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istmas tree ornamnetsSeven years ago, I purchase a beautiful 9′, Vienna Pine. You know, the kind with the pre-lit Christmas tree lights? Well, it was wonderful for the first five years. Then, a few years ago the lights began to gradually twinkle out. So, last year after putting the thing together, wouldn’t you know it! Several rows wouldn’t light up.

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So, after spending hours trying to find and replace the burnt out bulbs, and after checking all the fuses, I was about to give up. Then, I decided to try one of those light repair guns*. Luckily, that got me through the Christmas season, but it was still a struggle. With me having to constantly get the gun out and click multiple lights every day, only to have to do it all over again the next day, I decided no more. The lights had to be replaced.

Pre-lit Christmas Tree Lights Repair/Replace…

When I unpacked the tree this year, I knew that I had a project ahead of me. My tree was still in very good shape, but the 1300 plus lights were shot. I guess I could have just bought a new pre-lit tree, but mine cost a pretty penny. Even with replacing the old lights with all LEDs, I would still be spending less than half the cost to replace the tree. Plus, LEDs will be perfect for when I get around to flocking my tree, and eventually, I will.

So, LED lights it is! I looked long and hard before deciding on a GE brand in soft white. Of course, a LEDs soft light is nowhere near as soft as the old incandescent bulbs. But, at least they do not have that bluish tint that the regular LEDs have. I bought my lights at Lowe’s, but if you can’t find those, Amazon sells these warm LED lights*.

I have also noticed that Walmart has some GE lights* available on their website. To be precise, the lights that I used were the GE warm white in the green packaging.  However, regardless of the brand that you choose, the most important is to be consistent.

If you need five strands, make sure all five are the same brand, style, and color temp. Otherwise, your tree will look funky. Also, if your tree comes in sections like mine, you will likely need a brand that comes in both 100 lights and 50 or 150 lights per strand. You’ll see why when you look at how I determined my light distribution in step 2.


Where to begin? Oh, yeah. First, let’s lay out all the sections of the tree. (Mine has five sections).

Now, remove all of the old lights. Since I felt that mine were pretty much useless, I am using wire snips to cut through the jumble of crisscrossed wires that make up my trees old lighting system. Be prepared to spend an entire afternoon just taking all the old lights off. It’s not hard, just a bit tedious.


Then, to determine how many lights that I was going to need, I decided on about 5-6 bulbs would be dispersed on the top sections of each branch. So, I counted the branches (the very top doesn’t have individual branches. So, I just allotted 40 bulbs).

The bottom of the top section had 12 branches. That makes 12 x 5 = 30 + 40 more for the top tips. In other words, the top section gets a strand of 100. From there, I increased the bulbs per branch as I moved down the sections. (as the branches get longer, it will take more lights). This is how I worked out the lights on my tree. (click any image to enlarge).

To make things easier, I used the tree stand to hold each individual section as I wrapped the lights. On most sections, the lights needed to go from the interior towards the tip. Then, back along the length and cross over to the next branch. However, on a few sections, the branches were staggered. So, it made more sense to jump from branch to branch, in an up-and-down direction.

Try to make it so that male and female ends will connect at the interior of the tree. If that is not possible, use an orange colored zip-tie to mark the location of the plugs. You will be glad that you did next year when you have forgotten where you ended each strand.

When starting each section make sure that you begin with the female end on the top branches of the section and keep the male end on the bottom branches of the sections. That way you will finish with the plug (male) at the bottom of the tree. Doing this makes it easy to connect your 1st stand to an outlet and leaves a female hook-up at the top of each section.

Tip – to help keep things in place, use zip ties. You especially will want to zip tie the light connections that are made within a section. (i.e. anyplace where you plug the next strand into the previous one). That way the connections that are made within a section are easier to locate should they come unplugged in later years.


As you work your way along the branches, separate the needles so that the wires can be wrapped right up against the metal branch. This will help to hide the wires. Then when you reach the outer tips, just intertwine the lights loosely and to your liking. This will also be beneficial if you ever decide to flock your tree.

Reverse the process and go back down the length of the branch before crossing over to the next branch. (FYI – a few strategically placed band-aids will protect your fingers from becoming cut and raw.) :-) Make sure you leave enough slack at the end of each strand to reach the plug on the next tree section.

Continue stringing the lights, one tree section at a time. Once you finish with one section, set it aside and start on the next section, using the allocated strand length.


Assemble the tree sections and plug in each male to the corresponding female jack. I ended up using exactly 1000 lights to get this result. However, the number of lights will depend on your tree size and your personal taste.

When you disassemble your tree this year, just unplug the strands between each section. (The same way that you did with the old lights). Good luck!

UPDATE: Three years later and my lights are still working perfectly. You can check it out on my 2018 Southern Home Christmas Tour. You will also notice that I have flocked my tree, as well. I just did that this year, and will post those instructions next week.

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Pre-Lit Christmas Trees Can Suck It

Don't look too close, there are some dead bulb in there.


Who has a pre-lit Christmas tree?  Who invented this instrument of supposedly cheerful holiday torture?  I know the idea sounds good, but in practice, I am not so sure.  Now, before anyone gets upset, I am not saying that ALL pre-lit trees are bad.  Just the ones that suck monkey balls like the one I happen to have.

We have a 9 ft pre-lit Christmas tree with about 3,000 light bulbs on it.  Ours is huge, massive, and heavy as hell, with more wires and lights than an airport runway in a major city.   It's a nice looking tree.  It was VERY nice to have a huge tree that we didn't have to string lights on.  You plug in all the strands, turn them all on and enjoy your Christmas.  Yeah, that happened only the FIRST year we owned that tree.  Ever since that honeymoon Christmas, it has never been the same around here.  Nope, now it is an annoying, tedious, and mind numbing battle in search of the dreaded dead bulb.  Our tree is seven years old now and once one bulb goes out, the entire strand goes out.  So, you need to find the dead bulb.  With over 3,000 light bulbs on a tree, that is a lot to go through.  

If you love Christmas lights and your sanity, you MUST OWN THIS!!!

Yes, there are tools to help, in fact I have to give a HUGE thumbs up to the makers of LIGHT KEEPER PRO.  Never heard of the magical, super duper, ass kicking, most awesome device ever??  It's a life changer.   Truly.  It was probably invented by Christmas nerds, to save the common man hours of Christmas misery.  What this time saving device does is it basically lights up your strand and shows you where you have a dead bulb.  It really works.  The first time I used it, I thought it was magic.  So simple, so incredible, it was like hitting the lottery.  No more following the string to find the burned out bulb.  The Light Keeper Pro lights up the entire strand showing you where the dead bulb is.  Awesome.  Just one thing, sometimes the strands are so messed up that it will not light up, but most of the time it will work and let you fix the strand.  When I get my "gun" out I feel like Clark Griswold on steroids.  Give me a partially burned out strand of lights and I'll fix it for you - no problem! 

 Now that I have the power of this gadget, you would think it would take no time to get the tree back to its former glowing glory days.  WRONG.  I got most of the lights on the tree to come up, but had to hunt down each individual burned out bulb.   It was easier to find them with my gun, but in a tree of 3,000 lights, it was still a good game of "find that damn fried bulb".  Gomer was helping me and thought this was the start of a GREAT Christmas tradition.  Yeah, I guess it was kinda fun - for the first 30 minutes.  After three and a half hours of finding the bulbs and replacing each one, it wasn't so much fun anymore.  Gomer, of course, abandoned me after about 20 minutes into our new "tradition".  He was tired and bored.  That kid would never make it in a sweat shop. 

The other thing that sucked about my job was that each dead bulb had to be identified, then pulled out from the wiring, removed from the socket and another bulb had to be threaded into the socket.  My God, I'm just exhausted writing all that - imagine trying to actually DO it over 150 times.  Now I understand why those Foxcomm people in China jump off the roofs.   

This job sucks balls.

I will admit, some of this pain and time was partly my fault because I'm such a cheap bastard and a bit of a masochist.  You can buy 10 replacement bulbs alone without the socket base for a buck.  BUT, if you buy a strand of 100 lights for $3, you get 100 bulbs for $3.  Yeah, you have to pull all the lights off of the strand and remove them from the socket bases, but that's just time and energy - and I've got nothing but time and energy.

I'm all about saving money, I have even taken old strands that barely work and pulled the light bulbs out of those.  Anything to save a buck.  Now, on an hourly basis with the time involved, I am sure I was working for pennies an hour.  But I saved those pennies.  

So, after over four hours of "hunting and replacing", the tree finally went up, with most of the lights coming on.  Looked pretty good too, if I do say so myself.  I told my wife we should think about buying a NEW tree with LED lights.  I have looked, and they are about $600 for the size of tree we have.   So, guess what?  I think Gomer and I have a great new Christmas tradition next year of "hunting and replacing bulbs" - quality time together.  Priceless.  I even got an extra gun today so Gomer can have his own next year.

Jen's Note:  I was more than willing to take new strands of three dollar lights and wrap the damn tree in them, but oh no, the Hubs got all OAM on my ass and spent an entire day hunting and pecking to make the tree "perfect."  I don't know if I should punch him or love him for all his effort.

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Getting ready for the New Year

Home » Various recipes » Getting ready for the New Year

How to prepare for the New Year without haste?

We will now reveal an unpleasant secret to you. New Year is celebrated exactly 10 seconds. Imagine, a birthday lasts a day, we celebrate the First of May for two days, even March 8 stretches for three whole days - from congratulations at work to celebrating with the whole family. And such an important day, when everything in life begins all over again, or a chance is given to start everything - everything is like the first time - moments fly by.

This holiday lasts exactly 10 seconds, according to the countdown clock. Unfair, agree. Is it possible in these exciting 10 seconds to remember everything, think, complete and forgive those who are angry. Maybe that's why nothing in life converges. Meeting wrong?

This year will be special. Our year is with you. We will meet him properly. Let's make a New Year's to-do list. Let's prepare in advance and do everything.

December 1st. Advent calendar

We start, as it should be with the plan. And we will start preparing right today - December 1. We are confident that we will succeed. We unfold a sheet of paper and draw our advent calendar. There will be simple deeds in it, and magical deeds. Every day is a continuous holiday or preparation for it. This is our month, fabulously - mysteriously - magical. Let's finish the old and make a new one. We started.

2 December. Putting New Year wallpapers

New Year doesn't just start like that. How does life work out? Waiting, waiting for your birthday. Get ready, get excited. Flies by in seconds. This year we start to worry today. And therefore, already on December 2, a New Year's picture is on the monitor of a computer, tablet or phone. Congratulations!!! For us, the holiday has begun.

December 3rd. New Year's Reading Day

Of course, films are great. But we will begin, as in the good old days, to prepare for the New Year with a New Year's book in our hands. About the Snow Maiden, snowmen, Santa Claus and magic. What could be more New Year's Eve than the whole family under one blanket, reading fairy tales.

December 4th. Writing a letter to Santa Claus

Of course, the little one is writing. Writes correctly. We will now teach them how to do it.

As adults write to their bosses, "Please give me a bonus. " So we compose what we want to receive from Santa Claus: Santa Claus. I ask you to give me ...

In order for all this to come true, let me tell you an important secret. The letter must be signed by the parents. In their adult world, this is called a resolution.

So, your letter should have a resolution from mom or dad like this:

“Santa Claus. Sasha was unusually obedient and intelligent. Please send me a gift."

And watch out, these adults forget everything, especially when it comes to gifts. Parents must sign the letter. Now in an envelope. On the envelope we write like this:

Santa Claus, Veliky Ustyug, Vologda region, Russia, 162390.

If something doesn’t go well with your behavior or smart thoughts and your parents don’t really want to write a resolution, promise to finish it . There is time. And prove to your mom that you can handle it. She is sure to believe.

December 5th. Fireworks Day

Pyrotechnics still have to be bought for the New Year. It does not deteriorate, does not disappear. Today we will buy it. To make it more festive right now, we’ll still light one sparkler. Let's check. Very well, he really suits our wallpaper on the desktop on the topic. Yes, and to make sure that it burns correctly, it will not hurt. So with the fifth pre-holiday day and a rehearsal of salute to you!

December 6th. Welcoming winter

The New Year will definitely not begin until winter begins. And it starts with skating rinks and skates. You can ski, you can sled. The main thing is to take it all on your shoulders and into the yard. We welcome winter. Snow, frost - everything is to help today.

December 7th. New Year's Movie Day

I won't even write anything. You don't have time to read. There are so many films. We remember and look. And here are the lists of films: Russian and foreign.

December 8th. Buying gifts

Of course, there is still a lot of time to buy a holiday. But, it has been noticed, nothing approaches the holiday like a well-thought-out and bought gift. Therefore, today we drop all the things, important and not very important, and run to the store. No one has bought gifts yet, they are still lying on store shelves and waiting. Gifts, we are coming to you!

December 9th. cartoon children's day

What holiday would it be without a cartoon Snowman, a magic sleigh with Santa Claus, a Snow Maiden, a cheeky New Year's hare? There are many old cartoons, there are wonderful new funny coloring books. We remember, we argue, we choose. We stock up on New Year's tangerines and look, closely clinging shoulder to shoulder. And here is the list of cartoons.

December 10th. Holiday of New Year's toys

There are legends that the more new toys you place on the Christmas tree, the more New Year's wishes will come true. Today we do not skimp, we buy not just toys, but the fulfillment of desires. You can add several garlands of light bulbs, snowflakes, New Year's tinsel. Everything will come in handy.

December 11th. Day of Forgiveness

Let's remember who we offended during the year, did not understand, did not call or thank. Today is a magical day. And we finish all the imperfections. All forgiveness and words of gratitude are doubled. So go ahead. Do not drag the old into the New Year. The magic of the day before the holiday is that everything is easier to do today.

December 12th. We make a wreath on the door

The tradition is new, but good. There is a place where you can show your skills, show off in front of your neighbors. What is there. Now every day, inserting the key in the door, you will know that the holiday is coming soon.

December 13th. Choosing New Year's Music

Today is the time to listen to amazing New Year's and Christmas music. Most importantly, do not forget to put on ringtones. Let others also remember - the holiday is coming soon.

December 14th. Delicious time for New Year's baking

The most cozy and New Year's activity. The main thing is that the whole family cooks. Be sure to smear in flour not only hands and aprons, but also noses. This is a good omen. And here is the recipe for New Year's cookies and a gingerbread house.

December 15th. We sew costumes for girls and boys

What is a holiday without a good costume? We said this for the boys.

Let's clarify for girls: what kind of a festive princess can she be if she doesn't have an appropriate dress? Once upon a time, a magical fairy touched Cinderella and turned her into a princess. Do you remember how it ended? At midnight, the outfit disappeared. We will not trust the fairies with our dress.

Let's rummage through the barrel and make, for example, Elsa's dress. Or in the store we will look at another outfit. Even if today the dress has not yet been sewn or bought, it’s not scary. The main thing is to spin to beautiful music, as if you are a princess from a fairy tale. Moms, you are spinning too. Don't be lazy.

December 16th. Thinking of what to wish

Remember, only 10 seconds are given to make a wish? And we will prepare and today we will come up with a wish or a dream. Early? No, just right. But there is time to correct and rethink. Good dreams to you!

December 17th. Folklore New Year's Day is a lot of fun. From 1 to 31 December plus Christmas and Old New Year. And this means that we need New Year's songs, round dances, carols, sheds, sowing. It's time to teach them. It is not good on such days not to know special songs. It's time to learn them, and then walks with a bag for gifts - sing.

December 18th. Time for New Year crafts

Toys, crackers, crafts, decorations. All this today we get and try on at home. Be sure to finish something and prepare a new one. Do you think early? No. Tomorrow is Saint Nicholas Day. Repeat for parents. St. Nicolas day. Did you understand the hint? So, do not forget to hide this hint under the baby pillow.

December 19th. St. Nicholas Day

Happy Holidays to all, and Nikolaev especially. Today is a day of pure kindness. It is known for sure - you should not be offended by anyone. We look at the world through the eyes of a good grandfather and rejoice.

December 20th. Preparing New Year's greetings No holiday comes so unexpectedly as the New Year. Today we drop everything and write letters. On paper, on postcards, or in SMS - blanks. We remember, we save. Then before the New Year we will send everything. Let friends and acquaintances be pleased.

December 21st. Magic day of the magic word

Have you read a fairy tale about magic words? Do you think they only live in a fairy tale? No. And today we will be convinced of this. The whole day, from morning to evening, we say: thank you, please, be healthy, good morning. Who knows more words and said in a day - that's a prize. Hurray for the winner!

December 22nd. Let's go to the Christmas tree market

All things aside and behind the Christmas tree. Pine, Christmas tree, big, small, even behind a branch. But it's time to choose a Christmas tree. We won't dress up yet. Let him lie down for a bit, make friends with us.

December 23rd. Delicious Day

Or rather, the day of thinking over the table setting and the New Year's menu. What will we cook for the New Year? Do not know? Let's think about it today. We are developing a New Year's menu and decorations for the table. We write everything down on a piece of paper, make a list of products. Be sure to look for the most delicious recipes. If saliva flowed, then they did it.

December 24th. Choosing a magical dress

The kids are already dressed up. There was a serious moment: the choice of an adult dress for mom. You have to take full responsibility. There will be no new dress for the holiday - you can “fly” on this issue for a whole year. This is not a trifle. A good New Year's dress is the key to happy shopping for the whole year.

December 25th. We decorate the Christmas tree

It's time to show our already bought beauty from the forest to the people, get to know her and dress her up. Think it's too early? Yes, who is interested in our Christmas tree after the New Year. Only now they are looking at it. And what a preparation for the holiday, even if there is nowhere to sing a song about a Christmas tree from the forest. Do not forget to hide sweets among the toys. That's why he and the New Year, to eat sweets.

December 26th. Grandparents Day A wonderful time to wait for the holiday. We send the kids to grandparents. And they themselves visit, to the cinema, to the skating rink. Anywhere. By the way, the official name of today's holiday - Gift Day, is associated with the beginning of New Year's sales. Maybe they have already started in your city?

December 27th. New Year's party

We have a rest and celebrate the New Year. A real rehearsal of the holiday. Moms and dads rejoice at the beautiful view and a good verse from the child. And the kids begin to eat their first New Year's gifts. What to do, earn.

December 28th. Big winter walk

For a whole month we did something, cooked, dressed up. Everyone, today we walk. Around the apartment, around the city, with friends. Last day of doing nothing this year. The next ones will be full of events. The main thing is to do nothing fun today and remind others: “New Year is coming soon!”.

December 29th. New Year's corporate party Day of adult matinee. The scenario of a corporate party can be varied and colorful. But remember that the New Year still doesn't start today. There are still 2 days left before the holiday. No corporate party? Even lucky. Then you can take up another traditional New Year's Eve fun: cook aspic. What else is a holiday? On New Year's Eve they will say at least 5 times the traditional phrase: “What a disgusting thing is your aspic fish?!” The family will rejoice and think: “Our mother does not have a bad aspic.”

December 30th. Gift Wrapping Day

Of course, prudent people like us prepared and wrapped all the gifts. But a holiday is a holiday. And that's what it's called on the calendar. Already the air is trembling with anticipation of New Year's fireworks. Let's keep this spirit going. Today is truly World Gift Wrapping Day. To be in the subject, at least stick a snowflake somewhere with tape.

December 31st. Everything. Begins.

We are dressed and shod, with a new manicure and in a chic dress we celebrate the New Year. Final touches. A little more and the last ten-second countdown will start. No time to sit at the monitor. Happy New Year and happiness.

It can be as simple as a family. Special, with frills. It doesn't matter. The main thing is to guess it correctly on New Year's Eve.

We started celebrating the New Year on December 1 together and cheerfully. The whole New Year depended on this month. All items on the New Year's to-do list have been completed. All steps for the New Year 2020 have been completed. Remember, we have already come up with desires. Be sure to whisper them under the chiming clock, and close your eyes with happiness, the dream is on its way.

Getting ready for the New Year!

New Year's table 2014. Welcome the Year of the Horse!

It has long been known how you celebrate the New Year, so you will spend it. Therefore, almost everyone has special hopes for New Year's Eve. They try to please the mistress of the coming year, to thank the mistress of the outgoing year, in the hope that the New Year will be successful and all the wishes made under the chimes will come true.

The horse, the symbol of the coming year, is a noble, intelligent, kind, proud and wayward animal. Therefore, the year promises to be eventful. But in general, it should go well, because it is not for nothing that a horseshoe is one of the symbols of good luck.

Setting up a New Year's table on the coming New Year, the Year of the Horse, is not difficult. The most important thing is that the Horse's favorite treats should be on the table: oats, a lot of greens, dishes with apples, vegetables and more sweets, because the Horse has a big sweet tooth

Oats can be safely replaced with oatmeal cookies. Cooking oatmeal cookies takes little time, but it will please the Horse and the children, who, like the Horse, have a big sweet tooth.

Apples can be put fresh in a fruit basket, or you can bake the simplest charlotte, or a biscuit cake with apples. Apple marshmallows or marshmallows are also great.

Favorite vegetables Horses - carrots, beets can and should be served on the table in light salads. Korean carrots, appetizer cabbage salad, herring under a fur coat will serve as an excellent appetizer and addition to the main hot dish. And buns with beets and carrots will surprise and delight not only the hostess of the coming year, but also all the kids who are happy to eat a New Year's multi-colored bun.

By the way, in the East, homemade cakes are considered an obligatory attribute on the festive table, as, according to an old belief, it brings wealth. Therefore, do not be lazy and prepare fresh bread, cakes or buns.

For a main course, you can cook stuffed chicken, bake a ham, or make a whole baking sheet of pork ribs. Since the Horse does not eat meat and fish, it is best to put meat dishes on the edge of the table, and all the favorite vegetable dishes of the hostess of the coming year are closer to the center and richly decorate with herbs.

Many housewives are looking forward to the New Year with horror, because cooking tasty treats for the festive table takes a lot of time and effort. I will not write a menu for the New Year's table, it is unlikely that it is very different from what you have already planned to cook. I want to share with you how to prepare for the New Year so that on December 31 you will be fresh, not tired and go to bed not immediately after the speech of our president and the chiming clock, but enjoy New Year's Eve to the fullest.

Let's get started!

As a rule, everyone will prepare appetizers, salads, hot dishes. Many people want to bake something with their own hands.

December 29:

  1. Cooking aspic. It will stay calmly with you until the 5th-7th (this, of course, if you cook a lot. If 1-2 small trays, then you will eat it before the expiration date)
  2. At night, before going to bed, cook vegetables and eggs on salads, such as Olivier, herring under a fur coat.

30th afternoon:

  1. Olivier - cut and mix everything except cucumbers, green peas, onions, mayonnaise. We will add all this on the 31st. Add mayonnaise only to the salad bowl, before serving. In this case, Olivier will stay with you until January 2. (of course, if you chop a bowl of Olivier)
  2. Pickle hot! If these are ribs, then we put them in bags with marinade and put them on the top shelf of the refrigerator (under the freezer). We fill the stuffed chicken with stuffing, wrap it in foil or cover the tray with chicken with foil and in the same place, on the top shelf of the refrigerator. Goose, duck, turkey, if you are going to make it whole, salt, pepper, grease with marinade and put it in the refrigerator.
  3. We salt the fish. (of course, if you yourself salt the salmon on the table. ) The fastest salting option is 4 hours in saline. The fish is cut into equal pieces 5 cm thick and lowered into saline. (for 1 liter of water 10 tablespoons of coarse salt under the knife). It turns out ~13% saline solution. After 4 hours, we take out the pieces of fish, put them in a dry, clean jar, add a little vegetable oil and put them in the refrigerator until serving.
  4. We make boiled pork, chicken roll, and put it in the refrigerator in foil until serving.
  5. Boil the tongue, clean it and put it in foil in the fridge until serving
  6. Bake a cake! *If you're not ready for Bird's Milk, I highly recommend trying Honey Cake! You haven't tried it yet.

January 31 in the afternoon:

  1. We make herring under a fur coat (we have already boiled vegetables), put it in the refrigerator to soak.
  2. We make impregnated snacks, such as lavash rolls.
  3. Baking bread!

Everything, all that remains is to cut the slices and set the table! At 21. 00 Hot put in the oven and wait for the chiming clock.

And don't forget to make a wish!

How to make a wish for the New Year, so that it will come true!

In Spain. Meet the New Year in the central square of the city, where, under the beat of the clock, eat 12 grapes: for each blow, one berry. The year will be successful and fruitful. Another sign: a festive outfit should contain red elements (underwear, belts, gloves, hairpins, beads, etc.). The Spaniards are sure that this color attracts money.

In Italy. On New Year's Eve, you must definitely eat a dish of lentils - this is a symbol of abundance and prosperity, also on New Year's Eve, Italians put a coin on the windowsill or put a lit candle - to attract health, good luck and wealth. It is customary to give red underwear to loved ones: it is believed that it will bring a renewal of relationships.

In Germany. The Germans believe that a wish will come true if you jump into the New Year with it. To the sound of the chiming clock, gathering families, everyone, young and old, climb onto chairs and other elevations, make wishes and jump down with a cheerful whoop.

In France. On New Year's Eve, the hostess bakes a bean. The one who gets a piece with a surprise is called the "bean king", and those around him carry out his comic orders all night. It is believed that this particular person will be lucky in the new year.

In Scotland. It is important not only to celebrate the New Year, but also to spend the old one. Gathering with the whole family by the fireplace or stove, the Scots look at the fire, which symbolically burns all the hardships of the past year, make their cherished wishes for the future, and when the hands of the clock approach midnight, the head of the family silently opens the door wide open. So, while the clock is striking, the old year leaves the house and the new one enters. And only then everyone sits down at the table and a fun holiday begins.

In Finland. On New Year's Eve, it is customary to guess by molten tin or wax: what you see is what you expect in the coming year. Relatives gather around the head of the family, who melts the wax and pours it into a bowl, and with bated breath peer at the pictures that appear.

In Latvia. There must be a dish of peas on the New Year's table so that the year is plentiful, fruitful, and the house is a full bowl. Or at least, in order for a wish to come true, you need to eat a pea under the chimes.

In Bulgaria. Bulgarians turn off the lights for a few seconds before the New Year's clock strikes - it's time for New Year's kisses. If you manage to find in the dark and kiss a person dear to your heart, consider that your wish has come true!

In Russia. Well, Russians, according to tradition, write their wishes on a piece of paper. In the last seconds of the year, they set fire to it over a glass of champagne, pour it into a glass and drink it. Another option - the one who got the last drop of champagne makes a wish. For it to come true, you need to “squeeze out” the bottle, say a wish to yourself and blow into an empty vessel.

Happy New Year to you, friends! And may all wishes come true!

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Similar posts 2018. Let it be a couple of months before New Year's Eve, but the daily routine will quickly and quietly turn over the remaining few pages of the calendar. Preparing for the New Year is an important, even responsible matter, because there are so many things to do: decorate the Christmas tree, prepare outfits, and think over the festive menu ... How to do everything and happily celebrate this magical holiday, read below.

How to prepare for the New Year

It is necessary to spend the New Year's Eve beautifully, solemnly and always in a good mood, because, following a popular saying, the meeting of the New Year depends on what the next 365 days will be like. To make the festive night special and unforgettable, you need to carefully prepare for it. The preparation plan will include many important points, but the first thing to do is to finish all the projects that have been started, pay off debts, ask for forgiveness from those who have been undeservedly offended.

When to start preparing

As soon as the first frost hits the ground and wraps it in a warm white blanket of fluffy snow, everyone will inevitably feel the mysterious, truly exciting atmosphere of the holiday. Shop windows will shine with bright stars of electric garlands, colorful reflections of all kinds of Christmas tree decorations will begin to shimmer, and the city air will smell of something mystically pleasant. This will be a signal that it is time to start preparing for the new year in order to have time to accomplish everything planned, and with the chimes to step into a new, certainly happy stage of your life.

It is better to start preparing for the new year from drawing up a plan, which will spell out absolutely all the actions that need to be done before the holiday. The main period of preparation is December, so this month it is worth:

Choose a place where you will celebrate the holiday, draw up a program for the New Year's Eve, invite guests. Clean up the house, create a festive atmosphere in it, using New Year's decor. Buy gifts for family and friends, prepare postcards, parcels. Decide on the design of evening dress, hairstyle, makeup. Think over the menu of the festive table, purchase the necessary products. If the plans for the new year include meeting the holiday outside the home, then book a table in advance, clarify the list of dishes and drinks that you would like to see on it.

Getting ready for the New Year in advance

New Year is one of the main winter holidays, with which old interesting traditions are associated. It is believed that it is necessary to cross the threshold of the next 365-day earthly cycle in a clean house, with a pure soul and thoughts, having left all grievances, disputes, and failures in the past year. It is better to decide most of the important moments of preparation for the new year in advance so that a calm celebration does not eventually turn into a chaotic shopping run, standing in endless lines, throwing around the kitchen just before the arrival of guests or cosmetic manipulations five minutes before the cherished chiming clock.

Choice of gifts

Children firmly believe that on the magical New Year's Eve kind Santa Claus with a red nose and a fluffy white beard gives gifts to everyone. Adults, although they don’t believe in fairy tales for a long time, are still waiting for themselves a nice present under a smart New Year tree, so one of the most important points of the pre-holiday plan is buying gifts for relatives and friends. In order not to leave anyone unattended, to give everyone cute, pleasant, useful little things, you should make a list of gifts by name, and it is better to buy and pack them before the start of the last week of December.

New Year's entertainment and events

To fully feel the delightful atmosphere of the approaching New Year, ensure your New Year's mood is upbeat, take care of regular pre-holiday entertainment. For example, start a telethon of good Christmas films, go for ordinary walks around the city flickering with lights more often, try yourself in the role of one of the fairy-tale characters at a children's party.

If you have children, be sure to think about when and where you will arrange a New Year's party for them, draw up a program of competitions and round dances, or simply invite Father Frost and the Snow Maiden to your home on New Year's Eve. If you plan to celebrate the long-awaited holiday with friends, take care of an interesting "adult" program with appropriate entertainment and characters.

Things to do before the New Year

The to-do list during the pre-holiday preparation includes several important items. This is cleaning and decorating the family nest, buying gifts, planning a New Year's menu, choosing a festive outfit and accessories that match it. In all this whirlwind, you can’t forget about yourself, because you only need to step into a new stage of life with the proud gait of a self-confident beauty, so during December you also need to have time to improve your appearance to the maximum.

Preparing the house for the new year

Among the pleasant chores on the eve of the new year, one of the main tasks is always the preparation at home. Cleanly cleaned and beautifully decorated, it gives us not only a feeling of home comfort, but also helps to feel all the magic of this wonderful holiday. In order to properly prepare your house for the beginning of the new year, you need to:

Carry out general cleaning, looking into every secluded corner of the apartment. Throw away the old unnecessary rubbish, and along with it, get rid of the negativity inside yourself. Arrange all the necessary things in their places.

Beautifully decorate the house with Christmas decorations.

Mandatory attribute of the New Year - gifts under the Christmas tree in beautiful bright packages. It is better to think about what and to whom to give in advance, focusing on the preferences and hobbies of each individual person. The most win-win option for loved ones is soft slippers. You can present something fun and useful at the same time to your friends. Girls will appreciate it when their beloved men put some original decorations for them under the Christmas tree. It is better for employees, bosses, companions to give something modest, but with taste.

Since the symbol of the coming 2018 is a yellow dog, a small addition to the main gift can be not only a postcard with a picture of a cute dog, but also an original souvenir:

keychain; statuette; piggy bank; soft toy; fridge magnet; desk calendar;

notepad, etc.

How to decorate a house

New Year is a family holiday, so most people prefer to celebrate it with their families, closest and dearest people. Of great importance for creating a festive atmosphere is the special design of the house. It consists not only in the installation of a green beauty, but also in all sorts of bright decor, which, as a rule, uses shiny garlands, serpentine, spruce twigs, colorful Christmas balls. Here are some ideas for using holiday decorations for your home:

You can hang colorful lights on the windows or paint the glass with special paints. It would be appropriate to decorate the front door with a wreath of spruce branches, bells, bright bows. The walls in the house will look beautiful in a scattering of different-sized lacy snowflakes. Bright sunny tangerines, bagels, sweets in shiny candy wrappers will decorate the Christmas tree in the best possible way, give the overall design a touch of childhood and fairy tales.

A room decorated for the New Year

Every girl wants to look beautiful and well-groomed, and not only on holidays. To meet a magical night in all its glory, you should take care of your appearance in advance. Be sure to refresh your hair, go for a manicure, do depilation, tighten the body, renew the skin of the face. This can be done at home using the usual care products, or you can go to an appointment with a professional beautician.

If you have problems with your figure, it will not be superfluous to go on a diet and sign up for fitness in early December. Special attention should be paid to the color of the skin and think about whether the pale limbs will look very contrasting against the backdrop of a bright festive dress. If the skin is too light, it is better to sunbathe a little in the solarium in order to be completely sure of your irresistibility at the New Year's party.

When and how to put up a Christmas tree

Preparing for the new year is always accompanied by the installation and decoration of a green forest beauty - an obligatory symbol of this wonderful holiday. As a rule, the Christmas tree is put up somewhere in the middle of December, when the street already “smells” of New Year's magic with might and main. However, this only applies to artificial trees. It is better to put a live fragrant Christmas tree in the house closer to the holiday itself, so that it does not crumble due to dry home air even before New Year's Eve.

What to wear for the New Year

Choosing a New Year's outfit is a separate issue for the fair sex, because every girl wants to look her best on New Year's Eve. If you pay attention to the nature of the patron animal of the upcoming 2018, it becomes clear that you need to celebrate the new year in a beautiful, but modest and comfortable dress. Screaming revealing outfits are best left until better times. As for the color of clothes, shoes, jewelry, for this year's meeting it is better to choose them in soothing yellow-brown tones, without excessive glamour.

New Year's menu planning

New Year's Eve preparations must necessarily include holiday menu planning. The favorite treats of the dog, under whose patronage the next 12 months will pass, are meat and fish, so in order to please the dog, look in advance for new interesting recipes for meat dishes. Be sure to cook fish in different variations, meat salads and snacks. However, this does not mean that you need to completely abandon vegetables - they perfectly complement the meat, bring bright colors to the overall picture of the festive table.

If you have already decided what you will treat your guests to on New Year's Eve, make a menu and a list of necessary products. It is better to make the necessary purchases of provisions for the preparation of holiday delicacies in advance. If these are ready-made packaged products with a shelf life of more than a week, they can be easily purchased as early as early December. Meat, fish, vegetables and other perishable products should be bought a day or two before the holidayto be sure of the quality and freshness of the food prepared from them.

Preparing New Year's dishes

Preparation of treats for the festive table should be started in the last days before the holiday, because the food on the New Year's table should be not only tasty, but also fresh. Preparations for salads, desserts, some snacks can be prepared already on December 30th, but everything will have to be mixed, smeared, fried and baked only on the 31st. If you are going to serve hot dishes, make sure that they have time to cook before the guests arrive.

Festive table setting

The last stage of preparation for the new year is the decoration of the festive table. Think ahead about the color scheme of the tablecloth, napkins, additional decor elements. Among the plates with mouth-watering snacks, colorful compositions of spruce twigs, multi-format candles, tangerines and bright New Year's balls look very original. If you want to make friends with a yellow dog, get its favor, decorate the table with fragrant cookies in the form of bones and fish.

Do-it-yourself preparation for the new year

If you have enough time for all the pre-holiday chores and you just can't live without creativity, do your own pre-holiday preparations in the truest sense of the word. With your own hands, you can make not only home decorations, but also gifts for your relatives - they will bring your loved ones much more joy than trinkets bought in a regular store. Presentations made on your own, from the heart, have the strongest positive energy, so they are always valued more than even the most expensive purchased souvenirs.

Christmas decor ideas

If your first step in getting ready for the new year is decorating your home or workplace, try making some simple yet cute interior decorations yourself. A variety of materials are suitable for them, from old magazines to ordinary cones. You can, for example, make:

A vase with multi-colored cones: collect the cones, wash, dry, and then paint with watercolors, pre-mixed with bright sparkles. After complete drying, put the cones in a transparent plastic vase, pouring them with small shiny balls or confetti. Wrap the vase in a spiral with ribbon, tie a large bow in front. Soft Christmas trees in miniature pots: cut out patterns of Christmas trees from bright durable fabric, sew them, filling the middle with cotton wool. Stick long wooden skewers inside the toy trees, place them in small pots for seedlings. Pour containers with silicone glue, cover with beads or cotton balls on top. Sew decorations from multi-colored small beads or small bows from a narrow satin ribbon to the Christmas trees. New Year's balls from buttons: sew balls of different sizes from pieces of bright fabric, fill with cotton wool, sew on ribbon loops. Decorate the top of the balls with buttons of different colors and diameters.

Homemade Christmas ball made of buttons

DIY gifts

New Year's presents, made by hand with love and a piece of soul, will not leave anyone indifferent. If you have been fond of one of the types of needlework since childhood, it will not be difficult for you to prepare gifts for the New Year for your relatives, because when you know how to do something, you will happily knit soft mittens or a warm scarf, sew a cute amulet figurine, make a tree from beads or decorate the kitchen board.

If you have never done needlework before, but really want to present your loved ones with handmade gifts, it is never too late to learn. On the World Wide Web, you can find millions of workshops that will help you make, for example, a cute frame for photographs from shells or even ordinary pasta, decorate a jar of cereals using decoupage technique, knit an original cover for a mug or make a cute origami figurine. Create for yourself and for the joy of your loved ones!

Source: sovets. net

How to prepare for the New Year without haste, fuss and do everything

Hello everyone! The main holiday of the year is coming soon. And it needs to be taken very seriously. In order for it to go well and fun, without oddities and uncomfortable situations, you need a plan for preparing for the New Year. And today I will give you clear and precise advice on how to plan a holiday so that everything goes at the highest level.

In recent years, I have approached this issue very seriously. From December 1, the house begins to stir, fuss and fuss. But this process gives me great pleasure. The pre-holiday mood and the feeling of something unusual does not leave me for a minute. I can confidently say that this is the best time of the year.

I involve the whole family in preparing for the New Year. Children especially like it. They are happy to decorate the house, the Christmas tree, make fakes, draw Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden. Oh, how I wish this time would never end!

Something I dreamed about! Let's get straight to the point. In order for the New Year to become a pleasant memory for you and your guests, you need to prepare for this event in advance, clearly think over your steps. Cooking, setting the table, feeding guests is only a small part of the preparation. Taking everything into account is not an easy task, which only organized people can do. Well, how to do it, I will tell you now ...

Preparing for the New Year without stress

“Prepare your sleigh in the summer” is the main principle of successful events. You need to start planning in advance, at least a month in advance. This time is enough for everything. Stock up on a pen and notepad. Write down everything that comes to mind, ideas and thoughts on organizing the New Year. It happens that some trifle spoils the mood. This should not happen if you really take the preparation seriously.

And so I suggest you take part in the marathon of preparation for the NEW YEAR. This very joyful event should not be overshadowed by everyday troubles. To this end, I have prepared a step-by-step instruction for YOU, from which you will learn how to slowly but surely plan, perhaps, the most important holiday of the year within a month. This time of miracles and fulfillment of desires should be remembered for a long time.

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Sometimes overwhelming tasks fall on the shoulders of the housewife. But we, women, also want to relax, rejoice and not miss a single important little thing in the life of our loved ones. I think each of us is waiting for the New Year with special trepidation. On this night, insults are forgiven, new plans are made, life begins from a new leaf. And in order for all the pre-holiday chores to go perfectly, without oddities and unpleasant troubles, you just need to trust me and go through the marathon of preparation for the home New Year to the end.

What form will the marathon take?

It's very simple. Add this page to your browser bookmarks and take a look from time to time, complete tasks, plan a holiday. As a gift, I give you a journal that will help you go through all the steps and not forget anything. It is best to print the forms on a printer, but if you do not have the opportunity to do this, just draw simple tables with a ruler and pencil on A4 sheet. If desired, they can be decorated with colored markers or pens. You just have to follow the advice, supplementing them, taking into account your desires and capabilities.

Holiday marathon: “Preparing for the New Year: the first week”.

So the start of the marathon of preparation for the New Year has come. I can't wait to get down to the fun stuff. I hope you do too! I am very glad that you decided to participate with me in such an event. It will be fun, I promise you! Thanks to step-by-step instructions, you will clearly know what to do, and the holidays will become a pleasant memory for you. And so, let's get started ... The first 6-7 days of the marathon will be devoted entirely to planning. This is a very important step. Under no circumstances should it be missed. Everything will depend on how well you plan all the moments. Every little thing, every detail simply must be worked out. You can complete all the weekly tasks that are here in a day or two, or you can distribute them by day of the week. The main thing is that THEY ALL BE IMPLEMENTED.

  1. The first thing you need to do is print out your New Year's Eve journal. I made the tables as simple as possible, in black and white, no frills. You can add colors yourself and decorate it to your liking. You can download it from this link.
  2. Talk to your husband, relatives, children about how and where you will celebrate the New Year, how many guests you plan to invite, whether there will be small children. Will you have people with an overnight stay, where will you place them. Where are you going to set the table?
  3. Now it wouldn't hurt to take care of the house. It should be clean, orderly and as organized as possible. Still, you need to enter the New Year without an extra unnecessary burden in the form of dirt and junk. Make a detailed house cleaning schedule for the month. Use the Cleaning Plan form. There are 3 columns. In the first of them, write down the most important things that must be done without fail. In the second column, the things that you want to do, but the third one, devote the maximum to the plan. Go through each room with a piece of paper and write down all the tasks in three columns. You don’t just need to consider what you do every day and weekly, for example, wash clothes, dust, pay attention to global problems, for example, clean the closet, sort out the kitchen set, and so on. Do not burden yourself heavily, you should have the strength to do other pleasant pre-holiday chores. From now on, take 10-15 minutes every day to get your house in order.
  4. Clearly plan your holiday budget. How much are you willing to spend on gifts, menus, home decorations, costumes, and looks? Be sure to stick to your spending plan. Put the required amount of money in an envelope immediately so that there is no temptation to use it. Fill out the budget form.
  5. Based on the budget, make a list of gifts, cards. Use the form of the New Year's organizer. Write a list of people to congratulate by phone, email or social media. networks. Start filling out your shopping list (form).
  6. Think carefully about your image, the image of your husband and children. Sign up for a beauty salon in advance. If you are gathering at home, then choose a hairstyle, jewelry, shoes, a manicure option. Ask your children and husband how they would like to dress for the New Year. Fill out the appropriate form and shopping list.
  7. Let's move on to one of the most important issues - the menu. Depending on who you will celebrate the holiday with, make a detailed menu. Consider all the nuances. What dishes will you cook for the first, second, salads, drinks, snacks, sandwiches? What will be needed for this besides products, for example, foil, sleeve, canapé sticks, napkins, and so on? Fill out the Holiday Menu forms, continue filling out your grocery shopping list.
  8. Think about how you will decorate your home. What do you have for this, what will you do yourself or with your children, what do you need to buy. Fill out the “Home Decorations” form, include the necessary purchases in the list. Do not forget to spend 10-15 minutes during the week on cleaning according to the schedule.

Festive marathon: “Preparing for the New Year: week two”.

So the planning week has passed. For me personally, this time is the most difficult of all the monthly preparations for the New Year. It is necessary to take into account every little thing, in order to then bring it to life and allocate time in order to do everything. But I think everyone has done a good job. If you have any questions, feel free to email me, I will try to help you. At first, when I sketched out the marathon plan, I thought about dedicating each week to a separate area. For example, the first week is for planning, the second for gifts and menus, the third for personal care, and the fourth for home. But after thinking it over, I decided it was a bad idea. Therefore, do not be alarmed if you see completely different weekly tasks. It is this method that is the best and gives the maximum result. Moreover, it was personally tested by me last year. And so, here are the tasks waiting for you this week.

  1. We continue to spend 10-15 minutes a day cleaning the house according to the plan.
  2. We are slowly starting to buy gifts. I propose to buy 1/3 of the entire part. If possible, more is possible. Be sure to check your holiday budget. Remember that the New Year is a very costly event. Many of the gifts can be made by hand.
  3. It's time to make decorations for the house. If you decide that you will buy them, then buy.
  4. Call the hairdresser and beautician, make an appointment in advance for yourself, your husband and children. In the last days of the outgoing year, all schedules will be full. And there is no guarantee that you will be lucky.
  5. This week we will be making a personal care plan. On New Year's Eve, we must look perfect. Make a detailed schedule of procedures, such as what days you will exercise, do hair masks, facials, foot baths, and so on. Pull yourself together and start eating right. In three weeks, you can lose a couple of kilograms, I guarantee you.
  6. Make a holiday program. Make a selection of music, movies. If children are present, think about how they will have fun. Perhaps we should come up with a couple of contests with prizes. Don't forget to prepare a congratulatory speech for your guests.
  7. It happens that plans change. In this case, make amendments, revise previously made decisions, perhaps you overlooked something. And be sure to consult with loved ones.

Holiday marathon: “Preparing for the New Year: week three”.

Exactly half of our New Year's marathon has passed! How is it going? How are you? Does everything work out? You have already done quite a lot, there is very little left. The main thing is not to stop, but go forward, completing all the tasks. There won't be many of them this week.

  1. Spend 10-15 minutes every day cleaning your house.
  2. Follow your personal care schedule.
  3. Analyze the New Year's menu well. It may be necessary to make some adjustments. According to the list, buy those products that are stored for a long time (canned food, frost, meat, and so on).
  4. This week is the time to decorate the house. After all, everything is ready for this. Put up a Christmas tree and decorate it.
  5. Review the cutlery for serving the festive table. If something is missing, then buy more (napkins, tablecloths, decor, spoons, forks, glasses, plates).
  6. If you have overnight guests, think about their sleeping place, where you can accommodate them for the night. Prepare bed linen and towels in advance, as well as a change of clothes (if needed).
  7. Prepare the clothes that you will wear for the New Year, as well as the clothes of your husband and children. Don't forget jewelry and shoes. Iron everything and hang it on a coat hanger.
  8. Buy or make your own 1/3 more gifts this week, or all the rest.

Holiday marathon: “Preparing for the New Year: the finish line”.

Hooray, there are just a few girls left! We've worked hard and it's time to relax! Don't worry, we all make it. There will be no surprises or curiosities. You are great fellows!

In a few days we will be sitting at the festive table with friends and relatives. The last week is the hardest. There is not much work to be done. Just what it takes to cook all the dishes from the planned menu. But we are not afraid of anything! We're ready, right?

  1. Check that the cameras and camcorders that will capture happy moments are in good working order. Make sure there is enough space on the memory card for the new material. Charge the batteries.
  2. Choose one day and wash all your dirty clothes.
  3. Buy all the remaining gifts on the list and wrap them. Put them in one place, let them wait for the appointed hour.
  4. Continue to take care of yourself and perform beauty treatments. The last 3 days before the New Year, I propose to paint in detail. It is very important.

December 29 - check all the lists again, make corrections (if necessary) to the holiday program, congratulations, check the New Year's to-do list. Buy all the remaining products for preparing New Year's menu dishes.

December 30 - dedicate a day to cleaning the house, no need to generalize, because you spent 15 minutes every day, and this is quite enough. Just clean up all the scattered things, wipe off the dust, put everything in its place. By the way, these things are quite easy and you can entrust them to your husband and children, or do all the work together. The only thing you need to pay special attention to is the toilet and bath. So that the next day is not torture for you, prepare some of the dishes on December 30, for example, salads, snacks, sandwiches. If you don’t have time for this, then at least just boil vegetables for salads, marinate meat, cut bread into sandwiches.

December 31 is the most important day. The list of things to do on this day is not so big, but still ....

  • Prepare all meals.
  • Set the table.
  • Clean up the kitchen.
  • Take a shower, get your hair done and change. Dress the husband and children)))
  • Check with the New Year's to-do list.
  • Praise yourself and say “What a fine fellow I am!”

Well, our New Year's marathon is over. I am very grateful to you that you did not give up and together with me reached the end. Ahead of us are happy and such long-awaited hours of the New Year! The hours when we move to a new stage in our lives. In the final word, I would like to wish you all the very best so that all your dreams come true and your goals are achieved! I love you all and kiss you, but new meetings in the NEW YEAR!

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How many lights are on the tree? - geek

There are usually six to twelve lights on a pre-lit tree. If you notice that there are fewer or more light bulbs than usual, it may be time to replace the light bulbs. You can do it yourself by following these simple steps:

  1. Remove the bulb from the socket and unscrew it.
  2. Remove the old bulb with a Phillips screwdriver.
  3. Replace a new bulb with a Philips screwdriver.
  4. Screw the socket back onto the branch using a Phillips screwdriver.

Are all lamps on the same circuit?

If you have a pre-lit tree, there's a good chance all the lights are connected to the same circuit. To fix this, you will need to determine which light is not working and then replace it.

There are several ways to do this:

-Use an ohmmeter to measure the resistance between each socket and ground. If one bulb has a higher resistance than the others, it is likely that it is broken and needs to be replaced.

-Check continuity between each outlet and the corresponding wire. If one fixture is not communicating with adjacent outlets, it probably needs to be replaced.

-If none of these methods work, the entire circuit may need to be replaced.

Is there power to the socket?

If there is no power coming into the outlet, the light bulbs in the pre-lit tree may not work. To check if there is power in the outlet, try plugging another appliance into the outlet and see if it turns on. Is there a breaker or fuse for this circuit. If there is no breaker or fuse for this circuit, you will need to call an electrician to fix the bulbs on the pre-lit Christmas tree.

Have you checked all the bulbs?

There are a few things you can do to fix the problem if all the bulbs in your pre-lighted tree are working but they are not producing the desired light output. inserted into their sockets. Then check to see if any light bulb has burned out or been damaged in any way. remote control of your pre-lit tree. Finally, if none of these solutions work, you may need to remove your pre-lit tree and have it serviced by a professional.

Any bulbs burned out?

If you have a pre-lit tree, there is a good chance that some of the bulbs have burned out. This could be due to several different reasons.

One of the common causes of light bulbs burning out on pre-lit trees is that people forget to change the bulbs every year. burn out much faster than usual.

Another common cause of burned out Christmas lights is too much electricity going to the Christmas tree. If you have multiple outlets in your home and you use them all to power your pre-lit Christmas tree, your home may not have enough power for other appliances in your home. at home. Try using one outlet for each cord of your tree lighting, or invest in a smart plug so you can control how much power each device uses without turning everything off when you want to turn off your tree lights.

Replace burned out bulbs?

There are several different ways to fix the light on a pre-lit tree. One way is to replace burnt out bulbs. Another way is to adjust the settings on the lightest strand. If the light strand is broken, you can either replace the entire light strand or simply repair it as needed. Finally, if the headlights just aren't working properly, it can usually be fixed by adjusting the wiring or replacing the bulb.

Tighten loose bulbs?

If the headlights do not work, it is likely that they are not connected correctly or that the bulb is loose. To check if the light is connected correctly, first try turning it on by pressing the power button. If the light bulb is loose, first unscrew the light bulb base and look for wires that are worn or broken. If there are broken wires, replace the light bulb with a new one. Finally, tighten all loose bulbs by tightening their screws.

Check your fuses?

There are a few things you can do to try and fix a light on a pre-lit tree if it's not working. First, check your fuses. flashlight. Some flashlights use small batteries that can become depleted or corroded over time. In this case, the bulb may need to be replaced. that the wire is twisted or caught on something else, or it could be due to a broken wire inside the fixture. In this case, you will need to disassemble the fixture and replace the damaged wires with new ones.

Check for loose or broken wires?

Loose or broken wires can cause the lights to not work on a pre-lit tree. To check for loose or broken wires, first remove the bulb from the socket and look for broken or broken wires. , replace them with new ones. After you have replaced the wire, reconnect the light bulb and check if the problem is fixed.

Repair broken wires?

When you have lights on a pre-lit tree, it's important that they work properly. One way to do this is to fix broken wires. If the wires are just loose, you can simply plug them back in using the wire connector. you will need to replace the entire light strand. To do this, first remove the fixture from the tree. Then, use a wire stripper to strip the insulation from each wire.

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