How to put up a christmas tree topper

How To Keep Christmas Tree Topper Straight • Queen Bee of Honey Dos

So, you’ve put up your Christmas tree. You’ve got all the decorations looking gorgeous. Everything is going great. Then, comes the finishing touch. The addition of the tree topper. And what do ya know? The stupid thing won’t stay upright!

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I know you’ve been there. You may even be suffering from the crooked star (or angel) syndrome, right now. But, don’t give up. I have been using this trick to keep my Christmas tree topper straight for years.

So, take a deep breath. Grab your cup of coffee (or wine). Sit back, and let me tell you a few simple ways that I have found to conquer the wayward Christmas tree.

How To Keep Christmas Tree Topper Straight

Beginning with those crazy, swirly, springs

You know. The ones that come attached to most tree toppers. I am not sure how it happened, but somewhere in the world lives a person who thought that it would be a good idea to add that springy thing to a heavy ornament. Then, expect it to stand straight on a branch that can barely hold itself upright.

It’s hard to believe that in all of these years, and with all the inventions that we have come up with that no one has invented something better for a tree topper.

Seriously, we have put a man on the moon. We can reach out through waves to people all the way on the other side of the world in just a matter of seconds. But, keeping a star straight on a tree… nope. That seems to be beyond our mear mortal minds’ capabilities.

So, here is what I have come up with to keep my Christmas tree topper straight and upright. A very basic. Simple. Dowel rod. Yep, that’s right. I said, a dowel rod.*

That and a couple of zip ties* is all it will take to get your star sitting straight. And this is how it works.

That flimsy little stalk that comes at the top of every artificial tree is simply not strong enough to hold the weight of anything more than the needles attached to it. But, if you can extend the center support, you will have something to work with.

Dowel rods are amazing little tools. They can be used in a lot of different ways. I use Dowel rods for all sorts of projects. So, we can add this one to the list.

Now, it doesn’t take a very long dowel rod to work. You just have to use enough to proportionately distribute the weight that you are adding.

About 10” of length from a 3/4″round dowel is adequate for most toppers. But a longer dowel can be used for heavier objects.

Starting from the top of the tree, maneuver the dowel rod down through the branches. The idea is to keep it right against the center pole.

Leave about 3-4 inches of wood protruding above your last needles (not counting that last long piece). Then, use the zip ties to attach the dowel rod to the center pole.

Make sure to use at least three zip ties. One at the bottom of the dowel rod and the other two placed at the center and at the top edge. Pull them as tight as you can get them.

Next, twist the spring down over the dowel until it has a super tight hold. Then, use that long branch tip at the top of the tree to wind around the spring and camouflage it.

Tip – if you add the topper during the tree assembly and before you put that last tree section up, it will be much easier to get it secured tightly. But, I am assuming that you may already have your tree up and not willing to disassemble the top portion.

You can see one of my trees from this year with the star mounted. I just wanted to show that the dowel rod is very easy to hide with a bit of ornaments and stems.

On a Side Note:

I did find this tree topper stabilizer* that can be purchased. I tried it out. It works okay for lighter-to-moderate weight items, but really only keeps it straight and does nothing to secure the piece to the tree. A hard bump can send it toppling to the ground.

I also found this other stabilizer.* It holds more securely IF you can get it on your tree. The issue for me was the twist mechanism which has to be twisted down the length of the center pole. Not easy to do with branches protruding out in all directions.

After testing both devices, I decided to stick with my DIYed version. But, if DIYing isn’t really your thing, by all means, give one of those a try!

This technique has been working quite well for all of my stars. (FYI – you can see how I built that shipping crate here, and find the instructions for building that star, here. If you want even more of my decorations, check out last year’s Christmas tour!

Moving on to the angel tree toppers

Now with angels, the base is a bit different. Most of these have a cone-shaped piece of plastic that is supposed to slip down over the treetop. Sounds simple enough, right?

Except, no matter how many branches you stuff up her bum, she always seems to be on the brink of diving to her death in a display of protest. This is how I lost my most cherished tree topper several years ago.

Since I was quite devastated over her death, I decided to make sure that no other angel could succumb to such a tragic end.

Before attempting to sit another angel on my tree, I tried several techniques. This is the one that worked the best.

It requires the addition of a styrofoam cone.* You know the type. You can find them in just about any craft store. Or use that link to buy one online.

With this method, I like to use the 1/4″ round dowels. It is easier to push inside the styrofoam. However, I go a bit longer on the length to get a strong stable hold.

First, test the cone out under the angel’s dress. Slip it inside the plastic sleeve and see how well it fits. The idea is to get a nice snug fit.

You may need to cut some off of the tip of the cone, or you may need to remove some excess from the bottom. But, most of the time it is fine as is. Just work with it until the cone fits snuggly inside the plastic sleeve.

I used white zip ties and an unpainted dowel for demostration purposes. However, you will want to use matching zip ties if possible.

Next, use the dowel rod technique from above. Attach the dowel rod to the center tree support just like before. Except for this time, instead of twisting a star on top of it, you push the styrofoam down on top.

Actually, it is better to press the cone over the dowel rod before attaching it to the tree. That way you are not applying force to your tree.

Then, once the dowel rod/cone piece is locked in place, slide the angle down over the cone. That’s it! Now your angle can stand proud like she was meant to.

With this method, the angel will need a tad bit more overhead room. It will add about 10″ to your final tree. (win/win) So, just keep that in mind.

As you can see, it is better to get the topper attached before moving on to the other ornaments. She is really stable and I have no worries that she will fall to her death.

Let’s talk about real trees:

With a real Christmas tree, you can accomplish the same effect without needing a dowel rod. But, only if you plan ahead.

On a real tree, you can snip off the tiny branches that are attached to the main truck. If you clip off enough, you will get to a much sturdier part of the trunk.

This sturdier section should be more than adequate to hold your topper in place. Then, you can trim the tree to blend with this new height adjustment. Depending on the tree, you may not need to do much trimming.

But, let’s assume for the moment that you didn’t plan for the need to do any trimming. Or maybe you already have your tree finished and you just want to keep your Christmas tree topper straight.

In which case, you can use either of the above methods. It works perfectly for artificial trees, but there is no reason you can’t use it on a real tree, too.

One Last Tip:

You can spray-paint the dowel rods to match your tree. I did that for the tree that I flocked last year. And you can’t even tell it is there.

Now, if you need help with your tree lights, you can see what I did to solve that problem, here. Happy Holidays!

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How to decorate the top of the Christmas tree.

How to make a Christmas tree top with your own hands

On the eve of the New Year, we take out the cherished box with beautiful toys and decorate the Christmas tree. To make our Christmas tree look unusual and delight all households, let's try to make a creative top with our own hands.

Contents of the article

  • Christmas tree top photo, photo
  • How to make a Christmas tree top, ideas from photo
  • Christmas tree top angel, photo with explanation
  • Crocheted angel for the top of the Christmas tree, scheme
  • Bow for the top of the Christmas tree, photo with instructions
  • How to tie a bow for the top of the Christmas tree, photo
  • Toy for the top of the Christmas tree, photo with explanation
  • Christmas tree top Star of Bethlehem, photo with explanation
  • How to make a three-dimensional paper star, instructions
  • Snowflake on the Christmas tree top, with photo
  • Video Christmas tree top master class

Christmas tree top photo, photo

How to make a Christmas tree top, ideas from photo

Cover the cardboard star with gold paper or cloth.

Decorating the top with the Eiffel Tower, you can imagine that you are celebrating the New Year in Paris.

For those who know how and love to sew!

An ordinary lamp can serve as a decorative element for the top.

Artificial flowers, good option.

Christmas tree top angel, photo with explanation

Option #1

Plasticine, plaster or clay can be used to make an angel's head.

To form the frame, wrap the wire with thread and then with cotton. Put the cotton on the glue.

Angel wings are similarly made from wire and cotton.

Option #2 Angel made from disposable paper plate.

Option #3 Vine Angel

  1. White skinned vine.
  2. Acrylic varnish.
  3. White rattan.
  4. Raffia.
  5. Large plastic bag.
  6. Thick wire.

Tools: pliers, wire cutters, knife, secateurs.

Crocheted angel on the top of the Christmas tree, scheme

To tie an angel to the top of the Christmas tree, you can use different patterns. The threads are thin cotton. After the angel is tied, starch the details to make the figure elastic and resistant.

Dissolve starch (2 tablespoons) in cold water, pour the mixture into a saucepan of warm water (0.5 cup) and heat until thickened. Then dip the parts into the starch solution and soak until it cools. Gently squeeze each part, stretch on the surface and dry. After drying, iron and sew.

Christmas tree top bow, photo with instructions

Prepare the tape on the wire frame. Rewind 15 cm and pinch with the fingers of your left hand. Rewind a little more with your right hand, form a loop. Lock with your fingers.

Depending on the size of the tree, determine the size of the loops. For example, the length of the loops is 30 cm, the length of the unwound tape is 50 cm. The wire frame holds its shape well, so you need to use only such a tape. The front side of the tape should be on the outside.

Form a figure eight from the ribbon. Rewind with your right hand a little more, form a new loop in relation to the first loop in the opposite direction. Connect the second loop at the base with the clamped tape in the left hand, twist clockwise, fasten. Got eight.

Make sure that all loops are the same size. Attach the loops to the top of the tree to determine if the loops are the correct size for the tree.

Continue to form loops.

Do not forget to twist the hinge base and clamp it.

After creating the main loops, make the central one. The last loop should be perpendicular to the rest. Cut the floral wire into a "U" shape. The ends of the wire, align and enter into the center, wrap the bottom of the bow. Next, draw the ends of the wire into its bent edge. Pull the ends in different directions, a knot is formed. Twist the wire several times. With another piece of wire, attach the bow in the same way to the top of the Christmas tree.

The color of the floral wire must match the color of the bow. Use #26 wire.

Making garlands . Cut 4 pieces. Fold in half. Trim each piece of tape at one end with scissors diagonally to the fold from the bottom corners.

The length of each piece must match the length of the tree.

The number of ribbon garlands depends on your desire.

Attaching ribbon to the Christmas tree. Wrap a piece of floral wire around the end of one ribbon. Fasten the wire well, pull the ends in different directions. With the ends that stick out, fasten the garland under the bow on the branch. Attach all tapes in the same way.

Hide the top ends of the ribbon under the bow at the top of the tree, giving the impression of being connected to the bow.

Curl ribbons in a spiral. Use a roll of paper towels to give the illusion of movement. Do as many turns as you like.

The tape must not be pinched or rumpled so that unevenness does not appear, which will affect the appearance.

Too many threads will give a hard look.

Option #2

Place three tapes on top of each other.

Form a loop, leave the ends free.

Fold the end equal to the first loop (opposite) into the 2nd loop.

In the same way as the first loop, make the third. The loops must be parallel.

There should be eight loops in total, which are fixed in the center with wire. Spread the loops in different directions.

Insert decorative branches into the bow.

How to tie a bow on top of a Christmas tree, photo

Christmas tree top toy, photo with explanation

Option #1

Prepare glue, scissors, paper, glitter, beads, tinsel.

First you need to make the body of the star. You can take a tennis ball as a basis and make a hole in it so that it is put on the top of the Christmas tree. Glue pieces of paper in several layers on the base-ball. Leave a small unglued area. After drying, remove the pieces of paper and fasten them together with glue and paper.

Next, sticks are made from paper. The paper is rolled tightly diagonally until hard sticks are formed. The size is selected by eye, in accordance with the size of the ball. Each stick is cut into two parts (two rays). To get different lengths, you need to cut it like this: a few in the middle, and for some, the size should be shifted. Thus, rays of different lengths will be obtained. Then the rays are glued to the base, the “density” of the location is monitored. After drying, paint, sprinkle with sparkles, attach beads to the ends of the rays.

Option #2

Buds are the main element in this top. You will need them: 9 large, 9 small, 1 open small. In addition - varnish or glue; for decor, foam balls or sparkles; cardboard.

Cut out a circle from cardboard, its diameter is equal to half the bump. From the back, make a loop of wire. With its help, the decoration will be attached to the top of the Christmas tree. Small cones are attached to the cardboard base with a “sun” and fixed with wire. Bigger cones are laid out in the same way, in a circle. An open bump is attached to the middle.

Option #3

This top hat is easy to make out of cardboard. According to the pattern, cut out the details.

The cuts need to be moved apart at the same distance, glue a strip that is equal to the circumference of the bottom. Fields are glued to the teeth, then they are cut, thus giving the necessary shape. Bend and glue the decorative cord to the edge. To make the hat durable, it is pasted over with paper previously moistened with a paste. To give the final look, the cylinder is painted with black paint. A ribbon is glued to the crown and decorated.

Paper tree top, photo with instructions

Option #1


  • cardboard 30 by 30 cm:
  • stationery knife;
  • silicone adhesive;
  • sequins.

Apply a thin layer of glue to the cardboard on both sides, then sprinkle with glitter. Cut into thin strips, one and a half cm wide. You should get 20 pieces. Cross them over.

Add stripes on the sides, interlacing them. Glue.

In the same way, add and interlace the strips horizontally.

Glue the bottom strips together.

Join four strips on each side.

Make another shape.

Glue both halves together.

Pull the remaining strips into the beams.

Decorate as desired.

Option #2

Prepare six sheets of paper, ruler, glue, pencil.

Fold a sheet of paper in half, measure one centimeter from the middle, bottom and top.

Fold the edges to the marked points.

Glue the edges of the sheet and turn over. With a ruler, measure one centimeter on both sides - below and above.

Bend the ends in dots and hide in the middle.

Coat the sheet with glue, fold it in half crosswise.

Fold the paper in half lengthwise and draw teeth. Cut out.

Cut five more pieces in the same way, then glue them together.

Coat all sides with glue and flatten.

Option #3

Draw a pattern on thin cardboard. Decorate all the details with paints. Glue after drying.

Christmas tree top Star of Bethlehem, photo with explanation

Draw an oval with a star inside it. The star consists of two symmetrical halves. Pyramid-rays in total should be eight with a base at one point. The ends should rest against the ellipse.

You can cut out individual parts - rhombuses that bend along the specified strips. Use bright paper, or coat with glue and sprinkle with sparkles.

How to make a three-dimensional paper star, instruction

You will need:

  • cardboard or thick paper;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • tinsel;
  • sequins;
  • wire.

According to the diagram shown, make two stars from heavy cardboard.

Bend the stars along the lines (to obtain volume), glue. Before gluing, put paper or cotton wool inside for density and volume.

Wind the wire in a spiral around a piece of wood. Adjust the length according to the size of the top of the tree. The excess piece of wire can be cut off. Insert the wire into the bottom of the star. Next, cover the entire surface with glue and cover with sparkles. After drying, spray with hairspray. To hide the joints, glue tinsel to them.

Snowflake on the top of the Christmas tree, with photo

Video tree top master class

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Nowadays, decorating a spruce for the New Year holiday is an established custom that creates a cheerful and festive atmosphere that children especially enjoy. The market for New Year's toys offers the widest range of products, but despite this, many people prefer to make them with their own hands with their children.

An integral attribute of the decoration is the top of the Christmas tree. In this article, we will look at how you can make it yourself, and some of the historical moments associated with the holiday.

Why decorate the Christmas tree?

In ancient times, even before Christianity came to European lands, with the advent of the new year, dwellings were decorated with branches of a green plant that never sheds its “robe”. This was done to appease the spirits, which, according to legend, hid in these branches. In addition, there was an opinion that the Sun endows evergreen trees with eternal life.

In the eighth century, the Christmas tree was recognized as a divine tree and began to be installed inside houses, but still without decorations. New Year and Christmas were celebrated in a fragrant coniferous aroma.

In 1513, Martin Luther for the first time on Christmas Eve decorated the top of the Christmas tree with a star symbolizing Bethlehem. Since then, the coniferous tree has become an object of decoration for the Christmas holidays in Europe.

Traditions of Russia

In Russia, the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree every year appeared after the eve of 1700, Tsar Peter I ordered to celebrate the New Year holiday on the first of January instead of the first of September, as well as to decorate courtyards and dwellings with pine and spruce trees and branches from them.

However, at that time this tradition was not destined to take root, because at that time it was customary to line graveyards with spruce branches, and in the minds of people this tree did not evoke holiday associations.

The next attempt to revive this custom was the decree of the wife of the Russian Tsar Nicholas I, Princess Alexandra Feodorovna, who ordered on the eve of 1818 to decorate the Moscow royal court with fir trees with hung fruits and sweets. Later, coniferous trees began to be installed outside the palace, and Christmas tree markets began to be held in large cities.

Finally, the tradition of decorating a home with a decorated Christmas tree on New Year's Eve took root only at the end of the 19th century.

Soviet and post-Soviet times

At the beginning of Soviet times, spruce was associated with religion and Christmas, and therefore was not welcomed. When the persecution of the Orthodox began, it was forbidden to install a coniferous tree in the house.

And in December 1935, the publication Pravda published an article in which they called for organizing a Christmas tree for children. Stalin liked the initiative, and the tree came out of disgrace, becoming a symbol of the holiday. From that moment on, Christmas trees and decorations for them appeared on sale, only instead of the Bethlehem top on the Christmas tree there was a five-pointed star of the proletariat.

Today, spruce is an integral symbol of the New Year holiday, which all children and adults are waiting for. Decorating the tree and the room, preparing gifts - all this creates an appropriate cheerful mood.

Decoration of the top of a spruce with a star

In the 16th century, the tops of Christmas trees were decorated with the Star of Bethlehem, a symbol of the birth of Jesus Christ. But even today, the eight-pointed attribute is popular both in everyday life and in decorating church halls. In Soviet times, the top of a coniferous tree was crowned with a five-pointed star. Nowadays, many decorate the spruce with traditional stars, and those that wild imagination will invent.

There are several options for making a Christmas tree top with your own hands:

  1. A cone-shaped leg is made of thick cardboard, on which a flat star cut from the same material is fixed with glue. The latter can be decorated with glitter or tinsel sprinkled on glue.
  2. Such an ornament can be made of wire, on which multi-colored beads of various shapes and sizes or beads are strung. Behind such an asterisk, you can place a garland light bulb so that the backlight highlights the star even more.
  3. Many needlewomen sew stars out of cloth and decorate them with various elements, and filler is put inside, getting a voluminous figure.
  4. A very beautiful product is made by craftswomen who knit several pointed elements and connect them together, getting a star. Openwork and starched, such a top on the Christmas tree arouses admiration and interest.

Interesting ideas for tops

For those who don't want to decorate the top of their spruce with a star, there are many other options, you just need to use your imagination. It will be especially original if you make jewelry with your own hands.

Among the interesting ideas are the following:

  1. A large bow on the top of the Christmas tree will look original, which can be made of dense shiny fabric.
  2. From bright multi-colored wide ribbons, you can build a semblance of fluffy butterfly wings, connected together in the middle. It will turn out something like a bow, but very lush and brightly colored. Now it is fashionable to combine gold and red.
  3. Various items can be a special top decoration: a festively decorated hat, a shiny crown, a bunch of artificial fruits.
  4. The LED tree top will look great.
  5. Suitable to complete the top of a spruce figurine of angels, a snowman or a large plastic snowflake in glitter.
  6. A bouquet of spruce cones will look great on top. They can be varnished and sprinkled with glitter or small foam balls to simulate snow.

How to make the top of the Christmas tree "shining star"?

The “shining star” decoration looks very nice on the top of the spruce. It is very easy to make it with your own hands, you will not need special materials and skills, but it will look great.

The scheme of work is as follows:

  1. For magic you will need: scissors, glue, paper (newspaper), sparkles (shiny paint). You also need additional elements (optional) in the form of beads or tinsel.
  2. First you need to make the body of the star. Almost everyone is familiar with the papier-mâché technique from childhood, so sticking finely torn pieces of paper on a spherical base in several layers will not be difficult. Moreover, you must not forget to leave a non-sealed gap in diameter. After drying, the halves are removed from the base and fastened together also with paper and glue - a ball is obtained. To make a small toy, you can take a tennis ball and make a hole in it to put the top on the Christmas tree. All other actions are performed similarly.
  3. Next, the sheets of paper are twisted diagonally as tightly and thinly as possible until hard "sticks" are formed, on both sides of which sharp tips are obtained. The size of the sheets is selected “by eye”, based on the size of the base ball and on the fact that each “stick” is cut into two rays. Moreover, some will need to be cut in the middle, while others will be slightly shifted to get rays of different lengths.
  4. Then the rays are glued onto the ball (spacers are cut at the even end) - everyone makes the density and arrangement of long and short rays at their discretion.
  5. When the product dries, you can decorate it: paint it with shiny paint or cover it with glue and sprinkle with sparkles, attach beads to the ends of the rays, stick tinsel on the rays, and so on, as your fantasy tells.

Pine Star Christmas Top

Those who like to tinker with natural materials will be happy to make this decoration. And children love to make such crafts.

Step-by-step instructions for making a Christmas tree top with your own hands looks like this:

  1. For work you will need: wire or thick thread with a needle and cones (9 small and 9 large oblong and 1 small open), glue or varnish, glitter or foam balls, cardboard for the base. If desired, you can still prepare 40 very small bumps and a thick wire.
  2. First, a circle is cut out of cardboard with a diameter equal to about half the length of the big cone. Behind the cardboard base is a loop of wire that will hold the decoration on top.
  3. Then the small cones are laid out “sunny” on a cardboard base so that their back parts are adjacent to each other, forming a small circle in the middle, and fixed with wire or threads on the base.
  4. In the next step, the large buds are tightly staggered between the small buds and also fixed.
  5. One open cone is placed in the middle and also attached to the cardboard.

In principle, you can stop at this step. But those who want to see it through to the end can do the following:

  1. Eight strips are cut from thick wire, on which five tiny cones are glued or tied with thin threads.
  2. The resulting rays are fixed on a cardboard base between large cones.
  3. The whole piece is varnished or glued and sprinkled with glitter or foam balls.

To complete the composition, you can decorate the entire Christmas tree in the same style - with various natural cones and Christmas decorations in the form of cones.

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