How to store artificial christmas trees

How to Properly Store Christmas Trees

Keep your artificial Christmas tree and your house clean with these storage tips.

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Why Christmas Tree Storage Is Important

An artificial Christmas tree, a good quality one, is an investment. Off the shelf, it will set you back more than the cost of a real one, but you’ll reap the savings in the seasons ahead, and it won’t take long at all for your artificial tree to be cheaper than buying a fresh one every year.

To get the most out of your artificial tree, you have to take care of it. True, you don’t have to water it or sweep up needles underneath, it’s important to store it properly once the holiday season ends. Proper storage certainly saves space in your home, but also keeps your tree looking good year after year. If you just jam it in a bag and cram it into the back of the closet, it leads to damaged branches, pests and even mold.

So when it’s time to put away your tree for the year, the following storage methods will help make sure it looks just a glorious when you set it up next Christmas.

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Horizontal or Vertical Christmas Tree Storage

Depending on the type of tree and space available, you can store it standing upright or laying horizontally. Horizontal storage is the easy choice, especially for trees that disassemble, but vertical storage saves floor space.

If you choose upright storage for your tree, be sure to put it somewhere kids and pets won’t climb on it and stabilize it to ensure it won’t tip over. Home retailer Hayneedle recommends placing it in a corner and in a tree stand.

Want more? Check out these smart Christmas storage bins for your other decorations.

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In a Christmas Tree Box or Bag

The cardboard box your tree came in is not ideal for long-term storage. You’ll want something that keeps out moisture and pests. A designated Christmas tree box or canvas bag will do the trick. If you plan to store your tree vertically, get an upright storage bag. By storing your tree in the right container, you’ll prevent funky smells, nesting rodents and other problems next holiday season.

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With Wrapped or Unwrapped Branches

It’s best to fold up your tree’s branches after removing the Christmas ornaments, lights and other decorations. That’s usually enough, especially if you store the tree inside.

However, if you want to go the extra mile, Hayneedle recommends wrapping the tree in plastic wrap as a second layer of moisture protection. This is also helpful if stray branches make it difficult to place your tree in its container. The plastic wrap secures unruly branches to the trunk. Self-adhesive bandages will also work to bind the branches, but they won’t keep out moisture in a damp basement.

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Assembled or Disassembled

Most artificial trees contain several sections that lock together. You can take them apart to save holiday storage space. If you opt for an upright container, you’ll leave the tree assembled, saving time during set-up next year. Some horizontal storage options will also accommodate an assembled tree.

If you have a particularly tall tree without a large basement, attic or storage room, disassembling is the better option. Disassembled trees are compact and easier to manage.

And while you’re in the process of putting away Christmas decorations, be sure to check out these great ideas for how to store your Christmas lights and other decorations.

Originally Published: December 08, 2020

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How to Store an Artificial Christmas Tree [Exclusive Tips]

There is a common misconception that artificial Christmas trees are expensive. When broken down, even the upfront cost of a nice artificial Christmas tree is minimal when the cost per year of a tree’s lifespan is put into perspective. At least that is the case when the tree is properly taken care of.

On average, households need a new artificial tree once every couple of years because the holiday lights keep going out, the branches keep falling apart, or the flocking (fake snow) on the tree falls off. One of the biggest causes of these issues is storing your artificial Christmas tree improperly.

So, how should you be storing your tree? The cardboard box that your tree comes in may seem like the best storage solution. In fact, it’s probably what you’ve always used; but the tree never quite fits back in that tree box does it?

The problem is, those boxes are barely big enough to fit your artificial tree when it is perfectly unfluffed and compressed right after manufacturing. As soon as you fluff your tree, you will never be able to get it as small, or as un-fluffed as before.

No matter how much duct tape you put around that tree storage box, and no matter how hard you push that tree into that box, you’re still going to have a bulging hunk of cardboard that crushes the lights, flusters the flocking, and a tree-trunk pole poking out of a hole torn into the cardboard.

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Shape & Size




Store Your Artificial Christmas Tree Properly

By now, you must know that your cardboard box only has one good use, and that is to be recycled. To lengthen the lifespan of your artificial tree, consider ditching the cardboard box, and invest in an artificial christmas tree storage bag.

Since there are so many options to consider when choosing your storage bag, it’s important to know certain details, like the girth and height of your tree, before you invest in your tree’s future off-season home. The infographic below outlines a few things to consider when choosing the perfect bag to store your tree:

Tree Size - It's Not Just The Height

Many people only consider the height of their Christmas tree, but there are different widths of holiday trees as well. The width, often referred to as the tree’s girth, is measured at the base of the tree, where it is the widest.

While there is no standard to these widths, we see 3 typical categories in which they fall into: slim (“narrow”, “skinny”), regular (“traditional”, “medium”, “standard”), and wide (“full”, “XL”, “girth”).

Always read the product details to verify, but as a general rule of thumb, these dimensions can help you decide which bag you need:

Topiary & Foyer Bags:

Fit: Under 6 ft Tall - For Topiary Trees and Foyer Trees

Medium Bags:

Fit: 6ft - 7.5ft Tall - Slim or Regular Base

Large Bags:

Fit: 7.5ft Tall - Wide Base, 9ft Tall - Slim or Regular Base

XLarge Bags:

Fit: Up to 9ft Tall - Slim, Regular, or Wide Base

XXL Bags:

Fit: 12ft - 15ft Tall - Slim, Regular, or Wide Base

This infographic will help you determine what kind of storage bag will fit your tree best.

Orientation of Christmas Tree Storage: Horizontal vs. Upright

In the past, most people took their tree apart into tree sections to fit into their tree storage container and then stored the tree by laying it down flat.

Now, there are plenty of storage options that make it possible to leave the sections of the tree stacked and store the tree vertically. There are a number of reasons this can be beneficial, whether you have limited storage space or just want an easier holiday season set up or tear down.

This method of using an upright tree storage bag isn’t for everyone, so knowing whether you plan to store your tree vertically or horizontally is important when choosing the right Christmas tree storage option. This method can work for a pre-lit Christmas tree as well.

Decorated vs. Undecorated

Often, when someone has a tree professionally decorated, the ornaments will be attached to the tree with wire ties to keep them in the correct place. This is a great way to avoid paying a professional each year to have it decorated.

However, this method doesn’t allow you to fold up the branches on the tree. Because the decorated tree cannot be disassembled to store, it needs to be stored upright, fully decorated with all parts intact.

The best way to store and protect a permanently-decorated tree is by using a decorated upright tree storage bag.

Materials, Wheels, and Other Features

Quality material is important if you want your artificial tree storage bag to last for years, as well as to properly protect your Christmas tree. Chances are, if it's too inexpensive, or looks cheap, then it will have thin, terrible quality material.

Every tree storage bag at Christmas World uses high quality, thick material (typically a durable polyester), that protects from rips and tears, keeps your tree safe, and is easy to wipe clean.

Wheels may not be necessary for all instances but for larger trees, wheeling the bag is much easier than trying to carry an oversized bag around. For upright tree bags, we suggest adding a rolling tree stand.

Nothing is more frustrating than packing up your tree to move the storage bag to its ‘off-season’ home, and your handles break. Some bags even include reinforced convenient carrying handles, and this helps avoid scratches on hardwood flooring and scuffs on the walls (and a broken back) because the supporting handles allow you to carry your tree to its destination without dragging it throughout your home.

A Few Last Tips for Proper Artificial Tree Storage

Keep your stored tree in a dry area. Though your tree may be artificial, moisture accumulated during storage can still cause some damage. Whether it be the needles on the tree, the wiring and lights, or something else, water or humidity can harm your tree. If possible, store your Christmas tree indoors, in a dry and less humid area.

Label everything! When storing any Christmas decorations, adding labels to your Christmas storage containers will make finding and organizing your holiday decorations easy for you the following year. Many holiday storage containers feature an ID tag holder, making labeling for easy identification as simple as can be.

Trees aren’t the only thing that should be stored in protective Christmas storage containers; wreaths, garlands, breakable ornaments, collectibles like nutcrackers, and even wrapping paper are all typically stored incorrectly or inconveniently.

If you have any questions about storing your tree season after season, need more tree storage ideas at an affordable price, or what the perfect storage option is for you and your tree and holiday season decor, feel free to contact us. Anyone here at Christmas World would be happy to help you out!

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How to store artificial Christmas trees and spruces? • Mega Yolka

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Christmas trees and fir trees made of artificial materials are becoming more and more popular every year. They enter every house and remain in them until the end of the holidays.

It's no secret that artificial Christmas trees and spruces are purchased to celebrate more than one New Year and Christmas. With the right approach and choice, holiday attributes will serve faithfully for many years.

Preserving the technical condition and beauty of an artificial Christmas tree is one of the tasks that need to be solved. It is worth noting that storing a Christmas tree is not such a difficult process. It must be understood that neglecting the correct storage conditions for these products can lead to loss of beauty and a significant reduction in service life. Thus, refusing proper storage, you are a few steps closer to new expenses and expenses for organizing and preparing for the holiday.

After the holidays, the artificial tree needs to be stored somewhere and somehow. What is required for storage?

To resolve this issue you need:

  • Burlap;
  • Rope;
  • Special storage box.

To protect you from unnecessary expenses next year, and an artificial Christmas tree or spruce from the loss of its original beauty, we bring to your attention specific tips and recommendations.

  • First of all, all toys, garlands, decorations, tinsel, stars, etc. must be removed from the Christmas tree. In this case, the Christmas tree will take up less space, and expensive decorations will not break or wrinkle. Christmas accessories and toys are recommended to be stored separately from the Christmas tree. So, it is better to wrap glass jewelry with cotton wool and put it in special containers, which will be a good prevention and protection against breakage;
  • Next, you need to tie the Christmas tree branches, wrapping them with a rope or burlap. The artificial tree fits into a box of sufficient size. It is necessary to lay as carefully as possible so as not to crush fragile branches. All parts of the product should look in one direction. You should not make "titanic efforts" to tightly tie the tree. Otherwise, next year, bent branches and needles will be very difficult to straighten and return to their original position;
  • When choosing a box for storing an artificial Christmas tree and spruce, it is better to give preference to plastic containers. Remember that cardboard boxes easily absorb moisture, insects get into them, and they catch fire very quickly. Also, a cardboard box, due to its characteristics, simply cannot provide a tree with decent protection. For example, if we put something on such a box, we can easily damage its contents, that is, our favorite artificial Christmas tree;
  • After that, you have to decide on the place that will be reserved for storing the artificial tree. In this case, if we are talking about an apartment, the choice is not great. It can be a utility room, an attic, a place under a bed or a sofa, a closet. Thus, if you manage to find the right place to store an artificial Christmas tree, then during the year it will not be able to cause inconvenience, will not become a cause for concern and trouble;
  • If you have problems finding a place, it is better to consider buying a smaller artificial tree. It is better if the size of the Christmas tree matches the size of the room where it will be installed. Too bulky wood in a small room will not look very good. Exactly the same situation with trees of small sizes in a large room.

Of course, you can store an artificial Christmas tree or spruce, not only in a box. To do this, you can pay attention to special bags for storage. Today on sale you can find many options that are suitable for a wide variety of budgets. You can go to the store or take measurements yourself and place an order in the online store you like.

By the way, it is not recommended to store the artificial tree in the attic, as it is especially hot here in summer. The best option would be a dark and cool place. Remember, excessive heat that affects the Christmas tree for a long time can be fatal, which will lead to its deterioration.

When buying an artificial Christmas tree or spruce, you need to be especially attentive to the product you choose. It is worth evaluating not only the quality and attractiveness, it is better to immediately ask about the warranty period of the Christmas tree. There are companies on the market that are ready to offer a guarantee for up to 10 years, which is an interesting and tempting offer for the buyer.

Do not neglect basic safety rules when choosing an artificial Christmas tree. Compliance with simple and uncomplicated requirements will allow you to preserve the functionality of the decorations on the Christmas tree and its attractiveness for many years, and save you from unnecessary trouble in preparing for the New Year and Christmas.

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how to store artificial spruce at home This is a unique thing. She "works" about two weeks a year, the rest of her time is a period of rest.

Therefore, in order for the tree to be bright, lush and even for as long as possible, it is necessary to create the most harmless storage conditions for its appearance.

How to properly store an artificial coniferous tree so that it stays new and lush for a long time is on the pages of

Preparing the artificial Christmas tree for storage

Remove toys and other decorations from the branches first.

After removing the decor from the Christmas tree, wipe the branches with a damp soft cloth and allow to dry.

All high quality artificial spruce comes with folding and transport instructions. If there is no such accompanying paper, you can find information on the Internet.

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How to fold an artificial Christmas tree

Most artificial fir trees are disassembled into branches or folded like an umbrella.

If the spruce consists of a frame and branches attached to it, it is necessary to detach them from the trunk and put them in bags. So that the branches folded in a separate bag do not fall apart, you need to lightly tie them with a rope.

Then you should dismantle the frame of the Christmas tree and put them in parts into a box. We put packages with branches on top.

If the spruce is folding, its branches must be tied to the trunk with a rope. You can not tighten it strongly so as not to deform the branches.

What to store an artificial Christmas tree in

For modern models of artificial Christmas trees, manufacturers include a special storage container in the kit.

If this container is not provided, use available tools. A cardboard box or plastic container, a thick plastic bag or a canvas bag is suitable for storing an artificial Christmas tree.

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Where to store an artificial Christmas tree

You can store a box with a disassembled artificial Christmas tree in the apartment in various places. The main thing is that the place for storing an artificial coniferous tree should be dark, dry, not hot, but not cold either. Temperature fluctuations, exposure to sunlight and high humidity adversely affect the appearance of the Christmas tree.

The best examples of storing a Christmas tree in an apartment or private house are places in the closet, under the sofa, in the utility room, in the attic, in the closet and in the garage.

It is not recommended to store the artificial Christmas tree on the balcony or in the basement. Do not place a box with a Christmas tree close to a radiator or heaters - high temperatures will damage the plastic product.

Alternative ways to store your artificial tree

An alternative to bulky tree storage boxes is plastic trash bags.

If your home has a lot of free space, you can go for broke and leave the Christmas tree decorated for the whole year, hiding it in a separate room where it won't bother anyone.

A large bag is required to store a fully decorated artificial Christmas tree without first taking it apart. They should cover the spruce and move it to a dark, cool room.

Thus, the preparation for the next New Year and Christmas holidays will be simplified - the tree remains to be taken out of the bag and put in a prominent place in the house.

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