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How To Keep Christmas Tree Topper Straight • Queen Bee of Honey Dos

So, you’ve put up your Christmas tree. You’ve got all the decorations looking gorgeous. Everything is going great. Then, comes the finishing touch. The addition of the tree topper. And what do ya know? The stupid thing won’t stay upright!

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I know you’ve been there. You may even be suffering from the crooked star (or angel) syndrome, right now. But, don’t give up. I have been using this trick to keep my Christmas tree topper straight for years.

So, take a deep breath. Grab your cup of coffee (or wine). Sit back, and let me tell you a few simple ways that I have found to conquer the wayward Christmas tree.

How To Keep Christmas Tree Topper Straight

Beginning with those crazy, swirly, springs

You know. The ones that come attached to most tree toppers. I am not sure how it happened, but somewhere in the world lives a person who thought that it would be a good idea to add that springy thing to a heavy ornament. Then, expect it to stand straight on a branch that can barely hold itself upright.

It’s hard to believe that in all of these years, and with all the inventions that we have come up with that no one has invented something better for a tree topper.

Seriously, we have put a man on the moon. We can reach out through waves to people all the way on the other side of the world in just a matter of seconds. But, keeping a star straight on a tree… nope. That seems to be beyond our mear mortal minds’ capabilities.

So, here is what I have come up with to keep my Christmas tree topper straight and upright. A very basic. Simple. Dowel rod. Yep, that’s right. I said, a dowel rod.*

That and a couple of zip ties* is all it will take to get your star sitting straight. And this is how it works.

That flimsy little stalk that comes at the top of every artificial tree is simply not strong enough to hold the weight of anything more than the needles attached to it. But, if you can extend the center support, you will have something to work with.

Dowel rods are amazing little tools. They can be used in a lot of different ways. I use Dowel rods for all sorts of projects. So, we can add this one to the list.

Now, it doesn’t take a very long dowel rod to work. You just have to use enough to proportionately distribute the weight that you are adding.

About 10” of length from a 3/4″round dowel is adequate for most toppers. But a longer dowel can be used for heavier objects.

Starting from the top of the tree, maneuver the dowel rod down through the branches. The idea is to keep it right against the center pole.

Leave about 3-4 inches of wood protruding above your last needles (not counting that last long piece). Then, use the zip ties to attach the dowel rod to the center pole.

Make sure to use at least three zip ties. One at the bottom of the dowel rod and the other two placed at the center and at the top edge. Pull them as tight as you can get them.

Next, twist the spring down over the dowel until it has a super tight hold. Then, use that long branch tip at the top of the tree to wind around the spring and camouflage it.

Tip – if you add the topper during the tree assembly and before you put that last tree section up, it will be much easier to get it secured tightly. But, I am assuming that you may already have your tree up and not willing to disassemble the top portion.

You can see one of my trees from this year with the star mounted. I just wanted to show that the dowel rod is very easy to hide with a bit of ornaments and stems.

On a Side Note:

I did find this tree topper stabilizer* that can be purchased. I tried it out. It works okay for lighter-to-moderate weight items, but really only keeps it straight and does nothing to secure the piece to the tree. A hard bump can send it toppling to the ground.

I also found this other stabilizer.* It holds more securely IF you can get it on your tree. The issue for me was the twist mechanism which has to be twisted down the length of the center pole. Not easy to do with branches protruding out in all directions.

After testing both devices, I decided to stick with my DIYed version. But, if DIYing isn’t really your thing, by all means, give one of those a try!

This technique has been working quite well for all of my stars. (FYI – you can see how I built that shipping crate here, and find the instructions for building that star, here. If you want even more of my decorations, check out last year’s Christmas tour!

Moving on to the angel tree toppers

Now with angels, the base is a bit different. Most of these have a cone-shaped piece of plastic that is supposed to slip down over the treetop. Sounds simple enough, right?

Except, no matter how many branches you stuff up her bum, she always seems to be on the brink of diving to her death in a display of protest. This is how I lost my most cherished tree topper several years ago.

Since I was quite devastated over her death, I decided to make sure that no other angel could succumb to such a tragic end.

Before attempting to sit another angel on my tree, I tried several techniques. This is the one that worked the best.

It requires the addition of a styrofoam cone.* You know the type. You can find them in just about any craft store. Or use that link to buy one online.

With this method, I like to use the 1/4″ round dowels. It is easier to push inside the styrofoam. However, I go a bit longer on the length to get a strong stable hold.

First, test the cone out under the angel’s dress. Slip it inside the plastic sleeve and see how well it fits. The idea is to get a nice snug fit.

You may need to cut some off of the tip of the cone, or you may need to remove some excess from the bottom. But, most of the time it is fine as is. Just work with it until the cone fits snuggly inside the plastic sleeve.

I used white zip ties and an unpainted dowel for demostration purposes. However, you will want to use matching zip ties if possible.

Next, use the dowel rod technique from above. Attach the dowel rod to the center tree support just like before. Except for this time, instead of twisting a star on top of it, you push the styrofoam down on top.

Actually, it is better to press the cone over the dowel rod before attaching it to the tree. That way you are not applying force to your tree.

Then, once the dowel rod/cone piece is locked in place, slide the angle down over the cone. That’s it! Now your angle can stand proud like she was meant to.

With this method, the angel will need a tad bit more overhead room. It will add about 10″ to your final tree. (win/win) So, just keep that in mind.

As you can see, it is better to get the topper attached before moving on to the other ornaments. She is really stable and I have no worries that she will fall to her death.

Let’s talk about real trees:

With a real Christmas tree, you can accomplish the same effect without needing a dowel rod. But, only if you plan ahead.

On a real tree, you can snip off the tiny branches that are attached to the main truck. If you clip off enough, you will get to a much sturdier part of the trunk.

This sturdier section should be more than adequate to hold your topper in place. Then, you can trim the tree to blend with this new height adjustment. Depending on the tree, you may not need to do much trimming.

But, let’s assume for the moment that you didn’t plan for the need to do any trimming. Or maybe you already have your tree finished and you just want to keep your Christmas tree topper straight.

In which case, you can use either of the above methods. It works perfectly for artificial trees, but there is no reason you can’t use it on a real tree, too.

One Last Tip:

You can spray-paint the dowel rods to match your tree. I did that for the tree that I flocked last year. And you can’t even tell it is there.

Now, if you need help with your tree lights, you can see what I did to solve that problem, here. Happy Holidays!

How To Decorate A Christmas Tree Like A Professional

We all want to decorate the perfect Christmas tree with baubles, ornaments and lights perfectly coordinated in a festive and stylish scheme. In reality, however, it's easier said than done. Decorating a Christmas tree is no mean feat, especially for the perfectionists among us, but if your home is your pride and joy and the tree is the centrepiece of your home come the festive season, we've got you covered.

We've spoken to a range of style and decorating experts, including the team at Balsam Hill – whose artificial Christmas trees have graced the TV sets of The X Factor, Good Morning Britain and This Morningabout how to decorate your Christmas tree to make it look like you hired a professional, plus how to choose the right Christmas tree decorations to suit your theme.

But before we begin, like any task, you need to have the right tools to ensure the safe and proper set up of your Christmas tree. This includes cotton gloves for shaping branches (it's quite the task!), scissors with safety handles for materials, packaging or equipment, and a sturdy ladder or step stool for installing toppers and arranging décor on taller trees.

So now you're all set up, fancy getting that Insta-worthy look with very little effort? Read on for tips from the pros...

1. Invest in a high-quality artificial tree

Christmas trees crafted from premium materials provide sturdy and reliable support for decorations. You'll find that high-quality trees are generally more durable and can stand up to repeated use year after year, all whilst maintaining its beautiful look.

Opt for a traditional tree rather than a trend-led one so that it doesn't go 'out of date' after a few years, plus a traditional design gives you the perfect base to layer and decorate as you wish.

Pre-lit Christmas trees are a firm household favourite because it saves time in untangling all those lights, however, a benefit of buying an unlit tree is that you can choose whatever style of lights you want. When it comes to size, 7ft Christmas trees are now extremely popular but you should always choose a tree that fits in your space and doesn't leave it feeling too cramped. If you're tight on space, there are some great slim Christmas trees on the market, including narrow pencil designs, which may be a better fit. And remember, to prevent wear and tear on your Christmas tree, consider models with advanced features that offer easy set up and storage.

Tip: When buying your tree, ensure you have the right Christmas tree storage, such as storage bags and boxes, as well as storage for wreaths, garlands and lights, so that you're fully equipped when you take your Christmas tree down and pack everything away.

Alternatively, if you want a real Christmas tree, there's a great selection available to buy at tree farms, markets or home & DIY stores. See all the tree varieties available, including Nordmann Fir and Norway Spruce, in our real Christmas trees guide.

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2. Fluff and shape branches

Fluffing the branches helps to make your Christmas tree look fuller and more natural. This can be a very time-consuming task, but trust us, the end result is more than worth it. Separate each branch so they fan out to cover as much area as possible and don't hesitate to bend individual branches to fill in gaps. A properly shaped tree is an appealing sight, however minimal or lavish your embellishments may be. Once again, remember to wear gloves and long sleeves if possible to avoid any scrapes on your hands and arms.

Balsam Hill

3. Design around a theme

A professional-looking Christmas tree has a central look that ties the decorations together. Deciding on a theme before choosing your decorations sets the tone and gives you a clear idea on how to decorate your tree. Need some inspiration? Why not take a look at John Lewis' Christmas themes this year – from Winter Fayre to Santa's Rainbow Workshop, there are six key looks to help you decorate this festive season. And Homebase has shared four festive themes, from Party Nights to Refined Nature, to help create a look that's traditionally Christmas.

4. Choose the right colours (and materials)

Once you've decided on your theme, curate a colour palette to bring it to life. For example, for a traditional yet opulent look stick to a red and gold colour combination, for a Scandi vibe layer shades of white and soft neutrals, or choose blue and silver for an icy cool look. Stick to two (definitely no more than three) colours to keep the look contained rather than cluttered. Also think about materials and texture: plush velvet baubles lends itself well to a luxe tree, whilst paper and wooden decorations are ideal for any Nordic-inspired or minimalist trees.

Less is always more but it is Christmas after all, so above everything else, decorate your tree in whatever way makes you happy! The decorating rulebook is certainly relaxed at Christmastime, so have fun with it.

5. Start with the lights first

While pre-lit Christmas trees are popular and will save you time (and money), you'll need Christmas tree lights if you have a plain tree (real or artificial). As a general rule of thumb, the lighting experts at Lights4fun advise 100 bulbs or 5 metres of lights per 2ft of Christmas tree. So for a 6ft tree, you'd need 300 bulbs or 15 metres of lights.

The first, most important thing you need to do when decorating your Christmas tree, is to always add the lights first – it's more difficult to do this after you've added decorations like baubles and garlands.

Balsam Hill advise that you use the plug as the starting point, wrapping the lights around your Christmas tree's trunk, working your way up from the centre of the base of your tree. Continue wrapping the lights evenly around the branches nearest to the trunk, and then weave it upwards from the middle of the crown.

'When you reach the crown, weave your way back down, arranging the lights further out on the branches,' Balsam Hill advise. 'Keep weaving the lights until you reach the tips of the branches.'

And remember, when weaving, the bulb should be positioned under a branch and the next bulb over a branch, and so forth.

6. Balance the décor

Given the many Christmas tree decorations you're likely to have, you have to ensure that everything is well-balanced and spread out to your liking. Arrange embellishments from the top of the tree and then work towards the bottom. This way, you can easily check your design as you dress up your tree.

7. Cluster your baubles

Balsam Hill's design consultant, Brad Schmidt, recommends clustering three baubles of different sizes to add flair and visual appeal. You can either put the same pieces together or choose contrasting ones.

The White Company echo this suggestion – to create a balanced, visually pleasing tree, buy baubles in threes, sixes, or twelves, and add these on first in a 'Z' shape. You should hang larger baubles closer to the centre of the tree to give it more depth, and use small ones towards the end of the branches.

Dangle delicate glass baubles at the top of the tree to prevent any breakages, and add special ones last to ensure they are in the perfect position.

And how much baubles will you need? The White Company recommends 80 baubles for a 7.5ft tree.

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8. Layer and style ribbons

Another expert tip is to layer your Christmas tree with decorative ribbons, which will elevate your tree's aesthetic. You may use one type of ribbon or pair ribbons of contrasting textures and different widths to create more impact.

Brad recommends using ribbons with wired edges, as these are easier to sculpt into loops, rolls or bows, and they hold shape better than non-wired ribbons. Follow these simple techniques for arranging ribbons on your tree.

9. Use tree picks

Tree picks and floral sprays come in many forms, such as decorated branches, twigs, berries, or even pine cones – use them as subtle accents to complement the entire look of your tree. Grouping picks together using floral wire is a creative way to elevate the visual appeal of your tree without overpowering other decorations.

They are great for adding lively splashes of colour, not only to Christmas trees, but to wreaths and garlands, too. Make sure to choose picks with bendable stems to make shaping easier.

10. Add scented ornaments

Now you can get your artificial Christmas tree to smell like a real one thanks to scented ornaments – it'll fill your whole room with the magic of Christmas. Buy a bottle of the Scentsicles scented paper tube sticks (with hooks included) and nestle them amongst the decorations in your tree for that freshly cut scent. You'll have a fresh fragrance in an instant with scents including cinnamon, berry or winter fir. You can also buy scented decorations from The White Company to match with your tree theme.

Add-ons for a festive scent...

11. Choose the right tree topper

A statement tree topper is a beautiful way to complete the designer look of your tree. Make sure to choose one that best fits your theme and the proportion of your tree, and take into consideration the height of your ceiling too. Star tree toppers or angels are traditionally the most popular, but there are lots of alternative designs to choose from, including personalised designs, or you could make your own topper.

Glitter-embellished large tree topper, Selfridges / Capiz Star Tree Topper, Dunelm / Starburst Tree Topper, John Lewis

12. Finish off with a tree skirt

Often overlooked, a Christmas tree skirt is the finishing touch to your decorations and serves to balance the overall design of your Christmas tree. Tree skirts have many benefits too, from covering the unsightly 'legs', trunk or stand of a tree, to protecting your floors and carpets from any fallen pine needles (if you have a real tree).

It naturally draws attention to the tree's lower portion and helps to produce a complete, harmonious look. Plus, it's the perfect backdrop for beautifully wrapped Christmas presents. Alternatively, if you have a potted Christmas tree or one that comes in a basket, opt for a tree rug instead.

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How are large artificial Christmas trees installed?

How to protect a Christmas tree from pets

Types of outdoor artificial Christmas trees

Where better to put a Christmas tree

Why an artificial Christmas tree is better than a live one

A fluffy, fragrant, beautifully decorated Christmas tree is a permanent symbol of the New Year. In recent years, however, there has been a trend towards replacing living trees with artificial ones. Visually, this design practically does not differ from the real one. It is effective, practical and durable. But before you buy a Christmas tree, you should figure out which option is better - a living or artificial tree.
Comparative characteristics

The following factors speak in favor of live spruce:
Natural beauty, which is difficult to convey with artificial materials.
An indescribable aroma. It is believed that spruce releases essential oils into the atmosphere, which have a bactericidal effect. The smell of pine needles also calms the nervous system, relieves tension and allows you to cope with stress. For many, this fragrance is inextricably linked with childhood and creates a New Year's mood.

However, this solution also has its drawbacks. This is primarily garbage from crumbled needles. A real Christmas tree cannot stand for a long time, while retaining its original beauty. A living tree must be bought just before the New Year, when prices for holiday paraphernalia reach their peak value. It is also worth noting the difficulty of transporting spruce from the market, during which it can be wrinkled, branches break, and part of the needles crumble.

Artificial trees do not have such disadvantages. They are available at any time of the year and delight with their beauty for a long time. Here are just a few reasons to buy an artificial Christmas tree instead of a regular one:
The absence of crumbling needles and other debris, which significantly reduces the time for cleaning after the holidays.
Variety of choices. Artificial trees can be bought in different sizes (from 0.5 to 3 meters or more). They are available in green, blue and white. The shape varies from a narrow cone to a regular triangle. Fans of fluffy branches will like pine-like models with long elastic needles.
Possibility of repeated use. You buy an artificial tree once, and you can decorate it for many years.

Another important factor is that by purchasing an artificial tree, you thereby help to reduce environmental damage and take care of nature. The process of planting new trees does not keep pace with deforestation, which negatively affects the ecosystem as a whole.

Caring for the artificial Christmas tree

It's hard to imagine New Year's holidays without installing and decorating a Christmas tree. This tradition has been observed for more than one century. Today, many people decide to buy a Christmas tree made of artificial material instead of a living tree. This helps to protect nature and save your own money. After all, an artificial green beauty will last more than one year. But for this, the product should be carefully stored and looked after.
How to properly store an artificial Christmas tree

In order for the New Year's beauty to please for many years, it is necessary to choose the right box for its storage. The packaging should not let in ultraviolet rays and dust, otherwise the paint may burn out, and the color of the product will fade. All branches should be neatly folded, tied to the trunk and placed in a tight case.

After the New Year holidays, before storing the Christmas tree, remove all toys, tinsel and rain from it. Then the product should be cleaned of dust. It is not recommended to use water and important wipes. Also, do not wash the product. There is a chance that it will not completely dry out. In this case, even a small amount of water will hopelessly ruin the tree. It is better to wash it before assembly next year. Until then, stick to dry cleaning.

Do not store the green beauty in a damp room. A cold barn is not suitable for this purpose. It is better to choose a mezzanine in the house or a pantry.
How to clean the artificial spruce

The Christmas tree should be collected well in advance of the holiday. During this period, all branches and needles will have time to straighten up. You can speed up the process with a steamer.

Some items can be washed. Information about this will be indicated in the instructions. If such care is acceptable, then the green beauty can have a shower. Let it stand in the bath until completely dry.

If wet cleaning is not permitted, a vacuum cleaner with a fine nozzle can be used. Each element of the product should be processed separately, moving down from the upper branches. Then you can wipe everything with a damp cloth.

Sprays for the care of artificial plants are available in the store. They make the cleaning process much easier. You can process them with an already assembled, but not yet decorated tree.

Today you can buy an artificial white Christmas tree. It cannot be wet cleaned. The metal base and fasteners can rust, and then the product will be hopelessly damaged. Moisture is also contraindicated for LED products. Only dry wipes are suitable for them.

How to properly store an artificial Christmas tree so that it does not lose its effectiveness?

New Year is a holiday that has brought together many traditions. A decorated tree is an important attribute of the celebration. Now more and more people are looking to buy an artificial Christmas tree. And this is not surprising, because the fluffy beauty will last more than one year. However, in order for the tree to retain its effectiveness, it must be properly stored. How to do it?


Before dismantling the main holiday symbol, you need to remove all toys, garlands and tinsel. For some, this seems ridiculous, but many people think that the Christmas tree can be left "at the parade. " Doing this is strongly discouraged. During the holidays, a small amount of dust has accumulated on it. Imagine what will happen in a year. After you remove all the decorations, you need to carefully walk with a dry or damp cloth over all the branches.

Some manufacturers even recommend rinsing them in the shower. However, be very careful with this, as moisture can cause rust on metal parts.

How to install

After you have cleaned the structure, it must be dismantled. Artificial trees are different, some need to gently press the branches to the trunk, others look like a designer. The product must be installed in accordance with the instructions.

If the tree is completely disassembled, it is better to arrange all the parts in separate boxes or packages: branches, trunk parts, fasteners, etc. So you will not get confused when you collect a Christmas tree for the next New Year. You can store the tree in a special bag, or you can just do with boxes or bags.

Storage location

Wood should be stored in a dark, dry place. If you leave it in the sun, after a year you will not see green needles. The color of artificial needles will fade and look like withered grass. High humidity will contribute to the formation of rust on metal elements.

Caring for such a tree is extremely simple. If you are not yet a happy owner of a green beauty, you can buy a Christmas tree from us. This acquisition will not only save money in the long run, but will also help save coniferous forests from cutting down.

Which artificial Christmas trees are in fashion right now?

What types of artificial Christmas trees are there?

Recently, artificial Christmas trees are becoming more preferable than living ones, which is not surprising: they are durable, beautiful, and easy to use. In addition, the use of such products helps to save the environment. You can buy a Christmas tree from us.
Variety of artificial trees

Products are distinguished by:
installation site;

According to the place of installation, these products are indoor and outdoor. The latter, in turn, are divided into frame (more durable, but heavy) and stem (light, but more often exposed to negative weather effects). The structures have different heights and number of branches.

Artificial Christmas trees also differ in material. Christmas trees made of PVC film are very similar to natural trees. The needles are made of polymer strips cut on special devices. Then these strips are wound on metal frames. Such products are quite durable, fire resistant, without unpleasant odors. The needles are soft.

Line trees are very fluffy. In appearance, they are more like pine (they have a similar length of needles). Their branches are hard and prickly, but they do not crumple or deform. The products are very durable.

Products made of PE rubber have the maximum resemblance to natural wood. Their production requires the introduction of the latest technologies. They are very beautiful and aesthetic. Each of the branches is separately cast in a special form, then they are assembled into a whole product. The needles are soft and pleasant to the touch. The needles are made of safe material, not subject to combustion. These are premium Christmas trees that will last for many years.

The color of the product can be green (of various shades), bluish, silvery, golden. Currently, various types of decorated artificial trees are offered: with snow coating, cones, berries.

Artificial products can be of different sizes: from 30 centimeters to 25 meters. They are able to decorate any home and make the decoration of the streets festive.

We offer wholesale artificial Christmas trees, as well as Christmas decorations, electric garlands and luminous figures.

Cast artificial Christmas trees: features and benefits

Cast artificial Christmas trees are becoming more and more popular with customers every year, not only because of their environmental friendliness, but also because of their natural realistic look. Molded molding of plastic branches is a modern technology that allows you to create coniferous trees that are practically indistinguishable in appearance from natural ones. Therefore, many people, choosing to buy artificial or real spruce, increasingly prefer the first option.

Distinctive features

Key technological features that give artificial cast Christmas trees a high competitive advantage over natural ones:
The name "cast" comes from the method of production of needles: they are made from softened rubber-like polyethylene (PE, short for English polyethylene), poured into special molds. After complete solidification, the resulting artificial needles are removed and fixed on the branches.
The needles can be placed at different angles to the branch, which allows you to imitate Christmas trees of different species and gives the artificial coniferous tree maximum realism.
Thanks to the assembly features, the finished branches of the cast Christmas tree look fluffy and thick, and the tree structure itself is elastic, durable and reliable.


Christmas trees made of PE branches are a kind of "elite" of artificial Christmas trees due to significant advantages over other varieties. The main advantages of cast Christmas trees:
a variety of colors - from different shades of green to completely snow-white;
safety for children and pets - cast needles are soft and pleasant to the touch, not prickly;
the opportunity to generously decorate the Christmas tree with a variety of toys in large quantities;
strong branches of cast wood will not bend under their weight, unlike flexible natural ones.

Cast Christmas trees are the most expensive of all the artificial options, but all their merits and distinctive features make them worth it. The cost of such a high-quality and spectacular premium class Christmas tree will more than pay off, as cast spruce will last for many years and will decorate your home for more than one New Year.

Thus, to buy a Christmas tree made of cast PE branches means to purchase an almost complete analogue of a natural forest beauty, but at the same time durable, environmentally friendly and practical.

What goods are profitable to sell before the New Year

New Year holidays are a period of active sales. But there are a number of products that buyers hunt for the most. First of all, this is a Christmas tree. The question of buying artificial or natural spruce arises in many families. Someone believes that a living tree creates an atmosphere more. But it will require a lot of attention and care. In addition, finding the perfect beauty in the holiday bustle is not so easy. Artificial Christmas tree allows:
keep the house clean;
take care of the environment;
Save time and money by being reusable.
Related products

What a Christmas tree without decorations! Therefore, the next thing the buyer goes for is toys and tinsel. Jewelry can be made from completely different materials: glass, plastic, ceramics, fabric. The modern consumer pays great attention to the environmental friendliness of products, so it is better to take a certified quality product for sale, even if it costs a little more.
In addition, garlands will definitely be on the list of purchases. They decorate not only spruces, but also rooms, offices and even building facades. Therefore, it is worth taking care that the assortment includes garlands of different lengths.
New Year symbols are often bought as souvenirs for acquaintances and colleagues. It can be Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden, and snowmen, and symbols of the coming year according to the eastern calendar.
When it is already possible to buy a Christmas tree and accessories for it, the attention of buyers switches to decorating the house. LED figures are becoming popular, which are installed both in apartments and in private houses, festive wreaths for doors in a Western style (they are placed both inside and outside the front door, creating a festive mood not only for themselves, but also for neighbors). Many also purchase compositions to decorate the festive table.
This product is seasonal, so you should not buy too large lots. In order to sell off the leftovers, you can announce big discounts on the eve of the holiday and immediately after. Many people willingly take advantage of such offers.

What materials are artificial Christmas trees made of? The list of urgent matters includes many items, among which the most important is the acquisition of a New Year's tree. It has been noticed that in recent years an increasing number of people prefer to buy an artificial Christmas tree instead of a natural one. The choice is quite justified: it is durable, beautiful, visually it practically does not differ from the real one.

Artificial Christmas tree: what it is made of

The range of artificial Christmas trees is very wide. They may differ in shape, length of needles, color and many other characteristics. According to the material from which the needles are made, only a few types of artificial trees are distinguished:
Soft PVC (PVC). The needles are made from narrow and thin polymer ribbons, cut on special machines and wound onto a wire frame. Sometimes the greens of the base are diluted with a short winding of brown. This creates the effect of wood looking through the needles, which gives the tree a more natural look.
Rigid PVC (line). On sale, spruce with such needles is somewhat less common than with soft film. Needles made from fishing line are more prickly in tactile sensations. They are somewhat longer than natural spruce needles, so visually the tree looks more like a pine tree.
PE rubber. Made from domestic raw materials, PE-cast branches practically do not differ from natural ones in appearance. The maximum similarity can be achieved by the production technology of needles, according to which each branch is cast in a special form resembling a natural one. A variety of shapes makes it possible to get a lot of original branches, which allows you to imitate different types of Christmas trees (from wild to decorative). And the combination of dark and light shades of green, used in the process of making needles, only enhances the impression of the naturalness of the tree. The needles of PE-cast branches are soft, durable, do not crumble or deform during the installation of the Christmas tree.

Today, the replacement of natural forest beauties with their factory counterparts can significantly save the family budget and preserve nature. You can buy artificial Christmas trees from us.

How to choose an artificial Christmas tree

New Year is one of the favorite holidays not only for children, but also for adults. Many simply adore the pre-holiday fuss that covers the whole country before December 31st. Among the many cases, some citizens face a difficult task - buying a Christmas tree. Today, many prefer artificial green beauties, since their acquisition does not harm nature. If you decide to buy an artificial spruce, you may find the information below helpful.

Types of Christmas trees and their features

So, today there are the following types of artificial trees:
Cast. These trees are very similar to the real ones. During production, each branch of the future product is cast in a bleaching mold, after which the resulting elements are assembled together. Such Christmas trees have very soft needles that cannot be pricked, which is very important if there are small children in the house. They can serve you well for decades. However, these trees are not cheap.
From PVC film. They are made in Taiwan and China. They, like the previous ones, have rather soft needles, and are not subject to ignition, do not decompose. But their service life is short: about five years.
Optical fiber. Such Christmas trees look very original, festive and do not need garlands. The fact is that they already have a backlight: manufacturers build fiber optic strands into the branches of a tree through which light passes. At the same time, the products are absolutely safe. A fiber optic Christmas tree will last about ten years.
From the line. It is distinguished by extremely high strength, but the "needles" are very prickly and rather hard, so such trees are not recommended to be placed in houses where there are children and pets. They are often installed in public places, for which they are the best option. The service life of an artificial Christmas tree made of fishing line is about fifteen years, and such trees are produced most often in Russia.

Based on the above information, you will be able to buy a Christmas tree that will fully meet all your requirements.

How artificial Christmas trees are made

Needle differences

Catalog of cast Christmas trees
- PVC film is very soft and the most common material for Christmas trees in the middle price segment

- The fishing line has fluffy tips and perfectly holds the given shape.

All types of needles have their own merits

New Year's gifts and souvenirs

And what if even in the matter of gifts to show a little imagination and creativity? Maybe that's enough, the main emphasis should be on "necessity", turning a holiday souvenir into an economic necessity?

Let's solve the problems of New Year's gifts in an original way!

So, suppose you want to become the main creator of the New Year's mood, you have already bought a Christmas tree and are ready to start choosing gifts. So, maybe you should try to make something yourself, without resorting to the help of the nearest gift shop. A simple New Year's card, on which the warmest, most sincere wishes and congratulations will be written, which you yourself composed in the lines of a poem, albeit a little ridiculous, will definitely cheer up a person close to you.

You don't have to limit yourself to just one postcard. Any do-it-yourself New Year's crafts, whether it be applications, toys for the New Year tree or just miniature figures that personify the New Year's animal coming into its own, according to the eastern calendar, will be the most expensive and memorable present.

Do you want to make an exclusive and expensive, in the truest sense of the word, gift? By visiting the exhibition, which presents exclusive Christmas decorations and decorations, you can buy a gift that is incomparable in beauty and grace, and your friends will definitely not have the same one.

In general, every family has its own New Year's traditions, concerning both the celebration itself and New Year's gifts. And following them allows you to unite all relatives and friends at a solemnly decorated table, to recreate a single atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Honor these moments, because they are simply priceless!

How to save a Christmas tree from a cat: ways to protect yourself


February 27, 2019


  • Unpleasant odors

  • Choice questions

  • Christmas tree safety rules

  • What about the toys?

  • Is it worth punishing a cat?

For pet owners, the New Year is not only a holiday, but also a time of increased attention to their pets. As a rule, they show great interest in the changes taking place in the house. Especially to the New Year tree, which cats strive to dump on the floor or leave without bright toys. How to save a Christmas tree from a cat, and a cat from a New Year's tree: read a selection of proven tips.

Unpleasant odors

Probably the easiest way to protect a Christmas tree from a cat is to use a special repellent scent that you can make yourself. The solution is absolutely safe for the animal, moreover, it will help create a delightful New Year's atmosphere.

To create a solution you will need:

  • ordinary water (50 ml),
  • a few drops of essential oils of lemon, lavender, orange,
  • any convenient sprayer.

The ingredients are mixed, and the tree itself, the floor around it and the toys are periodically irrigated with the resulting spray. In theory, cats will not come close to the New Year's beauty, exuding citrus aromas that are unpleasant for him. It happens that the method does not work, and the curiosity of the animal is stronger. In this case, the problem of how to save the Christmas tree from the cat will have to be solved differently.

​Selection questions

It is believed that an artificial Christmas tree is safer for a pet: it does not prick, needles do not fall off and the animal is unlikely to suffer from digestive problems due to swallowed needles. The smaller the size of such a tree, the better:

  • a small tree is much more stable than a large one,
  • Christmas tree made of synthetic materials, much lighter than natural
  • even if, in the heat of “hunting” for Christmas decorations, a cat drops a Christmas tree, it is unlikely that it will cause serious injury.

Tree Safety Rules

So that the cat does not knock down the Christmas tree, when installing it, you must follow simple rules:

  • the best place is the corner of the room;
  • the tree must be reliably protected from falling, so you need to fix the trunk on a large and stable stand;
  • a bucket with something heavy and unattractive for a fluffy robber is also suitable for the role of a stand: expanded clay, stones;
  • some craftsmen attach the top to the ceiling by tying it to a pre-screwed metal ring;
  • do not install a Christmas tree near cabinets, shelves - as they can make it easier for a cat to access Christmas tree decorations;
  • artificial or natural pine should not be placed on a pedestal or other elevation, from where it can fall without the help of a cat;
  • during the cat's forced loneliness and at night, the room where the tree stands should be closed so as not to tempt fate.

What about toys?

Decorating a Christmas tree in the presence of a cat is a bad omen. At the sight of toys, colorful and shiny tinsel, the animal goes into ecstasy and tries to get to the Christmas tree with a vengeance.

What should be Christmas decorations:

  • matt, not swaying or eye-catching,
  • plastic: if they fall, they will not break and the animal will not get hurt,
  • securely fastened with a wire, not a thread, so that the cat could not catch them with its paw and throw them to the floor,
  • The higher the Christmas decorations are hung, the safer.

What can't be done?