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How to Take Down a Christmas Tree

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Are you the friend or family member who’s jokingly known for leaving your Christmas tree up until spring? The taking down of trees and decorations has a reputation for being time-consuming. However, the task really isn’t that bad once you get started. Additionally, real trees will eventually begin to decompose or grow mold, and you don’t want that floating about your house.

Before you shout, “Bah humbug!” at the idea of this chore, learn how to take down a Christmas tree without reaching for a fifth glass of eggnog.

How to Take Down a Christmas Tree

The best method to take down your tree will depend on whether you’re working with an artificial model or have a real Christmas tree shedding needles in your family room throughout the season.
  • Taking down an artificial tree: Stop trying to cram this tree into the beat-up box it came in. Recycle that and invest in a tree storage bag to make your life a billion times easier. After you’ve removed all ornaments and lights, simply disassemble your tree in sections and gently lay it in the bag. Then cinch and zip, so you’re ready to pack away your tree until next year. Some artificial Christmas tree bags even have wheels, making your life just a little bit merrier.
  • Removing a live Christmas tree: The most annoying part of this process for most people is the Christmas tree shedding needles as they work. You can avoid a lot of this hassle by skipping the skirt and laying down a Christmas tree disposal bag instead. These collect all the fallen needles throughout the holidays. And, after Santa’s gone, you can take down your decorations, pull the bag over the tree and — voilà — it’s ready to be tossed out. Worried about the aesthetic? Some Christmas tree removal bags are holiday-themed, so that they’re both attractive and functional. Alternatively, you can still place your skirt over the bag.
Tempted to attack those fallen needles up with the vacuum cleaner? That can damage your appliance and send you straight to the naughty list. Sweep up needles first, then vacuum any remaining glitter, coal dust or other debris.

Tip: Many cities or HOAs have tree-disposal guidelines or set dates for live trees to be picked up and recycled. Make sure you look into this to avoid fines or trips to the dump.

Storing Christmas Lights

Does unpacking holiday lights conjure images of Chevy Chase with his beach ball-sized snarl of bulbs and cords in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation? Well, you’ll be pleased to know there are some easy fixes for this.
  • Zip ties and plastic bags: As you take down lights, wrap them in a loose circle. Once the strand has been removed, fasten the male and female ends. Secure strands with a bread tie or zip tie so that they don’t get tangled while they’re packed away. Wrap the lights in tissue paper or newspaper to prevent them from bumping and breaking. Then, place the lights in a plastic bag and set them in a storage container.
  • DIY cardboard spools: After unwrapping all those gifts, you’re bound to have some cardboard around. Take a piece and cut it into a spool. Wrap your strand of lights around the spool and then join the male and female ends to keep them from unraveling in storage. Tuck them snuggly in newspaper, kraft paper or something similar so that they don’t break, and they’re ready to be stored until next year.

Removing Christmas Decorations

Taking down holiday tree decorations can be a delicate matter, as many are breakable, homemade or even family heirlooms. There are numerous storage containers you can purchase for these items. A compartmentalized case with hard sides is definitely a good idea if you need to keep more fragile or sentimental decorations safe and sound while they’re not being used.

Remove ornaments individually, and take the time to gently wipe each with a microfiber cloth to get rid of any holiday dust. Next, wrap each bauble or turtle dove in tissue paper before you delicately place it in your storage container. When storing, make certain this box is placed in an area where heavy items will not be stacked on top of it, as this can cause your ornaments to break.

Pro tip: Keep that label maker handy when packing up your holiday décor. Labeling storage containers will lend itself to a more organized garage or attic. This, of course, will make it much easier to find your holiday necessities next year.

Now you’re armed with the secrets to quickly and efficiently pack away your holiday decorations. Don’t be the person who leaves the tree up all year. Ready for the bonus in your Christmas stocking? Knowing how to take down a Christmas tree, lights and ornaments the right way can make future unpacking and decorating much easier.

Need assistance cleaning up after Christmas? The helper elves at your local Merry Maids are happy to work their magic, so you can focus on getting back into the post-holiday swing of things.

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Christmas Tree Clean-Up: How to Tidily Take Down A Real Tree

Pro tips for skipping the mess this year.

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Credit: Courtesy of Balsam Hill

What goes up, as they say, must come down. And when it comes to Christmas trees, the "down" part can be plenty messy if you opt for a real evergreen.

1. Remove the Ornaments

The first step to breaking down a tree is removing the ornaments. As you remove them, carefully wrap each one in tissue or packing paper, and place them in your storage box. Fill any unused space in your box with extra packing paper (or discarded gift wrap) to prevent movement, and be sure to place your most delicate ornaments on top (this will ensure that they are safely unpacked first).


2. Remove the Lights

When taking down string lights, start where you finished when putting up the lights, then work backwards. As you remove the lights, hold one end of the strand in your hand while wrapping it around your elbow, creating a large loop. Tie each looped light strand with a string, then place each in its own Ziploc bag and store together in a waterproof container.

3. Bag Up Your Tree

Believe it or not, this doesn't have to end with a living room covered in pine needles.  If you're a planner, buy a Christmas tree removal bag before you set up your tree. These disposable bags fashion around the tree stand and hide under your tree skirt during the holidays. Then, when you're ready to remove the tree, you simply pull it up and tie it off at the top, creating a convenient trap for the needles. Once it's bagged up, remove the tree from the stand and carry it out of your house.

However, if you don't remember to buy a bag or would prefer a DIY method, try this pro trick from Kevin Urrita, founder of NYC-based cleaning service Maid Sailors. "What we do is take a big garbage bag and put it around the top of the Christmas tree, then tie the bottom of the bag around the base," he says. "This will collect the pine needles when you flip over the tree and start moving it."

In place of a bag, you can also use an old sheet to contain needles. First, place the sheet on the ground next to the tree. Then, siphon any water out of the tree stand with a turkey baster. Next, flip the entire tree, stand and all, sideways onto the sheet (trying to wrangle the tree out of the stand first will send needles flying). Once the tree is on the floor, tightly wrap the sheet around it, remove the stand, and carry it outside.

hose vacuuming fallen pine needles beneath christmas tree

Credit: Johner Images/Getty

4. Dispose Responsibly

Before putting your tree out with the trash, research local recycling options first. In most residential areas, your curbside recycling program will pick up your tree, but only for a week or two after Christmas. (If you need help disposing after this, you may need to call for pick-up services).  Once collected, these evergreens are "treecycled": Shredded and chipped into mulch, soil erosion barriers, and hiking trail material. However, be sure to remove the plastic bag or sheet first- these can't be processed along with the tree. If you are able to transport the tree yourself, check to see if your neighborhood has collection sites or events-you may even receive free mulch! For more information about recycling trees visit the National Christmas Tree Association or call 800-975-5920.

5. Sweep Up Needles

Don't run your vacuum over pine needles-the sappy little buggers can jam roller brushes and completely ruin some machines. Instead, use the hose or crevice attachment to suck up needles.

Or skip the vacuum and use a rubber broom. The tough bristles are well-suited for corralling pesky needles, and can even dig them out of carpeting.

For problem areas-think nubby upholstery and floorboard cracks-Urrita recommends using a large lint roller or duct tape to remove stubborn needles.

How to clean up the Christmas tree after the New Year: step-by-step instructions

Heading: Getting ready for the New Year holiday

A Christmas tree, decorated with love and in anticipation of the holiday, begins to please us, most often, long before the New Year.

But the holidays have passed, weekdays have begun, and it still stands, reminding of cheerful and happy days.

And there comes a moment when it is no longer possible to postpone - it's time to clean up the New Year's beauty.


  • 1 When is the best time to remove the Christmas tree
  • , Old New Year, Epiphany.

    Say goodbye to the Christmas tree immediately after the New Year? The hand will not rise to remove it the next day (or the next day): the continuation of the New Year holidays without a Christmas tree, without a symbol, is somehow difficult to imagine. There are so many more meetings, gifts that can appear under the Christmas tree, more holidays for children! Let it stand!

    Christmas (January 7) is celebrated according to the Russian tradition with relatives and friends at the festive table, and the Christmas tree is always present at this holiday as the main guest. Yes, and the holidays are not over yet, the children feel sorry for throwing away the Christmas tree! Let it stay!

    Old New Year (January 13)! Again, gifts, as is customary, under the Christmas tree, fortune-telling near the Christmas tree - without a Christmas tree in any way!

    Holidays and vacations are over, working days have begun, but Epiphany (January 19) is ahead. You can leave the Christmas tree until Epiphany, or you can remove it, because (according to popular belief) it is believed that everything related to Christmas must be removed from the house before Epiphany.

    What to do with Christmas decorations

    Let's prepare cardboard boxes, soft paper (newspapers), plastic cups and get started.

    1. Remove large toys first by wrapping paper around each toy or placing paper between them.

    2. Put small toys, beads, paper decorations on top, finishing with a toy from the top of the Christmas tree. Broken toy? Make a wish and throw away the pieces.

    3. You can put each toy in a plastic cup, and put the cups in layers in a box.

    4. Garlands are always mixed up - wrap them around any cylinder (from chips, coffee), and put small toys, tinsel in the cylinder.

    5. Small toys are well stored in plastic containers.

    6. Edible decorations do not need to be stored - they may deteriorate or get insects.

    Living Christmas tree

    We spread a film, sheet, fabric, put the Christmas tree on top and wrap it with a sheet, fabric, cling film, polyethylene - what is in the house - fasten it with a rope or twine and take it out.

    1. If the tree is very fluffy, you can cut the branches with secateurs or scissors. Place branches in trash bags.

    2. A small Christmas tree is easy to clean up - put it in a large garbage bag, put the same bag on top and wrap it with a rope.

    Shake loose needles into a waste bin and clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

    Removing loose needles

    Removing needles from laminate or linoleum is not difficult. It is also not difficult from a carpet or rug if you know how to do it.

    Before cleaning the Christmas tree, sprinkle baking soda on the carpet or carpet, then sweep it with a broom, and collect the remains of needles with a vacuum cleaner.
    Stuck needles can be removed with tape wrapped around your arm or a clothes roller.

    Storing the artificial Christmas tree

    1. If the Christmas tree cannot be dismantled, you need to carefully bend the branches to the trunk without kinks, secure them with string, wrap the Christmas tree with a film, preferably dark, so that no light gets in, and fasten it with twine from above again.

    2. If the Christmas tree is collapsible, then you need to disassemble it, wrap the branches with cling film (point the needles in one direction), put them in a box. The barrel is also wrapped in foil or packed in plastic bags.

    3. Keep the tree in a dark and dry place.

    Well, that's it: the holidays are over, the Christmas tree has been removed, the toys are neatly and lovingly packed and will be waiting for the next year to please us on the new New Year's beautiful Christmas tree!

    When to clean the Christmas tree after the New Year? What date can and should the Christmas tree be removed? How to remove the Christmas tree correctly according to customs and according to Feng Shui? Signs | Society


    1. When is it customary to remove the Christmas tree
    2. When to clean the Christmas tree according to Feng Shui
    3. Signs
    4. How to "undress" the Christmas tree?
    5. How easy it is to clean up a Christmas tree or a pine tree
    6. What to do with the green beauty
    7. Results
    8. Discussion

    In each family, the green beauty is removed based on their own preferences. Someone already on January 1, immediately after New Year's Eve, is trying to get rid of spruce, someone waits until the last and removes the tree as early as March.

    When is it customary to remove the Christmas tree

    Back in the old days, Russia had its own rules for cleaning the house after the New Year holidays. The people tried to put the house in order before Epiphany: remove the spruce and other attributes of the holiday, pack the toys.

    The church calendar was akin to guidelines for the proper conduct of family celebrations. Therefore, by mid-January, the Russians had already cleaned the green beauty, put things in order, getting rid of excess garbage and unnecessary things, and hid ritual symbols until next year.

    Those who celebrate the New Year according to Feng Shui follow the Chinese calendar, which means that in 2021 the spruce should please the owners of the house until February 13, when the Chinese New Year begins. Of course, a living smelling spruce will not live up to this time. Most likely, its thorns will begin to cover the floor in 1-2 weeks.

    In this case, it is customary to put a tall beautiful flower instead of a dismantled spruce, which has served its purpose, and lower a decorative ornament from the ceiling. This will help attract positive energy into the house, lure money luck, love and health.

    If initially the owners of the house had an artificial spruce, all problems with its drying out disappear by themselves, so you should not resort to any additional manipulations.

    When to clean the Christmas tree according to Feng Shui

    Oriental philosophy of Feng Shui has a different opinion. If you intend to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2022, you can leave the Christmas tree and with it the atmosphere of the holiday until February 12th.

    However, a living beauty is unlikely to last so long, and there is no point in buying a new one, and there will be nowhere to go. Therefore, consider celebrating the New Year according to the lunar calendar in the company of an artificial Christmas tree. Unless, of course, it is so important for you to follow the rules of Feng Shui.

    Connoisseurs advise after dismantling the spruce in the same sector to put a tall flower; additionally from above, attaching to the ceiling, lower some kind of interior decoration.

    This will compensate for the lack of spruce, and will also help keep the positive energy in the house.


    Sometimes you need to listen not to your own desires, but to the signs that the spruce itself “gives”, literally begging to be taken apart. For example, if the tree begins to darken, including the tips of the branches become saturated brown, then the green beauty should already be left alone. It's time to clean up even if the spruce trunk begins to dry out.

    Particularly superstitious owners believe that if you don't get rid of the New Year's symbol in time, you can accumulate a lot of negative energy in the house. After all, a living tree can absorb the energy and attitude of each guest.

    A sign that the spruce has absorbed too much negative energy is the fact that toys begin to fall from the tree. If there is no one in the room at that moment, and it's not a mischievous pet, falling things are an alarming sign.

    How to "undress" a Christmas tree?

    To attract money into the house, it is necessary to remove the toys from the New Year's tree correctly. So, first of all, it is necessary to remove the balls, tinsel and garlands, and only lastly the star. She is on a tree not only for beauty, but also, based on a sign, to illuminate everyone with light and attract financial prosperity to the house.

    When the Christmas tree is removed from the house after the New Year. Signs, superstitions, how to remove the Christmas tree in order to attract money into the house

    When you remove the Christmas tree decorations and pack the Christmas tree in a bag, you should take it out in compliance with certain rules. First, you can only do this in daylight. At this point, it is desirable that one of the neighbors is watching you. It should be carried out with visible effort and looking around. And when you throw it on the ground, you should say "fuh."

    How easy it is to clean a Christmas tree or a pine tree

    If there was an artificial spruce in the house, there are no problems with its cleaning.

    First remove the decorations and place them in the box. Place heavy toys on the bottom and light toys on top.

    Wind the electric garlands into bundles, avoiding creases. Otherwise, the decoration will not survive until next year. In addition, the risk of a short circuit increases.

    Pack tinsel and rain in vacuum bags so that they do not take up much space during storage.

    After that, you can proceed directly to spruce. If it is multi-level, it should be disassembled, then the branches of each tier should be pressed against the artificial trunk and carefully wound.

    After that, you can start the general cleaning with peace of mind. Everything is much more complicated if the eye was pleased with a live spruce or pine. Before removing toys and removing other decorations, you need to cover the floor under it at a distance of the entire radius (with newspapers or oilcloth). Thus, you can protect yourself from additional troubles, because now the dried needles will not fall on the bare floor.

    After that, you can start removing toys, tinsel and rain. Remove the spruce from the mount, then carefully wrap it in a large piece of unnecessary fabric and take it out into the street. Large trash bags can be used instead of cloth.

    If time and resources allow, you can cut fir branches to make it easier to remove the tree from the house.

    What to do with the green beauty

    Leaving the spruce in the garbage is not the only solution. Sometimes it happens that a tree can take root, so it is possible to give it to a nursery. In some areas of the country, it can be immediately planted in a small container until spring, in order to then be moved to its rightful place - in the ground.

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