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Christmas Tree Storage Ideas To Say Farewell To The Holidays

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, right? Everything is sparkly, cheery, and wholesome — especially when it comes to Christmas décor and Christmas gifts. One of the main attractions that Christmas enthusiasts look forward to? Their Christmas tree. But, let’s be honest, setting up and taking down a Christmas tree can be quite the hassle — that is, unless you have an easy Christmas tree storage solution in place.

Did you know that two-thirds of American households have an artificial Christmas tree? And most plan to keep it for around 10 years? That’s a lot of people reusing their trees for years to come — and a lot of people in need of a pain-free way to store them. 

Using the proper Christmas decoration storage can ensure your tree and décor (and sanity) stay intact for next year. And since most people choose a tree based on its size, shape, and realism, you’ll want to consider different storage options that fit your criteria specifically.

Why Christmas Tree Storage is Essential

Have you ever left your Christmas tree and Christmas décor hanging around the house months after the holiday season is over? We totally get it. Putting up décor can be fun for the whole family, but taking everything down can be downright dreadful. But with proper Christmas decoration storage, the task of packing up (and unpacking next year) will be a little less daunting. It gives you a place to store your tree, ornaments, wreaths, and more without wondering where you’ll fit everything — and what broke along the way. 

This is especially relevant if you’re living in a small space; every square foot counts. You wouldn’t want a seasonal item to take over a corner in your home that’s precious real estate for year-round furniture or décor. Likewise, mindlessly stuffing your décor in a closet can ruin it and may force you to spend more money the following year on new decorations. Ultimately, it boils down to this: Christmas tree storage is essential because it can save you money in the long run and declutter your living space.  

So how should I store my Christmas tree?

Christmas trees can be stored in bins, boxes, bags, or any other hefty receptacle, really. Want a spacious zip-up bag with sturdy zippers and handles? A plastic Christmas tree storage box with wheels for easy transport? Go for it! There’s only one rule: Ensure that your tree isn’t stored in a cardboard box, since they can be flimsy, disintegrate, and be susceptible to pests and mold when exposed to moisture and humidity. How do you store a Christmas tree without a box? Any of the above-mentioned ways — and we can’t emphasize this enough — steer clear of the cardboard. Here are a few of our favorite solutions:

Christmas Tree Storage Bins 

Bins are a great way to store kids’ toys, hand-me-downs, school projects, and anything else you’d leave in your garage or basement. But bins are also perfect for Christmas trees and other decor, especially if you can disassemble your tree. You don’t have to look for a bin that’s specifically meant to store Christmas items; you just need something big enough to fit everything. Christmas tree storage bins should come with secure lids (listen for the “pop”!) that keep your stuff away from odor, deterioration, and pests. Once you put it away, it’ll be easily accessible when that wonderful time of year comes around again.

Insider Tip: Learn more about how to organize your garage for Christmas essentials and beyond on the PODS blog. And if you’re still looking for last-minute gifts… We’ve got you covered.

Christmas Tree Storage Bags

These tote bags that store Christmas trees and décor typically come with top and side handles and may even include wheels, if you’re fancy like that. Christmas tree storage bags on wheels differ from a bin because you can easily roll your storage as opposed to carrying it (or dragging it!). They’re durable, sizable, and come in festive colors. 

Aside from a tote bag, you can also look into upright Christmas tree storage bags that store any type of artificial topiary. They’re specially shaped and sized for Christmas trees and include a rolling stand. This option doesn’t require any disassembling. Just throw the bag over the tree, zip it up, and roll it to your garage or basement for safe keeping. These canvas covers can also be used for any furniture like couches or loveseats. 

Portable Storage Units

If your Christmas decorations make up a small (or maybe not-so-small) city of lights, toy trains, village scenes, and holiday-themed “everything,” a PODS portable storage container delivered straight to your driveway may be your best bet. Load it up on your own time, and PODS will come and pick it when you’re ready. Leave your closets, cupboards, and garage shelves available for more everyday storage while your Christmas essentials are kept in a secure PODS Storage Center until you need them again.  

What’s the best way to store an artificial Christmas tree without removing the decorations?

First things first: We definitely recommend removing all of your ornaments and other decorations and properly storing them, as well. If you attempt to store a tree that’s decked out, there’s a much larger chance that something will break or get damaged while in transit from your living room to your attic (or wherever the tree is being stored).

However, if you feel like you’re up for the task, store your decorated artificial Christmas tree by covering it with one of those upright Christmas tree storage bags mentioned above. That way, all your decorations can (ideally) stay intact, and you won’t have to disassemble your tree.

Insider Tip: How do you wrap an artificial Christmas tree for storage? First, remove any ornaments and lights, and start folding each tree section from the top. Then, simply wrap the tree with plastic wrap. Keep wrapping until everything is covered, store it in a garage or basement until next year, and then pat yourself on the back for consolidating your large tree so efficiently!

The truth is, a Christmas tree can take up a lot of space. But it doesn’t have to! Instead, you can safely store your tree without any fuss by using one of the storage methods we’ve listed. We know that it can be tempting to leave your Christmas tree up all year and hope Santa magically takes it down with his reindeer (or maybe stops by again midyear), but you don’t want to be the only house on the block that hasn’t stored the Christmas decor by the time Easter rolls around, do you? 

Real Christmas trees only last up to five weeks. That’s one of the main reasons people buy artificial trees. But why buy a “reusable” tree without a proper storage plan? Give your tree some year-round loving — not just during the most wonderful time of the year — with the right Christmas tree storage.  

(Source for image featured at top: Laura James via Pexels)

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Christmas Tree Storage Ideas | How to Efficiently Wrap & Store a Decorated Tree

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Who doesn’t love decorating for Christmas?! Turning on some classic Christmas tunes, baking cookies, putting ornaments on the tree- what’s not to love? There’s something so sentimental and special about making your home look festive and beautiful during the holiday season. Decorating for Christmas is one of my favorite traditions. But every year, the season ends and the New Year comes…and then we have to take everything down including the tree (except with my tip you’ll save time and store your decorated Christmas tree!)

This year, rather than take your tree down, just wrap it up! I have been wrapping my Christmas tree- ornaments, ribbons, and all- for years. It makes cleaning up Christmas this year, as well as decorating next year, that much easier!

Now just to let you know. After Christmas our family tree that we decorate together as a family – this one gets taken down and put away. Our family ornaments get stored away in a box and the tree gets placed in a tree bag. This is the one exception to the rule of wrapping a tree. Because that is our family tradition – decorating the family tree TOGETHER!! I only wrap my decorator tree that the family doesn’t decorate.

For this post, I will show you how I wrapped my beautiful Santa’s Cabin in the Woods tree from last year. Remember how beautiful and fun it turned out to be? This was one of my favorite Christmas trees ever. Well, enough reminiscing, let’s get to work!

This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you. For additional information, please see our disclosure policy.

All you need for this project is heavy duty Stretch Wrap and an extra set of helping hands. Do NOT use kitchen stretch wrap. The heavy duty wrap I used is typically used for moving and storage. Kitchen wrap will NOT work.

Remember to wrap as tightly as you can so that everything will stay in place. You will want to wrap several layers so that it will be nice and secure.

Having one person hold one end of the wrap, while the other person walks around with the wrap makes it quite a bit easier. After the first layer, the second person can help guide the wrap. Or you could even switch off 0n either side of the tree. You will quickly find what works best for you. Make sure to start at either the top and bottom. Wrap very tightly. Wrap away!

  • Only wrap smaller trees – 6 feet and smaller are ideal. I have wrapped a 7 foot tree that was more of a slimmer tree. So it wasn’t very heavy.
  • Do NOT wrap trees with breakable ornaments. Breakable ornaments need their own ornament container.
  • If you plan this in advance, add a steel rod to your tree before decorating. Zip tie the rod to the tree “trunk” from the bottom of the tree to the top. This will help the tree from coming apart while moving it (steel rod purchased at home depot).
  • have TWO people do this together

  • wrap TIGHTLY and TIGHTLY!!!

  • Wrap the tree at least three times, if not four times with the wrap.

  •  You’ll find you will save space by storing it this way.

  • If you need to take this up or down stairs, I would just take the tree down and not wrap with pallet wrap (unless a small tree).

  • Use a quality stretch wrap (not from your kitchen).

    Like the one shown below…

Stretch Wrap with Extended Core Handles

This stretch wrap will last several Christmases if you’re wrapping an average size tree.

When next Christmas rolls around just take a pair of scissors and cut of the wrap. You’ll want to spend a few minutes just fluffing the branches and fixing a few things. But trust me – this will save TIME, your ENERGY and SPACE! If you have breakable type ornaments this wouldn’t work with wrapping the tree this way.

I love little tips like these that make decorating for Christmas easier (at least next year). These tips give us more time to enjoy our families and make new traditions, and focus on what Christmas is really about. I hope you love wrapping your Christmas tree as much as I do! Now that’s a wrap. 🙂

For those who don’t want to wrap a tree. Order your Christmas storage bags and containers now or else they will be hard to find the week after Christmas.

I’ve personally purchased this storage bag many times. I put all my unbreakable holiday decor in it – wreaths, Christmas trees, garlands, and more. I also use it for all my holiday pillows. Yes, it is great storage for those cute throw pillows!

This is also wonderful for holiday wreaths

Ornament storage box

Upright Christmas Tree storage

Here is a post I share on  Decorating Christmas Tree Tips, Tricks and Hacks. Check it out if want want more ideas!

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how to store an artificial spruce at home -

Artificial spruce is an expensive purchase that lasts for many years. This is a unique thing. She "works" about two weeks a year, the rest of her time is a period of rest.

Therefore, in order for the tree to be bright, lush and even for as long as possible, it is necessary to create the most harmless storage conditions for its appearance.

How to properly store an artificial coniferous tree so that it stays new and lush for a long time is on the pages of

Preparing the artificial Christmas tree for storage

Remove toys and other decorations from the branches first.

After removing the decor from the Christmas tree, wipe the branches with a damp soft cloth and allow to dry.

All high quality artificial spruce comes with folding and transport instructions. If there is no such accompanying paper, you can find information on the Internet.

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How to fold an artificial Christmas tree

Most artificial Christmas trees are split into branches or folded like an umbrella.

If the spruce consists of a frame and branches attached to it, it is necessary to detach them from the trunk and put them in bags. So that the branches folded in a separate bag do not fall apart, you need to lightly tie them with a rope.

Next, take apart the frame of the Christmas tree and put it piece by piece into the box. We put packages with branches on top.

If the spruce is collapsible, its branches must be tied to the trunk with a rope. You can not tighten it strongly so as not to deform the branches.

What to store an artificial Christmas tree in

For modern models of artificial Christmas trees, manufacturers include a special storage container in the kit.

If such a container is not provided, use available means. A cardboard box or plastic container, a thick plastic bag or a canvas bag is suitable for storing an artificial Christmas tree.

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Where to store an artificial Christmas tree

You can store a box with a disassembled artificial Christmas tree in the apartment in various places. The main thing is that the place for storing an artificial coniferous tree should be dark, dry, not hot, but not cold either. Temperature fluctuations, exposure to sunlight and high humidity adversely affect the appearance of the Christmas tree.

The best examples of storing a Christmas tree in an apartment or private house are places in the closet, under the sofa, in the utility room, in the attic, in the closet and in the garage.

It is not recommended to store the artificial Christmas tree on the balcony or in the basement. Do not place a box with a Christmas tree close to a radiator or heaters - high temperatures will damage the plastic product.

Alternative ways to store your artificial tree

An alternative to bulky tree storage boxes is plastic trash bags.

If your home has a lot of free space, you can go for broke and leave the Christmas tree decorated for the whole year, hiding it in a separate room where it won't bother anyone.

A large bag is required to store a fully decorated artificial Christmas tree without first taking it apart. They should cover the spruce and move it to a dark, cool room.

Thus, the preparation for the next New Year and Christmas holidays will be simplified - the tree remains to be taken out of the bag and put in a prominent place in the house.

You can discuss ways to store artificial coniferous wood and share your ideas on this subject on the forum getting ready for the New Year. Tips, wishes, impressions.

The material was prepared by Irina Begal, a journalist of the column "Tips for furnishing"

Frequently asked questions

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How are large artificial Christmas trees installed?

How to protect the Christmas tree from pets

Types of outdoor artificial Christmas trees

Where is the best place to put a Christmas tree

Why an artificial Christmas tree is better than a living one

A fluffy, fragrant, beautifully decorated Christmas tree is a permanent symbol of the New Year. In recent years, however, there has been a trend towards replacing living trees with artificial ones. Visually, this design practically does not differ from the real one. It is effective, practical and durable. But before you buy a Christmas tree, you should figure out which option is better - a living or artificial tree.
Comparative characteristic

The following factors speak in favor of live spruce:
Natural beauty, which is difficult to convey with artificial materials.
An indescribable aroma. It is believed that spruce releases essential oils into the atmosphere, which have a bactericidal effect. The smell of pine needles also calms the nervous system, relieves tension and allows you to cope with stress. For many, this fragrance is inextricably linked with childhood and creates a New Year's mood.

However, this solution also has its drawbacks. This is primarily garbage from crumbled needles. A real Christmas tree cannot stand for a long time, while retaining its original beauty. A living tree must be bought just before the New Year, when prices for holiday paraphernalia reach their peak value. It is also worth noting the difficulty of transporting spruce from the market, during which it can be wrinkled, branches break, and part of the needles crumble.

Artificial trees do not have these drawbacks. They are available at any time of the year and delight with their beauty for a long time. Here are just a few reasons to buy an artificial Christmas tree instead of a regular one:
The absence of crumbling needles and other debris, which significantly reduces the time for cleaning after the holidays.
Variety of choices. Artificial trees can be bought in different sizes (from 0.5 to 3 meters or more). They are available in green, blue and white. The shape varies from a narrow cone to a regular triangle. Fans of fluffy branches will like pine-like models with long elastic needles.
Possibility of repeated use. You buy an artificial tree once, and you can decorate it for many years.

Another important factor is that by purchasing an artificial tree, you thereby help to reduce environmental damage and take care of nature. The process of planting new trees does not keep pace with deforestation, which negatively affects the ecosystem as a whole.

Caring for the artificial Christmas tree

It's hard to imagine New Year's holidays without installing and decorating a Christmas tree. This tradition has been observed for more than one century. Today, many people decide to buy a Christmas tree made of artificial material instead of a living tree. This helps to protect nature and save your own money. After all, an artificial green beauty will last more than one year. But for this, the product should be carefully stored and looked after.
How to properly store an artificial Christmas tree

In order for the New Year's beauty to please for many years, it is necessary to choose the right box for its storage. The packaging should not let in ultraviolet rays and dust, otherwise the paint may burn out, and the color of the product will fade. All branches should be neatly folded, tied to the trunk and placed in a tight case.

After the New Year holidays, before storing the Christmas tree, remove all toys, tinsel and rain from it. Then the product should be cleaned of dust. It is not recommended to use water and important wipes. Also, do not wash the product. There is a chance that it will not completely dry out. In this case, even a small amount of water will hopelessly ruin the tree. It is better to wash it before assembly next year. Until then, stick to dry cleaning.

Do not store the green beauty in a damp room. A cold barn is not suitable for this purpose. It is better to choose a mezzanine in the house or a pantry.
How to clean the artificial spruce

The Christmas tree should be collected before the holiday in advance. During this period, all branches and needles will have time to straighten up. You can speed up the process with a steamer.

Some items can be washed. Information about this will be indicated in the instructions. If such care is acceptable, then the green beauty can have a shower. Let it stand in the bath until completely dry.

If wet cleaning is unacceptable, a vacuum cleaner with a fine nozzle can be used. Each element of the product should be processed separately, moving down from the upper branches. Then you can wipe everything with a damp cloth.

Sprays for the care of artificial plants are available in the store. They make the cleaning process much easier. You can process them with an already assembled, but not yet decorated tree.

Today you can buy an artificial white Christmas tree. It cannot be wet cleaned. The metal base and fasteners can rust, and then the product will be hopelessly damaged. Moisture is also contraindicated for LED products. Only dry wipes are suitable for them.

How to properly store an artificial Christmas tree so that it does not lose its effectiveness?

New Year is a holiday that has brought together many traditions. A decorated tree is an important attribute of the celebration. Now more and more people are looking to buy an artificial Christmas tree. And this is not surprising, because the fluffy beauty will last more than one year. However, in order for the tree to retain its effectiveness, it must be properly stored. How to do it?


Before dismantling the main holiday symbol, you need to remove all toys, garlands and tinsel. For some, this seems ridiculous, but many people think that the Christmas tree can be left "at the parade." Doing this is strongly discouraged. During the holidays, a small amount of dust has accumulated on it. Imagine what will happen in a year. After you remove all the decorations, you need to carefully walk with a dry or damp cloth over all the branches.

Some manufacturers even recommend rinsing them in the shower. However, be very careful with this, as moisture can cause rust on metal parts.

How to install

After you have cleaned the structure, it must be dismantled. Artificial trees are different, some need to gently press the branches to the trunk, others look like a designer. The product must be installed in accordance with the instructions.

If the tree is completely disassembled, it is better to arrange all the parts in separate boxes or packages: branches, parts of the trunk, fasteners, etc. So you will not get confused when you collect a Christmas tree for the next New Year. You can store the tree in a special bag, or you can just do with boxes or bags.

Storage location

Wood should be stored in a dark, dry place. If you leave it in the sun, after a year you will not see green needles. The color of artificial needles will fade and look like withered grass. High humidity will contribute to the formation of rust on metal elements.

Caring for such a tree is extremely simple. If you are not yet a happy owner of a green beauty, you can buy a Christmas tree from us. This acquisition will not only save money in the long run, but will also help save coniferous forests from cutting down.

Which artificial Christmas trees are in fashion now?

What types of artificial Christmas trees are there?

Recently, artificial Christmas trees are becoming more preferable than living ones, which is not surprising: they are durable, beautiful, and easy to use. In addition, the use of such products helps to save the environment. You can buy a Christmas tree from us.
Variety of artificial trees

Products are distinguished by:
installation site;

According to the place of installation, these products are indoor and outdoor. The latter, in turn, are divided into frame (more durable, but heavy) and stem (light, but more often exposed to negative weather conditions). The structures have different heights and number of branches.

Artificial Christmas trees also differ in material. Christmas trees made of PVC film are very similar to natural trees. The needles are made of polymer strips cut on special devices. Then these strips are wound on metal frames. Such products are quite durable, fire resistant, without unpleasant odors. The needles are soft.

Line trees are very fluffy. In appearance, they are more like pine (they have a similar length of needles). Their branches are hard and prickly, but they do not crumple or deform. The products are very durable.

Products made of PE rubber have the maximum resemblance to natural wood. Their production requires the introduction of the latest technologies. They are very beautiful and aesthetic. Each of the branches is separately cast in a special form, then they are assembled into a whole product. The needles are soft and pleasant to the touch. The needles are made of safe material, not subject to combustion. These are premium Christmas trees that will last for many years.

The color of the product can be green (of various shades), bluish, silvery, golden. Currently, various types of decorated artificial trees are offered: with snow coating, cones, berries.

Artificial products can be of different sizes: from 30 centimeters to 25 meters. They are able to decorate any home and make the decoration of the streets festive.

We offer wholesale artificial Christmas trees, as well as Christmas decorations, electric garlands and luminous figures.

Cast artificial Christmas trees: features and benefits

Cast artificial Christmas trees are becoming more and more popular with customers every year, not only because of their environmental friendliness, but also because of their natural realistic look. Molded molding of plastic branches is a modern technology that allows you to create coniferous trees that are practically indistinguishable in appearance from natural ones. Therefore, many people, choosing to buy artificial or real spruce, increasingly prefer the first option.

Distinctive features

Key technological features that give artificial cast Christmas trees a high competitive advantage over natural ones:
The name "cast" comes from the method of production of needles: they are made from softened rubber-like polyethylene (PE, short for English polyethylene), poured into special molds. After complete solidification, the resulting artificial needles are removed and fixed on the branches.
The needles can be placed at different angles to the branch, which allows you to imitate Christmas trees of different species and gives the artificial coniferous tree maximum realism.
Thanks to the assembly features, the finished branches of the cast Christmas tree look fluffy and thick, and the tree structure itself is elastic, durable and reliable.


Christmas trees made of PE branches are a kind of "elite" of artificial Christmas trees due to significant advantages over other varieties. The main advantages of cast Christmas trees:
a variety of colors - from different shades of green to completely snow-white;
safety for children and pets - cast needles are soft and pleasant to the touch, not prickly;
the opportunity to generously decorate the Christmas tree with a variety of toys in large quantities;
strong branches of cast wood will not bend under their weight, unlike flexible natural ones.

Cast Christmas trees are the most expensive of all the artificial options, but all their merits and distinctive features make them worth it. The cost of such a high-quality and spectacular premium class Christmas tree will more than pay off, as cast spruce will last for many years and will decorate your home for more than one New Year.

Thus, to buy a Christmas tree made of cast PE branches means to acquire an almost complete analogue of a natural forest beauty, but at the same time durable, environmentally friendly and practical.

What goods are profitable to sell before the New Year

New Year holidays are a period of active sales. But there are a number of products that buyers hunt for the most. First of all, this is a Christmas tree. The question of buying artificial or natural spruce arises in many families. Someone believes that a living tree creates an atmosphere more. But it will require a lot of attention and care. In addition, finding the perfect beauty in the holiday bustle is not so easy. Artificial Christmas tree allows:
keep the house clean;
take care of the environment;
Save time and money by being reusable.
Related products

What a Christmas tree without decorations! Therefore, the next thing the buyer goes for is toys and tinsel. Jewelry can be made from completely different materials: glass, plastic, ceramics, fabric. The modern consumer pays great attention to the environmental friendliness of products, so it is better to take a certified quality product for sale, even if it costs a little more.
In addition, garlands will definitely be on the list of purchases. They decorate not only spruces, but also rooms, offices and even building facades. Therefore, it is worth taking care that the assortment includes garlands of different lengths.
New Year symbols are often bought as souvenirs for acquaintances and colleagues. It can be Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden, and snowmen, and symbols of the coming year according to the eastern calendar.
When it is already possible to buy a Christmas tree and accessories for it, the attention of buyers switches to decorating the house. LED figures are becoming popular, which are installed both in apartments and in private houses, festive wreaths for doors in a Western style (they are placed both inside and outside the front door, creating a festive mood not only for themselves, but also for neighbors). Many also purchase compositions to decorate the festive table.
This product is seasonal, so you should not buy too large lots. In order to sell off the leftovers, you can announce big discounts on the eve of the holiday and immediately after. Many people willingly take advantage of such offers.

What materials are artificial Christmas trees made of? The list of urgent matters includes many items, among which the most important is the acquisition of a New Year's tree. It has been noticed that in recent years an increasing number of people prefer to buy an artificial Christmas tree instead of a natural one. The choice is quite justified: it is durable, beautiful, visually it practically does not differ from the real one.

Artificial Christmas tree: what it is made of

The range of artificial Christmas trees is very wide. They may differ in shape, length of needles, color and many other characteristics. According to the material from which the needles are made, only a few types of artificial trees are distinguished:
Soft PVC (PVC). The needles are made from narrow and thin polymer ribbons, cut on special machines and wound onto a wire frame. Sometimes the greens of the base are diluted with a short winding of brown. This creates the effect of wood looking through the needles, which gives the tree a more natural look.
Rigid PVC (line). On sale, spruce with such needles is somewhat less common than with soft film. Needles made from fishing line are more prickly in tactile sensations. They are somewhat longer than natural spruce needles, so visually the tree looks more like a pine tree.
PE rubber. Made from domestic raw materials, PE-cast branches practically do not differ from natural ones in appearance. The maximum similarity can be achieved by the production technology of needles, according to which each branch is cast in a special form resembling a natural one. A variety of shapes makes it possible to get a lot of original branches, which allows you to imitate different types of Christmas trees (from wild to decorative). And the combination of dark and light shades of green, used in the process of making needles, only enhances the impression of the naturalness of the tree. The needles of PE-cast branches are soft, durable, do not crumble or deform during the installation of the Christmas tree.

Today, the replacement of natural forest beauties with their factory counterparts can significantly save the family budget and preserve nature. You can buy artificial Christmas trees from us.

How to choose an artificial Christmas tree

New Year is one of the favorite holidays not only for children, but also for adults. Many simply adore the pre-holiday fuss that covers the whole country before December 31st. Among the many cases, some citizens face a difficult task - buying a Christmas tree. Today, many prefer artificial green beauties, since their acquisition does not harm nature. If you decide to buy an artificial spruce, you may find the information below helpful.

Types of Christmas trees and their features

So, today there are the following types of artificial trees:
Cast. These trees are very similar to the real ones. During production, each branch of the future product is cast in a bleaching mold, after which the resulting elements are assembled together. Such Christmas trees have very soft needles that cannot be pricked, which is very important if there are small children in the house. They can serve you well for decades. However, these trees are not cheap.
From PVC film. They are made in Taiwan and China. They, like the previous ones, have rather soft needles, and are not subject to ignition, do not decompose. But their service life is short: about five years.
Optical fiber. Such Christmas trees look very original, festive and do not need garlands. The fact is that they already have a backlight: manufacturers build fiber optic strands into the branches of a tree through which light passes. At the same time, the products are absolutely safe. A fiber optic Christmas tree will last about ten years.
From the line. It is distinguished by extremely high strength, but the "needles" are very prickly and rather hard, so such trees are not recommended to be placed in houses where there are children and pets. They are often installed in public places, for which they are the best option. The service life of an artificial Christmas tree made of fishing line is about fifteen years, and such trees are produced most often in Russia.

Based on the above information, you will be able to buy a Christmas tree that will fully meet all your requirements.

How artificial Christmas trees are made

Needle differences

Catalog of cast Christmas trees
- PVC film is very soft and the most common material for Christmas trees in the middle price segment

- The fishing line has fluffy tips and perfectly holds the given shape.

All types of needles have their own merits

New Year's gifts and souvenirs

And what if even in the matter of gifts to show a little imagination and creativity? Maybe that's enough, the main emphasis should be on "necessity", turning a holiday souvenir into an economic necessity?

Let's solve the problems of New Year's gifts in an original way!

So, suppose you want to become the main creator of the New Year's mood, you have already bought a Christmas tree and are ready to start choosing gifts. So, maybe you should try to make something yourself, without resorting to the help of the nearest gift shop. A simple New Year's card, on which the warmest, most sincere wishes and congratulations will be written, which you yourself composed in the lines of a poem, albeit a little ridiculous, will definitely cheer up a person close to you.

You don't have to limit yourself to just one postcard. Any do-it-yourself New Year's crafts, whether it be applications, toys for the New Year tree or just miniature figures that personify the New Year's animal coming into its own, according to the eastern calendar, will be the most expensive and memorable present.

Learn more