How to secure outdoor christmas tree

How To Keep Outdoor Christmas Trees From Blowing Over


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Tired of your outdoor tree falling over? Learn how to keep outdoor Christmas trees from blowing over on your porch or yard.

Decorating your front porch or yard with Christmas trees is a fun way to celebrate the holidays.

But whether you are using real or artificial Christmas trees outside one of the most frustrating problems is that they blow over so easily.

That leads to broken decorations, having to set everything up over and over again, and the risk of someone getting hurt when a tree falls over.

Learning how to secure outdoor Christmas trees securely can save you a lot of time and frustration during the holidays.

These easy tricks have worked well for me in the past when I’ve decorated my yard and porch with trees.

If you live in a very windy area you may find that you need to use a combination of methods.

How To Keep Outdoor Christmas Trees From Blowing Over

Fence Post Base

Add Weights

Try An Umbrella Stand

Shepherds Hooks

Tie Straps

How To Keep Outdoor Christmas Trees From Blowing Over

Fence Post Base

ADLER Fence Post Base Brackets Heavy Duty Steel Powder-Coated Anchor Support Use for 4×4 Wood, 11” x 4.3” x 6, Black


A fence post base isn’t just good for fixing a leaning fence post they can be really handy in securing an outdoor Christmas tree.

These post-holders have holes in the bottom that you can screw into your porch, or use stakes to secure them into the ground.

Then place the trunk of your Christmas tree inside it, try to use one that fits snuggly, and screw through the side holes into the trunk to secure it.

This fence post brackets idea will work best with a real tree.

Add Weights

One of the main reasons artificial Christmas trees fall over outside is that their base isn’t heavy enough to keep it grounded when the wind picks up.

You can help make the base heavy by adding bags or boxes of rocks, sand, or even cat litter to the bottom of the tree.

Make it pretty by placing them inside burlap sacks so they look like mock Christmas presents under the tree and your neighbors will never know.

Try An Umbrella Stand

EliteShade Umbrella Base Water Filled Stand Market Patio Outdoor Heavy Duty Umbrella Holder


Umbrella stands are made to hold large outdoor umbrellas even in windy weather. This can make them a great solution for holding artificial trees outside and keeping them from blowing over.

Make sure the one you get has a pipe diameter large enough to fit the trunk of your tree inside. Then fill the base with sand and place the tree inside before tightening it down well.

This trick works well in combination with the extra bags of weights or tie straps if you are in a very windy area.

Shepherds Hooks

Ashman Shepherd’s Hooks, Black, Set of 4 Made of Premium Metal for Hanging Solar Lights, Bird Feeders, Mason Jars, Plant Hangers, Flower Basket, Christmas Lights, Lanterns, Garden Stakes and Weddings


Shepherds hooks used to support having baskets during the summer can also make good supports for outdoor Christmas trees.

Make sure to use a heavy duty one and drive it into the ground securely.

Then place the Christmas tree next to the post and tie them together with strong twine or zip ties.

Shepherds hooks work best for light weight artificial trees.

Tie Straps

If your outdoor tree is near a fence or railing another option is to use a ratcheting tie strap.

Place the tie strap around the trunk and the railing and secure it tightly. This option can work well for both artificial and real cut Christmas trees.

If there are no posts nearby that you can secure the tree to, another option that may work is to use tent spikes and rope that’s been pulled tight to hold the tree in place.

Just be careful when setting this up that it’s not a tripping hazard in your yard.

Of course, you can combine these ideas together to make sure your Christmas trees stay in place in windy weather so you don’t have to go outside and try to fix it.

While these ideas have worked well for me in the past to keep my Christmas trees in place if you are expecting a really bad wind storm it’s always a good idea to move the decorations to a safer place if possible.

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How Do You Secure An Artificial Christmas Tree Outside? (Tips)

We love putting up our artificial Christmas tree outside every year, but it can become challenging to keep it in place during strong winds and bad weather. So what’s the best way of anchoring it?

You can secure your artificial Christmas tree outside using shepherd’s hooks, ratchet straps, rope or tie straps, an outdoor umbrella stand full of water, bags of rocks or dumbbell weights, or fence post bases.

Join us to discover how to use each of these methods to anchor your artificial Christmas tree outside this festive season…

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Can You Put Fake Christmas Trees Outside? (Is it Safe?)

Yes, you can put a fake Christmas tree outside. A fake Christmas tree can make a great addition to a porch, gazebo, or patio, creating an appealing extra seating area for the holiday season. 

You need to make sure of a few things first: is it water resistant, and are its lights and decorations suitable for outdoor use? There’s a great selection of outside fake Christmas trees at places like Home Depot and Lowe’s, which are ready-decorated with safe outdoor lights.

As well as making sure your fake tree and lights are suitable for outdoor use, you need to ensure that the tree won’t topple over. A gust of wind could easily wreck your gorgeous display, or even send your tree tumbling down the block. We’ll take a closer look at how best to anchor your fake Christmas tree.

How Do You Anchor a Fake Christmas Tree Outside So it Doesn’t Blow Over?

Artificial Christmas trees can be lighter, so they need firm anchoring to prevent them from blowing over. There are several ways you can do this, and how you choose to secure your tree depends on the type of tree and what fixing points you have available.  

You can keep it cheap and low key by weighing down a pot with rocks or sand, or try a decorative method like a weighted umbrella stand. If your porch is particularly windy, you can even use ratchet straps or ties.

Just please bear in mind that even though you can easily tie up or weigh down an outdoor fake tree, the best solution is to choose a sheltered spot in the first place. Aim to have the tree close to the house wall or away from the prevailing wind. A sheltered location combined with a weight or a tie should keep your tree standing neatly upright throughout the holiday season.

Heavy Duty Shepherds Hooks

Shepherd’s hooks are normally used for decorative purposes such as holding lanterns or hanging baskets. However, a heavy-duty shepherd’s hook can take on tougher tasks, such as helping to support your fake Christmas tree.

Shepherd’s crooks placed in buckets or pots of soil on either side of the tree can be used to tie it down (more about ties in a moment). You can also turn the pots into pretty, decorative features with evergreen plants.

Even with heavy-duty hooks, this is a solution if you just need a bit of extra support. If you think the tree is likely to get blown over, you’ll need a more robust method of support.

Ratchet Straps, Rope or Tie Straps

Ratchet straps are most commonly used in haulage, to tie down loads. So, they may not be a pretty solution, but they are effective. If you are standing your tree on a raised deck, you can thread the straps between boards. Otherwise, you may need to attach fixings to the house wall or fence to hold the strap.

The same is the case with rope and tie straps: what are you going to fix them to? If your tree is going to stand close to a fence or trellis, this is an easy fixing method; otherwise, you may have to install hooks on your wall to take the other end of the rope or strap.

Outdoor Umbrella Stand Full of Water

We really like this method, as it can look really great. Do you have a stand for your patio umbrella? Repurpose it as a Christmas tree stand. The heavy-duty ones that you fill with water are ideal: just make sure that the trunk fits before you choose this as your fixing method.

If you don’t already have an umbrella stand over-wintering in your garage or shed, you can pick them up at places like Home Depot or Target. You can even get decorative plastic ones (although these don’t weigh down as well as a water or sand-filled stand). If you don’t like the look of your plain stand, try covering it with burlap and ribbon (using water-resistant fabrics, of course).

Bags of Rocks or Dumbbell Weights

This is a cheap and effective method of weighing down your outdoor fake tree. Simply gather up some pebbles or rocks, or a few small dumbbell weights. You’ll also need two plastic store bags (tough ones, with handles that won’t pull and tear).

Place the rocks or weights in the bags, then tie the bags on either side of the Christmas tree stand. Make sure they are opposite each other so the weight is evenly balanced. This is an easy way of making sure your tree doesn’t blow away (and is an easy solution if you realize last-minute that your tree needs holding down).

It’s not the most attractive solution. We’d suggest getting a strip of burlap a few yards long, and generously wrapping it around the tree base, covering the bags. You can also disguise it with fake presents, like the ones they put around the trees in malls and stores. But, the presents themselves will need to be weighted and wrapped in something waterproof.

Fence Post Bases

Using a fence post base to attach an artificial tree to a deck is a great idea. As with the umbrella stand, you need to make sure that the trunk fits in the support. Make sure you know exactly where you want your tree to go, as you’ll need to drill holes in your decking or boards to secure the base (lookout for a fence post base with pre-drilled holes).

If you’re standing your tree on grass or dirt, you could even use a fence post itself, as a type of stake. Securely fix the post into the ground, then tie the trunk to it using any of the tying methods we mentioned above.

How Long Will an Artificial Tree Last Outside?

How long a fake Christmas tree lasts outside depends on a number of factors: how exposed it is to the elements, how good quality it is, and whether it’s designed to go outside or is simply a relocated indoor tree.

A decent outdoor tree should give you a few holiday seasons, provided you clean and dry it (and make sure it’s free from bugs) before storing it away safely on 6 January each year. If it’s been kept out of the sun and rain, your outdoor tree should do even better.

If you’re worried about exposing a smart new fake tree to the elements, Do It Yourself With Joe suggests repurposing an old artificial tree for outdoor use. If you have an old tree in your attic or basement, this is a great way of giving it a bit more useful life before eventually getting rid of it. In this short YouTube film, Joe shows you how to upcycle an old Christmas tree into a lovely new porch decoration.

As Joe says, an indoor tree won’t last long outside, which is why he advocates installing a used one. The metal parts of the stand and branches won’t be designed to withstand rust, and will deteriorate after their Christmas spent outside.


We’ve used dumbbell weights from my lifting set to anchor our outdoor Xmas tree in the past, and even tied it up one year with rope when the wind got up.

However, having looked into this in more detail I think we’ll give the umbrella stand full of water a go – or even the fence post method.

It’s important to keep that fake tree from falling over in bad weather, as it messes up all your decorations which can take ages to put up.

My kids still never let me forget that our tree went over a few years ago. 🙂

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Christmas tree installation - Street fir trees

  • Christmas floristry
  • Interior spruces
  • Street spruces

We all look forward to the New Year holidays, a special atmosphere, sparkling shop windows, warm winter evenings with the scent of tangerines and, of course, real miracles that both adults and children believe in. Everything around is transformed and dressed up in anticipation of the holiday.

But the most important decoration is a huge Christmas tree installed on the main square of the city, near shopping and entertainment centers and in parks. The institution, at the entrance of which the green beauty is located, attracts more visitors, creates a positive image. After all, children's laughter is always heard near the Christmas tree, it fascinates with its beauty and inspires.

Few people think, but the appearance of such a giant beauty is a kind of miracle, which is created by a team of specialists responsible for the sustainable installation of the tree, safety and its luxurious decoration. Installation of street Christmas trees is a difficult and painstaking job that can only be entrusted to professionals.

Installation of street Christmas trees is a responsible process with respect for every little detail

Usually the assembly of spruce takes place at night. This immediately shows the professionalism and responsible attitude to the work of the company for the installation of fir trees. After all, there is nothing less festive than an abandoned half-assembled frame in a crowded place. That is why they seriously prepare for the installation, use special equipment, optimize the process as much as possible in order to cope in one night.

Street tree installation service includes:

  • delivery of Christmas tree parts to the installation site

  • metal frame installation

  • wood assembly, including work at height using special equipment

  • Christmas tree decoration

  • dismantling of the structure at the end of the holidays

An artificial Christmas tree has a number of advantages over a real tree. It can be used for several seasons in a row, and this significantly saves the budget of an organization or city. An unnatural tree can be given a perfect shape, while Christmas trees created by nature often have some errors in appearance. Using artificial Christmas trees, we protect forests from cutting down, this is perhaps one of the main advantages.

Despite all the advantages, the installation of street trees has a number of features that must be taken into account. When transporting the structure, it is important to be as careful as possible, not to damage the parts and not spoil their appearance. It is necessary to install the structure correctly, taking into account all the nuances, because if it falls, then an emergency cannot be avoided. Reliability and safety in this business above all!

Do not forget that in all its beauty, the tree will stand for 2-3 months on the street. When installing it, it is worth considering different weather conditions, which can affect the appearance and strength of the structure.

Decorating a street Christmas tree is the most enjoyable stage of installation

Ever since kindergarten, we remember the festive call: “one, two, three, light the Christmas tree”. To make the street tree burn, sparkle and shimmer with different colors, experts use illumination, mainly garlands, which decorate the tree in the first place. In the evening, when the lights are turned on, the tree looks amazing.

And to make the green beauty look beautiful even during the day, the installation of outdoor Christmas trees ends with decorating with classic New Year's toys of large sizes. This decor is made of special materials that can withstand temperature extremes, resistant to moisture and other adverse factors. Toys, like a Christmas tree, can be stored for several years.

Dismantling the Christmas tree is carried out carefully and accurately

After any holiday, beautiful outfits are hidden back in the closet, and expensive decorations are placed in the box. This happens with the Christmas tree, and it is no less difficult to disassemble it than to install it. Believe it or not, it takes as much time to hide a Christmas tree until next year as it takes to install it.

If you approach the dismantling of the Christmas tree irresponsibly, it is unlikely that it will please you with its perfection. All parts of the structure must be carefully disassembled, packed, transported and allocated a place for storage. Garlands, decorations and toys are packed in separate boxes to keep them in perfect condition.

Order the installation of street trees from experts - take care of your safety and your reputation!

If you have already decided to install a huge Christmas tree on the street, no matter where and for what purpose, you should still use the services of professionals. Trust me, no one has ever been able to do this on their own.
Order the installation of the Christmas tree in advance to be in time for the holiday, to please yourself, visitors and guests. Working with a team of professionals, in just one night, the green beauty will sparkle with lights and appear before you in a festive outfit.

You can order New Year's decoration and find out everything about inexpensive decoration of the New Year's holiday

by phone +7 (495) 532-86-67

or by e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots . You must have JavaScript enabled to view.

Making holidays unforgettable is our job!

How to fix a Christmas tree on the street with improvised means

How to fix a Christmas tree on the street using improvised means

08/07/2022 experience 0 Comments

A few tips on how to keep a live Christmas tree at home longer

Having bought a cut Christmas tree on the market, each of us wants it to look fresh and attractive during all the holidays. Here are some simple tips to help keep a live Christmas tree at home longer. To do this, you will not need any special tools, only a grain of knowledge on choosing, installing a Christmas tree and caring for it. From the article you will learn: 1 How to save a Christmas tree so that it does not crumble? 1.1 Choosing a quality tree 2.1 Mounting the Christmas tree 2.2 Several recipes for a nutrient solution to extend the life of the Christmas tree 3.1 We also recommend reading:

How to keep a Christmas tree so that it does not crumble?

Choosing a quality tree

Let's start with choosing a Christmas tree. If you buy a tree that has lain for a month at the seller, believe me, no matter what you do with it later, trying to maintain its appearance, the beautiful tree will not stand for a long time. Needles will crumble just from time to time. When buying spruce or pine before the new year, check with the seller about the time of the log house, asking for documents for the goods. If they are not, first of all pay attention to the color of the needles. A yellow tint will indicate that the tree is far from young and will soon begin to crumble. Also, experts advise with an effort to run your palm along the branch: if needles remain in your hand, the tree was cut down a long time ago and it is better not to take it. When running your hand along the branch, the needles should be flexible and stay on the tree. To keep the Christmas tree as long as possible, pay attention to the trunk and branches of the tree. The branches should be elastic and unbreakable. The surface of the trunk should be covered with needles; there should not be a wide dark border on the cut. The freshness of the Christmas tree is evidenced by the elasticity of its branches and the bright, rich green color of the needles. If you rub a few needles in your fingers, a strong spruce smell must necessarily appear, and the surface of the skin will become oily.

Proper installation of a live Christmas tree

If you decide to keep a live Christmas tree at home longer, do not rush to install it in the room immediately after purchase. Let the tree acclimatize a little. From a sharp temperature drop, the tree can lose all the needles. For successful acclimatization, put the tree in a cold garage or balcony. installing a live Christmas tree While the Christmas tree is getting used to the change in temperature, we will prepare a place for its installation. First, the wood should be kept away from open flames or heat sources that could dry it out prematurely. Second, keep your tree out of reach of pets. If you plan to use garlands to decorate your Christmas tree, place the tree closer to the outlet. If this is not possible, you will need to use an extension cord. Make sure that the extension cord runs along the wall, does not come into contact with moisture and does not create a fire hazard for electrical wiring. If you want to keep a live Christmas tree fresh for a long time, forget about metal and plastic cross-pieces, in which the tree is fixed with nails or screws. Buy a special stand into which you can pour water or pick up a deep container where you can pour water, pour wet sand or put pebbles. It should be deep enough so that the tree does not fall and does not roll to one side. Keep in mind that you will need some form of water to keep the wood fresh. To keep it from harming your flooring and furniture, cover the tree installation site with cloth or light-colored paper. You can also cover the container in which the Christmas tree is installed with something. With the help of tinsel, rain and other Christmas decorations, everything can be organized as a great Christmas tree decor.

Mounting the Christmas tree

When mounting the Christmas tree, remove the lower branches (they are perfect for a New Year's wreath or a bouquet to decorate a festive table). Clean the trunk 10–20 cm. Be sure to renew the saw cut. This is necessary so that the trunk can absorb moisture. Note! On some sites, you can find a recommendation to drill several holes in the barrel before installing in the water. It is assumed that this way the tree will absorb moisture better. However, experts do not recommend doing this - there is no particular benefit from this, but such experiments can damage the stability of the tree. Place the tree in a container Place the tree in a container filled with wet sand or water. Instead of sand, you can collect small pebbles, set a Christmas tree in them and fill them with water. You can also wrap the cleaned part of the trunk with any loose cloth and regularly moisten it with water or a specially prepared solution. In any case, no matter what way you choose to keep a live Christmas tree at home longer - in water, among pebbles or in sand, make sure that the tree is stable. The stores sell special coasters, which provide a container for water. If there is no such stand, take an ordinary bucket, just make the tree rest against the edges with the lower branches or fix it with rope extensions. They are easy to hide under the New Year's decor.

Several recipes for a nutrient solution to prolong the life of the Christmas tree

To prolong the life of the Christmas tree, make the water more nutritious for it and take measures to prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Here are some simple recipes to help you with this: The easiest option is hot water and acetic acid. Boiling water will open the pores of the wood, and vinegar will protect against pests that live under the bark. In addition, the essence will act as a preservative, extending the life of the Christmas tree. The second option is a solution of water and 2-3 tablespoons of liquid glycerin. This solution will protect the trunk from decay. The third way is a solution of cold water, sugar (2 tablespoons) and aspirin (2 pcs.). Sugar will feed the tree, and asperin will become a preservative for water. It will not bloom, it will not smell bad and the Christmas tree will last longer. Note: as a folk remedy for feeding a Christmas tree, you can find advice to add cola or lemonade to the water. This product of the chemical and food industry, according to folk chemists, should extend the life of the Christmas tree. I don’t know how effective it is, but if you decide to try this remedy, make sure not to pour sweet water on the Christmas tree, furniture and floors. In addition, you should not use this remedy if there is a small dog or other animals that love sweets in the house. They will definitely want to know what smells so delicious there and you are tormented to drive them away from the Christmas tree.

The tree is installed. What to do next

So, you have taken all the necessary measures to keep the live Christmas tree at home longer. Now you just have to monitor the water level in the container with the tree if it is installed in water or the moisture content of the sand if the tree is installed in the container with sand. To do this, look into the container and add water. The sand should be wet and the water level should not fall below the base of the tree. In addition to feeding the tree from the side of the trunk, it is advisable to spray the branches of the tree from time to time with a spray gun. This should be done a few hours before turning on the electric Christmas decorations. Important! When choosing garlands for the Christmas tree, buy new-style LED bulbs. They will not dry the tree much during operation and it will last longer. published on cemicvet. ru according to the materials usadbaplus. en

How to make a Christmas tree stand with your own hands?

Having spontaneously changed an artificial Christmas tree (sold with a structure for installation) to a live one, it is not necessary to immediately run to the store for a stand, which you can not buy in every store. It is necessary to estimate the height of the tree and its volume, the thickness of the trunk, and also remember what kind of house has a material suitable for making a stand. It can be wood, metal and even cardboard. The main thing is to correctly calculate the proportions of the tree and the stability of the future structure.

How to make a stand

A stand for a Christmas tree - both artificial and live - can be made from almost any improvised means. It can be boards, bottles or metal bars. A metal stand, unlike wood or any other, will last longer, but is more difficult to manufacture. The difficulty lies in the need to be able to work with certain tools (such as a welding machine). If the Christmas tree is small, artificial, then it is quite possible to get by using a cardboard box as a material. To fix the wood and give stability to the box, put bottles filled with water or sand into it. Between them, a Christmas tree is placed in the center and fixed, for example, with sand, with which the box is filled, despite the bottles.

When deciding to use this method, remember that the sand must be dry. Otherwise, the cardboard will get wet and fall apart.

Making out of wood

You can easily make a Christmas tree stand out of wood. The simplest and most readily available material is moisture-resistant plywood, the thickness of which should be about 20 mm for stability. Only when starting to make a homemade stand, it is necessary to take into account the size of the tree itself. For a small Christmas tree, plywood will be the simplest and best option that is easy to work with. For large trees it is better to use natural timber. It will be more difficult to work with, but it is the only option for live solid wood, which is characterized by obesity, which will cause the plywood stand to turn over.

In addition, when planning the production of a stand for a real Christmas tree, it must be taken into account that it will need to be placed in water and then fixed. Otherwise, the needles under the influence of room heat will quickly fall off.

If there are no animals in the house, you can use an ordinary glass jar as a vessel with water. If there are pets, then it is better to replace it with something more durable. Having decided on the material, you need to plan the details. You will need: legs; the base that fixes the trunk; fixture. Manufacturing should always start with sawing the base and shaping the legs. The base must be round. A hole is made in the center of this circle, the diameter of which should be no more than 40 mm (this is the average diameter of the trunk). The base must have 3 legs so that the figure is stable. The legs are a relatively long crossbar, which is inserted into a cell cut in advance at the base from the end side. After the parts are connected, we select nuts with screws, and assemble the structure. For artificial Christmas trees, a wooden cross is also quite suitable, which does not involve the use of containers with water. Its manufacture is much simpler than container designs. This requires 2 boards. A recess is cut along the inner side of one, equal to the width of the second board, which is superimposed on the whole board. A hole is cut in the center of the structure so that the Christmas tree can be inserted. Legs are nailed to the top board, as well as to the bottom one. You can also make a stand from ordinary boards without unnecessary cuts. For this, 4 narrow boards are taken, which are nailed to each other on one side so that a narrow square is obtained, and the other side acts as a support (there will be 4 legs). If live Christmas trees are bought annually and it is not known what diameter the trunk will be, then it is recommended to make an adjustable cross. You will need 3 supports to make. It is desirable that the length of each be 250 mm. The ends of these supports are cut at an angle of 60 degrees and holes are cut into them for screws for connection. From the outer sides, 2 parallel recesses are made for uniform cutting of the hole. In some cases, you can use the simplest way: making a stand from the most ordinary log. To do this, we cut the material at our discretion (it can be done horizontally or vertically). After that, the workpiece must be cut in half. The flat side acts as a support, and on the outside we make a recess for the trunk.

Water cannot be poured into this structure. But you can pour sand into the recess and pour it lightly with water. This will allow the tree to retain its needles.

Tools and materials

To make a wooden stand you will need: a long board 5-7 cm wide; self-tapping screws, the size of which depends on the thickness of the material; tape measure, which can be replaced by a construction ruler; pencil or marker; jigsaw or saw; screwdriver or drill; nozzle "crown".


The sketch is based on the "Wooden sacrum" base model, which is quite flexible. Most wooden models are made according to this analogy.

Step-by-step diagram

Examine the sketch and mark on the board with a pencil. If the tree is high (about 2 meters), then the bars must be selected more: Using a special tool (saw, jigsaw), cut 2 identical bars. On the element that will be below, make a groove in the center. Its width should be equal to the width of the second bar. We insert the upper part into the groove, which should enter firmly. In the center of the cross, using a drill with a “crown” nozzle, we cut out a round hole. We twist the parts with screws.

Practice shows that very long legs of the cross will cause children to stumble when playing near the Christmas tree. To avoid this, it is recommended to cut each end of it at an angle.

If it becomes necessary to put the Christmas tree in a container with water, then legs are added under the cross. Their height must be equal to the height of the vessel. Having done this, we cut a through hole in the center, we substitute water under it.

How to make metal

With a few tools at hand, you can make a beautiful metal stand yourself at home. To do this, you will need: cut iron pipe with a diameter equal to the diameter of the barrel; soft metal metal rod with a diameter of up to 12 mm; Bulgarian; a hammer; building corner; welding machine; rust remover; paint of the desired color. The first step is to cut off the necessary part of the pipe, which will be the base.

Do not make the base too high, as this will make the structure unstable.

Make 3 legs out of a metal rod. Having sawed off the desired length of each leg, you need to make two so-called shoulders (the bend is made at an angle of 90 degrees). The bend depends on the height of the pipe for the base. To make the figure stable, the leg must be made longer (about 160 mm). Of these, 18 mm will be spent on welding to the base (upper elbow), and 54 mm for the lower elbow. The finished structure should be properly treated with a rust solution first, and then it should be painted. You can’t do such work at home, everything is done in a garage or a barn.

Design options

It doesn't matter what material was used to make the base. It is desirable to arrange it properly after the work done so that the design looks aesthetically pleasing.

Learn more