball ornaments, and your tree is all set for the holiday celebrations to begin!



Jute Rope Garland

Monica Buck

Get the softness of ribbon with a little less fuss by using jute rope for your garland. Add even more personality by hanging holiday greeting cards to the rope using mini clothespins.



Simple Ribbon Christmas Tree Topper

Annie Schlechter

Even a Charlie Brown-esque tree can get in on the pretty with a generous ribbon bow as a tree topper; no other decorations are needed. Decorating tip: Choose a wire-edged ribbon for a bow that keeps its form.



All-White Christmas Tree Ribbons

Country Living

For a luxe look, wrap your Christmas tree with shimmery white organza ribbon, then cover the tree with big bows made of the same ribbon.



Tartan Plaid Ribbon Tree Decorations

Jim Bastardo

Bring on the plaid! For many, it just isn't Christmas until you've decked the halls with red tartan plaid. Woven around your tree as a garland, classic red-and-green plaid ribbons in tartan patterns, such as Stewart and Chisholm, give your Christmas tree a simple, homespun feel. Even better, layer ribbons in a mix of different tartan designs. Then tie a big-looped bow on the top branch as a ribbon tree topper, and you're ready to celebrate. And don't forget your plaid-wrapped packages to layer on even more festive tartan!



DIY Ribbon Ornament Hangers

William Waldron

Forgo run-of-the-mill metal ornament hangers in exchange for pretty satin ribbon. Threaded through the wire loop of the ornament cap and attached with a quick knot, the ribbon ties bring hits of color and softness amongst the mass of green branches.



Ribbon Christmas Tree Topper

Bjorn Wallander

There's no need to go out and buy an expensive tree topper. Top your Christmas tree with an elegant ribbon tree topper that's easy to make yourself. Simply tie a big bow in your favorite wire-edged ribbon, then, by threading green florist's wire through the back side of the bow's knot, secure the bow to the top branch. Leave the ends extra long for a more dramatic tree topper.



Gold Ribbon Garland


Jolie Sikes-Smith and Amie Sikes of the sister duo The Junk Gypsies use strands of gold and black striped ribbon to give their crown-topped tree more regal glitz.



Plaid Ribbon Christmas Tree Decorations

Keith Scott Morton

Casually cascading strands of ribbon add the last layer of Christmas' favorite accent color—red. To get the look, start with a large roll of fabric ribbon. Cut three or four long lengths of ribbon that each measure a bit more than twice the height of the tree. Hang each length of ribbon from its middle at the top of the tree. For a pretty finish, let the ribbons puddle slightly on the floor and cut the ends on the diagonal.



Romantic Ribbon Christmas Tree Garland

Greg Johnston

A wrap of shimmery mesh tulle ribbon gives your Christmas tree a flirty, feminine touch. The look pairs perfectly with beaded snowflakes and pink and blue glass ornaments. To get a similar feel without some of the pouf, use shimmery organza ribbon in a two or three-inch width.


Jennifer Kopf Jennifer Kopf is the Executive Editor of Country Living.

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How to Put Ribbon on a Christmas Tree

I’ve shared Christmas tree decorating tips and ideas in the past, but I shared a tutorial on how to put ribbon on a Christmas tree on my Instagram stories this weekend that my followers said blew their minds with its usefulness (and ease).

The video is in my Instagram highlights, but I’ll also detail the simple and easy trick I use to make my ribbon garland look amazing with zero frustration!

The whole reason I started doing my ribbon with this method is that in the past doing a ribbon garland was not only time consuming…I also felt like I needed an unreasonable amount of ribbon!

If you’re buying a ton of expensive, high-end ribbon, this means your costs will go up exponentially fast.

Or if you found some vintage ribbon you love and have a scant amount of, this method will help your ribbon last longer and go further.

I also felt the entire process would be easier if I was an octopus and had multiple arms that could wrangle ribbon around a tree.

TIP: Work from top to bottom and forget trying to go around your Christmas tree. 

I learned it doesn’t have to be difficult, and I truly want you to leave after reading this post and know you can totally do this by yourself on any size tree and not spend a fortune on copious rolls of ribbon!

But before we dive into the tutorial, I wanted to also offer two other Christmas tree decorating tips that help save my sanity and time.

Christmas Tree Topper Tips

Put on your tree topper onto the top section of your tree BEFORE you put the last section onto your tree.

This really serves a dual purpose. One, if you have a particularly large tree (mine is 9 feet tall), this makes a lot of sense to do to prevent the awkward ladder maneuvers that ensue when you do it after the tree is fully assembled.

The second reason to put your tree topper on first is you get to ensure it is as straight and secure as possible. Whenever I’ve put my tree topper on after ornaments, it’s always crooked or it tumbles down and takes several ornaments down with it.

I wrap several tree branches around the bottom, and I secure with an additional 2-3 greenery garland ties (I love the 12 for $1 pack from Dollar Tree). That sucker isn’t going anywhere!

Christmas Tree Skirt Tip

Put on the tree skirt as soon as you have the base of the tree set-up. Again, this serves multiple purposes. One, you spare yourself (or your husband, if you’re me) from having to do the weird shimmy on the floor to get it on after the fact.

The second is that you can see if you have the base positioned properly with enough space for your gifts, or if it needs to shift a bit.

Christmas Tree Ribbon Examples

Since publishing this tutorial in 2018, I’ve actually decorated several more trees using my easy peasy “How to Put Christmas Tree on a Ribbon” tutorial that is below.

I wanted to show you all some examples since I tend to not really do the same thing twice in terms of my holiday decor. I love to switch the colors, accents, etc.

Bottom line- no matter what your style is, you can make my ribbon tutorial work for you and your home.

Six-Foot Parisian Inspired Christmas Tree

This tree is both slim and not very tall, so if you have a shorter tree, you’ll want to take a look at my pink and gold Parisian inspired Christmas tree from 2020.

Nine-Foot French Floral Inspired Tree

In my living room this year, I opted for a slim nine-foot Christmas tree with an overall theme of French florals and romance.

Blue & White Chinoiserie Christmas Tree

This is probably my most popular Christmas tree post ever- people LOVE my blue and white chinoiserie Christmas tree which features DIY chinoiserie dollar tree Christmas ornaments, too.

And now, let’s dive into putting ribbon on a Christmas tree and WITHOUT LOSING OUR SANITY. 🙂


  • Four different wire-edged ribbons that are at least 3 inches wide and 6 feet long
  • I used a mesh gold glitter, satin white and gold stripe, black velvet, and silver sparkly ribbons.


  • Pair of scissors
  • Stapler


1. Cut your ribbon down to about 18* inch sections- this doesn't have to be exact, so you can eyeball it or measure one and use it as a template. I tend to use shorter sections towards the top of the tree so the slope isn't as jarring.

2. If you're wanting to combine two ribbons together to create a designer, high-end ribbon look, staple the ends together (at both ends) like the photo below. (If not, skip to step 3)

This step is where you can create stunning ribbon combos. Pair a striped ribbon with a bold metallic or a tapestry type ribbon with a super wide glittery ribbon. So many possibilities!

3. Once you have your 18 inch section, decide which direction this particular ribbon is going to go. I had some going from diagonally left to right and some the opposite direction. This doesn't have to be perfect, but is meant to be a general guide to get you going- do not fret if you end up having to put one going the "wrong" direction.

Once the ornaments are all on, no one is going to really notice the direction your ribbon is going in, but it helps to have a plan as you start.

4. Grab one end and attach it to a branch towards the back. Go diagonally left or right leaving enough wiggle room to fluff the ribbon out and secure the other end to a branch.

5. If you created a double ribbon in step two, here's where you can choose to leave as is for a layered look OR gently pull apart the ribbon to create a wider ribbon that covers more tree area.

Repeat as needed until you're happy with the amount of ribbon on your tree. I wanted a super full look, so I used about 36+ sections of ribbon (don't judge me!) 🙂


*I think this method works well for trees taller than 6-7 feet. If your tree is shorter, I'd recommend starting with 1 foot ribbon sections to see which length will work best.

Finishing Up Your Christmas Tree

After you have all the ribbon in place, the real fun starts! I love using florals on my Christmas trees, which is of no surprise to anyone, and I used about 30 or so in the tree below.

I use different types of flowers to add some contrast and complement the ribbon colors/textures.

And the reason I love using so much ribbon and flowers is that my tree looks really, really lush and full and I haven’t even added in ornaments yet. Plus, it’s a great way to use up ribbon remnants!

That is the secret to my easy, no fuss, save your sanity approach to putting ribbon on a Christmas tree. Your family and friends will be so envious of your perfectly placed ribbon your tree.

If you found it helpful, let me know in the comments and feel free to share your favorite Christmas or holiday decorating tip.

If you’re still in a holiday mood, why not try out my DIY blue and white chinoiserie ornament tutorial that is all the rage with chinoiserie lovers everywhere.

How to hang a garland on a Christmas tree beautifully: indoors and outdoors, step-by-step instructions, diagrams and videos

Decorating a Christmas tree is an important moment that not only children, but also adults are waiting for. Packages with toys and tinsel are taken out, beautiful balls are hung, perhaps some decorations are even made by hand. But the Christmas tree must sparkle and shine, and this requires LED lights. How best to hang a garland on a Christmas tree is described in this article.

Decorating the Christmas tree correctly: garland or toys first?

It is much more convenient to decorate the Christmas tree in the following order:

  1. First of all, lights are placed on the Christmas tree. Beforehand, it is recommended to lay out the garland on the floor and check the operation of the light bulbs, then distribute it on the tree.
  2. Only after that you can hang toys on the branches: balls, bells, houses, etc. Since the bulbs are already on the tree, you can assemble a composition that matches the color. For example, hang a golden bow near the red light. When all the decorations are on the tree, you need to make sure once again that they are evenly distributed and securely fastened to the branches.
  3. At the end of the decoration, artificial snow can be spread on the ends of the paws, and the entire Christmas tree can be decorated with rain, beads and tinsel.

See also: DIY Christmas decorations

Reasons why it is better to hang an electric garland on the Christmas tree in the first place:

  • Without additional decorations, the wire is easy to lead to the outlet.
  • You can turn on the lights, check their work, see how beautifully they are distributed among the branches. In which case, the garland is easy to remove and reposition.
  • Lights are easier to match with Christmas decorations so that they are in the right color scheme.

Do not forget about the design concept, which many are guided by in the process of preparing for the New Year holidays. If you want to achieve the effect of an inner glow on the tree, place the lights closer to the trunk, and then hang the rest of the decorations. The same applies to New Year's lighting with large bulbs - they need to be distributed on the Christmas tree in the first place. Designers prefer to hang small flashing LEDs on a Christmas tree already decorated with toys. A slight shimmer will give the Christmas tree a magical aura, and the lights will attract attention.

Hanging the lights on the Christmas tree before or after the toys - everyone decides for himself. The main thing is that the preparation for the New Year brings joy.

See also: Making garlands for the Christmas tree with your own hands

How to choose a garland?

Among the abundance of shimmering garlands presented in stores, it is difficult to make a choice. First, let's look at the main types of LED decorations:

  • Filamentous. Most often, it is with such lighting equipment that the Christmas tree and the room are decorated. They can be in the form of one long cord on which LED bulbs are located. Manufacturers also produce garlands in the form of a grid or fringe - it is convenient to hang them on windows and walls.
  • Street. To decorate the Christmas tree on the street, they use special transparent flexible garlands with LED bulbs, which are reliably protected from moisture.
  • LED strips. They are used not only as a New Year's decoration, but also for additional lighting in the room.

Manufacturers of New Year's lighting equipment recommend purchasing an LED decoration with 500 bulbs for a two-meter Christmas tree (their number is indicated on the package). If the tree is 30-50 cm taller, it is better to choose a garland with an additional 50-100 bulbs.

Classic Christmas decorations can glow with a yellowish dim light, and light bulbs often fail. Manufacturers have come up with and introduced many innovations so that the garlands work for a long time and decorate the Christmas tree with iridescent, multi-colored lights.

But do not forget that the garland can be dangerous to health and even life:

  • To avoid fire due to excessive heating of the bulbs, you should purchase a decoration with a power of no more than 65 watts.
  • Do not let children turn lights on and off by themselves.
  • Do not put strings with lights in glass bottles, despite the fact that such arrangements look very nice. Such decor can provoke an electric shock.

What to look for when buying LED garlands:

  1. The plug must be durable, made of quality material, not change its original shape.
  2. You can calculate the desired length of the decoration as follows: measure the height of the Christmas tree and buy an ornament three times longer in length.
  3. The wire that will be connected to the outlet must be at least 1. 5 m for a home Christmas tree, for street decor - 10 m or more.
  4. Light bulbs must be tightly fixed, not wobble, much less fall out of the sockets.
  5. The power supply must only be opened with a screwdriver or other special tools. It is better to look at the soldering of wires before buying a product.
  6. For a street Christmas tree, purchase special lighting equipment with additional protection against moisture. On the packaging, the manufacturer must indicate that the jewelry is intended for external use.
  7. Samples of good quality must be free from foreign, unpleasant odors.
  8. The purchased model must be certified, otherwise it is forbidden to use it to decorate the Christmas tree and the room.

The operation of the garland should be checked in the store, and at home it is undesirable to immediately plug it into the outlet. Give time for the bulbs to warm up to room temperature, only then proceed to the decor of the Christmas tree.

How to decorate a Christmas tree with a garland?

There are several secrets on how to hang the garland so that the lights look beautiful:

  1. The decoration is placed on the Christmas tree only after the tree is set upright. If the Christmas tree will stand in the corner, you need to think in advance which side of it should look more elegant.
  2. Before hanging a luminous decor, lay it out on the floor, check the operation of all the bulbs, connect it to the outlet to make sure that all the lights are working.
  3. It is more convenient to start hanging the decoration from above, evenly distributing the lights in a zigzag pattern over the branches. If the tree will be in the center of the room, start at the top and work your way around.
  4. If you place lights near the trunk of a tree, it will look magical and mysterious, but it is better not to use flickering light bulbs for this.
  5. A thin garland with monochrome lights can be wrapped around each branch, starting from the lower legs.

Is it possible to hang a garland on an artificial Christmas tree and how to do it correctly:

  • Artificial tree needs additional, warmer lighting. Instead of blue or silver light bulbs, decorate the artificial Christmas tree with gold, red, purple lights.
  • Any artificial Christmas tree can be decorated with a garland, but provided that the device is fully functional, there are no bare wires in it, and all bulbs are tightly held in cartridges.
  • If there is not enough cord to decorate the entire height of the Christmas tree, you do not need to remove the decorations and start over. Buy another copy and complete the decor to the end.

If the Christmas tree is in the house

Interior designers offer their own way to decorate the Christmas tree with a garland:

  • Enter the room and pay attention to where your eyes first turned. It is in this place that it is better to put a shiny and sparkling Christmas tree. In addition to the tree, you can decorate windows, stair railings, fireplaces, bookshelves, etc. with lights.
  • Come up with a style of New Year's decor, and only then choose decorations for it. Light bulbs are different: plain, multi-colored, with a warm yellowish tint, curly. For a classic style, it is better to choose traditional colored lights, and for a Scandinavian or eco-style, plain or white ones are suitable.
  • When choosing a decoration, consider not only the length, but also the width of the Christmas tree: the more fluffy it is, the longer the garland will be needed.

See also: Creating a Christmas tree from a garland on a wall or window with your own hands

The sequence of further actions:

  1. We check the health of the decoration before hanging it on the branches.
  2. Preparing a few extensions in case the cord is not enough to decorate the entire Christmas tree. Most garlands are made in such a way that it is possible to attach them to each other. But according to fire safety rules, it is impossible to insert a Christmas decoration with more than 500 lights into one wire.
  3. So that the decor does not get confused, it is more convenient to decorate the Christmas tree together. You can wind the cord into a ball, starting from the part opposite to the plug. So you will hold the decoration in one hand, and lay out the light bulbs on the branches with the other.
  4. Light up the lights to see what colors will be on the tree. Start hanging decor by choosing a pattern: zigzag, spiral, top-down, diagonal, vertical lines, etc.

How to hang a garland on a street tree?

Tips and tricks for decorating a street tree on your porch or backyard:

  • Better to use warm colors of lights: yellows, reds, purples.
  • The plug from the garland must reach the socket. If you cannot connect the decoration to electricity, choose garlands that run on batteries.
  • Buy LEDs that are waterproof. On the packaging, the manufacturer must indicate that the garland is allowed to be used outdoors.
  • You can purchase ready-made sets of New Year's lighting equipment, for example, 10 luminous threads 10 m long each. With this composition, you can easily decorate a street Christmas tree 5-10 m high.

To create a festive, magical mood in a country house or in the country, they often use special illumination from luminous bulbs. Not only a decorated street Christmas tree looks beautiful, but also a luminous roof, balcony railings, columns, windows from the outside, trees and shrubs.


There are several ways to hang the decoration on Christmas tree branches:

  1. Start from the top, evenly distributing the bulbs over the lower legs in a spiral with a little sagging.
  2. To make it easier to hang toys later, the lights can be attached closer to the trunk.
  3. If the Christmas tree is in the center of the room, it is better to distribute the luminous decoration in a circle.
  4. On the tree, which will be located in the corner of the room, the garland is hung on the branches in a zigzag pattern.
  5. It is permissible to start decorating the Christmas tree from the lower branches, in tiers, as if obliquely, or on top with a serpentine.

There are no clear instructions on how to hang garlands, except for basic fire safety rules. If you want to make the Christmas tree sparkling, use several garlands. Hang decorations in a zigzag, top-down or vice versa, wrap branches in a spiral or decorate in any other way. The main thing is that the creation of New Year's decor brings joy and cheers up.

See also: How and what to choose a Christmas tree for the New Year?

How to decorate a Christmas tree in 2022: garlands, toys, crafts

It is impossible to imagine the New Year holidays without a beautiful Christmas tree decorated in bright colors. How to decorate a Christmas tree in 2022, it is advisable to plan in advance: the best toys will already be sold out by the last days, and you will not be able to immediately think through the design to the smallest detail.

In order for a Christmas tree decorated in accordance with the best traditions to really create a festive atmosphere, you should not limit yourself to just purchased accessories: add designer elements to the design, use improvised materials - and you will get a stylish, elegant and bright Christmas tree that will be remembered by each of the guests .

Given that next year's symbol is the Blue Water Tiger , it's easy to guess how to decorate the Christmas tree for the New Year. The tiger is an energetic, active creature, therefore it requires careful selection of shades and accessories.

Let's figure out which Christmas tree decorations will be considered the most appropriate in the New Year 2022.


  1. Preparing to decorate
  2. Garland decoration
  3. Christmas tree toys
  4. How to decorate the top
  5. Interesting DIY accessories

Preparing for decorating

Decorating the 2022 Christmas tree requires careful preparation. Firstly, think in advance about which Christmas tree is better to buy: the larger it is, the more difficult it will be to create a harmonious design, and the naturalness of the winter beauty will also play an important role in the perception of the interior.

Take a look inside the boxes of old toys: perhaps some of them have already lost their appearance, are beaten up or simply do not fit the theme of next year.

Think about what toys you should buy and go looking for decorations of the right shapes and sizes (the sooner you start looking, the more assortment you will have at your disposal).

Don't rush to throw away old glass balls: they can be crushed up and used as glitter powder for new homemade decorations.

The best options for decorating a Christmas tree for the New Year involve the use of red, gold, silver, metallic, white or blue, but these colors do not have to be present in Christmas balls. Look for bright bows, garlands with light bulbs in matching colors, or raindrops in matching colors.

To find out how to decorate the Christmas tree in 2022, decide in advance on the best arrangement for toys and other decorations.

There are several options:

  • The toys are placed in a spiral, like the rain garlands . It is necessary to start decorating such a Christmas tree with garlands so that the Christmas balls repeat their direction. Spirals can have one color or shimmer smoothly (for example, the rainbow decoration of the Christmas tree for the New Year is quite popular).

  • If you prefer a more formal design, you can arrange decorations and garlands vertically. To give such a Christmas tree a more harmonious look, in some places you can tie bows or use tinsel.
  • The most common type of Christmas tree design involves the arrangement of garlands in a circle, and toys - in an arbitrary direction. When implementing this decor option, try not to overdo it with the number of decorations, and also select balls of suitable sizes: it is desirable that they increase from top to bottom.

Find out how to decorate your home for New Year 2022: decor ideas, tips and tricks for decorating rooms for the Year of the Tiger.

Read about how to make New Year's candles with your own hands in this article: options for a beautiful festive decoration of candles for the New Year, made using different techniques.

Since the tradition of decorating a Christmas tree has been going on for a long time, many people prefer to decorate it in the old style. In fact, there are many interesting stylistic solutions for such decoration. For example, a country-style Christmas tree can be decorated with paper decorations, felt toys, small figures made of straw or wood, and vintage accessories.

Traditional Christmas tree decorations are the usual ball-shaped decorations, flashing garlands and big rain. The range of modern Christmas accessories also includes bows, bells, flowers and ordinary ribbons.

Sprayable artificial snow is also available, which can be used to decorate individual twigs or toys.

If you want to decorate your Christmas tree in vintage or retro style, stock up on old toys, vinyl records (even with them you can create spectacular decorations!), glass accessories and shiny elements. A modern-style Christmas tree, in addition to standard accessories, can be decorated with fur elements, plastic and metal parts, and even CDs.

The best Christmas tree for the new year will come out if you pay attention to every detail. The decoration of the Christmas tree begins with garlands, then you can proceed to the toys and, at the last stage, to rain and tinsel, as well as to install the top. Let's take a closer look at how to decorate the Christmas tree in 2022.

Decoration with garlands

Christmas tree garlands can be different: electric and standard, large and small, one-color and rainbow. Therefore, the choice of such accessories should be preceded by a careful planning of the appearance of your Christmas tree.

If you decide to purchase an electric garland, be sure to consider its safety and place of production. It is advisable to look at the quality certificate for such jewelry: at specialized points of sale you should not be denied this. Immediately check it for suitability: all the lights of the garland should be on.

By the way, garlands can be not only the main, but also the only decoration of the Christmas tree: when lit, they will look very bright and festive, even if they have only one shade. Do not forget that even such decorations should not be too much: follow the measure and stick to one direction when decorating a Christmas tree of any size.

When using multi-colored garlands, make sure that Christmas decorations are in harmony with them in shade.

When we decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year, we don't always think that even the most unusual materials can be used to create accessories. You can even make your own garlands.

The easiest way is to create a paper garland: it can be in the form of a chain of rings, a rope or ribbon with paper pictures and clippings, and even have volume (for example, paper can be made into bright candy figurines).

As improvised materials for creating your own garland, you can use gingerbread and sweets, beads, toys made of felt or other fabric, coins, jewelry, nuts, plastic corks in bright colors and many other items. The main thing is that they fit into the design of the Christmas tree in shape and size.

When the garland is ready, you can start choosing Christmas decorations. How to decorate a Christmas tree in 2022 with purchased and homemade decorations, we will consider further.

Toys for the Christmas tree

We have already noted that before buying Christmas decorations, you need to decide on their shapes and sizes.

The standard option is bright medium-sized balloons, but since the symbol of 2022 is the Tiger, you can look for toys in the shape of these animals or tropical fruits. Also, for decorating the Christmas tree, toys in the form of snowmen, Santa Clauses, snowflakes and other New Year's stories are suitable.

It is better to decorate a large Christmas tree with large toys or harmoniously combine them with smaller elements. Large accessories are hung on the branches first.

Christmas decorations 2022 should be hung in such a way that the fasteners are not conspicuous. The stores sell special green fasteners that merge with coniferous branches. Also, as holders for toys, you can use paper clips, strings or bright ribbons that will fit into the festive decor.

Do not forget about the possibility of making your own Christmas decorations. Figures made of puff pastry, wax toys, decorations made using decoupage and papier-mâché techniques will look unusual and interesting. A few more ideas on how to decorate a Christmas tree with your own hands, we will describe below.

How to decorate the top

A Christmas tree design can feel incomplete if you don't take care to create a beautiful tree top. For these purposes, you can purchase ready-made Christmas tree decorations or build an accessory yourself.

Traditional decorations for the top of the Christmas tree are large stars, figures of Jesus or Santa Claus (depending on the holiday you are going to celebrate), or a pointed decoration. You can pick up an angel figurine or tie a beautiful and lush bow in a bright shade (it is preferable to choose red).

If the shape of your tree does not require a toy for the top, you can decorate the end of the tree with a fluffy rain or garland.

To bring good luck in the coming year, you can use a tiger figurine as the top decoration of the Christmas tree. In the decor of the Christmas tree, such a toy will not look contradictory.

Do not forget that the top of the Christmas tree should be chosen taking into account the color scheme of its design. It is desirable that in form it is in harmony with other toys and decorations on a coniferous tree. Therefore, many people prefer to buy jewelry in ready-made sets: it will be easier to follow a single style in the process of decorating.

Interesting do-it-yourself accessories

New Year is a time of fairy tales and magic, and homemade Christmas decorations in the form of snowflakes will emphasize this atmosphere. You can purchase ready-made plastic snowflakes with openwork inserts and sparkles that shimmer under the light.

In order not to spend money, make snowflakes yourself: paper, durable cardboard, plastic, foam rubber, hard fabric or felt are suitable as the main material for such decorations. Decorate the snowflakes with beads, glitter varnish, beads, bright embroidery or paints.

Another variant of DIY Christmas tree decorations, which is quite often used in New Year's decor, is cone toys. Collect enough cones in advance and prepare paints and glitter for decoration.

The cones can be hung on the Christmas tree in their original form or turned into themed toys (for example, in the shape of Santa Claus). You can emphasize the winter freshness of the Christmas tree by decorating the cones with artificial snow.

DIY Christmas decorations can be made in the form of snowmen. For such decorations, use cardboard (then the snowman will not be voluminous), plaster or foam rubber, felt, fabric or cotton wool.

The felting technique is very popular: make cute snowmen out of felted wool and use it not only as decorations for the Christmas tree, but also as gifts for guests.

Plastic bottles can be used to cut out transparent figurines of deer, Santa Clauses, stars that will shimmer from the glare of garlands or candles. More complex techniques can also be used: for example, using bottles, you can create penguin or Santa Claus toys.

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