How to stand a christmas tree up

Christmas Miracle: 8 Simple Fixes for All Your Tree Troubles

Shedding Needles


Dropping needles are a sign your Christmas tree is dry. You can combat this by buying the freshest tree possible in the first place. Then, be sure to cut a slice off the bottom of the trunk immediately before you put it into the tree stand. This removes the sap that has collected over the original cut, which allows the tree to take up water. Make sure it has LOTS of water for the first couple days, and don’t ever allow it the water to drop below the cut. You can also spray your tree with Christmas tree spray before decorating it. That will seal the surface of the needles and keep them from losing moisture.

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Bare Spots


Sometimes you don’t see that the Christmas tree you’ve selected has a big bare spot until you get it home and into the stand. If your tree stands next to a wall or corner, that’s an easy fix—just turn it around. But if that’s not the case, cut a few branches from the bottom of the tree before putting it into the stand. Then, zip tie those branches onto the interior of the branches just surrounding the gap. Trim and shape them with some pruners to help those “new branches” blend in. Once you’ve got the lights and ornaments on, no one will ever notice.

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Sap Removal


It’s inevitable that somewhere in between the Christmas tree farm and your home, sap will get somewhere. Usually that means its either in your car, on you, or on the carpet. For upholstery and carpet, mix a little dish soap into warm water and gently work it into the spot. Continue until the sap loosens up, and then rinse it away. Finally blot the area with dry towels. If you get sap on your hands, rub some hand sanitizer on it to break it up. Then, wash your hands with soap and water.

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The Crooked Tree


It’s really hard to get a Christmas tree to stand up straight in the stand on the first try. You need a partner. One person should drop the trunk into the stand as upright as possible and hold it, while the second person screws the eye bolts in underneath. Tighten each bolt a little bit a time. Once the tree is stable enough, the first person should then stand away from the tree and direct the bolt tightening. If the tree is leaning in one direction, the bolt on the opposite side should be tightened to straighten it up. It requires a little bit of trial and error, but with that method, you’ll eventually have success. via lockergnome

Leaky Stand


Place a sheet of plastic with a towel on top of it under the Christmas tree stand prior to setting it up. If you have a watering snafu, or the tree stand start to leak, this will help to protect your floor. Check the towel every day when you water the tree, so you can head off any problems sooner as opposed to later.

Broken Lights


So, what happens if a strand of lights goes out after you’ve decorated the tree? It’s usually one bad bulb that causes a whole string to go defunct. Check each bulb on the strand to make sure it is properly seated. Tightening a loose one may do the trick. If it doesn’t, use an extra bulb that came with the set, and swap it into each bulb socket until you find the bum light. Once you do, all the lights should come back on.

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Animal Attacks


Cats and Christmas trees are natural foes. To keep your kitty from climbing the tree, wrap the base of it in a thick layer of aluminum foil. They don’t like to put their claws through it. You can also spray the tree with Citronella or Apple Bitter. Cats don’t like the smell, and more likely than not, will avoid your festive arrangements.

Baby Proofing


Toddlers are as curious about Christmas trees as cats are. But you need different methods to deter them. Place some extra baby gates around the tree to keep little ones from breaking precious ornaments or pulling the tree down on top of themselves. If a baby gates kills your Christmas spirit, decorate it with garland and bows to help it blend into the scene. Or, wrap some large empty boxes with Christmas wrap and surround the tree with a “present fence.”

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20 Best DIY Christmas Tree Stand Ideas 2021


You probably have a generic Christmas tree stand hidden in a closet or attic somewhere, but before you bust it out, consider making a DIY version instead. No, we don't mean DIY-ing some cardboard rig that's going to be hidden under a skirt in the end; we mean DIY-ing a super unique base for your tree that looks so good, it stands on its own! Whether you want it to blend in with your current aesthetic–rustic, modern, traditional, Christmaximalist–or completely stand out, you can tailor the design of your DIY tree base to your liking. We've rounded up our favorite DIY stands, from some that require moderate woodworking skills (call your favorite friend-with-a-saw) to incredibly easy-to-assemble ones that are more like instant bases than true DIYs. You're sure to find one you love–or major inspo, at the very least–on this list.


Find a Vintage Piano Stool

adams and elm home

For a highly unique stand, take apart a vintage piano stool. Use the base as a sturdy holder for a skinny faux tree.

See more at Adams and Elm Home.


Create a Faux Antique Box

funky junk interiors

Love the idea of an antique look? DIY a faux antique box using spray paint and stencils (or, you know, run out to the local antique mall and see if you can find one you love). The upside of making one yourself is that you'll get to customize it to work with your interiors.

Get the tutorial from Funky Junk Interiors.


Use Photo Frames

in my own style

Hide a basic tree stand behind a few photo frames wrapped in a festive fabric, and you'll have an incredibly easy DIY display in no time. Bonus points if you match the fabric to your gift wrapping.

Get the tutorial at In My Own Style.


Fashion a Decorative Box

the maker's map

After a quick trip to Dollar Tree, you'll have everything you need to make this Christmas tree stand box. Surround it with other festive accents, like a little snowman vase and cake stand with faux greenery and berries.

Get the tutorial from The Maker's Map.


Try Wooden Pillars

shanty 2 chic

This wooden pillar-like stand is perfect for displaying a mini Christmas tree or two outside of your front door. Plus, you can use it all year long.

Get the tutorial at Shanty 2 Chic.


Wrap It

Sarah Ligorria Tramp

To make a plastic Christmas tree stand look a little more polished, simply wrap it with a linen tablecloth or towel. Designer Emily Henderson used a burgundy striped one that feels both casual and refined for this tree stand.


Make It Metal

Adrienne Elizabeth Home Style Life

Turn a galvanized steel tub into a chic, shiny tree stand. Pair it with a tree that's covered in fake snow, silver ornaments, and glittering tinsel.

Get the tutorial at Adrienne Elizabeth Home Style Life.


Wrap a Tire

Ella Claire & Co.

Repurpose an old tire by wrapping it in twine or rope to give it a rustic look. Slip the tree stand inside the tire once you're finished.

Get the tutorial at Ella Claire & Co.


Repurpose a Lamp Shade

Refunk My Junk

Use an old lampshade to cover up a boring tree stand. Try one with a checkered pattern, like this one by Refunk My Junk, or match the design to the ornaments and other decor you plan on adorning your tree with.


Create a Present

Dream a Little Bigger

It's only fitting that your Christmas tree stand blends in with the presents underneath the tree, and what better way to accomplish that than by making it look like an actual present?

Get the tutorial from Dream a Little Bigger.


Warm It Up

Bower Power Blog

Cover the base of your tree with a runner rug to give it extreme cozy vibes. Bonus: It doesn't take much effort or time!

Get the tutorial at Bower Power Blog.


Use a Basket

Courtesy of Lia Griffith

Place a tiny tree in a rope-wrapped basket with colorful tassels for a vibrant touch. Move the basket onto a small table for additional height, and then start decorating the tree.

Get the tutorial at Lia Griffith.


Pop It Into a Crate

Courtesy of Dreamy Whites

A French-style basket or crate filled with colored ornaments is the country-inspired Christmas stand you need. Plus, you don't have to go through all of the effort of putting the ornaments on the tree.

See more at Dreamy Whites.


Incorporate a Gold Wire Basket

Courtesy of The Merry Thought

Finally—a tree stand that won't kill your modern decor vibes! This DIY requires very little effort. All you need is a wire basket and batting to stuff it with.

Get the tutorial at The Merry Thought.


Use an Upside Down Wicker Basket

Courtesy of Live Laugh Rowe

Ditch a tree skirt for a basket collar this year. It'll truly bring out all of the tree's natural vibes. Add burlap ribbon and papier-mâché ornaments to complement the look.

See more at Live Laugh Rowe.


Make a Festive Planter

Courtesy of Bower Power

A tree is a plant, right? Put together a large wooden planter and paint it a traditional red, then set the tree inisde. Once you add a few red ornaments, you'll be good to go.

Get the tutorial at Bower Power.


Use a Sled

Courtesy of Junkaholique

Turn your living room into a winter wonderland with this sled tree stand. All you really have to do is place a small tree on top of a small sled. Add a sheepskin rug underneath for extra flair.

Get the tutorial at Junkaholique.


Get a Wood Barrel

Courtesy of Bless'er House

Contain all the inevitable under-the-tree mess inside a giant wooden barrel. This DIY is perfect for any rustic home. You can even use it as decor throughout the entire year.

See more at Bless'er House.


Give it a Rustic Look

Courtesy of The Golden Sycamore

If you've got woodworking skills, you need to make this simple DIY stand by The Golden Sycamore. Once you're done, stuff it with a blanket or any other cozy material to warm up the look.


Make It Mobile

Courtesy of Sand and Sisal

A Christmas tree on wheels means you can move it wherever you need to around your house. It's ideal for photo ops!

See more at Sand and Sisal.

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How to install a Christmas tree correctly and attract good luck

After choosing a Christmas tree, it's time to think about where and on what to install it. You can buy a stand for a Christmas tree in advance at a store or make it yourself. In order for the tree to not prematurely wither and crumble, you will have to take care of it.

Selecting a location and preparing the tree for installation

First, you need to prepare the tree for installation and choose the right place for it in the room. A living tree does not like heat, so a place near a radiator, stove or fireplace is not suitable for it. Optimal positioning is a difficult task. The Christmas tree should not block the passage, at the same time it should be easy to approach, especially for children.

If there are pets in the house, it is almost impossible to hide the New Year's guest from them, except to enclose them with an aviary. Cats will be interested in toys, so you should not hang balls on the lower branches. You can cheat. Surely there is a thing in the house that a cat or dog is afraid of. For example, a vacuum cleaner. Put it near the Christmas tree, most likely, the animal will bypass this place.

There are no problems at all with an artificial tree: assemble, straighten the branches and decorate. With live spruce or pine, you will have to tinker a little. They don’t bring it into the house immediately after the frost, letting it stand on the balcony, veranda or in the stairwell for a couple of hours. Shake the tree lightly to loosen the weak needles.

Without water, just in a stand, a Christmas tree can stand for a week (needles will be collected in bags), or it can crumble in a couple of days. It all depends on when it was cut down, how it was stored, at what temperature and humidity. If you want the tree to please you all the New Year holidays, you will have to take care of it.

The trunk should be cleaned of dirt and a fresh cut should be made at the bottom: file down 2-3 cm or remove the bark with a knife by 10-15 cm, so that the tree absorbs water and top dressing better. If the branches are not the same size, but you want the tree to look round, some of them can be shortened.

How to choose a stand for a Christmas tree

To set the Christmas tree in its stationary position for the entire holiday season, you will need a stand and preferably a water tank. What are the options for the stand:

  • ready, bought in the store;
  • hand-welded cross;
  • office chair or fan leg;
  • stool with water tank;
  • sand bucket.

Today, a Christmas tree stand with or without a water tank can be bought in the store for every taste and color. For small trees, less than a meter, an ordinary wooden cross will do. More solid copies of the holders have a metal pipe. Combined stands are metal supports in a plastic container with clamps. There are rotating stands. It all depends on the capabilities of your wallet.
For those who are not looking for easy ways, we offer you to make a heavy and stable cross for the Christmas tree yourself. You can even use the leg of an old office chair. The main thing is that the diameter of the barrel fits.

A sand bucket is a great alternative to a Christmas tree stand. Moreover, the experience of many generations of Soviet families has proved that such a design can protect even a tree over 2 meters high from unforeseen falls. A plastic or enameled bucket of 20 liters is taken, a Christmas tree is placed in it, covered with sand and rammed. Water is added to the soil once a day. The bucket itself can be draped with cotton wool, cloth or tinsel.

Important: taking sand, stones or soil on the banks of rivers, lakes, in a forest or park without the permission of environmental authorities is an offense. It is desirable to hide the entire structure under the New Year's decoration. Sometimes you can find the option of installing a Christmas tree in a bucket with plastic bottles. The method is suitable for small trees: the lower the weight of the base (stand), the more unreliable the whole composition. Another handy tip: for lush Christmas trees over 2 meters high, regardless of the stand, consider additionally fixing it with guy wires to the wall to avoid accidental tipping.

Where to install a Feng Shui Christmas tree

As the brightest New Year symbol, the Christmas tree serves as an activator of your good luck and prosperity in the New 2022. To do this, it must be necessarily alive and preferably high.

Experts in Chinese metaphysics advise placing a Christmas tree in an apartment in the northeast corner or southeast part of it. These are universal directions for a Feng Shui Christmas tree in 2022, promising health, financial prosperity and good luck in all matters.

The southern direction is suitable for creative people, and the northern direction is for those who want to strengthen their relationship in marriage or find a soul mate next year.

How to put up a Christmas tree at home: 3 ways

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Contents of the article

  1. How to put a Christmas tree in a stand at home?
  2. How to put up a Christmas tree at home without a stand?
  3. How to install a Christmas tree at home in a bucket?
  4. How to install a Christmas tree to stand for a long time?
  5. How to keep the Christmas tree smell?
  6. How to put up a feng shui Christmas tree?

To celebrate the New Year, you need to create the right atmosphere. And a real forest beauty will help in this. To do this, you first need to figure out how to put a Christmas tree at home. After all, it is very important not only how the Christmas tree will be decorated, but also how it is installed.

Of course, many people have artificial Christmas trees in their pantries and cupboards, which can be quickly assembled before the celebration and taken apart after it. But these plastic analogues will never compare with the real smell of pine needles, with fluffy “spruce paws” and with the beauty of wildlife.

Those people who prefer to decorate their home with Christmas trees that came from the snowy regions know very well that it is quite difficult to install the forest beauty . This is a lightweight and factory-made artificial Christmas tree that comes with the same plastic stand, and natural wood requires a special approach.

How to put a Christmas tree in a stand at home?

If you and your family enjoy having a living tree in your home, using the right tree stand is not only a matter of convenience, but safety as well. The Christmas tree stand should be wide enough to support the tree while still making sure it makes firm, firm contact with the floor.

Choose a tree stand with a sufficient water reservoir and suitable for the trunk of your chosen tree. If you need to narrow the base of the tree to fit in the stand, you will need a larger tree stand for the safety of your home and family.

Follow the instructions below:

  1. Select a tree stand that is large enough for your tree. Most stands indicate that they are designed for trees of a certain height with a maximum trunk diameter.
  2. Cut about 3 cm from the bottom of the tree trunk with a saw just before placing it on the tree stand. This fresh cut will help the tree absorb water and stay fresh longer.
  3. Remove the screws from the wood stand or loosen them as far as you can. Most tree stands have four screws that are tightened to hold the tree in place.
  4. Place the tree in the stand so that the base of the trunk rests on the base of the tree stand. If any branches of the tree are preventing the trunk from reaching the bottom of the stand, remove the tree from the stand and saw off branches that do not fit.
  5. Center the tree in the stand and start changing and tightening the screws. Tighten each screw until it just touches the tree trunk, and then move on to the next screw until all four screws lightly touch the trunk. Have a helper hold the tree in place during this step to keep the tree from falling.
  6. Make sure the tree is straight and still in the center of the post. Tighten the screws, if necessary, until the tree is held securely in place and wobbles.

How to put up a Christmas tree at home without a stand?

It is easy to buy a stand, they are sold not only in stores, but also at points where they sell the trees themselves. This method is not even worth mentioning, but you can assemble the stand yourself. A wooden cross is made easily and simply from two bars, which are filed and fastened together. The Christmas tree is attached with a long self-tapping screw, which is screwed into the cross, and then into the tree trunk.

How to set up a Christmas tree at home in a bucket?

The easiest way that many people have used before is regular bucket . It was filled to the middle with sand or gravel, then a Christmas tree was placed in the center, and the sides were compacted with the chosen material until the tree became stable. But this method has several downsides.

So, for example, it is not so easy to get sand in the city in December (if you don't go to the hardware store for it). In addition, you most likely will not be able to avoid getting this very sand on the carpet and laminate. What to do in such a situation?

The most common plastic bottles with a capacity of one and a half liters will help solve the problem. This "modernized" method involves the use of water-filled bottles instead of sand. They are placed around the perimeter inside the bucket, and a Christmas tree is placed in the middle.

If the wood is not stable, stick small pieces of cloth between it and the bottles.

How to install a Christmas tree to stand for a long time?

Having bought a living tree, you want to see it green and fresh for many weeks, not just a few days. But very often the tree begins to lose needles immediately. What is the reason? If you purchase a tree that has been stored in the cold, then do not rush to immediately bring it into a warm apartment. Let the spruce stand in the pantry or on the landing for a while, adapting to the new temperature. Only then can you bring it into the house.

All housewives know that flowers need to be trimmed. So they absorb water more actively and live longer. But the tree trunk also requires similar care. Carefully cut down a thin plate of wood to provide the tree with a more active flow of useful fluid.

The water in which the Christmas tree will stand must contain an antiseptic. Use the most common aspirin, which prevents the development of bacteria. To nourish the forest beauty, dissolve a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of sugar in water. Such a "cocktail" will keep her alive for many weeks.

How to keep the Christmas tree smell?

One of the benefits of a freshly cut Christmas tree is its wonderful smell. In order for the fresh scent to last throughout the season, tree owners must take extra care to preserve the tree. With proper tree care and some tricks, households can enjoy the smell of pine throughout the Christmas season; from the day the tree enters the house until the time it is time to tear down the tree.

  1. Cut about 6 cm from the bottom of the tree. Whether the Christmas tree has been freshly cut or purchased from a large yard, it's important to cut 2 inches from the bottom of the tree when you bring it home. Trimming the bottom of the tree allows the wood to freely absorb water in the rack.
  2. Water the tree with sufficient water. The best way to keep your Christmas tree smelling fresh is to water your tree properly. Dried trees do not retain the smell of fresh pine. It is especially important to check the water level frequently during the first few days after cutting down the tree. This is the time when trees absorb water the fastest.
  3. Move wood away from sources of heat. Although the tree looks great sitting next to the fireplace, be careful. The heat from the fireplace will cause the wood to dry faster and the fresh scent to dissipate faster. To really keep the smell fresh, it's a good idea to lower the thermostat of the room the tree is in.
  4. Hold onto scraps. Sometimes fresh Christmas trees have wayward branches that need to be trimmed. Do not throw away the cut branches of the tree. Save the branches and use them as decoration and air freshener. By placing pruned branches decoratively throughout the home, the fresh smell of pine permeates everywhere. No one should know that it does not come directly from a tree, but from branches skillfully scattered throughout the house.
  5. Hide the fan behind a tree. A small, low-level fan, properly directed and hidden behind the tree, can help spread the fresh scent of pine throughout the home. The fan also serves to keep the temperature around the tree cooler, thus keeping the smell fresh.

It is not necessary to make holes in the bottom of the tree trunk to help the tree absorb water.

How to put up a feng shui Christmas tree?

The ancient teaching about the correct arrangement of objects in the house allows you to distribute Qi energy in the right way and activate the desired side of life. Someone dreams of love, and someone is more important than health, someone has problems with a career, and someone has financial problems.

To be successful in the new year, put the tree in the center of the room, then you can strengthen all sides equally. And for those who know exactly in which area special help is needed, the Bagua grid will come in handy.

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