How to recover a cat tree

How to Replace Carpet on a Cat Tree


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Knowing how to replace carpet on a cat tree can significantly expand the life of your kitty’s favorite jungle gym.

Fortunately, it’s not as hard as you may think!

Below, we’ll check out some great tutorials for how to do it, plus take a look at the best types of carpet to use.

By the way, you can also use this guide to add carpet to a totally DIY cat tree or any best cat tree brand!

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How to Replace Carpet on a Cat Tree

The greatest downfall of carpet covered cat trees is the very thing that makes them so appealing in the first place- the carpeting itself!

When your tree arrives, that rug material is so nice and plush, isn’t it?

Sadly, that “new carpet” feeling doesn’t last as long as we’d like. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a year out of it before it looks worn and dingy.

That’s only if you buy high-end real carpet cat trees, like those made with Berber.

For those of us who don’t have such a high budget, we make due with low-end carpeting and hope that it holds up for a while.

Then, when it gets too ugly to look at, we throw it out and start all over again.

Well, guess what? You don’t have to toss that perfectly good tree! As long as the structure is still sound, just replace the carpet!

Since you can’t tear off the old stuff without having something to replace it on hand, let’s begin by answering the question of “what carpet for a cat tree is best?”

FYI, this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, we earn a small commission at no extra charge to you. 

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Choosing the best replacement carpet for a cat tree

  • Get the best you can afford. Don’t go broke or anything, but quality matters in carpeting.
  • Make sure it’s totally non-toxic and gentle on your kitty. Ask yourself, “Would I let my baby crawl on this material?”
  • Save money by asking for remnants at carpet stores. Home Depot usually has a good bin of them.

Let’s look at some of the more popular options for replacing carpet on a cat tree.

1. Traditional carpet material

By traditional carpet material, I mean the kind you can find in Loews or Home Depot.

You can also find it on Amazon (and I’ve given you a recommendation), but your best bet is really to look in the carpet remnant section of local stores.

  • Styles for every budget, from cheap to high-end
  • Nearly endless style options
  • Easy to install on your cat tree
  • You get what you pay for. In other words, cheap stuff won’t last any longer than the stuff that you’re replacing!

I highly recommend asking around at home supply stores to find good remnants, and get the best you can afford.

Also, make sure it’s not looped fibers. Your cat’s claws can get caught in it.

Custom Cut - to- Fit Area Rug with Multiple Colors to Choose from. Perfect for First Time Home and Apartments Renters. (5'x8', Black & Tan)

  • Lifetime stain and Fade Resistance
  • These area rugs are Thick, Plush and Luxurious yet durable. Approximately 1/2" Thick
  • Get back more money from your security deposit by protecting your floor with one of our custom cut-to-fit area rugs.
  • Custom size are avaliable upon request. Just order the one size up to the size you need and message us with exact measurements and we will custom cut the rug for no additional charge
  • Samples available upon request . Simply send us a massage with the color you'd like to see and we can send a sample at no charge

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2. Natural fibers

Natural fibers like seagrass & jute (sisal too, but we’ll talk about that on it’s own in a minute) make great choices for cat tree re-carpeting.

Features & Pros
  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Attractive neutral color
  • Great texture for scratching
  • Tend to resist stains really well
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Hard to find sometimes
  • Susceptible to moisture damage

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There are very few cons when it comes to natural carpet fibers! They look great, hold up to a lot of wear and tear, and are good for cats & the planet.

It is hard to find in the form that you need, though. Most places sell things like seagrass area rugs, but you don’t want something that already has a rubber backing.

The recommendation below from Amazon seems like a good option since it’s actually made for wall-to-wall carpeting.

NaturalAreaRugs Basketweave Seagrass for Wall to Wall Carpet Installation – 100% Seagrass with Latex/Cotton Backing - 13'ft Wide Custom Lengths Priced by The Foot - up to aprox. 98'ft

  • For Wall-to-Wall Carpet Installation (Note: The sides are not finished). Perfect for Hospitality and Residential
  • All of our wall-to-wall carpets are made with 100 percent natural fibers and backed with latex to help maintain their strength and durability.
  • Order Instruction : Add the item on your cart and change the quantity based on desired length. You can order up to 98'ft in length. Example : if you want to order 13'ft x 50'ft, change the quantity to 50, or if you want a 13'ft x 20'ft carpet, change the quantity to 20.
  • Naturally Durable and Perfect for High Traffic Areas, Anti-Static, Sound Absorbing, Naturally Resilient, Fire Retardant and Earth Friendly.
  • Variations are part of the Natural Beauty of Natural Fiber Rugs. Professional Installation Recommended.

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3. Sisal Rope

The same material that covers the scratching posts and poles on your cat tree could theoretically be used to cover the entire thing.

Features & Pros
  • Natural material
  • Great for cats who love to scratch everything in sight
  • Inexpensive
  • Not very soft and cozy
  • Can come unraveled if not carefully installed

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If you do opt to use sisal on the whole tree, make sure to get something that’s pet-safe, like the recommendation below.

Also, since it’s not the coziest material, you may want to add some extra padding in some spots, like the cave or perches.

Golberg Premium 3/8-Inch Twisted Sisal Rope - Pet Safe - 100 Feet

  • Sisal is a twisted fiber rope that's got a little bit of stretch in it while still providing a stiff and sturdy application
  • Safe for use with pets (Note: rope may contain a natural scent)
  • This is perfect for cat scratching posts, bird toys, miscellaneous pet toys, DIY projects and much more
  • Strong, durable, and suitable for all-weather use
  • At Golberg we are committed to bringing you the highest quality solutions to your outdoor & survival needs. We stand behind our paracord & our customer satisfaction is a priority. If you feel we have not met your expectations for any reason, contact us and we will do everything we can to make things right

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4. Faux fur & other materials

Given the sheer number of people searching “cat tree faux fur vs carpet,” I think it’s safe to assume you’re wondering if other materials are an option.

The short answer? Of course they’re an option. I mean, technically speaking, anything is an option.

The better question is whether faux fur is as good an option as real carpet material. For that, we turn to the pros and cons.

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  • Faux fur, fleece, and other such materials are cheaper than carpet material.
  • They’re also easy to find! Just go to any craft supply store or search on Amazon.
  • These materials are definitely soft and cushy on your kitties tushy (and other parts, of course, but tushy rhymed, so I went with it).
  • Most are washable (but with a caveat, see cons).
  • Cheaper means less durable in this case. They’re not made to hold up to wear and tear the way carpet does.
  • Only washable if you make them removable (say, by using Velcro to fasten them).
  • Tend to lose their lushness when washed.

I would NOT recommend covering an entire cat tree in faux fur, fleece, or other non-carpet-type materials.

I would, however, recommend using them to make caves & napping perches comfier.

If you do opt to use them to create cozy little nests, consider attaching them with Velcro so you can swap them out and wash them.

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  • - [ BRANDED ] - Our products carry 'Barcelonetta' brand labels on the packaging which ensures you "Customer Satisfaction Guarantee". 30-Day Free Return. (Trademark Registered)

Now that we know more about our options, let’s get to the steps for replacing carpet on a cat tree.

But, don’t forget to check our review of the best cheap cat trees!

Re-carpet a cat tree in 5 easy steps

The steps for replacing carpet on your cat tree aren’t really all that different from replacing carpet anywhere else in your home. We’ll take a look at the basic steps and a couple of videos.

Then, in case you need more visual directions, I’ll share my favorite YouTube videos showing how to re carpet a cat tree.

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Choose a new carpet and gather materials

Every guide for how to re carpet a cat tree lists this step second, but it makes more sense as the first step, don’t you think?

I mean, why would you go through the trouble of tearing off old carpeting if you don’t have anything to put on it when you’re done?

That’s why I covered the best carpeting material first, rather than making you wait until the end of the post!

2. Remove the old carpet

The hardest part is removing the old material. Trust me, I know what a pain this is. I once helped my mom remove carpet from an entire house!

Use a sharp box cutter or similar tool to carefully cut off the majority of the material. Make sure you don’t pierce the tree itself.

Once you have the bulk of it off, use the claw end of a hammer or a staple remover to pull out the remaining pieces.

The video below covers tips on removing carpet from posts, but the same basic method applies throughout the whole tree.

3. Cut the new carpet to fit

You’ve heard that old saying, “measure twice, cut once,” right? Well, that definitely applies here!

In fact, not only would I measure twice, but I’d cut off a little more than I would need just to be extra sure that I didn’t short myself.

Give yourself an extra two inches all around. You can easily cut off the excess (or tuck it under if it’s on upper levels).

4. Attach the new carpet to the tree

You have a few options when it comes times to put the new carpet on the tree. Basically, you can glue it, staple it, or nail it down.

If you opt for glue, choose something designed just for carpets. I kind of like the idea of this carpet tape (easier to manage than glue).

Most tutorials (like the one below) recommend using a heavy-duty staple gun. It’s the easiest method, and tends to last longer than glue.

5. Make sure it’s secure

Once your carpet is installed, you’ll want to make sure it’ll hold up to your cat’s claws and climbing.

Obviously, you’re not going to climb on it yourself to test it out, but you’ll want to think like a kitty.

Gently run your hands across it, feeling for any loose staples or pointy edges (gently, because if you find one, you don’t want to get hurt!).

Give it a light tug to make sure it stays in place. Knead it a bit with your fingers the way a cat kneads to make sure it doesn’t come loose.

If it passes all your tests, congratulations! You’ve just learned how to replace carpet on a cat tree.

If you’re still struggling to figure out any of the steps above, read on for some of my favorite video tutorials.

Best video tutorials for replacing cat tree carpeting

While I shared a couple of videos to help with the steps above, I found quite a few more that will help you from start to finish.

Some even show you how to completely DIY your own the best modern cat tree from new or upcycled materials.

How to Make a Cat Tree Look New Again

Really fantastic tutorial showing every step for how to recarpet a cat tree and make it look totally new again!

Building a custom cat tree

This one takes you through every step of building a custom cat tree from scratch!

Repairing cat tree posts without tools

If you just need to repair the carpeting on the posts, this tool-free method is both easy and cheap.

Fleece Carpet Cat Tree DIY

If you know how to sew, give your kitty the royal treatment with this cute DIY!

There you go! You now know how to replace the carpet on a cat tree! Now you don’t have to toss that expensive structure just because it’s looking a bit dingy!

Do you have any other tips on how to replace carpet on a cat tree? Share below!

Nicole Etolen

Nicole is one of the writers here on CatVills. She’s been a cat lover most of her life and-at one point- counted five felines as part of her family. Today, she’s proud cat mom to two indoor kitties and caregiver for a slew of ferals.

Find her on Linkedin. Read her latest articles.

Learn more about Nicole Here

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How To Reupholster Cat Tree? - Full Guide

Quick Navigation

  • What is a Cat Tree?
  • Is reupholstering a cat tree hard?
  • Is A DIY reupholstered Cat Tree Worth it?
  • Materials Needed to Reupholster Your Cat’s Tree
  • Steps to Reupholster a Cat Tree
    •  Remove old upholstery
    • Measure upholstery needed
    • Attach new upholstery.
    • Quality-test your work.

No matter how challenging it may look to remove the carpet or cloth glued to the cat’s furniture. It’s possible to reupholster a cat tree or a scratching post all by yourself.

Moreover, it is essential not to be scared of the carpet’s fuzziness, tearing, or fraying.

You can instantly restore your cat’s favorite furniture with just a little creativity, some stuff from the craft store, and a free afternoon.

Save yourself some good money – here’s how!

What is a Cat Tree?

According to Wikipedia, a cat tree is an ” Artificial structure for a cat to play, exercise, relax and sleep on.”

Cat trees play a vital role in managing the activities of playful cats in-house.

The roles of cats trees include:

  • Preventing cats from scratching furniture
  • Giving cats a sense of security
  • Offering different channels of games and fun
  • Giving cats personal space
  • Preventing home accidents
  • Allowing cats to exercise 

Is reupholstering a cat tree hard?

No! Reupholstering a tree is as easy as watching your favorite television show.

The requirements are easy to get; Handyman tools and a free afternoon session.

It is important to remember that cat trees come with various designs, and as a cat owner, you can reupholster your cat tree in the design you find suitable for the cat.

Such preferences include; cat trees with carpet scratchers, sisal scratchers, exposed wood, wall mounts, and different shapes (a geometric shape).

Is A DIY reupholstered Cat Tree Worth it?

Absolutely yes!

A DIY cat tree is even more worthy than a manufactured one because it allows you, the cat owner, to specify it according to your cat’s needs and wants.  

Additionally, DIY reupholstered cat trees cut on:

Cost– You can recycle old materials to make a firm cat tree

Time– One-afternoon session is enough to build a multi-level cat tree 

Extra expenses include a delivery fee and different attachments accompanying cat trees, like comfort cat pillows.

Materials Needed to Reupholster Your Cat’s Tree

The materials needed to reupholster different parts of the cat tree that are, for instance, shedding, fuzzier than usual, and peeling off, include the following:

  • Handyman Tools to help you remove the existing upholstery; this can be anything from a pair of scissors, scraper, screwdriver, utility knife, or other similar tools.
  • Hammer, nails, and screws
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Your choice of upholstery (carpet, cloth, padded cover, etc.)

Steps to Reupholster a Cat Tree

It is important to note that the four steps explained below include general guidelines on how to reupholster cat trees.

Depending on how simple or complex the cat tree you’re trying to revamp is, you may have to mold it.

Alternatively, check out our guide, the best cat trees for large cats, if you think you need a replacement.

 Remove old upholstery

Upholstery can mean anything from the rope to the carpet or a thick cloth with padding.

Remove all the old pieces of upholstery. Be careful when removing the old upholstery. 

Pull gently, then use a sharp cutting tool to smoothen rough patches.

You might have to disassemble the posts to reupholster them afresh for complex cat trees.

If this is the case, take a picture of the cat tree before bringing the parts down. So you’d know where each of the pieces goes.

Make sure to clear out the surface enough to install new material.

Also, ensure that your clear-out is not too deep so the structure will not get damaged.

Measure upholstery needed

Depending on the materials used before and what type of upholstery you plan to replace your cat tree, either measure the pieces removed (if it’s fabric) or spaces requiring new upholstery.

Be sure to add allowances to each part. You can always cut them later, but you won’t be able to add more length if needed.

Therefore, for complex cat trees, you might have to disassemble the posts to reupholster throughout the platform.

If this is the case, taking pictures of the cat tree before bringing the parts down is essential so you’d know where each piece goes.

Attach new upholstery.

Once you’ve cut the needed materials, begin assembling them part by part.

If you’re using carpet or fabric, you can use a hammer-and-nail combo or staple gun and staples to secure the materials to the cat tree.

If you choose this route, you must be extra careful in checking for pins or tacks as you reupholster the furniture.

You wouldn’t want your cat to get injured with a loose screw or protruding metals.

What kind of rope do you use to reupholster cat scratching posts?

If you’re using rope, follow this guide on replacing sisal rope on a cat tree.

You’ll be using a glue gun, several pieces of glue sticks, and spools of the rope mentioned above.

After removing a post to get through the base, remember to allow the new upholstery to get pressed down for some time, then place the disassembled parts back where you removed them.

Quality-test your work.

Firstly, check for hanging staple wires or screws that may endanger your cat.

Fasten them twice or thrice to make sure. You then have to test the cat kitty mansion for safety, particularly if you disassembled the tree to make way for new upholstery.

Secondly, try to pull the newly installed upholstery. If it’s too easy to remove, re-do the steps to make them sturdy.

If you can pull it, there’s a good chance your cat can too! After your quality control, let your cat back to her haven.

Lastly, Supervise the cat’s first few hangouts on the tree.

If everything looks good, you can proudly tap yourself on the back for a well-done job. Reupholstering your cat’s condo is no joke!

In conclusion, Cats will always love their brand-new-looking house!

They might not come down from the newly built cat tree house.


Purrfect n’ Pawesome is the brainchild of Amanda, who has been into researching and writing about pets to help other pet parents in nurturing their adorable pets. Currently, she runs Purrfect n’ Pawesome along with her team of experienced and dedicated pet experts. Along with being an awesome writer and entrepreneur, Amanda is a cat mom to two innocently spoiled cats, Balanca and Scruffy.
She has been writing about pet care and nurturing and wants to share her readers’ experiences, learnings, and knowledge.
Over the years, she had the opportunity to work with various pet owners having multiple breeds, and that exposure gave her experience and the lessons of a lifetime.
Her family, her entire universe revolves around her two cats, who give her endless support and inspiration to move ahead with her objectives in life. Amanda is a live example of a balanced approach to all parenthood questions we all face in life.

Neko the Cat: how to get the achievement Cat's Gifts

Neko the Cat is a quest chain in Genshin Impact on Seirai Island in Inazuma. We have to help the temporary headmaster of the Asase Shrine, a cat named Neko, restore the shrine and become witnesses of "something good. "
The plot with the cat Neko consists of nine tasks, new tasks are available on the next real day.

Conditions for completion: complete the Seirai island story quest Seirai's Storm Hunters.

Unlocks quests:

  • How to carve a cat out of wood daily quest.
  • Cat Tracks Daily Quest.
  • World Quest "Traces of Narukami".

Quest chain rewards:







  • Neko cat: offering box
  • Cat Neko: wooden stand
  • Neko cat: children
  • Neko Cat: Sanctuary Recipe
    • How to get the hidden achievement "Cat's Gifts"
  • Neko cat: cat and stone
  • Cat Neko: Trouble with People and Stones
  • Neko Cat: Shrine Dining Room
  • Neko cat: jingle ball
  • Cat Neko: Belated Good Deeds

Neko cat: offering box

Quest rewards:



10 000

After completing the story on Seirai Island, you can take quests from Neko the cat at Asase Shrine.

Last time we helped Neko fix the offering box. She naively believes that it worked, and people began to arrive at the sanctuary. Which is partly true, because our old acquaintances of adventurers have come to the sanctuary. Neko is determined to restore the shrine and asks for help with cleaning.

Clean the sanctuary room of dirt stains

We remove the dirty spots of Hydro or Anemo with skills, talk to Neko and complete the task.

Return to Neko

Finishing the task.

Neko cat: wooden stand

Quest reward:



10 000

Neko remembered that Hibiki once talked about prayer tablets, and that people attach special importance to these tablets. There is a wooden prayer-tablet stand in the sanctuary, but it is in need of repair.

Repair Prayer Board Stand

We find a wooden rack for planks and repair it.

Talk to Neko

Neko is sure that there will be more people in the shrine now, and in order not to wait, she asks about Taisuke and Eiko's prayer tablets.

Neko cat: children

Quest rewards:




15 000

Neko lost two kittens who love to play and run far. Each kitten is given 3 minutes to search.

Find Hachiho within the allotted time

Hichiho is a very agile and active kitten. He loves fish, so sometimes he goes to the seashore.

Find Konbumaru within the allotted time

Konbumaru likes to climb higher to sleep. You can find it at the very top of the tree.

Talk to Neko

We take the kittens to Neko and complete the task.

Neko Cat: Sanctuary Recipe

Quest rewards:




30 000

Temporary Abbess Neko thinks that the shrine is getting more attractive every day, and she hopes for many visitors who will bring a lot of Morata. However, she is concerned about the behavior of the kittens, who must behave more dignifiedly in front of people, so as not to blunder and not scare off generous visitors. Neko has taken up training the kittens, but the kittens are not very obedient, so she needs a special treat that Hibiki used to cook a long time ago, and which both kittens and visitors really liked. Since we most likely will not find a store with Wiskas on Seirai Island, and Neko does not remember the recipe for a mysterious dish, we will have to deal with this ourselves.

Talk to Taisuke and Eiko

Neither Taisuke nor Eiko can cook, so they advise you to go to Inazuma's restaurant "Kiminami" and ask the chef named Anna Kiminami.

Ask Kiminami Anna for advice

Anna is surprised by the story about the talking cat and the fact that there is no shop with Wiskas on Seirai, but she is ready to help us out. We give Anna the necessary ingredients and she prepares the dish, and also gives us the recipe for the meal "Invigorating Cat Treat". Before returning to the sanctuary, prepare three dishes, they will be needed for the task.

Return to Neko

Neko is very pleased with the treat and asks to give it to other kittens.

Give the kittens a delicious refreshing cat treat

We prepare three dishes and put them in bowls next to the hungry cats.

Return to Neko

We speak with Neko and complete the task.

How to get the hidden achievement "Cat's Gifts"

After completing this quest and obtaining the recipe for the recipe for Invigorating Cat Treat, a cat and four stones will appear on Seirai Island near the dungeon.

We feed the cat with cat treats and come the next real day, she will sit on the second stone. On the fourth day, when she sits on the last stone, we feed her and get the achievement "Cat's gifts" - Feed the kittens on the island of Seirai and gain their favor .

Neko cat: cat and stone

Quest rewards:



30 000

Sooner or later, pride comes and one wants greatness, so the temporary abbess has grown to the desire that an entire statue be erected in her honor. This is how the religion of cat worship was born, and with the advent of the Internet in Teyvat, cat memes took over the world ...

Ask Taisuke and Eiko

From Eiko we learn that, given what happened in Tatarasun, most likely you can find a free master there who would know how to handle stone.

Go to Tatarasuna and find the master

We go to the island of Kannazuka, the master is standing on the northernmost island.

Talk to the master

We state the essence of the problem to the master. Working for a cat is new to him, but what can you do during unemployment, so he has no choice but to agree.

Return to Neko with Ooshima Junpei

We return to the sanctuary, introduce the master to his new "robo-digger" and complete the task.

Cat Neko: Trouble with People and Stones

Quest rewards:



10 000

The work is in full swing, the master is diligently knocking on the stone, but he constantly talks about some kind of “shovel”, Neko, as a true “robot digger”, is not going to pay. Although "scratching behind the ear" is not a worthy payment.

Ask Ooshima Junpei

The poor craftsman, who will be left without a “shovel”, is tired of eating only fish, and besides, he did not take his tools with him (hmm, something very familiar). We give the unfortunate three pieces of iron so that he can make tools for himself. We speak with Neko and complete the task.

Neko Cat: Shrine Dining Room

Quest rewards:



10 000

When your "robo-digger" is a cat, then you get a "shovel" in the form of a fish.

Give Ooshima Junpei the fish

We go to the master for good news and delicious fish, but the master did not appreciate the abbess's generosity and politely refused another portion of fish. A kind of rude fellow, let him say thank you that we did not bring him mice. Although, he asks to bring three pieces of raw meat. We give the meat of an unknown animal and complete the task.

Cat Neko: jingle ball

Quest rewards:



10 000

Another great plan to attract the flock to the sanctuary from the abbess - jingling balls.

Hang bells around the shrine

We hang bells and complete the task.

Cat Neko: Belated Good Deeds

Quest rewards:




20 000

Talk to Ooshima Junpei

We go to the master and observe the majestic statue of Neko.

Complete the quest and get the achievement "Cat in the Clouds" - Witness the long-awaited "something good" along with Shrine Temporary Asase Neko .

Restoration of the Shrine Neko conceived for Hibiki's sake. She has been waiting for her for a very long time and hopes that she will return soon. Unfortunately, Hibiki won't be able to return, as we'll find out in the quest "Footprints of Narukami", which will appear after completing the "Cat Footprints" daily quest.

We will help you choose the best cat tree, the best models

Cats with whom we share many years of life are lovers of heights; In fact, if you live with one of them, you've probably figured out that they prefer to be on high surfaces than on the ground. And there is a reason for this: being quite small, although they are fast and agile in their natural habitat, they have many predators. So, What's the best way to reward them with a cat tree?

Although they are all more or less the same size, some are more suitable for families with one furry body, while others are more suitable for large human and cat families. Learn to choose the most suitable for you and your furry friend or friends.


  • 1 What is a cat tree?
  • 2 A selection of the best trees for scratching posts
  • 3 How to choose a cat tree?
    • 3.1 Height
    • 3.2 Platforms, beds, toys
    • 3.3 How many cats live at home?
    • 3.4 Price
  • 4 Why buy a scratching post?
    • 4.1 We take care of cats and furniture.
    • 4.2 We give them a high place to watch
    • 4.3 Looks nice at home

What is a cat tree?

First of all, you have to start from the beginning 🙂. And the fact is that there are a huge number of products on the market for our beloved cats, but undoubtedly one of the most important are scratching posts, because without them, most likely, furniture that was covered with fabric or was made of wood would be more scratched. .

Among them all, the scratching post is undoubtedly the best all-in-one toy shelter for felines, since is over a meter tall, has several posts and, as if that weren't enough, usually accommodates several beds and hammocks. . Some models are so high that they reach the ceiling of the house, so they require screws or some type of fastening (which are usually included).

A selection of the best trees for scratching posts

Which are the most beautiful and recommended? Well, this is very personal, but without a doubt, if I had to recommend a few, it would be the following:0006

Model Features Price


Gorgeous tree with two spacious cabins and areas with a back where your cat can relax.

It measures 180 x 83 x 65 cm and is also very stable.


Get it here

Natural Paradise XL

This is the perfect tree model if you have one or two cats. It has two beds, a hammock and thick platforms that provide an idyllic place where you can relax and have fun in equal measure.

It measures 175 x 70 x 50 cm and is made from wood from sustainable forests.


Get it here


Do you have one or two fluffy ones at home? Then do not hesitate: this is your (well, his 😉) scratching post. It has several wide platforms, shelter and a bed with a back that every feline wants to rest on.

It measures 112 x 67 x 55 cm and because it has thick columns it is very, very stable.


Get it here


This adorable scratch tree is great for large or very large cat families. Robust, with many playgrounds, two cabins and several playgrounds. It has up to two ramps so even the oldest can enjoy it!

Its dimensions are 170 x 50 x 50 cm and its design is so beautiful that it looks great in any room.


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Beautifully designed scratching tree suitable for one or two medium sized cats. There are metal columns covered with sisal rope, which you will surely enjoy, as well as shelter and various platforms.

It measures 112 x 50 x 35 cm and because of how stable it is, it is sure to quickly become a favorite place for cats in the house.


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Do you need a really big scraper? Then this model will definitely interest you. It has a very elegant design, a bed and a variety of platforms that will allow your feline to enjoy watching their home like never before.

It measures 204 x 60 x 60 cm and is therefore highly recommended for large cats. 47 m,


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The ideal model for those cats who like to climb and ride on high surfaces. It has 4 sisal posts with which you can always keep your nails sharp, two resting places such as a cave and a hammock, and a metal wall support that will keep the scratching post stable.

It measures 233-265 x 35 x 35 cm, so as if that weren't enough, it takes up little space.


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Which is the best of the best? Look, if I had to buy one, I wouldn't doubt it. I would stick with this:

FEANDREA Wood for ...


  • Es is suitable for one or two cats of small or medium size (up to 7kg each).
  • There is a house there that can serve as a shelter. for the shy - a hammock, various platforms and toys for fun.
  • Its base is wide, which gives stability to the scraper wood.
  • The design is classic, but can go well with del hogar furniture.
  • Easy to assemble with manual included.
  • El precio is the most attractive.


The only thing I see is that not suitable for very large or heavy cats . This means that if we live with one of these, we must choose a different model, more adapted to the characteristics of the feline.

How to choose a cat tree?

With such a wide variety of models, it's normal to have a lot of doubts about how to buy them. But don't worry, here are some tips that I hope will be very helpful in choosing the best one for you and your cat/cats:


Are you interested in a fairly low tree or a very tall one? Short ones tend to be much more stable; Y higher ones usually require some sort of support to stay very stable.

Platforms, beds, toys

Scratching tree to make it perfect, it is highly recommended to have multiple platforms, at least one bed and some toys or ropes. . This is especially important if you live with two or more cats, as this way they can do a lot of things without getting bored or leaving their yard.

In case you live with only one cat, one with a couple of platforms and a bed may be enough.

How many cats live at home?

If there are two or more of them, it is interesting that the scraper is large spacious, with several beds and a house; On the other hand, if there is only one, it will not matter so much that you go to look at the most "complete".


Of course money rules, although if you search well I assure you you will find very complete models at irresistible prices like the ones we have shown you here 😉.

Why buy a scratching post?

We take care of cats and furniture.

Cats - territorial animals, full. They have a highly developed territorial sense. (That's why it's sometimes so expensive to take on another partner). One of the things they do the most is sharpen their nails. In their habitat, or when they go outside, they do so by scratching the trunks of plants, but they need space inside to be used for this purpose.

With this sign they tell others - even their own people - that they live there, that this is their territory, where they feel good. If they had nothing, the furniture would be in the trash. , which reminds me of the cat expert who said in the documentary:

If you have expensive furniture, don't get a cat.

But if we are willing to live with them, we will have to respect them for who they are, nails included.

We give them a high place to watch

As we said at the beginning, cats like to look and look at us from above, from high surfaces. The bigger, the better. It's a way to give them a place where they feel great. where they can go when they need it.

It's also much more comfortable than real wood, so it's no surprise that if our cats spent a lot of time outdoors or in the garden, they started doing it less and less to enjoy their wood scratching as long as they could.

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