How to ribbon tree topper

How to Make a Designer Tree Topper Bow with Multiple Ribbons

Alright guys, I’m going to come right out and confess it. I don’t really like tree topper bows. They’re just not my style. But a lot of my viewers have been asking for a tutorial, so I’ve got a fun little challenge today. How would I make a tree topper bow with multiple ribbons if I was making one for myself? 

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Now, I want to start by saying that when I make bows for my own home, I don’t usually measure. I just do what I think looks natural. I’ll give you some examples in the video, but for the written tutorial below, I’ve given approximate measurements. 

Let’s get started!

Supplies for Designer Tree Topper Bow with Multiple Ribbons

4” Ribbon 
2.5” ribbon
Additional ribbons as desired
Zip tie
Craft Mat 
Rustic Wire

Most of the ribbons I used in this tutorial came from Carolina Pottery. I also recommend looking at Trendy Tree.

Steps for Making Your Tree Topper Bow

Step 1: Forming the base of the bow

Start by unrolling some of the 4” ribbon and measuring a tail of about 24”. From there, measure about 21-22” for the first loop. Pinch and pleat it between your thumb and index finger. 

Now, y’all know that whenever I’m teaching bow making, I always emphasize that you’ll start by pinching the ribbon just between two fingers. Then it gradually shifts back toward your palm as you add more loops. 

But since we are using such a wide ribbon, this one is going to be a little different. You can see in the video that even after the first loop, I am not keeping it pinched tightly between my finger tips. There’s just too much material there. 

Now twist the ribbon and continue adding loops of the same size. 

The number of loops you need to make really just depends on personal preference. I don’t like mine to look too full and take away from the beautiful tree, so I am only doing four loops of the first ribbon.  

Step 2: Adding the second layer of ribbon

Next, unroll a bit of your 2.5” ribbon. Measure and 18” tail and add in three 16” loops, pinching and twisting your working ribbon between each loop. These should all be above your 4” ribbon. Finish off with another 18” tail. 

If you were going to add an additional accent ribbon like I do in the second bow of the tutorial video, this would be the time to do it. Check out the video tutorial for additional instructions.

For now, we are going to make the simple version of the tree topper.

Step 3: Placing Streamers and Making Adjustments

I like my tree topper bows to look nice and airy, but I don’t think it’s quite done yet. So instead of adding more loops, I’m just going to go ahead and add in a couple streamers to the back. 

Cut a streamer of each ribbon and pinch it in the middle then add it to the bottom of the bow. I did not measure these streamers, but I would suggest about 24” 

However long you want your tails, double that.  

Now, before you secure it, make sure all the tails are in the back and the bows laying nicely together in the front. 

Step 4: Securing the Bow

Turn the bow over and slide a zip tie underneath your index finger, Wrap it around the bow and tighten until all the loops and tails are secure. 

Step 5: Trimming the Ends

Now, just finish off your tree topper by trimming the ends of each tail. I like to fold them in half and dovetail them for a tree topper. I think it’s a more festive finish than just cutting on an angle. 

And that’s all there is to it!

Watch the video tutorial below to see me make 3 different versions of this bow. 

Tree Topper Bow with Multiple Ribbons – Video Tutorial

If you enjoyed this and want to learn to wreath the professional way,
try our Wreath Making 101 Workshop!

Happy Wreathing,


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How to Make a Bow Christmas Tree Topper

by Courtenay 17 Comments

In this post I’ll show you how to make a bow Christmas tree topper! This is an easy and elegant solution that you can easily customize to match any tree decor!

Have you ever noticed that it’s really hard to find just the right topper for your Christmas tree? I don’t think I’ve ever found one that I really love and that works for me year after year, no matter what type of tree-scheme I’m doing that year. I find that store bought ones always seem just a little too cheesy, or a little too rustic, or a little too tacky. I’ve ended up using a whole bunch of berry picks from the floral section of the craft store, along with other unusual items to try to make my own, and that usually works quite well, but I picked up an extra roll of ribbon this year that I really wanted to use somewhere, so I decided to try my hand at a big, fluffy bow Christmas tree topper. It turns out that they’re pretty easy to put whip up!

This post is part of the December edition of the Thrifty Style Team project. Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of my post to see all the other thrifty projects from other talented bloggers on the team! Wired ribbon can get pretty expensive, but it also goes on sale quite a bit around this time of year, so if you still don’t have a topper for your tree, you can make one of these quite affordably! Also keep in mind to search the after Christmas sales for clearance ribbon that you might want to use for this project next year!

Supplies Needed to Make a Bow Christmas Tree Topper

I used:

  • Wide wired ribbon. My roll was 25 feet long and I used basically all of it for this one bow.
  • Pipe cleaners (floral wire would work too of course, I just used what I had when inspiration struck, which happened to be way too many pipe cleaners. #momlife)
  • Scissors

The things that I love about this is that you can reuse all of the supplies that go into making this bow topper in a different way next year if you want a different color of ribbon for your next tree. So this is a really practical and inexpensive tree topper solution!

How to Make the Bow Tree Topper

The process for making the bow basically involves creating as many loops as you want and then securing them tightly at the bottom of your bow to hold the whole thing together.

To make your first loop, unravel about 12 inches of ribbon from your roll, and create a loop. Next, create another loop by pulling out more ribbon and creating kind of a figure 8, then pinch both loops together at their bases.

Continuing creating loops until you have the full, fluffy bow that you were hoping for. My bow has ten loops for reference. I could have gone for more, but you do want to leave a little bit of extra ribbon so that you can create matching streamers to hang down from your bow topper over the top 1/3-1/2 of your tree.

When you have all of your loops done, pinch them all tightly together at the base and wrap them tightly in floral wire or pipe cleaners.

How to Make the Streamers for Your Tree Topper

Cut three to four lengths of ribbon that are about two feet long to use as your streamers. Cut the end that will be dangling down over you tree on an angle for a nice finished look. To secure my streamers, I just wrapped the top few inches of each right around the top of my tree. Since the ribbon is wired, it holds quite well and looks tidy.

Finish the topper by resting the bow on the top few branches of your tree. Feel free to make it even more spectacular by adding in some floral picks, or by using twigs and other natural elements that you gather from outside! I gathered some phragmites from the banks of our creek and tucked it in all over our tree for something a little different. I saw phragmites used in all kinds of beautiful holiday displays when I was in Old Montreal recently so I just had to try it out for myself. 🙂

Do you create your own tree toppers or have you found a store-bought one that you absolutely love?

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DIY Ribbon Crafts: Ideas, Tips for Beginners

Strips of colorful fabric are loved by craftsmen for their ease of use and beautiful appearance. Ribbons can be satin, crepe or nylon. Crafts from satin look shiny and look spectacular, but if you want to achieve airiness and tenderness, choose nylon strips of fabric.

Do-it-yourself ribbon products are made differently. Most often, these are hair ornaments - hairpins, bows with elastic bands or, beautifully decorated with flowers, hoops. But real craftsmen skillfully frame boxes and vases, make three-dimensional flowers and insects from ribbons, create original brooches, earrings and bracelets. New Year's toys and a Christmas tree made of petals using the kanzashi technique look beautiful. Those who know how to work with ribbons can quickly decorate a gift box by tying a magnificent bow, and twist a bow tie for a boy for a carnival costume.

In the article we will consider how to quickly and efficiently make products from tapes with our own hands, what additional materials are needed. You will learn how to connect the details of the craft with each other, what kind of glue will keep it intact, learn how to make New Year's toys and tie magnificent spectacular bows.

Two-tone bracelet with pearls

A simple plastic band of any color can be used to make an original bracelet of any two shades. To make such an ornament, you will need red and black thin satin ribbons, a base for gluing and a package of small golden round beads.

A glue gun is used to fix the fabric on the plastic. To begin with, put a dot on the inner surface of the ring with hot glue. The edge of the black satin ribbon must be melted over the fire of the candle so that the threads do not split, and attached to the glue from the inside at an angle. Then a strip of fabric is wrapped around the entire surface of the bracelet in a spiral, and the last coil is similarly attached with a glue gun to the inner surface of the ring.

Next, the product made of ribbons is wrapped with the second color - red, however, the turns are no longer made in a spiral, but evenly, and two segments are passed through the bead crosswise so that the bead is held exactly in the center of the bracelet.

Ribbon clips

Lilac and white crepe ribbons can be rolled into an original bow to be attached to a hair clip or scrunchie. From cardboard it is necessary to cut out polyhedrons with seven corners, similar to a star. As you approach the middle, the bow twists smaller. The craft is made in layers - stitching with threads matched to the tone.

The step-by-step photo clearly shows how you need to tape all the corners one by one and make a couple of stitches in the center so that the loops are held in place. Then the cardboard is taken out and similar work is carried out on other pieces of fabric, only paper templates are taken in a smaller size. The central stitches are hidden under shiny rhinestones laid with a flower. It remains only to attach a hairpin with a glue gun and you can go to school or kindergarten for a holiday.

Feminine brooch

You can make a delicate brooch in just a few minutes from separate pieces of satin ribbon in two colors and delicate lace. The step-by-step photo clearly shows how they are sewn together and the corners are connected to each other. When the first layer of a dark shade is correctly assembled, work begins on individual elements of a light shade. Make petals of a magnificent flower folded in loops with the help of tweezers and candle fire. Fold the piece of fabric in half and make a couple of oncoming folds on the sections. Grabbing the bottom edge with tweezers, bring it to the candle. The melted edges of the fabric will securely hold the connection.

Loops are placed around the circumference, and lace and many beads are sewn on top. To make it convenient to attach the brooch to clothes, sew the craft on a circle of felt and install a safety pin. Everything, the brooch is ready!

Ribbon bow for a box

Choosing a gift that is useful and necessary for a person is half the battle, you also need to arrange it beautifully. For this, tapes are most often used. Let's look at how you can make a fluffy multi-colored bow from equal lengths of crepe ribbon.

Alternately putting the pieces folded in half with the edges on a needle and thread, a thick bunch is collected. Do not forget to pre-melt the cut lines with a candle so that the threads do not split. Subsequently, it is pulled together with a thread and a strong knot is tied. It is more convenient to attach a ribbon bow to the box using a circle of felt. The gift is tied with a ribbon crosswise and a bow is glued on top with hot glue.

New Year's card

An original postcard can be made with a child for the New Year. You will need to pick up a few bright buttons and a thin green satin ribbon. A Christmas tree from a ribbon is assembled by folding loops in one direction and the other from the "trunk". In the center, at the junction of the intersection of the segments with each other, put a dot with a glue gun.

Start making crafts from the bottom, with the largest "branches" and gradually reduce the size of the loops. Place the buttons in a checkerboard pattern in the center. The work will look better on bright cardboard. From above, you can make an origami star out of paper or fold it out of yellow ribbon.

Ribbon embroidery on fabric

Pictures with flowers embroidered with satin ribbons of different colors and shades look unusual. For work, you will need a special porous fabric, most often it is bought in sewing accessories stores. It has in its structure small holes for piercing with a needle. Embroidery on this material is smoother and more accurate.

The eye of the needle must be large in order to be able to thread even a thin thread. Prepare the "gypsy" needle. It is suitable for both thin and wide strips of fabric.

Hoop the fabric and mark the contours of the future image with a small or simple pencil. Then, starting from the wrong side, insert the needle, creating a floral pattern. If you want to achieve a more voluminous image, then the tape can be turned over or bent a couple of times. If you need a flat design, then straighten the tape with the back to the fabric.

Bow tie

Preparing for a morning party in kindergarten always falls on the mother's shoulders. Looking for a suit can cost a lot of time and money. If there is an opportunity and the most elementary skills of sewing and needlework, then any woman will cope with tailoring a carnival outfit in one evening. A boy can make a bow tie from a ribbon to match the color of the suit on a shirt. How to make such an accessory is clearly visible in the step-by-step image below.

Match two satin ribbons in a contrasting color and in different widths. We place a dark wide strip from below, and a narrow one - we decorate a tie from above. In the photo under No. 1, the segments of the tapes were interconnected by gluing. For this purpose, you can use a glue gun or transparent glue "Moment". If you don't have either, just sew them with a neat inseam. Pre-melt the edges of the tape with a candle so that the threads do not exfoliate.

You will get two rings of fabric, which you need to fold one on top of the other and tie in the center with a small piece of fabric folded in half. On this fold, a bow tie can be decorated with a bead or rhinestones. Then we sew the craft on an elastic band and tie a bow from a satin ribbon around the child’s neck under the collar of the shirt.

Christmas toys from ribbons

Such a wonderful holiday - New Year - is always full of various handicrafts, especially if a needlework lover lives in the house. One of the most popular Christmas decorations is the snowflake. The craft, assembled from petals made using the kanzashi technique, looks great. To create such a Christmas tree pendant, you will need several ribbons of different colors, a glue gun, a candle and tweezers.

All petals are made using one of the basic kanzashi techniques. Let's consider it more carefully:

  • the tape is cut into equal squares;
  • fold the workpiece in half diagonally, and then again;
  • the resulting right-angled triangle is bent again, connecting sharp corners to each other;
  • the back side of the workpiece has many layers of tape, they are squeezed with tweezers, leaving a couple of millimeters of fabric on the outside;
  • bring these sections to the flame of a candle and when they are melted, press them down with your fingers on both sides;
  • the petal with a strong connection is ready.

It remains only to assemble a snowflake from individual elements using hot glue and attach a loop for hanging

Christmas ball

Ribbon balls are a very beautiful element of decor, you can decorate a room with them or hang them on a Christmas tree branch. As a basis, a purchased foam ball and a thin satin ribbon are used. From two opposite sides, the workpiece is pierced with pins with a bead at the end and the tape is tightly wound around the entire perimeter of the ball.

A simple ball looks beautiful, and if you also glue flowers made separately using the kanzashi technique with hot glue, then the craft will become a real masterpiece. You can add a beautiful bow to the top and the decor for the room is ready!

As you can see, it is not difficult to make ribbon products with your own hands. Be sure to try it, starting with simple crafts. Good luck!

beauty of Japanese traditions for the New Year Kanzashi original New Year's crafts for the competition

But in this article we will talk about New Year's crafts from satin ribbons. Crafts can be simple or made using a special Japanese technique - kanzashi.

Christmas tree

Let's start our crafts according to tradition with the symbol of the New Year - the Christmas tree. Someone prefers to put up a big Christmas tree, but for someone such a pleasure is an unaffordable luxury (pets or small children consider it their duty to overturn a forest beauty decorated with lanterns and New Year's garlands). It's okay, you can decorate the apartment with a miniature Christmas tree, which can be made from satin ribbons.

#1 Making a Christmas tree from ribbons with children

If there are small residents in the house, they must definitely participate in the decoration process. In addition, joint creativity is a great time spent! Every kid can make such a simple Christmas tree from a dry stick and different ribbons.

#2 Miniature ribbon Christmas tree

And here is a more complicated version of the ribbon Christmas tree. Such crafts can decorate not only the house, but also, for example, the desktop. For the manufacture you will need ribbons, a foam cone blank, a lot of safety pins and a bow for the top. See the step-by-step master class in the picture below.

#3 Herringbone from ribbon and beads

You can make a Christmas tree from ribbon, combined with large beads. Such a craft can be hung on a real Christmas tree or given to someone as a souvenir. See step by step photo instructions below.

#4 Kanzashi style Christmas tree

And here is a mini Christmas tree made in kanzashi technique. You will have to tinker with such a craft, because Japanese technology is for patient needlewomen. This craft will take a lot of time and effort, but the result is truly impressive! Satin ribbon petals are glued onto a paper cone with glue. Additionally, the finished tree can be decorated with beads. By the way, the Christmas tree does not have to be monophonic, you can combine colors to your taste.

#5 Christmas tree made of flowers in kanzashi technique

And here is a craft very similar to the previous one, there is only one difference: Christmas tree No. 4 is made from individual petals, and this Christmas tree is made from flowers. First you need to make petals from ribbons, then glue the flowers (5 petals each), and only then glue the flowers to the paper cone. See step-by-step instructions with photos below.

#6 Kanzashi herringbone hair clip

Kanzashi technique can be used to make various decorations, in particular hair clips. For such a hair clip you will need: a hair clip, ribbons, beads. How to make a hairpin, see below.

#7 Herringbone ribbon clip

Here is another original way to decorate a hair clip with ribbons. Get a miniature Christmas tree that perfectly complements the New Year's look. How to make a hairpin, see the picture below.

#8 Herringbone hairpin

You can also decorate the hairpin in this simple way: with an ordinary narrow ribbon and a star-shaped bead. Ordinary hair accessories are so easy to make truly festive, and our step-by-step master class will help you with this.

#9 Kanzashi Christmas tree from a ribbon - a souvenir for the New Year

#10 Christmas tree from ribbons

Look for more Christmas trees:


Incredibly beautiful snowflakes are obtained from ribbons, especially in kanzashi technique. You can decorate not only the room with such a craft, a snowflake made of ribbons can be hung on a Christmas tree or used as a decoration.

#1 Simple Kansashi Snowflake

The best way to get started in Kansashi is with simple crafts like this snowflake. You can master two types of sharp petals without much difficulty. By the way, you can glue the petals in your own way. Well, look at the author's version of the step-by-step MK.

#2 Another simple kanzashi snowflake

And one more not very complicated kanzashi snowflake. By the way, such crafts can be fixed on a headband or hairpin and complement the New Year's look with an unusual handmade decoration.

#3 Kanzashi snowflake headband

Need to complete the look of a small snowflake? A snowflake using the kanzashi technique on a rim will cope with this task with a bang. Step-by-step MK in the picture below.

#4 Kanzashi snowflake with several types of petals

And this craft is more suitable for experienced needlewomen. In the manufacture of a snowflake, a large number of petals are used, the manufacture of which requires special skills. Well, if you are confident in your abilities, then watch MK and create!

#5 Snowflake made of ribbons and beads

Here is a variant of a kanzashi snowflake decorated with beads. In addition to painstaking work with ribbons, you will also have to work with beads and weave a small flower. Please note that this craft provides for several types of petals, each of which has soy manufacturing features. See the picture below for a step by step tutorial.

#6 Do-it-yourself snowflake made of ribbons

Snowflakes made using the kanzashi technique look unique, but a snowflake made of pieces of ribbon looks no less impressive. For manufacturing, you will need a ribbon and a lighter (you can use a candle) to solder the parts.

#7 Kanzashi Snowflake toy for the Christmas tree

#8 Double-sided Snowflake from a narrow satin ribbon

#9 Kanzashi Christmas snowflake with swirls

#10 Kanzashi Snowflake headband from 9 satin ribbons0095

See the article for more snowflakes:


The Christmas or New Year's wreath is an exclusively Western tradition that has come to our homes from Hollywood movies. Well, for those who accept Western values, we have prepared several master classes on creating wreaths from ribbons.

#1 New Year's wreath of bows

Very simple ribbon wreath for lazy people. For manufacturing, you will need a base and ribbons of different colors. Tie ribbons in bows around the base and the wreath is ready!

#2 Woven Ribbon Wreath

Ribbon wreath can be woven. Such a product looks very impressive, but in fact there is nothing complicated in manufacturing. Follow the step by step instructions and you will succeed!

#3 Kanzashi Miniature Christmas Wreath

A mini wreath can be made from kanzashi petals. You need to make basic petals from ribbons, glue them in threes and connect them into a circle. The finished wreath can be decorated with a miniature bow.

#4 Miniature Ribbon and Bead Wreath

Miniature Ribbon and Bead Wreath can be hung on the Christmas tree as a decoration, or you can give someone as a handmade New Year's souvenir. For the manufacture you will need fishing line, ribbon and beads. You can also use additional decorative elements, such as a pendant and a bow.

#5 A wreath of ribbons for kids

Surely in kindergarten they gave the task to make some New Year crafts with children. Take note of this simple Christmas wreath. You will need: a base for a wreath, a lot of pieces of different ribbons, glue.

#6 Christmas wreath of satin flowers

Here is a version of the Christmas wreath of satin flowers. Flowers are very realistic and it seems that the manufacture of such a wreath will take a lot of time. Actually it is not. Making such a craft from ribbons is quite simple. You can verify this through MK.

#7 Ribbon wreath: making Christmas crafts with kids

Here's another great Christmas craft that kids can do. You will need: a base, a lot of ribbons of different colors and sizes, scissors. cut the ribbons into strips of the same length and tie in knots around the base. The wreath is ready!

#8 Simple satin ribbon wreath

very simple satin ribbon wreath. For manufacturing you will need: foam base, ribbons, safety pins or glue. Wrap the blank with a ribbon and decorate at your discretion: with a bow, a snowflake, or leave it like that.

#9 Kanzashi Christmas Wreath

#10 Christmas Ribbon Snowman Wreath

Balls and other Christmas decorations

Ribbons make very beautiful Christmas decorations, such as balls, bells, cones, lanterns and more. We have found for you simple and complex MK, with which you can create the Christmas tree of your dreams!

#1 Simple Christmas ball made of ribbons

To make this Christmas ball you will need: ribbons, safety pins, foam blank. Roll the ribbons into a ring and secure with a pin to the workpiece. Continue until the entire ball is decorated with ribbon rings.

#2 Christmas ball made of satin ribbons

To make such a ball you will need: Styrofoam blank, ribbon cut into strips slightly larger than the diameter of the blank, two safety pins.

#3 Artichoke Christmas ball made of ribbons

And here is a slightly more complicated version of the craft. The real difficulty lies in the fact that you have to spend your time. You can arrange the colors to your taste, and you can learn the secrets of the artichoke technique from the step-by-step MK.

#4 Christmas ball made of ribbons

Here is another option for decorating the blank with a narrow ribbon. In this MK, glue is used instead of safety pins, and the tape itself does not need to be cut into pieces. The tape is wound obliquely through two points on the surface of the ball. Each time you pass the tape through one of these points, drip a drop of glue and fix a new layer. Step by step photo instructions are below.

#5 Artichoke-style cone

You can make not only a ball from ribbons, but also a cone, for example. To do this, you will need a special blank, ribbons of a suitable color and safety pins in large quantities. Cut the ribbons into identical squares, wrap them into a triangle and fasten them to the workpiece with a pin.

#6 Ribbon cone

Here is another version of the ribbon cone, only easier to make, but no less spectacular. For manufacturing, you will need a blank made of cardboard, a narrow ribbon of a suitable color and glue. Step by step process of making crafts is shown in the photo below.

#7 Ribbon Christmas icicle

A very simple craft. To make such an icicle, you will need a narrow ribbon, a pencil and a thread. Wrap the tape around a pencil, fasten and leave overnight. In the morning, remove the tape, sew on a thread and you can decorate the Christmas tree!

#8 bell and flashlight from ribbons

#9 Kanzashi flashlights

#10 Kanzashi Christmas cones

#11 New Year's balls from a narrow tape

#12 Christmas tree balls without a base without base kanzashi ball

See more Christmas ball ideas:


Angels for the New Year also came to us from the West. However, New Year's holidays are followed by Christmas and if your family is one of the believers, then why not make crafts for the future, especially since very cute angels are obtained from the ribbons.

#1 Simple angel made of ribbons

If you are doing needlework with children, especially of preschool or primary school age, then be sure to take note of this simple, but all original ribbon craft. You will need ribbon, a stapler and beads.

#2 Angel for Christmas tree or table decor

Here is another very interesting craft that can be hung on a Christmas tree or decorate a Christmas table. You will need a wide ribbon, a bead, a piece of wire (for a halo) and decorative elements.

#3 Kanzashi Angel

#4 Christmas Angel

#5 Kanzashi Mini Christmas Angel


What New Year without gifts? What is the main thing in a gift? Well, of course, attention and packaging! A beautifully wrapped trifle will bring much more pleasure! A chic bow will help to complete the gift wrapping, which you can make with your own hands from ordinary ribbons.

#1 Ribbon Christmas bow

Variant of the classic Christmas ribbon bow. This bow will be a great addition to any gift. How to tie a Christmas bow from ribbons, see the photo instructions.

#2 Double Ribbon Bow for Gift Wrapping

Or here's another original double bow. It is tied quite simply, but the impression is indelible! Step-by-step MK can be found below.

#3 Flower bow

Delicate flower bow will be a great addition to a gift for a loved one: mother, sister, best friend. You will need a satin ribbon, a needle and thread, and a bead for the core. See below for how to make a bow.

#4 Large ribbon bow

Here is a large bow to decorate a massive gift. You can decorate absolutely any gift with such a bow, for example, for a beloved man or work colleague. Looks cool and is very easy to do. Step by step photo instructions are below.

#5 Narrow ribbon flower bow

Narrow ribbon can be made into a charming flower bow using glue and a button. The perfect addition to a gift for a best friend, sister or daughter.

#6 Do-it-yourself voluminous bow

And here is a version of a universal bow that can decorate any gift. You will need a ribbon and our master class.

#7 How to tie a simple bow

#8 How to tie a fancy ribbon bow

Other crafts

You can make an incredible number of different crafts from ribbons and it is simply impossible to collect them all in one place. But we tried to find as many different options as possible so that you can be inspired and create your own masterpieces. And next year, perhaps your master class will be on our website!

#1 Crown

Crowns for small snowflakes and princesses can be made from ordinary ribbons. The crown can be made in the kanzashi technique (for more experienced craftswomen) or in a simpler technique.

#2 Crown of ribbons and tulle

#3 Crown of kanzashi from a narrow ribbon

#4 DIY New Year's crown, tiara of bias tape

#5 Postcard

You can make a New Year's card from ribbons. For example, folding a narrow ribbon in the form of a Christmas tree. You can decorate with beads or colored buttons.

More Christmas cards:

#6 Candy

Candies can be made from ribbons as a mini souvenir for the New Year. You will need a narrow ribbon of two or more colors, and then it's a matter of technique!

#7 Ribbon Christmas garland

Ribbon can be used to make a cool Christmas garland for room decor. To create you will need wide ribbons of different colors and a thick thread. Ready-made flags can be glued to a thread or sewn on. But it takes a long time to sew by hand, so if you have a sewing machine, be sure to use its capabilities.

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A wreath of balloons and an old hanger

In just half an hour, you can make a colorful wreath by buying a couple of sets of inexpensive balloons. Blogger Jennifer, the author of this article, recommends unbending an old hanger, but if you don't have one, then a piece of strong wire will do just fine.

  • You will need: a couple sets of balloons (20-25 balloons of different colors and sizes), a wire hanger or wire, spruce branches, braid or ready-made decoration for decorating a wreath.

Snowflake tablecloth

Delicate and surprisingly festive tablecloth will be made from snowflakes, on which we have had a hand since childhood. You can sit down and cut snowflakes with the whole family, and then lay them out on the table and fasten them with small pieces of tape. A wonderful solution for receiving guests or just having dinner with the family during the holidays.

Multicolored hats

The cutest colorful hats can be made from the leftover yarn, which can be used to make a garland for the Christmas tree or to decorate the wall. Or hang them on a window or chandelier at different levels. Children over five years old will also do just fine with this simple decoration. See details.

  • You will need: a roll of toilet paper for rings (or regular cardboard or thick paper), scissors, multi-colored yarn and a good mood.

Lamp "Snowy City"

For this charming lamp, you need to measure a piece of paper around the circumference of the jar with a small margin (to glue), depict and cut out the simplest city or forest landscape. Wrap around the jar, and put a candle inside.

  • You will need: jar, thick paper of any color, white can be, any candle. Alternatively, you can cover the top of the jar with "falling snow" using a special "snow" spray, which is sold in hobby stores.

Photo balloons

A great idea for decorating the Christmas tree or as a gift for relatives and friends. The photo must be rolled up into a tube so that it passes into the hole of the ball, and then spread with a wooden stick or tweezers. Small black-and-white rectangular shots will do, and you can also cut out the photo in the shape of a ball or silhouette (as in the case of a cat in the snow).

  • You will need: plastic or glass balls, photographs, various things to fill the ball - tinsel, garlands, coarse salt (for snow).

Christmas lights

And this miracle is a matter of five minutes. It is enough to collect balls, fir branches, cones and put them in a transparent vase (or a pretty jar) and add luminous garlands.


Luminous garlands, hidden among cones, branches and pine paws, create the effect of embers smoldering in a fireplace or a cozy campfire. They even seem to be getting hot. For this purpose, a basket lying on the balcony for a hundred years, a nice bucket or, for example, a wicker container for small things from Ikea, is suitable. Everything else (except for the garland, of course) can be found in the park.

Floating candles

A very simple decoration for the New Year's table or for a cozy evening with friends during the New Year holidays - a composition with candles floating in a vessel with water, cranberries and coniferous twigs. You can use cones, circles of oranges, fresh flowers and leaves from a flower shop - whatever your fantasy tells you. And as a candlestick - deep plates, vases, jars, glasses, the main thing is that they are transparent.

Snowman on refrigerator or door

Children will definitely be delighted with this - fast, fun and very simple, because even a three-year-old can cope with cutting out large parts. It is enough to cut circles, a nose and a scarf from self-adhesive paper, wrapping paper or colored cardboard and attach them to regular or double-sided tape.

Snowflakes for the window

An interesting use for an idle glue gun. In order to stick these snowflakes to the glass, just press them lightly to the surface. See our video for details.

  • You will need: a stencil with a snowflake drawn in black marker, tracing paper (parchment, baking paper), glue gun and a little patience.

Candy Christmas trees

Bright Christmas trees can be built together with the kids for a children's party or decorate a festive table with them. Cut out triangles from colored paper or cardboard, attach with tape to a toothpick and stick the resulting Christmas trees into sweets.

  • You will need: Hershey's Kisses or other truffles, toothpicks, tape, colored paper or cardstock with a pattern.

Garland with photographs and drawings

New Year, Christmas - warm, family holidays. And it will come in handy with photographs, children's drawings, pictures. They are easiest to secure with clothespins that can be decorated with hearts or snowflakes.

Origami Star

Painted Spoons

Ordinary metal spoons or wooden cooking spoons are transformed into interesting Christmas decorations with the help of acrylic paints. This idea is sure to please the kids. If you bend the handle of metal spoons, they can be hung on a Christmas tree. And wooden spoons will look great in the kitchen or in a bouquet with spruce branches.

No other holiday has such a joyful and magical period of preparation as the New Year and Christmas. Today we invite you to recharge your batteries with anticipation and have a lot of fun creating Christmas balls for the Christmas tree with your own hands. Do not wait until the festive atmosphere itself descends into your home! Start getting inspired for 2019 now by creating special decorations for your home!

In the last article we told you how to make . So now it's time to show 40 ways to make Christmas balls from ribbons, threads, fabric, beads, beads and other improvised materials and materials. Best ideas with step by step photos!

How to make Christmas balls from threads with your own hands (12 photos)

How to make a beautiful Christmas ball from threads? The easiest and fastest way is to wrap an old Christmas tree ball with thick knitting thread or twine. Use glue to keep the thread secure. Complete the result with lace, ribbons and beads. DIY Christmas balls made of thread will look very vintage and romantic on the Christmas tree.

You can make eco-style Christmas balls with the same thick threads. All you need for this is glue or paste, a few balloons and twine. The beauty of this method is that you can decorate the received toys in any way (with branches, electronic candles, etc.) and give them any size. Do you want to make large Christmas balls with your own hands from threads? Then just push harder!

Finally, you can create amazing Christmas balls with fine sewing threads. True, the process will take a lot of time, but just take a look at the New Year's balls of thread in the following photos! This is a real art, whose name is temari. We offer several ideas and schemes for beginners.

DIY Christmas tree balls from ribbons

Each Christmas ball made from satin ribbons will look very elegant and will only enhance the sparkle of your Christmas tree. In order not to waste a lot of time and effort, you can wrap a regular old ball with a narrow ribbon and decorate it with beads, sequins, ribbons or lace. The method is similar to decorating balls with threads, only the result will be more luxurious. See Christmas balls from ribbons in the following photos:

If you are diligent and patient, then try cutting the fabric into pieces and using needles to make chic New Year's balls from ribbons with your own hands according to the step-by-step photos below.

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It will be much easier to make Christmas decorations from pieces of fabric. You just have to stock up on styrofoam balls in the store to use them as a base.

DIY Christmas balls: decoupage decoration, beads and more

On the night of December 31st to January 1st, we not only celebrate the new year, but also see off the old one. Therefore, Christmas decorations and toys in a nostalgic style are always in great demand. DIY decoupage Christmas balls are a great way to bring the spirit and romance of the past into your home. Read more about the decoupage technique in the article. The secret is to thin old postcards or other paper well before sticking to the surface. Photos for inspiration:

Do you have a lot of old Christmas decorations? See how you can update them and decorate Christmas balls with your own hands:

At the end of our article, we offer you a few more ideas for crafts - this time using transparent balls. Delight family members by preparing a New Year's ball with a photo inside with your own hands for everyone.

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In addition to photos, you can decorate transparent Christmas balls with your own hands with pine needles, finely cut paper, scraps of old garlands, etc.

many needlewomen. And this is not surprising, because satin, with proper care, can be very durable, which means that products made from it will delight you with their beauty for a long time.

In addition, its consumption during operation is quite small, and the process of making all kinds of original accessories, exclusive interior decorations, decorative elements or unusual gifts is simple and affordable even for beginners.

If you haven't worked with ribbons yet, give it a try and see how easy and beautiful it can be. Moreover, there are many master classes that instruct in detail how to make different crafts from ribbons with your own hands.

“Ribbon creativity”, in addition to originality and beauty, also attracts its diversity, because satin tapes can be used as for manufacturing simple trinkets, so and to create real masterpieces or works of art.

For example, here are the easiest ribbon crafts that even your child can make:

  • bows or flowers - these can be hairpins, headband ornaments, brooches, etc.;
  • baubles and bracelets;
  • various decorations for decorating gifts or home interiors - flowers, figurines, animals.

Crafts from ribbons can also be complex, made in various well-known techniques (“kanzashi”, “artichoke” and others):

  • aromatic sachets;
  • they are used to decorate Easter eggs and wedding paraphernalia - making bouquets, decorating wine glasses, gift bottles of champagne, pillows for rings, etc.;
  • from ribbons and soap with your own hands, you can create entire baskets of flowers that will decorate any interior or be a great gift.

And this is not all possible crafts from this material. For inspiration, you can use existing ideas in master classes or come up with something special of your own.

Satin ribbon rosette

Of course, you can start from the simplest. To easily do unusual and complex things, you need to understand the basic techniques for creating products from satin ribbons. And it's best to see it step by step in the master class.

  1. Although tulips, dandelions, hyacinths, primroses, and many other flowers are rolled from ribbons, the rose is the most popular flower among craftswomen. Roses are most often made using the kanzashi technique. For the flower, choose a five-centimeter-wide ribbon of your desired color. Trim the edge of the tape evenly and melt it with a lighter so that it does not crumble. After that, lay the ribbon so that its wrong side is facing up.
  2. Wrap the upper left corner down (there are arrows in the master class pictures and the fold lines are indicated by a dotted line), and wrap the lower left corner to the right twice.
  3. We take a needle and thread of the same color as your ribbon. Fasten the resulting fold (the thread should be long, because you will have to flash the entire tape later).
  4. Join the two layers of tape by running stitches from the fixed point to the right (about one or two millimeters from the edge) and stop at the edge of the top tape.
  5. Turn the long end of the tape to the left (in the direction of the arrow) and then fold the entire tape up to the right at an angle.
  6. Make sure the right sides match up and you have three layers. Sew them together, up from the bottom corner. Then stop, but do not cut the thread, but tuck the tape down, as the dotted line in the photo master class shows.
  7. Then fold at an angle to the left and sew again, only to the left along the top edge. After connecting the three layers, fold the tape in the direction of the arrow to the right, then at an angle down, and continue to sew.
  8. When there are enough folds (this will take about fifty centimeters of tape), sew along the edge of the last fold, covering two layers. Cut off excess material and melt it with fire, but leave the thread.
  9. Tighten the thread and you will have a whole row of petals. Start forming a bud. The first petal must be made from the very beginning of the tape, pulling the thread where you fixed the two folds. Twist it around these folds and you will have the center of the flower.
  10. Take another needle and thread and pull the bottom edges of the petals together. Then form the second petal, wind it around the bud and hem it in the same way from the bottom.
  11. Continue in the same way, adjusting the petals with thread tension. If you get more assembly on the bud, then your rosette will also be larger, looking like a blossoming beautiful flower. And you can do a little tension, and then a tender bud will come out.
  12. Then twist the thread to the end and hem each petal from the bottom. Carefully fasten and cut the thread. Straighten your flower.

Depending on how you want to use the rosette, its bottom can be glued with a piece of felt or ribbon, sewn to the leaves, attached to a safety pin (for a brooch), a hairpin or a hoop, etc. Such a delicate and beautiful product will be a great decoration or gift for spring holidays like March 8th.

Little roses - simple

Ribbon Poppy

There are other ways to create various flowers with your own hands in the workshops. For example, you can cut many parts separately from a satin ribbon, shaped like leaves and petals. Then burn them, form a flower and glue the elements together, decorating them with beads or sequins.

Ribbon lily - photo MK

Ribbon bridal bouquet

Made flowers can then be sewn onto fabric or embroidered with satin ribbons directly on the canvas, making various paintings and panels. Using the same technique, it is easy to make many roses for a bride's wedding bouquet. It remains only to make the base on which the flowers will be attached.

Easter eggs decorated with ribbons

If you want to decorate Easter eggs, you can either simply cover the blank with fabric and then decorate it with flowers or ribbon bows, or use the artichoke technique - fold ribbons of different colors in the manner of fish scales and stick them to the surface of the egg.

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