How to remove a christmas tree from your house

Christmas Tree Clean-Up: How to Tidily Take Down A Real Tree

Pro tips for skipping the mess this year.

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What goes up, as they say, must come down. And when it comes to Christmas trees, the "down" part can be plenty messy if you opt for a real evergreen.

1. Remove the Ornaments

The first step to breaking down a tree is removing the ornaments. As you remove them, carefully wrap each one in tissue or packing paper, and place them in your storage box. Fill any unused space in your box with extra packing paper (or discarded gift wrap) to prevent movement, and be sure to place your most delicate ornaments on top (this will ensure that they are safely unpacked first).

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2. Remove the Lights

When taking down string lights, start where you finished when putting up the lights, then work backwards. As you remove the lights, hold one end of the strand in your hand while wrapping it around your elbow, creating a large loop. Tie each looped light strand with a string, then place each in its own Ziploc bag and store together in a waterproof container.

3. Bag Up Your Tree

Believe it or not, this doesn't have to end with a living room covered in pine needles.  If you're a planner, buy a Christmas tree removal bag before you set up your tree. These disposable bags fashion around the tree stand and hide under your tree skirt during the holidays. Then, when you're ready to remove the tree, you simply pull it up and tie it off at the top, creating a convenient trap for the needles. Once it's bagged up, remove the tree from the stand and carry it out of your house.

However, if you don't remember to buy a bag or would prefer a DIY method, try this pro trick from Kevin Urrita, founder of NYC-based cleaning service Maid Sailors.  "What we do is take a big garbage bag and put it around the top of the Christmas tree, then tie the bottom of the bag around the base," he says. "This will collect the pine needles when you flip over the tree and start moving it."

In place of a bag, you can also use an old sheet to contain needles. First, place the sheet on the ground next to the tree. Then, siphon any water out of the tree stand with a turkey baster. Next, flip the entire tree, stand and all, sideways onto the sheet (trying to wrangle the tree out of the stand first will send needles flying). Once the tree is on the floor, tightly wrap the sheet around it, remove the stand, and carry it outside.

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4. Dispose Responsibly

Before putting your tree out with the trash, research local recycling options first. In most residential areas, your curbside recycling program will pick up your tree, but only for a week or two after Christmas. (If you need help disposing after this, you may need to call for pick-up services).  Once collected, these evergreens are "treecycled": Shredded and chipped into mulch, soil erosion barriers, and hiking trail material. However, be sure to remove the plastic bag or sheet first- these can't be processed along with the tree. If you are able to transport the tree yourself, check to see if your neighborhood has collection sites or events-you may even receive free mulch! For more information about recycling trees visit the National Christmas Tree Association or call 800-975-5920.

5. Sweep Up Needles

Don't run your vacuum over pine needles-the sappy little buggers can jam roller brushes and completely ruin some machines. Instead, use the hose or crevice attachment to suck up needles.

Or skip the vacuum and use a rubber broom. The tough bristles are well-suited for corralling pesky needles, and can even dig them out of carpeting.

For problem areas-think nubby upholstery and floorboard cracks-Urrita recommends using a large lint roller or duct tape to remove stubborn needles.

Taking Down the Christmas Tree


Everyone loves the Christmas tree—so long as it’s standing proudly upright and is already fully decorated. Sure, some people enjoy artfully stringing lights on the evergreen boughs and relish the opportunity to rediscover cherished ornaments that have languished in storage for so many months. But nobody likes taking down the Christmas tree. Fortunately, with a few simple tips, you can complete this dreaded annual task more efficiently and without major hassles.

Prepping the area
Start the process of taking down the Christmas tree by laying an old sheet (or a workshop drop cloth) at the evergreen’s base. If you’ve done this before, you know that needles are likely to fall as you work, so this step will save you some cleanup later on. Do you have a lot of fragile ornaments? Consider putting down some towels to keep them safe in case they fall while you’re removing decorations.

Taking down the ornaments
• Remove the ornaments at the bottom of the tree first. That way, you limit the likelihood that you’ll unintentionally knock any down with your body.

• To protect ornaments while they’re in storage, take the time to wrap them in tissue paper or used gift wrap.

• Liquor boxes with dividers are the perfect no-cost repository for off-season storage of ornaments.

• For small ornaments and other diminutive holiday accents, recycled egg cartons work well as storage containers.

• Once you have removed them from the tree, wrap string lights around cardboard paper towel rolls to keep them organized and untangled until next year.


Disposing of the tree
• Use a turkey baster to draw out any water that remains in the Christmas tree stand.

• Remove the tree skirt; if it’s covered with needles, shake them onto the sheet you’ve laid down.


• Spread the sheet to its full dimensions, laying the tree down horizontally over it. Take off the stand.

• Gather the sheet around the tree like a sling, then use it to carry the tree outside.

Next year, make disposal easier with a Christmas tree bag. Before putting up the tree, place the bag under the stand. After the holiday is over, just pull the bag up and over the tree and tie it off with twine. Then you carry the tree outside and remove it from the bag. Most stray needles will be caught in the bag.

In addition to leaving your tree curbside, most communities around the country have a Christmas tree recycling program in place where discarded Christmas trees are chipped into mulch for gardens (including yours) or shredded for use on paths and hiking trails.  In areas where soil erosion is an issue, discarded Christmas trees can be effective sand and soil barriers and help aid sedimentation management.  You can even put the tree in the backyard to become a bird feeder and sanctuary or, if you have a fish pond, submerge it where it can serve as an excellent refuge and feeding area for fish.

Where to begin?  The National Christmas Tree Association–together with Earth911. org, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based conservation group–offer a zip code locator to help you find a suitable treecycling solution near you. Check it out and start the New Year off right–and green!

Cleaning up
Pine needles are stubborn. They get stuck in carpeting, and some remain even after you vacuum. Here’s a trick: Sprinkle baking soda onto the area prior to vacuuming to help the needles slide out of the carpet fibers. Because pine needles are not good for a vacuum, use a broom and dustpan whenever possible.


Try to make taking down the Christmas tree a fun tradition. Put on a movie marathon while you work, or plan to celebrate completing the task with a special hot cocoa recipe or a delicious snack. You’ll have to wait another 11 months until next Christmas, so enjoy every last second of the season this year!


How to remove the Christmas tree from the apartment and not litter with dried needles | Recreation | New Year


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In order not to have to collect the "remains" of the Christmas tree throughout the home and not pick out the needles from the carpets, read this material. AiF-Ural will tell you what you need to do to reduce the amount of housework after the holidays.

If some of the needles did get on the carpet or carpet - do not panic. You may not have to pick them out for several hours at all, removing them one at a time from the pile. Try wrapping the palm of your hand with duct tape, sticky side out, and press it against the place where the debris from the New Year's tree fell off.

1. We use pruners. For the first method, you will need some newspapers, pruning shears or large scissors that can cut the branches of a Christmas tree, as well as thick garbage bags or potato bags. With all these auxiliary materials, you can easily get rid of the Christmas tree, while maintaining maximum cleanliness in the apartment. Step one - we will calculate the newspapers on the floor in several layers. Step two - we put a Christmas tree in the center of the paper platform and cut off branches from the trunk in turn. Step three - put the branches in garbage bags. As a result of this activity, you will only have to take out the bare trunk, bags with branches and newspapers to the garbage containers, in which you first need to wrap all the crumbled needles.

2. A sheet will save the day. If you don't have any secateurs or strong scissors at hand, but you have an extra large sheet that you don't mind throwing away, follow the second tip. We spread a sheet, or another unnecessary piece of fabric, on the floor, put a Christmas tree in its center, and then gently wrap it on all sides. By the way, a thick film will help you in this matter. If needles can still “leak” through the fabric, then they will not have such a chance through polyethylene. In order for the structure to retain its shape while you carry it to the garbage yard, it is better to fix the sheet on top with a rope, and the oilcloth with tape.

3. Whole package. Well, those who have placed a small forest beauty at home can get out of the situation in the simplest way - carefully place the Christmas tree in a large garbage bag entirely. Here it is necessary to follow only one thing - so that the branches do not tear the bag and all the contents do not spill out onto the floor or carpet.

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When and how to remove the Christmas tree to save your home from trouble

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People are divided into two camps: the first prefer to take out the Christmas tree closer to May, and the second throw away the holiday symbol along with tangerine peels and uneaten Olivier - in early January.

It turns out that you need to remove the Christmas tree, as well as put it up, according to all the rules. Otherwise, you risk bringing trouble to your house, being left without money and a prince on a white horse. And then don't say we didn't warn you.

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When should the tree be removed?

If you believe the church canons, then the tree should be removed on Epiphany Christmas Eve - January 18, , when the Christmas festivities come to an end and preparations for Lent begin. Also, the second ideal day for cleaning the Christmas tree can be the old New Year - January 14, .

Feng Shui says that you can say goodbye to the festive atmosphere, and with it, to the tree 12 February . It is unlikely that a living Christmas tree will live up to this date, but Chinese sages advise to refrain from artificial. The solution is simple: if you want to celebrate the New Year according to the lunar calendar and not miss the opportunity to make a wish again, then get a few fresh spruce branches, dress them up and put them away on February 12th.

Sometimes the Christmas tree itself "suggests" that it is high time to take it out of the house. For example, if the branches turn brown, then the New Year tree has absorbed the negative energy of the home and it is time to clean it up, despite the favorable dates.

Another sure sign that it's time for the tree to leave - decorations fall one after another from the tree, and you don't have any pets in your house. They say that in this way the brownie shows that they no longer have a place in the house: its further presence here will only lead to the accumulation of negativity.

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How to properly dispose of a Christmas tree?

The dates have been decided, but the festive tree must also be thrown away correctly. We simply fold and remove an artificial Christmas tree, but with a live one, everything is somewhat more complicated. You can’t just leave it in the trash, it will lead to lack of money. After all, the spruce has absorbed the energy of the house and the good mood of the owners, and now all these positive moments are in a landfill. Agree, not a very good development of events?

It would be better if you take the Christmas tree to a recycling center: this way the Christmas tree will get a second life, and you will get happiness and financial abundance for the whole year.

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