How to string a christmas tree

How to Hang Christmas Tree Lights

The job of stringing lights on your tree is no joke, and unless you have a team of elves to help you out, you're likely all on your own to figure out an easy way to put lights on a Christmas tree. And even though this tedious task can be a headache, oh, the rewards! That glow can downright take your breath away!

Chances are you've been hanging lights on your tree the way your parents did. But believe it or not, there are a few different ways to light a Christmas tree. Online and off, questions abound: Do you hang Christmas tree lights horizontally or vertically? Do you go top-to-bottom, or bottom-to-top? Do you put lights on a Christmas tree first? (For the record, we say definitely yes to this!)

Before you start doubting (or changing) your stringing technique, we've got some good news: There really is no right or wrong way to light your tree. If your method of outfitting your tree suits you, stick with it—you've got no reason to change!

Still, it never hurts to try something new, which is one reason we're sharing these tried-and-true Christmas lighting methods. Who knows? Maybe you'll find a more efficient way to tackle the annual task. Now get glowing!

Tip: Generally, plan for about 100 Christmas lights per foot; a 6-foot tree would get 600 lights.

How to Put Lights on a Christmas Tree Vertically

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The vertical approach to hanging Christmas tree lights is a trend that started circulating a few years ago. This method ensures that the tree shines brightly, because the lights are more visible, as they are less likely to be covered up by branches. Bonus: It's a whole lot easier to take them down once the holiday's over!

  1. Plug in each strand of lights to make sure all the bulbs are in working order.
  2. Start with the plugless end of your lights at the top or bottom of the tree and let the lights lay vertically like a seam.
  3. Each time you reach the top or bottom, turn the lights back the other way until you have a sideways "S" pattern around the whole tree.

Tip: Hang shiny ornaments in the middle to help reflect the light for more depth.

How to Hang Christmas Tree Lights Horizontally

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Hanging Christmas lights horizontally is the most widely used technique when it comes to decorating the tree. It's pretty self-explanatory, but if this is your first time hanging lights, you'll want to follow these directions:

  1. First, plug in each set of lights to make sure all the bulbs are working. (This will save you a lot of stress later.)
  2. Starting at the top or bottom of your tree (depending solely on preference), wrap the lights over and under the branches of the tree.
  3. You can mix things up by placing some lights "deeper" into the tree than others, and by alternating the patterns so that it looks more organic. Get creative with it, and have fun!

Tip: When you have to connect plugs, hide the eyesore by fastening the area to a branch with floral wire.

How to Hang Christmas Lights Top to Bottom

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"I string my lights from top to bottom because your plug is at the end of the strand and closer to the bottom of the tree and outlet," says The Home Depot's director of trend and design Sarah Fishburne, making a solid case for this method. Plus, she says, if you run out of lights, it's easier to spread them out this way—and it's easier to add more lights to the bottom versus the top of the tree.

  1. Plug in the lights to make sure all the bulbs are working.
  2. Starting at the top of the tree, intertwine the lights on top of and under branches.
  3. Work your way down and around the tree, hanging lights in the back as well.
  4. When you reach the bottom, hide any extra lights behind the tree.
  5. If you want to add more lights, simply do another pass, starting again at the top and working your way down.

Tip: Make sure you wrap the lights loosely on each branch for the best overall affect.

How to Hang Christmas Lights Bottom to Top

Getty Images

The Home Depot's Senior Merchandising Director Kelie Charles goes bottom to top because she can plug the lights in first. "It makes it easier to see what the lit tree will look like as I'm stringing the lights," she says. Got extras? Just wind them back down. And if you run out, simply start a new string and run an extension cord down the back of the tree.

  1. Plug in the lights to make sure all the bulbs are working.
  2. Start at the bottom, zig zag Christmas tree lights through the tree in quadrants, section by section, versus around the tree.
  3. Place some lights deeper into the branches and place some closer to the front to create depth.
  4. Hide the lights' connectors by pushing it deep into the tree branches near the trunk.
  5. Once you reach the top, you can either tuck the extra lights into the back of the tree or run an extension cord down the back to the outlet.

Tip: Try to avoid any obvious pattern or spiral; you want the lights to look natural.

Happy decorating!

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How to Put Lights on a Christmas Tree Like a Pro This Year

For us decor-aholics, festooning a Christmas tree with baubles, ribbons, tinsel, keepsakes, and—yes—even lobsters, ranks among the most treasured of holiday traditions. But before the fun can begin, of course, you need to illuminate your tree, a task that can be—let’s face it—not so merry and bright due to tangled strands, burned-out bulbs, spousal squabbling, or Clark Griswold–level fiascos.

To save our sanity (and maybe even our relationships) this year, we decided to turn to the professionals for help. Enter Victoriya Tur​, the production manager for American Christmas, a professional lighting company that has been illuminating some of the country’s most iconic holiday landmarks—such as Rockefeller Center’s dazzling angels and Cartier’s glittering Manhattan flagship—since 1968. Tur’s Christmas season essentially begins as soon as the previous one wraps. While, in her case, achieving holiday magic can be a herculean effort (to the tune of thousands upon thousands of lights along Fifth Avenue), she reminds us: “To see peoples’ reactions is worth everything.” Here’s how to create your own Christmas to remember this year.

What Are the Best Christmas Lights?

Sally Anscombe//Getty Images

Whether you are lighting an artificial tree or the real McCoy, “the best lights to use are green wire lights with six-inch spacing, 50 bulbs per string,” Tur says. “These are the most comfortable to work with.”

Not only are these kinds of string lights readily available virtually everywhere during the holiday season (you can also pick the color or light temperature you want), the green wire handily helps the strands disappear into your boughs. Tur also advises working with mini lights, in lieu of larger bulbs. “These help your tree look bright,” she says. “You can add [larger lights like] C9 bulbs, G50s, G40s, if you want it to look different, but to make it bright, I would recommend the mini lights first.”

Tur also endorses using LED bulbs, which are not only brighter but pose fewer safety risks than old-school incandescent bulbs. “People love to use incandescent lights still—the type of lights that get hot super easily,” she says. If you do opt for them, “I would not recommend leaving the tree plugged in if you’re going out somewhere, because it’s dangerous.”

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How To Light a Real Christmas Tree

Elizaveta Starkova//Getty Images

  1. Get Out Your Lights To achieve the twinkliest of trees, Tur recommends using 13 sets of mini lights for a standard six-foot-tall tree. Pro Tip: For a megawatt tree, you can do another layer of larger bulbs (G50s or G40s are festive options) at the branch extremities, or save that space for ornaments. “It depends what you want your tree to look like,” Tur says.
  2. Check If the Lights Work Plug each strand into an outlet before even touching the tree. It will save you a huge headache later, Tur assures us.
  3. Start from the Bottom Up “Always,” Tur says, “because you have your outlet at the bottom, so you don’t have to run extension cords from the top.”
  4. Wind the Lights Around Your Tree Horizontally Gradually begin wrapping the lights around your tree, working your way up. Tur recommends keeping your lights illuminated as you work, a tactic that will help you avoid outages and also allow you to gauge your tree’s brightness in real time.
  5. Step Back As you bling out those branches, make sure to frequently pause and view your tree in its entirety to ensure that it has a uniform glow. “Check if the lights are distributed evenly before you continue to go up,” Tur says.
  6. When the Holidays Are Over “Start from the top and go all the way down,” she says, and—rather than wadding the attached strings into one gigantic ball—be sure to make small bundles as you work your way down and put them in your boxes. Your future self will thank you next Christmas.

How to Light An Artificial Tree

Evgenii Kryvoruchko / EyeEm//Getty Images

  1. Remember: Faux Does Not Mean Faux-Pas Though some people swear by a freshly cut Tannenbaum, Tur actually prefers working with artificial trees. They’re malleable, they’re naturally even, and—the best part—once you’ve illuminated them, you can leave the lights on year after year.
  2. Prepare Your Lights Many artificial trees will be divided into three sections. For a standard six-foot tree, Tur recommends that you devote six sets of lights for the bottom portion, five sets for the middle, and three sets for the top.
  3. Light Every Single Branch Just like on a real Christmas tree, you’ll want to start from the bottom to keep that extension cord in check (remember to keep those lights on as you work, too). But rather than wrap the tree horizontally, Tur recommends illuminating each branch from trunk to tip and back before moving to the next branch, following a spoke pattern. Illuminating each individual branch will not only enable you to maximize sparkle, but it will also allow you to fluff out the tree the way you want later. “It’s easier to make it look even,” she says.
  4. When the Holidays Are Over Rejoice—you’ve already done the hard part! Simply keep the lights on the tree’s sections and gently put them into storage. “That’s why I like the artificial tree,” Tur says, “because you light it once and it's ready to go for the next five years.”

Helpful Hints
  • DO: Use zip ties. To keep those lights where you want them, Tur recommends buying small green zip ties to fasten your twinklies in place.
  • DON’T: Connect more than 20 sets. This is just asking for a blown fuse, Tur says.
  • DO: Conceal unsightly plugs or connections with green electrical tape. Because, as Mies van der Rohe told us, God is in the details.
  • DO: Tape down your extension cords with gaffer tape. This will eliminate unsightly wires and tripping hazards.

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  • You’ve Got Bald Patches It happens: Your Fraser fir is missing some fur, or your lighting job looks a little uneven after an eggnog or six. If that’s the case, don’t be afraid to strategically rotate your conifer toward a wall. “It’s the thing everyone does, even us!” Tur reveals.
  • A String Goes Out It’s frustrating, but it also happens—likely because you’ve connected too many strings of lights (see tips above). First, assess the lights’ fuses. “Check if they’re burned—there will be a dark color there—and if they are, you’ve probably connected too many sets together,” Tur says. “You can try to change this. Mini lights always have extra fuses attached to them in a small plastic bag.” A dud strand of lights can also be the result of a cut wire. If that’s the case, get a new string of lights. “I would not recommend fixing it because you have to know how to work with electrics—it could start a fire,” Tur warns.

Anna FixsenDeputy Digital Editor

Anna Fixsen, Deputy Digital Editor at ELLE DECOR, focuses on how to share the best of the design world through in-depth reportage and online storytelling. Prior to joining the staff, she has held positions at Architectural Digest, Metropolis, and Architectural Record magazines. 

Unusual Christmas tree 2022 with your own hands: how to make Christmas trees from improvised materials

New Year is a magical holiday! At least we all want it to be like that. And the key word here is “new”, so you want novelty and unexpected surprises. Surprise your household and guests - make an original, atypical Christmas tree with your own hands from the simplest materials.

Pauline Warlet

1. Tape - 10 minutes
Absolutely any adhesive-based tape will do: decorative paper, colored or masking tape, and even electrical tape. The main thing is to first make sure that it will stick well on the wall and will not leave marks after removal. Dress her up with the same "minimalist" decorations from scraps of multi-colored ribbons and light paper flags. We glue the star to the top, and the tree is ready!

2. From colored tape
By cutting colored tape or “self-adhesive” into equal triangles and sticking them on the wall, we get a Christmas tree with a geometric pattern that has become popular recently. Let's add a few triangles that differ in color - that's the “hung up toys”. If you have wallpaper on the wall, the Christmas tree can be glued to the front of the cabinet or on the door.

3. Creative stickers
An option for those who don't want to mess around with a ruler and scissors is to buy ready-made stickers. This is what the owners of this Scandinavian-style chalet did. They decorated the wall with a Christmas tree made from paper copies of deer antlers.

Pauline Warlet

4. Christmas tree with carnations
Fine nails or push pins can be used instead of glue. Hang cardboard stars on them with twine. For the holidays, let the bobbin or coil become the trunk of the tree. Perhaps this is a good example of New Year's improvisation - a Christmas tree can be assembled from any materials at hand with your own hands.

Mary Jo Bowling

5. In a traditional outfit
You must have already realized that everything you stick, stick or stuff on the wall in the form of a Christmas tree will turn into a Christmas tree! So why then not use ordinary New Year's toys and garlands for these purposes? Lots of colorful balloons, glittery snowflakes and an electric garland - that's it, a classic! But unusual…

Mary Jo Bowling

This is how this tree will look at night! And who's to say that the tree doesn't really exist?

Mary Jo Bowling

6. Wooden Netting
In order not to grate or stain the wall, you can hang toys and an electric garland on a thread net, which is enough to fix in three places.

Mademoiselle Claudine

You can easily make the basis for Christmas decorations with your own hands. Take three wooden slats, cut the edges at an angle and connect them together with a plate. Fill the entire perimeter with golden carnations at the same distance from each other and randomly pull a woolen thread between them. Now you can hang Christmas decorations on the thread.

Step by Step Tutorial (in French)

Pauline Warlet

7. Textile Balls
Idea for needlewomen who love to sew. Connect the circles of multi-colored patches together and fill them with pillow filler. You will get soft Christmas balls. Hang them on ropes stretched on the wall or on a thread net (see the previous idea).

Pauline Warlet

Silvia Foglia

8. Corner version
In small Russian apartments, it is not easy to find space for spruce spruce and even for its wall-mounted alternative. But we will not cancel the holiday and place an unusual Christmas tree in the corner of the room. The shape will be set by a lush garland decorated with New Year's toys. Owners of private houses can, for example, arrange the corner of a flight of stairs in this way.

Pauline Warlet

9. Christmas tree from a floor lamp
In this case, the trunk is the support of a floor lamp installed in the corner of the room, and the illusion of a Christmas tree is created by tape strips pasted on the wall, an electric garland and Christmas tree decorations.

Amber Hopman

10. Christmas tree made of Christmas balls
Do not rush to write off glass balls and old toys accumulated over the years. They can be glued together in the form of a Christmas tree. This wall decor will look good in a wooden frame.

Ekaterina Byalskaya

11. Aerial tree
This tree will not take up much space in the apartment either, but its creation will require a little patience. To bring the idea to life, you need to hang the balls on a fishing line of different lengths and fix it under the ceiling. As a base to which the air tree is attached, you can use a fabric tightly stretched between the hoop, a metal barbecue grill, or a flat sieve without a handle.

Advice: It is better not to venture in rooms where children live, there are curious animals and there are drafts.

Read also ...
DIY: Airy Christmas tree from New Year's balls (step-by-step master class)


12. The tree on the window 9000 . You can attach the garland to the glass using transparent tape. Also - add a few miniature Christmas toys. In the dark, a luminous Christmas tree will delight not only you, but also those who walk down the street.

Go Make Me

13. Christmas tree on the curtain
Using textile paints, you can depict a Christmas tree on a white roller blind. In order not to buy it on purpose, make a canvas for the Christmas tree with your own hands. To do this, take a white fabric, tuck it up and down, stitch it. Pass the metal rods of the desired length inside the bends.

Simple shapes and bold bright colors make the Christmas tree on the curtain look spectacular and modern. Start painting the top with silver paint and, gradually adding blue, move to the bottom of the canvas. You can decorate the Christmas tree with silver brooches.

See also ...
step-by-step master class (in English)


April and the Bear

14. Use a chip on the boarding board in a New Year decor. A chalk-drawn Christmas tree can be decorated in minutes. And it cleans up even faster after the holidays.

If the area of ​​the chalk board allows, you can create a huge New Year's card on it. The card will become even more festive if you decorate it with real garlands, toys and tinsel. Let the children take part in the design - for example, write their wishes to Santa Claus.

Photographer Rozonova

15. Christmas tree for new settlers
Repairs are just about to be completed, but I already want to celebrate the New Year in a new apartment. You probably have an open can of paint and unused building materials: boards, pallets, or a furniture board. If your style is loft, then this tree is exactly in the right place!

Visiting: "Dutch" loft in Novosibirsk


16. Letters on the wall
New Year's greetings, laid out in the form of a tree on the wall, will also perfectly replace the traditional Christmas tree: simple, bright and creative. Light letters can be cut out, for example, from foam, and then painted in different colors.

Christmas tree

17. Toys on branches
If you tie several branches together and then hang toys on them, you will get a nice Christmas craft with your own hands. By the way, this thing is sold and costs almost 25,000. An additional motivation to go into the forest and pick up snags.

18. Christmas tree made of branches without gaps
You can put sticks more closely together and hang a garland of light bulbs on them. It will turn out to be no less attractive and environmentally friendly option.


19. Shelves for toys
Even more unusual: make an even longitudinal cut on each branch of the "Christmas tree", clean and varnish, and then fix it on the wall so that the aligned sides look up. You will get small shelves on which you can arrange New Year's toys and decorations.


20. Christmas tree shelf
This stylish and original Christmas tree is made of painted planks. Its charm is that toys can not only be placed on shelves specially created for this, but also hung on nails and pinned with pushpins. And most importantly, every year you can change the outfit, just like on traditional Christmas trees. If it is problematic to make such a Christmas tree at home, order it in a furniture workshop.

RedAgape Blog

21. Christmas tree — Pioneer bonfire
For such a Christmas tree, you will have to collect a whole armful of branches, so the option is more suitable for residents of country houses. After you fold the branches with a “pioneer fire”, fan them with a luminous garland and attach toys to the knots.

Crocca Brugskunst

22. Trees without needles
This photo is a demonstration of how to create the look of a Christmas tree. Choose objects of a suitable shape (for example, paper cones with five-pointed stars) or decorate any dry branch or small tree with Christmas tree decorations. The best part about these trees is that you don't have to remove the needles after them, and they cost next to nothing.

23. Christmas tree of cones
Quite a common Christmas craft is a Christmas tree of cones. It is done very simply: stick pine cones on a cardboard cone with a hot gun. You need to glue them as tightly as possible to each other so that there are no gaps left. Then decorate the Christmas tree with beads and small balls, or use natural materials - juniper twigs and rowan berries.

Photo hunting: 72 crafts from cones - why not

Design Fixation [Faith Provencher]

24. Wooden table tree
The triangular frame for this Christmas tree is glued together from three bars with edges sawn at an angle. But before gluing the bars, drill holes in two of them at the same distance from each other. Insert a gold-colored wire into the holes and hang Christmas toys on it. To put the Christmas tree on the table, additionally glue two wooden cubes and a small wooden support base from below. Using a fishing line, fasten spruce branches to the frame: they will “revive” the Christmas tree and fill the room with a New Year's aroma.

Do-it-yourself: Table tree made of spruce branches

Janet Paik

25. Christmas tree made of plywood
To do this, draw a picture of a Christmas tree on plywood with a pencil and cut it first along the outer contour, and then along the inner one. Sand the cut pieces with sandpaper. To make the tree last for more than one year, varnish the plywood. Such a two-dimensional tree can be mounted on the wall or hung from the ceiling. Dress her up to your taste with toys, garlands and tinsel.

DIY: How to make a DIY Christmas tree out of plywood


By sawing off the edges of a wooden pallet, you will decorate your home with an imposing Christmas tree that costs next to nothing.

Tip: The rough, natural color of wood can be improved with wood glazing compounds.

Alfredo Arias photo

27. Mini Christmas tree made of boards
Another version of the New Year's tree made from building materials left over after renovation. Wooden planks of different lengths are simply stacked on top of each other from largest to smallest and glued together. It remains only to cut out a wooden star that will decorate the top.

Jours & Nuits

28. 3D- tree
To make a wooden tree voluminous, a round wooden pin is inserted into the base of the furniture board, and then wooden pins with holes drilled in the centers are successively strung on it. In addition, each subsequent board should be 1 cm shorter than the previous one. At the bottom at the base and at the top they are square in shape. You can give the Christmas tree a festive gloss by sprinkling artificial snow or tinting the ends with white paint.

Step by step tutorial (in French)

Reach Design

spiral tree. Planks in this case will require more, about 50 pieces.

Yuri Grishko

Lowe's Home Improvement

31. Wooden cones
To create such unusual Christmas trees, you will need a plastic traffic cone and many identical wooden plates. The cone is wrapped in paper, and the bottom row of boards is glued onto it. Starting from the second row, the pieces of wood are glued overlapping each other. After the glue has dried, the tree can be removed from the cone.


32. Wire figures
These small wire trees can decorate the New Year's table. They are made very simply, and you can dress them up with jewelry from a ladies' box: beads, earrings, brooches. A great idea is to complement the table decor with wire figures of Christmas deer.

Eric Toussaint Photographe

33. Down Christmas tree
An unusually tender and airy Christmas tree will turn out if the wire spiral is abundantly covered with down. Flickering LED lights make it even more magical.

Important: The garland must never get hot.


34. Feather Christmas trees
No less touching New Year's creations will come out if paper cones are covered with feathers. It is better to make frames from white paper, and stick feathers in the direction from bottom to top. The remaining feathers can decorate an electric garland.

Tailored Interior Inc

35. Fabric Cones
These mini Christmas trees are based on Styrofoam cones available at craft stores, but you can also glue cones made of thick cardboard. On them, “branches” from pre-cut strips of fabric are glued sequentially from bottom to top. You can take coarse burlap or any other dense fabric that matches the color and style.

Holiday Warehouse Inc.

36. Shiny tree
Glamour-lovers can use rhinestones, crystal beads or sparkling glass buttons to decorate the cones. Create a luxurious New Year's composition on a chest of drawers or a fireplace portal.

South Hill Interiors

37. Dessert Gingerbread Trees
Let this photo inspire you to bake Christmas gingerbread cookies for the holiday table and build delicious and fragrant Christmas trees from them. Glaze will serve both for gluing and for decorating.

DIY: New Year's houses made of cookies It is not difficult to make it: a cardboard cone is pasted over with double-sided tape, on which sweets in wrappers are then glued. Alternatively, you can secure the candies with toothpicks.

39. Cork Mini Christmas Tree
This simple craft is for lovers of wine and handicrafts. Green-dyed bottle caps are transformed into the crown of a tree, tied with a lace ribbon. The base is a champagne cork in its natural color. Small white beads are reminiscent of classic Christmas balls, and a marmalade star adorns the top.

DIY Christmas decor

40. Christmas tree made of glue
Hot glue is a reliable helper for decorators, but here it plays the main role. Draw a Christmas tree on a piece of paper and put it under the glass. Heat up the gun and trace the drawing in such a way as to close the outline without interrupting the line, then shade the herringbone inside. Once the glue has dried, you can remove the Christmas tree from the glass and hang it on a string.

Tip: Before starting work, spray the glass with silicone spray or sunflower oil to make it easier to remove the dried adhesive.

Ideas for New Year's gifts

41. Retro metal trees
In specialized workshops, such New Year's decor is made of steel (trees from the photo can be bought). However, you can implement the idea at home. Saw out the back wall with a jigsaw from plywood, paint it and drill holes for light bulbs in it. For the side walls, use strips of aluminum, stuffing them onto the plywood with thin nails. In order not to understand electrical circuits, take a ready-made garland with large light bulbs.

DIY: How to make volumetric illuminated letters with your own hands

Forest + Ash Studio

Christmas tree can be anything that catches your eye. There are a lot of books in the apartment - great! Let's transform the rack into a festive tree. And why not arrange the dishes in the buffet in the New Year's way? Allow yourself to forget about the rules and regulations for the holidays and come up with something like that!

Post photos of your unusual Christmas trees for 2022 under the article! Maybe you make them from pasta, stationery or household items? Share with us your ideas.

DIY Christmas tree craft 80+ ideas how to make a Christmas tree yourself

DIY foamiran Christmas tree

For the New Year holidays, there is nothing better than a souvenir that is made with your own hands. A tree made of foamiran can just become such a souvenir. Making such a craft is quite simple.

Cut out figures from foamiran: stars, circles, squares, hearts, etc. and a cone. Glue decorative elements on the cone.

The variant is more complicated, but more original can be done like this.

Cut green foamiran squares of the same size, fringe each with scissors. Then bring each piece to a heated iron on linen-cotton mode so that the fringe “twirls”. Then glue the squares to the Styrofoam cone, starting from the bottom. At the very end, if desired, decorate the Christmas tree with balls, beads, cones and tinsel.

Do-it-yourself Christmas tree made of napkins for the New Year

If you show a little imagination and creativity, then even from such a simple material as napkins you can make incredibly beautiful Christmas trees. For example, for each guest to the New Year's table, put a green napkin folded in the shape of a spruce on a plate.

You can also glue pre-cut lace doilies to the cardboard cone. The advantage of this method is that children can do it too.

Christmas trees made from napkins, made using the trimming method, and then decorated with beads, rhinestones, tinsel and cones, also look very nice.

Christmas tree made of beads - a step-by-step master class

A stunning New Year's souvenir will be a tree made of beads. Small beads of bright color will bring to life the most daring and bright ideas. To make such a gift, you will need: thin wire, beads of different colors (green, blue, white, gold, silver), beads for the crown, a lot of time and patience.

In addition, with the help of beads, you can make decorations for your mother, sister or girlfriend in the form of spruce: earrings, pendants and brooches.

By the way, 50+ schemes of New Year crafts from beads are waiting in a separate material!

DIY Christmas tree made of fabric for the New Year

Christmas tree made of fabric is another great alternative to the traditional forest beauty. The advantage of such a craft is that you can sew a spruce tree in a couple of hours with your own hands, and the service life is not limited. There are many ways to make a Christmas tree out of fabric. The most obvious is to collect spruce from stuffed bags with holofiber.

For those who know how to use a sewing machine, this Christmas tree will be an excellent option:

You can also sew a Christmas tree using this pattern.

Choose the color at your discretion, the main thing is that the craft pleases the eye and gives a festive mood.

Follow the link to find 40+ patterns of New Year's textile toys!

Christmas tree made of felt - step by step tutorial with photo

To create you will need: felt, scissors, needle, thread, glue.

As an option, make this interior Christmas tree out of felt.

You can find even more master classes of felt Christmas trees here.

Do-it-yourself sisal Christmas tree for the New Year

Sisal Christmas tree is a real New Year's air miracle. She has an unusual appearance, but at the same time gives amazing emotions.

There are many technologies for manufacturing such beauty, but they come down to the fact that pieces of sisal are carefully glued onto a pre-prepared base of whatman paper or floral foam in the shape of a cone. This must be done carefully so that there is no empty space left, and carefully, because the material is fragile and can deteriorate. After that, decorate the finished Christmas tree with garlands, cones, beads and bows.

The sisal ball Christmas tree looks great.

Ribbon Christmas tree

Ribbon Christmas tree will also be a decoration for the New Year holiday or an excellent gift for relatives or friends. Making crafts is easy. For example, take a cone made of cardboard or foam and cover it with colorful ribbons. By the way, you can use safety pins instead of glue for the foam cone.

It is also interesting to get a Christmas tree made of ribbons and beads, which must be strung alternately on a thread. From the same materials, very cute, small brooches are made that can symbolize the holiday.

You don't have to be tied to green silk ribbons. Take white, silver, red, golden. Show your imagination and resourcefulness!

If you like ribbon crafts, don't stop! Another 60+ step-by-step master classes of New Year's crafts from ribbons!

Tulle Christmas tree craft - step-by-step master class

Tulle Christmas tree looks incredibly gentle, and at the same time magnificent. This craft takes very little time. For crafts you will need: wire, tulle, flower pot, ribbons, beads.

Cut tulle into strips, sew in the middle and pull together to make beautiful frills. String parts on the wire frame of the future Christmas tree. At the end, it is better to decorate the spruce with beads, rhinestones or sequins and place it in a flower pot for stability.

Do-it-yourself Christmas tree from plasticine for the New Year

Modeling from plasticine is an exciting activity for both children and adults. Combine business with pleasure: spend a family evening and make a Christmas tree out of plasticine.

Make an independent design for which the kid will choose colors and blind with the help of mom or dad, or you can attach the product to cardboard, it will turn out like a three-dimensional postcard.

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Christmas tree topiary

The most fashionable and popular gift for the New Year holidays is the Christmas tree topiary. This is a decorative tree that creates an amazing mood and brings only positive emotions.

A variety of materials can be combined in a topiary: tangerines, fir cones, coffee beans, cinnamon sticks, Christmas decorations, sisal, sweets, planters, threads, ribbons, burlap, etc. The symbol of the coming year will also look good. The main thing is to turn on the fantasy and be creative.

Salt dough Christmas tree - step by step tutorial with photo

Another great way to make a Christmas tree at home is from puff pastry. The advantage of this method is that everything you need is always at hand: flour, water, salt, cardboard, scissors, paints and garlic.

First, make a cone out of cardboard, then knead the dough and put it through the garlic maker. We get nice long worms, with which we carefully and evenly cover the frame. After that, let the structure dry well in a warm oven. Next, we move on to coloring. By the way, the dough can be immediately made green if you add food coloring to it when kneading. The Christmas tree is ready!

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DIY paper Christmas tree

A paper Christmas tree takes pride of place among crafts for the New Year holidays, as it is an excellent gift for relatives and friends, as well as a wonderful opportunity to spend time with children.

There are a lot of ways to make a Christmas beauty out of paper: using the origami technique, from corrugated paper, using special templates and stencils for cutting, from napkins, book sheets, photographs, etc.

It is not necessary to be tied only to green, a combination of different shades is allowed.

A paper Christmas tree can be voluminous, flat, placed on a nightstand, table or even a wall. Show your imagination and creativity.

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Foil Christmas tree - quick and easy craft

For lovers of sparkle and glitter, a foil Christmas tree is perfect. To make a craft, you need thick foil, a template, scissors.

Using the foil template, cut out two blanks, cut one to the middle of the top, the other to the middle of the bottom. Insert blanks into each other. The foil Christmas tree is ready!

DIY Christmas tree made of threads

Christmas tree made of threads is an amazing way to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in your home. It doesn't take long to make. We offer a choice of 2 master classes. The first, which is also the simplest, is to wind the knitting threads around the cone, after lubricating it with glue. We wind the threads so that there are no gaps left.

The second option will take longer. Prepare a cone of the desired size in advance and wrap it with polyethylene. Wind the threads around the cone and then cover the structure with PVA glue. Let dry thoroughly (in a warm room with good air circulation).

After removing the Christmas tree from the cardboard cone, decorate with beads, sequins, beads and snowflakes to give a fairy tale and New Year's holiday atmosphere.

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How to make a pom-pom Christmas tree

A pom-pom Christmas tree looks very attractive. It is not difficult to make it, the main thing is to find the required number of pompoms. You can easily make them yourself using woolen threads of different colors and two circles of cardboard.

These pompoms are then glued onto a cardboard or foam cone. There are also no strict rules here, spruce can be plain (green, blue, white) or multi-colored.

Do-it-yourself Christmas tree made of money

It is customary to wish a lot of good things for the New Year, including financial well-being. Therefore, a beautiful Christmas tree made of banknotes will be an excellent gift for relatives and friends. For such crafts, both real dollars, euros or rubles, as well as souvenir ones, are suitable. There are many ways to make a money tree. So, for example, origami.

The following method is no less popular: fold bills into bags, fasten the edges, and then paste over a pre-prepared cone made of cardboard or foam.

At the end, decorate the Christmas tree with a garland, beads, rhinestones or beads.

Do-it-yourself Christmas tree made of pencils for the New Year

A Christmas tree made of pencils looks very original, bright and interesting. The advantage of this craft is that it does not take much time, you can do it with your children and select a variety of colors. For example, the panel looks great. For it, you need to cut five to seven pencils (each 5 millimeters shorter than the previous one), arrange it in the shape of a Christmas tree and glue it to a pre-prepared base.

The forest beauty will look wonderful if well-sharpened pencils are glued onto a cone-shaped base, and then decorated with tinsel, beads and rhinestones.

The main thing is to show imagination and creativity.

Organza Christmas tree - step by step tutorial with photo

Needlework lovers always have a piece of organza at home. And on the eve of the New Year holidays, you can make a very delicate, airy and incredibly beautiful Christmas tree from it.

To do this, cut organza squares, fold them several times and secure with a stapler or glue. At the end, you can decorate the forest beauty with sweets, beads, snowflakes, beads and sparkles.

Papier-mâché Christmas tree

Another popular method of making a papier-mâché Christmas tree. It is very popular among both adults and children, because it allows you to spend several evenings together, preparing for the holidays.

So, one day can be devoted to preparations for papier-mâché, then sculpting cone-shaped figures. And, finally, the most pleasant thing, decorating the forest beauties. The child himself can suggest options for colors. Optionally, you can also decorate such a Christmas tree with tinsel, garland, beads, sequins, beads and sparkles.

DIY wire Christmas tree step by step

Wire Christmas tree is an amazing solution for decorating your own house, apartment, and office space. You can choose a different size: for a table or for a floor, it all depends on the length of the material.

The easiest way to do this craft is as follows: you need to take a soft wire and bend it into a spiral, while each next turn must necessarily be less than the previous one. At the end, you need to leave the tip, this will be the top of the head, on which you can attach a star. And then you should decorate the forest beauty. The choice of material for this depends on imagination and creativity: garland, tinsel, organza, Christmas decorations, threads, beads, snowflakes, etc.

Knitted Christmas tree with your own hands

Knitted Christmas tree is a great opportunity for all needlewomen to please their loved ones with an amazing gift. Any color and shape will do. So, for example, a forest beauty can be white (in snow), blue (in hoarfrost), golden, silver and traditional green. As for the shape, a knitted case in the shape of a Christmas tree for a bottle of champagne looks very relevant and beautiful.

No less interesting is a stable spruce as an interior decoration, a toy for a real coniferous tree, a panel on the wall.

Each option can be decorated at the very end with beads, sequins, ribbons and beads.

Do-it-yourself voluminous cardboard Christmas tree

A cardboard Christmas tree will be a great opportunity for a child to contribute to the festive preparations for the New Year. The easiest way to make a spruce tree is to print out a forest beauty template, then you need to carefully cut it out and glue it.

It is also a good option if the paper is initially white, in which case the child will be able to show his creativity and imagination by decorating the Christmas tree. At the end, the product can be decorated with rhinestones, ribbons or sparkles.

DIY Christmas tree made of tinsel

What can look more bright, festive and give a New Year's mood than tinsel? This is an amazing decoration from which you can make everything, even a fluffy Christmas tree. By the way, it takes quite a bit of time.

First you need to make a paper cone, then wrap it with tinsel in a spiral, starting from the bottom, and fix the ends with a stapler. The forest beauty is ready. Additionally, you can decorate the craft with sweets.

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You can also make a tinsel Christmas tree on the wall. A great option for pet owners or those who have a forest beauty until March.

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Christmas tree made from improvised materials

It is not necessary for a creative person to buy a Christmas tree for the New Year. Turning on his imagination and creativity, he will always find a way to make it from improvised materials with his own hands. Forest beauties in such cases can be different: symbolic gifts to relatives and friends, or real Christmas trees. The advantage of spruce from improvised materials is that it can be made by the whole family, together with children, and thus spend more time together.

How to make a Christmas tree from twigs

A Christmas tree made from twigs looks amazingly beautiful. A great eco-friendly craft for those who have little space, small children or four-legged friends.

Dry branches fasten together with a rope or bundle and fasten to the wall. To do this, you can use, for example, an ordinary household hook or nail (if you don’t feel sorry for the wall!).

No less original looks a miniature Christmas tree made of twigs, complemented by dried fruits.

Christmas tree from cotton pads

If you want to make a Christmas tree from improvised materials, then it's time to pay attention to cotton pads. You will need thick paper for the cone, cotton pads, glue and beads for decoration. Decorate the product with any materials to your taste: sparkles, sequins, watercolor. Or just leave it white. As you like or as time permits.

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Christmas tree made of cotton wool

If there are no cotton pads, but there is cotton wool, you can make an original Christmas tree from it. You will need: cotton wool, a dry twig, threads, ribbons, beads and sequins for decoration.

Pasta Christmas tree

You will need: a plastic bottle or glass, pasta, glue, paint.

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How to make a shabby chic Christmas tree out of lace

A creative person's fantasy never runs out. And it's great on the eve of the New Year holidays. It is she who will make a very delicate and touching Christmas tree out of lace. The manufacturing technology of such a product is standard: first, a cone is made of cardboard, and then glued with lace using a glue gun.

But there are no rules for decorating a lace Christmas tree, each person can decorate it according to their own taste and desire with the help of beads, rhinestones, satin ribbons, sequins, bows, tinsel, etc.

DIY coffee tree

A Christmas tree can be not only beautiful, but also fragrant if made from coffee beans. The technology is quite simple: wrap a foam cone with jute twine, and then glue coffee beans one at a time, starting from the bottom. Satin bows, large beads, burlap, cinnamon sticks, chains, etc. are perfect for decoration.

Such a Christmas tree, as long as it will stand, will help create coziness in a house or apartment, fill the evenings with a romantic atmosphere and give a lot of pleasant memories. By the way, coffee spruce is a great gift for family and friends.

Do-it-yourself Christmas tree made of matches - master class

Matches are a material that is available in every home. They will make a very unusual and cute Christmas tree. The advantage of this craft is that children can be involved in the manufacture. Lots of ways to do this.

For example, you need to prepare a cardboard cone in advance. This will be the frame. And then one match should be glued to it (tips with sulfur down).

Another way: glue matches onto a Christmas tree-shaped cardboard blank, and then assemble it into a 3D figure. How to decorate such a forest beauty directly depends on the imagination and creativity of the manufacturer.

Christmas tree from a vine - how to make it yourself

A Christmas tree from a vine can turn out to be unusual and creative. The main thing is to choose a not very dry vine so that you can weave it and it does not break. Then sticks must be inserted into this structure and then continue to be braided with a vine.

If there are gaps, don't worry, fill in the gaps with twine. Burlap, fir cones, acorns, bows, cinnamon sticks are suitable for decoration.

Wine cork Christmas tree

For crafts you will need: corks, glue, ribbons, paints.

Christmas tree from a plastic bottle

Prepare thick paper, a plastic bottle, preferably green, scissors, tape.

Tea bag herringbone

Tea is one of my favorite drinks. And if you make a Christmas tree out of tea bags and give it to friends or colleagues, there will be no limit to joy. For such a craft, you will need a package of your favorite tea bags and glue a cardboard cone with bags.

Christmas tree made of beads

A Christmas tree made of beads looks very rich, elegant and amazingly beautiful. This craft is made simply and quickly: a cardboard cone is taken and beads are attached to it with a glue gun, tightly to each other, starting from the very bottom.

If this forest beauty needs some extra decor, add ribbons, stars or bells.

Christmas tree made of plastic cups

Plastic cups are affordable and cheap material. If you glue the cups to the cone, you get a very pretty Christmas tree.

How to make a Christmas tree out of lollipops

A delicious Christmas tree that will please both adults and children will be made from lollipops if you stick them inside a plastic cone.

Cone Christmas tree

You will need: thick paper, cones, glue.

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