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20 Best DIY Christmas Tree Stand Ideas 2021


You probably have a generic Christmas tree stand hidden in a closet or attic somewhere, but before you bust it out, consider making a DIY version instead. No, we don't mean DIY-ing some cardboard rig that's going to be hidden under a skirt in the end; we mean DIY-ing a super unique base for your tree that looks so good, it stands on its own! Whether you want it to blend in with your current aesthetic–rustic, modern, traditional, Christmaximalist–or completely stand out, you can tailor the design of your DIY tree base to your liking. We've rounded up our favorite DIY stands, from some that require moderate woodworking skills (call your favorite friend-with-a-saw) to incredibly easy-to-assemble ones that are more like instant bases than true DIYs. You're sure to find one you love–or major inspo, at the very least–on this list.


Find a Vintage Piano Stool

adams and elm home

For a highly unique stand, take apart a vintage piano stool. Use the base as a sturdy holder for a skinny faux tree.

See more at Adams and Elm Home.


Create a Faux Antique Box

funky junk interiors

Love the idea of an antique look? DIY a faux antique box using spray paint and stencils (or, you know, run out to the local antique mall and see if you can find one you love). The upside of making one yourself is that you'll get to customize it to work with your interiors.

Get the tutorial from Funky Junk Interiors.


Use Photo Frames

in my own style

Hide a basic tree stand behind a few photo frames wrapped in a festive fabric, and you'll have an incredibly easy DIY display in no time. Bonus points if you match the fabric to your gift wrapping.

Get the tutorial at In My Own Style.


Fashion a Decorative Box

the maker's map

After a quick trip to Dollar Tree, you'll have everything you need to make this Christmas tree stand box. Surround it with other festive accents, like a little snowman vase and cake stand with faux greenery and berries.

Get the tutorial from The Maker's Map.


Try Wooden Pillars

shanty 2 chic

This wooden pillar-like stand is perfect for displaying a mini Christmas tree or two outside of your front door. Plus, you can use it all year long.

Get the tutorial at Shanty 2 Chic.


Wrap It

Sarah Ligorria Tramp

To make a plastic Christmas tree stand look a little more polished, simply wrap it with a linen tablecloth or towel. Designer Emily Henderson used a burgundy striped one that feels both casual and refined for this tree stand.


Make It Metal

Adrienne Elizabeth Home Style Life

Turn a galvanized steel tub into a chic, shiny tree stand. Pair it with a tree that's covered in fake snow, silver ornaments, and glittering tinsel.

Get the tutorial at Adrienne Elizabeth Home Style Life.


Wrap a Tire

Ella Claire & Co.

Repurpose an old tire by wrapping it in twine or rope to give it a rustic look. Slip the tree stand inside the tire once you're finished.

Get the tutorial at Ella Claire & Co.


Repurpose a Lamp Shade

Refunk My Junk

Use an old lampshade to cover up a boring tree stand. Try one with a checkered pattern, like this one by Refunk My Junk, or match the design to the ornaments and other decor you plan on adorning your tree with.


Create a Present

Dream a Little Bigger

It's only fitting that your Christmas tree stand blends in with the presents underneath the tree, and what better way to accomplish that than by making it look like an actual present?

Get the tutorial from Dream a Little Bigger.


Warm It Up

Bower Power Blog

Cover the base of your tree with a runner rug to give it extreme cozy vibes. Bonus: It doesn't take much effort or time!

Get the tutorial at Bower Power Blog.


Use a Basket

Courtesy of Lia Griffith

Place a tiny tree in a rope-wrapped basket with colorful tassels for a vibrant touch. Move the basket onto a small table for additional height, and then start decorating the tree.

Get the tutorial at Lia Griffith.


Pop It Into a Crate

Courtesy of Dreamy Whites

A French-style basket or crate filled with colored ornaments is the country-inspired Christmas stand you need. Plus, you don't have to go through all of the effort of putting the ornaments on the tree.

See more at Dreamy Whites.


Incorporate a Gold Wire Basket

Courtesy of The Merry Thought

Finally—a tree stand that won't kill your modern decor vibes! This DIY requires very little effort. All you need is a wire basket and batting to stuff it with.

Get the tutorial at The Merry Thought.


Use an Upside Down Wicker Basket

Courtesy of Live Laugh Rowe

Ditch a tree skirt for a basket collar this year. It'll truly bring out all of the tree's natural vibes. Add burlap ribbon and papier-mâché ornaments to complement the look.

See more at Live Laugh Rowe.


Make a Festive Planter

Courtesy of Bower Power

A tree is a plant, right? Put together a large wooden planter and paint it a traditional red, then set the tree inisde. Once you add a few red ornaments, you'll be good to go.

Get the tutorial at Bower Power.


Use a Sled

Courtesy of Junkaholique

Turn your living room into a winter wonderland with this sled tree stand. All you really have to do is place a small tree on top of a small sled. Add a sheepskin rug underneath for extra flair.

Get the tutorial at Junkaholique.


Get a Wood Barrel

Courtesy of Bless'er House

Contain all the inevitable under-the-tree mess inside a giant wooden barrel. This DIY is perfect for any rustic home. You can even use it as decor throughout the entire year.

See more at Bless'er House.


Give it a Rustic Look

Courtesy of The Golden Sycamore

If you've got woodworking skills, you need to make this simple DIY stand by The Golden Sycamore. Once you're done, stuff it with a blanket or any other cozy material to warm up the look.


Make It Mobile

Courtesy of Sand and Sisal

A Christmas tree on wheels means you can move it wherever you need to around your house. It's ideal for photo ops!

See more at Sand and Sisal.

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Handy Tips and Hacks for Christmas Trees

Use these tips to make your holiday festivities easier

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Betsie Van der Meer/Getty Images

Christmas Tree Basics

You found it. After standing up and spinning around dozens of trees, you finally found the perfect Christmas tree. Now that you’ve got it home and unloaded it from the roof of the car, there are a few important things to do that will help get it in the house and make it easier to care for throughout the month.

First, measure the height of the tree before you bring it into the house. That helps ensure that it fits until the ceiling with enough room for decorations. If it’s too tall, you can shorten the trunk outside or in the garage where you don’t have to worry about a pile of sawdust all over the rug. Even if you don’t need to shorten it, it’s a good idea to cut an inch or so off the bottom of the trunk, or have that done where you buy it. Fresh wood will absorb more water, helping keep the tree fresher longer.

Next, test fit your Christmas tree with the stand. You may need a bigger stand if the tree trunk is too big. Or, you can whittle it down to fit with these whittling tips. Now’s the time to trim the lower branches too. That way there’s plenty of room between the floor and the lower reaches of the tree. Remember to use a lopper to trim branches.

Leave the net on it until you’ve got in the stand and set up in the house.

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Family Handyman

Tighten Bolts the Easy Way

Tightening the bolts on most stands is a pain, literally, and it takes forever. To save time and your hands, get a little help from your electric drill. Start by using a hacksaw to cut off the little ‘L’ at the end of the tree stand bolts. Chuck the ends of the bolts into your drill and tighten them. You’ll have your tree locked down in minutes. If one of the bolts breaks or gets stuck, don’t stress it; you can fix them easily.

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Family Handyman

Secure the Tree

If you’re concerned about your Christmas tree standing firmly on your carpet, put the stand on a piece of 1/4-in. hardboard. You can get 4 x 8-ft. sheets, or smaller, at any home center. If you really want to lock it down, use 1/4-in. pan head machine screws to mount the tree stand to the wood. If you have wood or tile floors, just put some duct tape over the screwheads so they don’t scratch the floor.

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Knee-Saving Watering Technique

You have to keep the tree watered, so it doesn’t dry out and leave brown needles all over the floor and to keep the tree from becoming a fire hazard. But squeezing under a tree with a watering can is a little difficult, so to make watering it easier, hang a funnel with a plastic tube attached to the end of it from a tree branch. Then, run the tube along the trunk and into the water reservoir. Have someone keep an eye on the water reservoir to prevent overfilling.

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No-Spill Christmas Tree

Water leaking from the reservoir at the bottom of the tree stand can cause serious damage to your floors. One easy way to prevent that is by using a plastic snow saucer, the kind with the flat area in the center, underneath the tree stand. If you have wood floors, use a carpet remnant or an extra bath mat to put under the saucer to prevent scratches. If you’re really worried about leaks, you can also use technology to detect water leaks.

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Buy a Tree Bag When You Get Your Tree

Slip a tree disposal bag over the base of the tree before putting it in the stand. Don’t forge to tear a slit for the trunk so the tree can get water. The bag is hidden under the tree skirt until you’re ready to haul the tree out the door—without leaving a trail of needles through the house. Just remove the ornaments from the tree, pull the bag up and you’re on your way.

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Fire Safety

Keep your Christmas tree fire-safe by keeping it watered. Buy it fresh, pull light plugs overnight, and keep it well away from candles and fireplaces. Click for more fire prevention tips.

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Family Handyman

Hook for Tall Trees

Putting up and taking down holiday lights in a tall outdoor tree can be tricky. The easiest method we've found is to use a paint roller extension pole with a hook on the end. You can use a wire coat hanger or other heavy-gauge wire. Just embed it in the pole threads, bend the wire up into a hook and secure it with duct tape to keep the hook from sliding around the pole.

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Family Handyman

Soft Artificial Tree Binding

When dismantling our artificial Christmas tree, we always used the ribbons it was originally packed with to tie up the boughs of each section. Last year, the ribbons finally wore out and we couldn't find a strong enough replacement. Instead, we came up with a terrific substitute—self-adhesive 'bandage' wrap. The wrap is strong and reusable, it won't damage the tree and it's not very expensive.

Check out some tips on how to keep cats out of your Christmas tree and more Christmas tree care.

Originally Published: December 13, 2019

Ryan Van Bibber

Ryan Van Bibber is a deputy editor at Family Handyman. He's been DIY'ing since he was a kid. A resident of Santa Fe, New Mexico, he is especially proud of his aptitude with a swamp cooler, repairing stucco and engineering makeshift shade. As a career journalist, Ryan covered the NFL for more than a decade, worked as a senior editor at Outside as well as writing and editing buying guides and product reviews for several national publications. When he’s not working, you can find him on the trails with his family and two very good dogs.

How to properly install a Christmas tree

Fotolia / PhotoXPress

According to the teachings of Feng Shui, a person can get happiness (health, prosperity, luck and everything else) in three ways: at birth from the gods (this is heavenly happiness), by his work ( human happiness) and with the help of feng shui manipulations that organize and regulate the flow of useful qi energy in space, accumulate it in the right places and in the right quantities. This is earthly happiness. (By the way, happiness in Chinese is also a very definite thing. The “five types of happiness” are longevity, peace, fertility, honor and wealth.)

Do you have a plan?

Plan-bagua should be superimposed on the scheme of the house so that the lower part of the plan coincides with the side where the main entrance is located. The same can be done with all rooms separately or only with the living room.

You can attract earthly happiness on New Year's Eve and harmonize the surrounding space with the help of a Christmas tree. How? Put it in the right place.

Feng Shui provides several options for this. First: the bagua plan (in a simplified version - a rectangular house plan, divided into nine identical parts-zones responsible for different aspects of our life - which can be found in any feng shui book) is superimposed on the house plan so that the lower part fell on the side where the main entrance is located. In principle, according to Feng Shui, this should be the north side. (The cardinal points “on the map” are “opposite”: north is at the bottom, west is on the right, etc.) We think which side of our life we ​​would like to improve - and we put a Christmas tree there. By the way, nothing forbids us to put several Christmas trees in different zones (rooms), if it turns out that we want improvements in different areas and as soon as possible.

Option two: you can impose a bagua plan on the plan of each room, all rooms in general, and place Christmas trees of different sizes in the corresponding zones - to enhance the influence of the main (main) Christmas tree: in the office we activate the career zone, in the bedroom - the marriage zone, in living room - family area, etc.

The third option is a minimum of costs and effort: we work only with the living room and put the Christmas tree in the most relevant area.

Everything in the center

The size, shape and decor of the festive tree depend primarily on the requirements of the zone itself for its “activation”. And only then - on the relevance and scope of the requirements for it.

By the way, you can use design objects that play the role of Christmas and New Year trees as “tree substitutes”. These objects are conical in shape, and this is where their resemblance to a real Christmas tree often ends. And they can have any color - in this case, the Feng Shui zone pleases. But this is in the hands of everyone who wants a lot, but does not want to see a Christmas tree in every room.

So, let's start from the center (house, apartment, room) - the Tai Chi Center, and then we will go in a circle, clockwise. From above - from left to right - are Wealth, Fame, Marriage, then, to the right of the Center, - Children, the lower zones - Teachers, Career, Knowledge, and end with the Family zone (to the left of the Center).

Tai Chi is a spiritual center. It gives both vitality, and good luck, and health to all family members, to everyone who lives in the house. In order to collect chi energy from the outside world well, this place should be as open as possible - no furniture. A floor covering or carpet with a spiral pattern coming from the center, with a bright decoration in the middle, with concentric circles, with lines crossing in the center, will also help to collect qi.

Tai Qi Center Element - Earth. The colors are yellow, orange and the so-called colors of the earth. The helping element is Fire (red), the opposing element is Wood (green, blue). Whether to put a Christmas tree right in this center - you need to think ... On the one hand, here it will best attract qi. On the other hand, the Wood element and its colors can be harmful: they suck the power out of the Earth. Plentiful decor will help the situation - moreover, in traditional colors: gold (yellow color of the Earth) and red (Fire), as well as light garlands (Fire). Or - a modern version: we put a spectacular LED Christmas tree here. (And we always remember it when the element of Fire rules or helps us in the zone we need.)

On the top left of the plan is the “Wealth” zone. Here is the potential of the house in terms of both material and spiritual wealth. This zone determines what the inhabitants of the house are focused on, what is their scale of values.

The element of this zone is Wood. And the colors fit—shades of green and blue. So feel free to put up a classic Christmas tree. But - attention! The assistants here are Water, which symbolizes money and contributes to its inflow (“rain” on the Christmas tree will be very useful), but weakens Metal (white) - so let “silver and gold” be represented in the Wealth zone, for example, Christmas balls made of golden glass and silver color. Important: if we keep this area in order (no fallen needles and broken toys!), The money will always be with us.

Top center - “Glory”. This is glory in the literal sense of the word, and figuratively: this is an opinion about us, our reputation, authority. But first of all - status, position in society.

Element - Fire. That is, light garlands - by all means, and in the decor - more red. Helps the zone Wood, weakens - Water. Long forms contribute to the good work of the zone. It is better to put a Christmas tree here not wide, spreading, but narrow and high.

Top right - “Marriage”. In general, this is the zone of all close relationships: in the family, and with friends, and with neighbors, and with the closest of colleagues and partners. But first of all, its activation will help to strengthen (establish, restore, “organize”) love and marriage.

Element - Earth, color - yellow. Helper - Fire, hinders - Tree. Therefore, here is a great place for a design creation - wide and not green (as everywhere where the Tree counteracts the influence of the zone). Clearly pronounced “male” and “female” elements in the decor are good here. And also couples. Their "equality" will establish equality in the family. And why not decorate the Christmas tree with hearts? Let there be fusion feng shui.

"Children" zone - to the right of the Center. These are not only children and relationships with them, but also our “offspring” in general - creativity, the ability to be creative. If relations with the younger generation have gone wrong, and there are not enough ideas at work, a Christmas tree is definitely needed in this sector! Idea: we hang small hares, cubs, chickens on the Christmas tree. And pictures of children. And everything "creative" (both your own and other people's works) - the more creative, the better. Element - Metal. Earth helps, Fire weakens.

Bottom right - “Teachers”. Everything that protects us, helps us, supports us, everything comes from here. Also in this zone are "Travel". The element is Metal again. By the way, there will be decorations from it and souvenirs brought from travels or places where we are going. There should not be too much light here: Fire weakens the influence.

Bottom middle - "Career". This zone is not just responsible for a career - it helps to find your destiny, understand your destiny and follow it. Stagnation in a career or children cannot decide on a profession? We put up a tree here. Element - Water. Help is from Metal, weakness is from Earth.

According to the rules of Feng Shui, the entrance to the house is located in the career zone. And this is where the energy of qi penetrates into it. In a cluttered hallway, she will get confused and will not be able to go further - neither into the house, nor into fate. So whether to put up a Christmas tree here for the sake of career development is another question. Is that small and in the corner. And you can also influence your career in your office - by placing a luxurious tree.

Wisdom Zone - bottom left. Here is our natural wisdom - intuition - and all the talents with which we were born. This is a zone of study, learning everything in the world in general. Element is Earth. Fire helps. Weakens the Tree. That is, a tall green tree is again inappropriate. But a diary with fives at the base of a sprawling Christmas tree with garlands of light bulbs will contribute to good qi circulation in this area.

To the left of the Tai Chi Center is “Family”. This is not only spouses and children, it is a family in a broader sense (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins ​​and nephews) and deeper (ancestors). Through this zone, qi gives the family health, longevity and other benefits. It is she who provides the feeling of "ground under your feet."

Here the energy circulates through the past into the present, so the old skeletons in the closet are especially dangerous in this zone. We do not keep anything here that could remind us of troubles in the past! If you can’t “move” memories to another place, you should at least get out here especially carefully. Element - Wood, helper - Water, weakens - Metal.

Holidays with the participation of relatives are best arranged in this zone. And here is the place for a large family table. And since this sector also includes relationships with superiors at work, it is also good to hold business dinners here. In this zone we place a square table (a round table refers to weakening Metal in shape).

By the way, with a bagua plan, you can determine a suitable place for a Christmas tree in the garden, for example, plant a green beauty in the ground or put a tree in a container.

And here it is, elegant…

We decorate Christmas trees according to current trends in Christmas and New Year decor or just to your taste — but we take into account the requirements of Feng Shui: everything must solve the task! That is, in the office, the decor works for business development, in the bedroom it strengthens the relationship of the spouses, in the living room it unites the family and brings it health, prosperity, and longevity. You can always pick up traditional decorations, but in shape and color corresponding to Feng Shui. By the way, the main New Year colors in China are red and gold. Quite in the spirit of Christian Christmas!

Do you want to solve all problems at once? And this, imagine, is possible. “Put the Christmas tree in the center of the room,” advises the website prazdnuem. ru, “hang electric garlands on it, and hang the “necessary” Christmas decorations on branches facing the appropriate corners.

And the coming year will bring you success and good luck in everything at once!“

How to save the Christmas tree

New Year 2023 ->

Everyone prepares especially carefully for the New Year. Many at this time have a dilemma, what kind of Christmas tree to decorate: live or artificial. If the decision is made in favor of the beauty from the forest, then the question immediately arises of how long she will stand and retain her beauty and aroma, and how to extend her stay in the house. After all, you want so much that the feeling of the holiday remains as long as possible, and the aroma of the Christmas tree fills the house and reminds you of such a wonderful holiday that we have been waiting for a whole year. For many, the question remains unresolved, how many days before the holiday to acquire a forest beauty, so that on New Year's Eve she shines and pleases, is fresh, as if she had just come to us from the forest.

There is no single answer to this question, since spruces, firs or pines have different life spans, but in the warmth of the house, none of them can stay fresh for more than two weeks. For example, Norwegian and Russian spruces will begin to crumble after 5-7 days, pine will please with its freshness a little longer for a few days, but fir does not crumble, but changes the color of the needles, which dries up and becomes lighter. Such life spans apply to already established trees that are warm. Fortunately, there are many options to save a felled tree long before the New Year, for example, a month or even a little longer. You can also buy not a cut down tree, but in a tub. After the holidays, such a spruce can be put on the balcony so that it waits for spring. This version of the Christmas tree can be planted in the future, for example, in your country house.

The methods suggested below will help you keep your New Year's beauty and enjoy your guest for as long as possible.

The first thing to do is decide on the date of purchase. When buying, inspect the spruce very carefully. The tree should not have yellow and dry needles, if there is one, it means that the tree has been cut for a long time. Inspect spruce for pests or signs of pests. You can also ask the seller for certificates, ask questions about the tree, when and where it was cut. Spruce needles should be elastic, not break. You can lift the tree and knock the base on the floor a little. With such an impact, the needles should not begin to crumble much, only a small amount of them is permissible. The installation of spruce will depend on the type of tree, on average, the installation of spruce can be done 3-5 days before the holiday, some varieties - 7 days. Until the moment of installation, the spruce must be stored in a cool place where the temperature will not exceed + 5-10 degrees, it is also necessary to ensure high humidity. It is best to make sure that the light does not fall on the tree. To keep the tree as long as possible, the key to success will be the reduction of moisture evaporated from spruce. For example, the best storage place for a guest would be a garage or a balcony with no heating.

And if a festive tree is bought just before the celebration, then you need to hold it, for example, in the entrance , 15-20 minutes will be enough. All this is done for the same durability, since the spruce will not appreciate temperature changes and will begin to crumble, therefore, before bringing it into a house where it is warm, it is worth letting it settle in a cooler place. The process of "drying" wood begins immediately after the wood is exposed to heat.

It is better to install spruce in the house away from heaters , all for the same reason that wood does not tolerate heat. The room must be well ventilated. Also, do not place the tree in the aisle, so as not to touch the already fragile branches once again.

Before installing the spruce, it is necessary to prepare the trunk, this is done simply: with the help of a knife , remove the bark by about 8-10 cm, this is done to update the saw cut. Before planting the spruce, it is worth removing the lower branches, which can be used for crafts or for making a Christmas wreath.

One of the most popular preservation methods for spruce is a substrate prepared from sand, water and gelatin in the following proportions: 1 liter of water and 2 tablespoons of gelatin, then this mixture is poured into a bucket of sand. Such a substrate is moistened every 2-3 days. The tree must be deepened into the substrate by 15-20 centimeters.

And so that the spruce trunk does not rot, you need to prepare a solution of 2 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablets of acetylsalicylic acid , you can also add a pinch of salt for additional nutrition. The prepared solution is poured into a bucket with a substrate.

Learn more