How to replace cat tree rope

Sisal Rope for Cat Trees - Size, Attaching, And Replacing

If your cat tree is looking a little ratty, it might be time for a refresh. Sisal-wrapped cat trees are one of the most common types of trees because sisal rope is sturdy, long-lasting, and satisfying to cats looking to sharpen their claws.

But scratching trees don’t last forever. If your tree is still sturdy, but the rope is torn or frayed, you don’t need to buy a new tree. Replacing the sisal rope on your tree is a cheap and easy way to extend its life. This article will help you replace the sisal rope so your cat can continue scratching on their favorite post.

Tools Needed

Here are some of the tools you’ll need:

  • Sisal rope
  • Measuring tape
  • Glue (hot glue or wood glue)
  • Scissors
  • Knife or box cutter (optional)
  • Staple remover (optional)
  • Staple gun and staples (optional)

Sisal Rope Sizes

Sisal rope comes in several sizes, but most scratching trees use ¼ inch or ⅜ inch rope. Thicker ropes are likely to be bulky and difficult to work with. You can use thinner sisal rope if desired, but it will use more rope.

Image Credit: jhenning, Pixabay

How Much Sisal Rope Do I Need?

The best way to know how much rope you need is to measure. Use a flexible measuring tape to measure the circumference of your post, or use a string to find the length and then measure the string if you don’t have a flexible measuring tape. Then measure the height of your post.

If you are using ¼ inch rope, you will need two layers of rope for every inch of height, so your final rope amount will be: Circumference * Height (in inches) * 2

If you are using a ⅜ inch rope, you’ll need four layers for every inch and a half of height. Your final rope amount will be: Circumference * Height (in inches) * 2.67

Best Glue for Sisal Rope Trees

When you replace your sisal rope, you’ll need glue to hold it down. Hot glue is the most common type of glue used in scratching posts because it is non-toxic, sturdy, and can hold to rope, wood, cardboard, and other materials. When using hot glue, be careful as the glue can burn. It usually sets up within a few minutes. If you are worried about using hot glue, non-toxic wood glue is a good alternative. Wood glue doesn’t set up as quickly as hot glue, but it provides a very sturdy bond between the rope and the base.

Image Credit: Daga_Roszkowska, Pixabay

How to Replace Sisal Rope in 6 Steps

1. Remove the rope from your scratching post.

If your rope is already coming off in places, you may be able to pull it off by hand. If not, use scissors to cut through the rope and get you started. You may need to pull out staples near the top and bottom of the post.

2. Clean remaining glue and sisal from the scratching post.

Using your fingers or a knife/scissor blade, scrape as much glue as you can from the post. This will create a cleaner surface to apply new rope.

3. Use glue to firmly attach your cord to the base of the post.

You might want to use staples near the beginning of the cord to further strengthen it.

4. Work your way up the post with the cord and glue.

Apply hot glue in a straight line, with a thicker bead every few inches. Press the cord down over the glue and hold until set. Work your way up the post in a spiral.

5. When you reach the top of the post, cut off any remaining cord.

Tuck the end of the cord snugly into the post and secure it with extra glue or another staple.

6. If using wood glue, allow it to cure for 24 hours or so before use.

Hot glue cures in minutes and should be good to go.

Image Credit: notoneko, Pixabay

How Often to Replace Sisal Rope

How often you replace sisal rope depends on a lot of factors, especially how heavily your cat uses the post. Most sisal rope posts last between 6 months and 18 months before they need a refresh. You should always replace the rope if it is torn or hanging loose from the post. Loose loops of rope can be dangerous to cats and should be glued down or replaced.

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Featured Image Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

How to Re-Sisal a Cat Scratching Post

Learn how to re sisal a cat scratching post! This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #IAMSCat #CollectiveBias

Who has an old cat scratching post which needs the sisal rope replaced? We all have one, a warn out cat post that either needs to be fixed or tossed away.

As you know, they’re expensive and after a while, the sisal rope wears out and becomes far too frayed for the cat to use. Ours has been that way for a month or two, and Turbo has lost interest in it.

I think it’s because it’s so frayed his claws don’t have much to bite into anymore. It’s time to remove and replace the sisal on the cat scratching post!

Re-Sisal a Cat Scratch Post

If you’re new to my blog, Turbo is our cat. He’s a 5-year-old Munchkin cat we adopted about 3 years ago. In his previous life, he was a show kitty who won all kinds of different ribbons for strutting his stuff on the catwalk….that is where the term came from, right?

I don’t know – I have never been to a cat show, do they walk the cats around – like at a dog show? Hmm!

Nevertheless, cats don’t come much cooler than Turbo. He’s a polydactyl munchkin cat, which means he has extra toes and short legs.

He has a total of 22 toes and claws, and his little muscly arms are only a few inches long. He’s the typical rug hugging munchkin who loves to play and screech around the house as all cats do.

He’s also a mama’s boy, when he sits on mums lap and looks at you with those big Turbo eyes you can’t help but want to give him a treat!

Spoiling Your Cat with IAMS Treats

Munchkin cats are just like every other cat in the world, they love to be spoiled and our Turbo just happens to be a big lap cat who loves his belly rubbed.

He’s a very “good boy”, and he knows it. In turn, he gets spoiled with treats, almost daily! But, we also want him to be in good health, so we’re spoiling him with the new IAMS cat treats!

We like to give him the IAMS Hairball Care because it targets Turbo’s specific needs, and well — because who likes cleaning up hairballs? haha. Not me, as I’ve recently found out…

It’s kind of ironic that we’re talking about IAMS Hairball Care cat treats today on the blog.

We never thought about getting Turbo anything hairball related because he had never coughed up a hairball, at least since we got him. Well, last month he did.

We were not around when he hacked it up. We got home from dinner and I sat down on the couch, looked out the window and that’s when I saw it…Sitting right there on the window sill in front of Turbo’s cat perch.


I thought somehow a mouse got into the house and Turbo decided to chew it up and leave it mangled on the window sill… Nope, it would have had to have been a rat! It was huge! And gross!

It was his first hairball, in 3 years! Okay Turbo, time for some IAMS Hairball Care food and treats!

Some cats have extra great digestive systems that take care of the hairballs, some don’t, and apparently some store it up for years and hack it out while you’re gone so it looks like a mangled rat on your window sill when you come home. Crikey!

Either way, IAMS Hairball Care treats it is! And because he’s been extra good this winter, we’re going to give the IAMS Proactive Healthy Weight & Hairball Care Dry Cat Food a try, too.

The new reformulation allows us to customize his nutrition with treats, wet, and dry cat food too. Judging from his reaction to the bag, I think he may like it already, or maybe he thinks the IAMS kitty is his friend?


I’ll spare you photos of the hairball. I’m kidding, I did not take photos of it!

Let’s move on to re-roping the cat scratch post, yes?

Stop by Walmart, grab some sisal rope for your project, and of course, some IAMS cat treats to spoil your furbaby; be on the lookout for the IAMSâ„¢ Mega Bag cat treats!

Re-Rope a Cat Scratching Post

We’ll begin with our old, frayed cat scratch post.

You know, these things are expensive! I know we paid quite a bit for ours, I think it was somewhere just south of $100.

It’s a 30″ scratch post and it’s held up very well, considering how much Turbo loves to use it.

Here’s a picture of it the first day we got it — and yep that’s Turbo, instantly digging his claws into it! 🙂

And here it is now. As you can see, the entire center section where the cat claws worked their magic is where it is in desperate need of attention.

We can re-rope the entire thing just as well.

Figure out how much sisal rope you’ll need to replace. Simply measure the height of the post, measure the width of the rope (probably 3/8″), and measure around the post once.

How to Measure Sisal for Cat Post

Take the height (ours is 30″) divided by the width of the rope (3/8th inches or .375 inches), which equals 80. This means our rope wraps around the post roughly 80 times. Measure around the post, ours is 12″. So, 80 multiplied by the circumference of the post (12 inches) equals 960 inches, or 80 feet. This works out great mathematically for us, since our scratch post is 12 inches (1 foot) in circumference. It may not be so neat for your if your post is a different size, but the math is the same.

  • 30″ divided by .375″ = 80″
  • 80″ multiplied by 12″ = 960″ or 80 feet

A 100 foot roll of 3/8th inch sisal rope will work great for our cat scratching post.

Begin by removing the sisal rope from the cat tree.

Use scissors or a utility blade to get one row of rope clipped. From there you should be able to unwind the rope.

The rope for most quality scratching posts will not be glued on, they’ll only be tightly strung, which is how we’re going to string ours too.

Pro Tip: Remove any staples or fasteners with needle-nose pliers.

Once you’ve unwound the rope from the scratching post, you may have to remove some staples or small brads, maybe a bit of glue where the rope began or ended. Once the post is clear we’ll get our sisal rope ready.

Pro Tip: Keep the vacuum handy! Sisal is quite messy when it’s all frayed up from the cats. If you have sensitivities, you may also want to wear a dust mask.

At one end of the sisal, wrap a little bit of tape, about 1 to 2 inches high around the rope.

This will prevent any fraying from the starting point and help us secure the beginning point of the rope to the post. I used a 1.25″ screw, going through the tape to secure the beginning point to the base.

On your first wrap around the post, you can wrap over the screw so you’ll never see it.

Secure the sisal to the lowest point on the scratch post. Depending on the post material, you could secure it with a screw, staples, or a combination of fasteners and glue.

Once your rope is secured near the base of the cat scratcher, wrap it very tightly around the post. You can add a dab of glue every few rows if you find it necessary. But it really won’t be of much help once your cat begins scratching at it.

So, it’s important to wrap the sisal very tight around the post. You’ll also want to use your hands, standing above the cat scratcher, and press down to help tighten downward against the previous row of rope.

Tight around and tight down – both are key to a successful re-rope of your sisal rope cat scratcher.

Note: I have my cat scratcher on the table for pictures, but I moved it to the ground to get a better angle to tighten the rope.

Really press downward every couple of rows to tighten the rope as much as possible.

When you get to the top, secure the sisal just as you did with the bottom, a screw, staples or a combination of fasteners and glue. It all depends on the materials you’re working with.

Pro Tip: If you’re working with cardboard, insert a small block of wood inside the cardboard tube, carefully screw through the rope, into the tube, and secure it to the wood block.

All said and done, removing and replacing the sisal on our cat scratching post only took about 20-30 minutes time.

I would rate this as an easy DIY project. Look at Turbo just sitting in his cat perch catching some rays. See, I told you he was a good boy!

I hope now instead of tossing your scratch post, you’ll consider replacing the sisal on yours (it’s only a few bucks) and keeps your furball happy for many years to come!

Having a good cat post in the house is essential to helping Turbo stay happy and healthy.

He needs the post not only to scratch, but also to stretch his little legs and puffy chest. Aside from his newly roped cat scratch post, he’s loving his new IAMSâ„¢ cat treats!

How do you treat your cat?

25 brilliant life hacks for cat lovers

A cat in the house is not entertainment or salvation from loneliness, often it is a full member of the family.
And I want him to be absolutely happy.
For those who dream of making their pet's life a little better, we publish 25 interesting tips.



Wrap the legs of a coffee table
with a thin rope - you get an impromptu scratching post.


Stack several of these tables on top of each other to create a bookcase for your cat to rest.
Food and toys can also be stored here.

Misscaturday. com/

You will need:

  • 4 LACK tables from IKEA.
  • 12 angle brackets + screws to fix them.
  • Thin rope to wrap the legs.
  • 1 of the IKEA bath mats: this will serve as a sleeping place for the cat.
  • 1 screwdriver.


  1. Fix the tables one on top of the other using the angle brackets. try fasten them stronger: the design must be stable.
  2. When fastening, turn the bottom table top down - so the structure will be strong stand on the floor.
  3. Wrap the legs with twine (how many legs is not important, do as you (or your cat) likes it better). Secure the rope with nails or glue, or you can just tie a few strong knots.
  4. To equip a cat with a place to sleep, you can buy a soft and fluffy bath mat, cut it into two parts and put it on two floors.


Add a few green tea leaves to the litter box: they will absorb the odor.



You can make a scoop out of a plastic bottle. It is convenient for them to clean up after the cat, and if necessary, it is easy to replace it.


Terrariums are a good way to protect your flowers from the cat, and the pet will not walk around the house with dirty paws. Terrariums are heavy, which means that the cat will not be able to throw them off, and even if he can, they are strong enough and will not break.


Or place pine cones around potted plants: it is uncomfortable for the cat to walk on them, and he will stay away from the flowers.

Nuno De Sa Teixeira/


To prevent your cat from chewing on the wires, put them in corrugated pipes, which can be purchased
at the hardware store.



Buy an all-purpose stain and odor remover at the pet store - otherwise it is very difficult to get rid of them.

Thomas Jarrand/


Build a high seat on the windowsill so that the cat can see through the window everything that happens outside.

Alekuwka/Depositphotos. com


Or use an old ladder as a ramp for the cat to climb.



Buy a toilet paper holder so your cat can't unroll it. Here, for example, is an interesting option from eBay.


Make your own flea repellent.



  • Clean spray bottle.
  • 2 glasses of water.
  • 2 tablespoons witch hazel tincture.
  • 1 large lemon, cut into wedges.
  • A handful of fresh twigs or a tablespoon of dried lavender.
  • Saucepan.


  1. Combine all ingredients except witch hazel in a saucepan.
  2. Keep on low heat for 30 minutes, let cool. The water should turn lavender in color and smell like citrus.
  3. After cooling, strain the liquid through a colander, discard the lemon and lavender.
  4. Add witch hazel to the resulting decoction and pour everything into a bottle. You can also put another 1-2 sprigs of lavender there. You can store the mixture in the refrigerator, and use it once a week.
  5. It is necessary to carefully sprinkle the decoction on the cat, stroking and sorting out the coat. Let's face it, cats are not happy with this, but no fleas after walking.

Jessica Wilson/


And your own anti-cat product - to scare away the cat when he sharpens his claws on furniture or tries to jump on a closet.

Bossfight. co


  • Clean spray bottle.
  • Some liquid soap.
  • Lemon oil.
  • Eucalyptus oil.
  • Water.


  1. Fill the bottle three-quarters full with water, add a few drops of liquid soap (preferably clear, so as not to leave color marks on the furniture).
  2. Then add 10 drops each of lemon and eucalyptus oils and shake well to mix well.
  3. Spray a place where you do not want to see your cat, and he will not want to appear there.


Make your own cat toys. Let your imagination run wild and use plastic eggs
from under “k ender ov”, threads, sticks, feathers, ribbons.

Kate Pruitt/



Set up a play area for your cat at home.
And don't forget: cats love boxes.



Make a fun and inexpensive toy for your cat using just a cardboard box and a ball.

Kevin O'Mara/


  • Cardboard box. The dimensions depend on the toy you are going to put inside. A long and almost flat box with a height sufficient for the toy, for example, a ball could freely roll inside.
  • Piece of cardboard. We will make a cardboard partition inside to divide the box into two parts.
  • Ruler.
  • Pencil.
  • Glue. Of course, superglue is better, but, in principle, any other will do.
  • Stationery knife.

1. Draw a line down the middle of the box, and then draw more several perpendicular to it every 10 cm (as in the photo below). Along these lines we will make holes.

2. Draw holes along the lines - circles arranged in a checkerboard pattern. But be careful with circles in the center, do not forget that there will be a partition in the middle.

3. Using cut out the circles you have drawn with a utility knife. It should turn out like this:

4. Now you need to make a partition. To do this, measure the height and the width of the box and cut out the corresponding wall from a piece of cardboard. If the cardboard is not enough durable, take several identical strips and glue them together.

5. Draw circle and cut another hole in the box through which you will push the toy inside.


Learn more about feline body language and you will always understand what your pet is trying to tell you.

romana klee/

Cat lying on side or stomach, breathing slow or normal. Legs are freely extended. The tail either just lies, or a little twisted.

Tail tip slightly trembles. Ears twitch. Looks intently and licks his lips. With a small excitement can hastily lick the paw.

presses the tail to the body, and if it is standing, it can sharply swing it up and down. Pupils wide, ears upright. The mustache is directed forward.

Cats can demonstrate two emotions at the same time: fear and aggression. The pupils are dilated. The cat grumbles softly, and tail makes rotational movements. The ears are tense, pressed to the head.


If you need to bathe your cat, do it in the sink, not the tub. So it's easier to lather. In addition, the close proximity of the owner will help calm down a cat who does not like to wash.

Kylir Horton/


If your cat's hair is matted, grow catnip at home: it has restorative properties.

Diana Parkhouse/


If you can't stop your cat from climbing into a closet, leave one shelf empty and let it rest there.

Lucas B/


Hide the litter box in a drawer or box.



Spend a few minutes in the morning or evening brushing a lot less cat fur on your furniture -

dadooda/Depositphotos. com


Walking your rubber-gloved hands over sofas and other furniture is the fastest way to remove hair.

Richard Hopkins/


If you also have a dog, hang a higher shelf with a cat bowl so that the cat can easily climb up there and the dog will not interfere with her eating.



And remember: if the cat blinks slowly when looking at you, it means that he loves you.

Henry Riley/

Interesting topics:

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Editor - Alina Mashkovtseva.

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My name is Murmurket Avatar Korra. I am a silver beauty of the Maine Coon breed, I am already three years old. We used to live with mom Ira and dad Sasha and their daughter Vika. We are my mommy Dusya, brother Aang and me, Korra (we were named after cartoon characters). Then Ira and Sasha had a son, I really liked to lie in bed with him and hide in his stroller. It smelled so good in there! And I climbed right up to the ceiling along the rope pipe that Papa Sasha made, and sat under the ceiling on a shelf. And then my brother and mother Dusya were taken to new homes, and I was left alone for a while. Soon they brought me a girlfriend - a white cat, Joe. Joe pestered me, didn't let me calmly poke my head out the window. Sometimes we acted hooligans together, weeded dill in a pot, rolled in the ground, it was fun. Then they took me to an exhibition for medals. I received a medal, but I really didn’t like it at the exhibition - they pulled me by the paws to show how big I am, my teeth looked (and I’m not a horse, I’m a kun!), And one cat told me - pretend that you are sick , and you will no longer be taken to the exhibition. I got bored, I felt sick, I became sad. And they found a new family for me, and my new mother's name is also Ira and also Litvinova! She sometimes says - oh, this is Santa Barbara! I don’t know who this Barbara is, but I often hear about her when my mother talks about me. I am the only cat here, and a small dog lives with us, according to his passport he is Boss Consulate Daniel, but everyone just calls him Danyusha. Before that, he lived with another cat for many years, his mother says - he is a cat Yorkie! I sometimes sniff him - he's some kind of cat-dog. Mom says that he is fourteen years old, soon to be fifteen. I tried to bend the claws on my paws, but lost count. Math is not my forte!

One aunt comes to us, she smells like other cats, and mother Ira calls her “daughter”. As if I don’t know that the daughters are small, like Vika, and this one is almost the same as mom. It's not clear, I'll have to think about it! And she keeps squeezing me all the time, pestering me like she doesn't have enough of her own cats!

In the new house, I was offered a soft carpet house Fluff called Brunetka, it is very pleasant to wallow on it, and it is very pleasant to sink your claws into it and imagine that I have caught a mouse or a bird! And such bumpers are comfortable so that I don’t fall off. And there is also a basket - it is not stuffy in it, no one sees me, and I am in the house! Even though I am a blonde, I really like Brunet's house! Only the house smelled a bit of other cats - a small one and a big one.

And then my wonderful house was sent to the dacha (this is a house with two floors, a long staircase that you can quickly run up and down, a lot of birds outside the window and beautiful fat flies in the attic, and I am the lord of the flies!). First, my house was taken apart, I desperately defended each part and sat on it until the last minute. I missed the house, looked for it all over the apartment, and was very happy when it was found in the country. People have nothing to do - for some reason they took it apart, then put it back together again. They are generally very strange, doing some senseless things. Sometimes they put me in a carrier, my mother and I get into the car, sit there, my mother talks to me, sometimes we even sit for two hours, and then we go out and go to the dacha. Why were they sitting in the car?

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My hostess takes her duties very seriously. I saw how she studies a lot of sites, choosing the most worthy for me. And she guessed. Guessed everything 100%. "Basik +" was presented to me in September. For the season of merciless exploitation, it is as good as new. Nothing was broken or torn anywhere. This complex, I am sure, will serve me for a long time and will make my well-fed trotting life more fun.

Thanks to Pushka for the wonderful, magnificent and very practical "Basik +".
And now I will murmur poems to you))

I climb the closet quickly, like an arrow
And I look royally at everyone from the balcony.
One jump - and to hell with the table
A large bouquet of peonies flies to the floor.

Is it a puddle on the floor?
Take it higher - this is the sea with fish.
Now I'll catch her, bring her -
The hostess will meet you with a joyful smile!

Yes, are these curtains? - nonsense!
On them I will reach the peak of Everest,
I'm flying into a pot of flowers and water
It will now mix with the ground like dough.

One more jump, getting ready for war!
The sideboard crackles, I'm flying, but it doesn't hurt me
I'm climbing up the wall to the chandelier
The hostess will be happy and satisfied.

Until Fluff made for me
Couch, house, playground
I had fun at home anyhow,
Causing damage like three horses.

A couple more photos))) after all, it’s absolutely impossible to resist))
Is he really cool?)

With the cat house "Basik Plus"
I'm not afraid of repairs.
I'm contentedly purring,
I'll sharpen my claws.

It's great for me to ride here,
And of course, it's sweet to sleep ...

now everything)) Mrrr)
With love, Lynx :) 1.5

Perseus 3 photos

Salut, Fluff and other cats!!! It's definitely not possible without me!

Let me introduce myself to the Don Sphinx - Perseus. Mom affectionately calls me Peach, and sometimes Perseo - in the Italian manner, but more often she calls me Mouse . .. why, I don’t understand, because they are small and scary mice, and I, I’m handsome. My mother, that ... little thing ... is constantly working, studying ... and catching her to explain something, this is a whole military operation. So this time, I explained to her for a whole month that I need space for creativity, for jumping and flying, that our two-room apartment is too simple for me, I want something ... special. And you won't believe it, two months ago some completely unknown person brought MY TREASURE!! This incredible sports-sleeping-entertainment complex. Mom said that it was made specially and only for me, and delivered to us in Kamchatka. Especially for me, it's good that my uniqueness and importance did not go unnoticed by her!!. This complex, it's fantastic...... I swear to you, I can jump and jump on it all day long. From the very top tier, my whole territory is perfectly visible.... I see: what my mother does when she comes home, what the birds do outside my window, when the neighbor Sharik goes for a walk. .. absolutely everything. When it gets boring to watch, with just one jump I find myself in a hammock and, having settled there comfortably, sleep for a couple of hours. When I wake up, I open my left eye and stretch out my paws to stretch after sleep ..... you want your paws up, you want down .... an option for any mood, and, by the way, it is very changeable for me .... At hours, when I get tired of my mother sitting and constantly tapping her fingers on some kind of gray rectangle, I .... (of course, on purpose) become a hermit - I turn around and proudly leave hiding in a house prudently made in the lower part of my complex. A great place to comfortably wait until my mother realizes that she can’t do without me. By the way, my mother does not always bring the things I need to the house... but this time, she has surpassed herself.... I think that she understands this, especially when she sees my contented face looking at her from my high-rise toys..... And yes, it seems to me, my mother said that my complex was made on the basis of some kind of "Boboshka" and "Garoshik".

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