How to use deco mesh on christmas trees

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree from Start to Finish {the EASY way!}

If there is one question that I get the most around the holiday season, it is “How do you decorate your Christmas tree?” Well, I am by NO means a Christmas tree decorating expert, BUT…I do have some tricks that make it much easier for me each year to get that full look that I love! I thought it would be fun to share that with you, step by step!

Have you ever heard the saying, “There is more than one way to skin a cat”? Well, there is more than one way to decorate a Christmas tree- obviously! This is just the way that I do MINE, and I find it to be the easiest way for me!

First, this advice is purely for artificial trees. It doesn’t matter how fancy or nice your tree is, it will be covered up in the end, so even if it is looking shabby now, it won’t be for long!

Today, I am using a tree that I just did for a client. I decided to take pictures along the way so that I could show you the process!

After your tree is set up and all of your lights are in place, we will start with the KEY part to a full tree- the RIBBON! The way that I have found to be the easiest is to start with a very wide, deco mesh ribbon roll or some other kind of wide ribbon. Deco mesh is very easy to work with! This roll was $5 at Hobby Lobby and it did the full tree in 2 spots, where I wanted it.

Do NOT cut the ribbon. Simply start at the top of the tree, gather the end together and wrap it around a piece of the branch deep in the tree (they usually have wire, which makes it easy to wrap around) and start going down the tree, gathering large bunches together and sticking them into the tree and wrapping around a branch. When you get to the very bottom of the tree, cut your ribbon and tuck the bottom part in the tree and wrap it up in there. Then, start again on another area of the tree. Keep doing this until you are ready to start with a different type of ribbon or you are finished using ribbon on the tree. Use the same process with your next ribbon, if you chose to use 2 different kinds (or more).

This is what it will look like when you are done with the ribbon portion.

After the ribbon is finished, I always start with my BIGGEST ornaments and signs. These are another key element in creating a full tree. Use several large items! **You do not have to use ornaments. Get creative! Use fun signs, frames, anything!** Just hang them all over the tree in different areas, to make it balanced.

I used some really large ornaments on her tree, along with this really cute snowman wall hanging that I found!

After using your largest ornaments, I simply keep going through all of my ornaments from largest to smallest. I like to hang all of the smaller ones at the end (such as little balls or icicles) , to fill up space.

After I have used all of my actual ornaments, I go to my large “picks” to do my topper. I know people have all sorts of ways they do their topper. Some people use a star, angel, snowman hat, etc… but I like to use random large picks to stick out of the top. That is just what I like best!

Simply gather your picks and start sticking them in the top, arranging them how you like them the best. There is no rhyme or reason to what I do- I just work with it until it looks good! I don’t worry about it everything is perfectly balanced. If I like the craziness, I go with it. Have FUN with it!

If I have any large picks left after doing my topper, I simply stick them into the tree anywhere that looks like it needs a little something. It gives the tree some extra dimension.

When the large picks have all been used, I move to my small picks and start sticking them in the tree to fill up any empty space. These can be true picks or simply the little clip on pieces, like the white snowflakes in the picture. These pieces are just cheap little filler pieces that help make your tree look fuller.

And voila! That is it, folks! Look at your tree and admire your work! If you don’t like something, move it around! If there are empty spots, fill them in with some little bits of extra ribbon or extra cheap ornaments that you may have laying around!

That was easy enough, right?? What do you think? Are there any extra tips you have that make decorating your tree easier?

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DIY Christmas Tree Decorating with Deco Mesh

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Christmas Tree decorating with deco mesh is incredibly easy and looks amazing! Consider your decorating your Christmas tree using Deco Mesh for a professional look that takes little time to create. While you are planning your holiday decor, consider using this Christmas Shopping List Planner to plan your holiday budgeting (which includes decor supplies). 

A Christmas Tree Decorating Idea You Will Love

I can’t get enough of Christmas mesh wreaths. They look so good on front doors. With that in mind, I decided to take my love of deco mesh over to my holiday tree. Here’s how you can do the same! 

Supplies for Deco Mesh Tree

  • Wirecutter
  • Deco Mesh Ribbon – any color you choose. 
  • Christmas Tree with lights installed or included

Deco Mesh Christmas Tree Instructions

  1. First, make sure you install the lights on the tree before installing ribbons or mesh.
  2. Attach the deco mesh to the top of the Christmas tree and move downward in a circular way. Every foot or so bunch the deco mesh ribbon and attach it to the tree by twisting a tree branch around it. Continue this process until you run out of the tree to place the deco mesh on. Cut the ribbon and tuck it under a tree branch. We did this three more times, but choose to go more conservative with the deco mesh look. Next time, we are placing more on the tree because it looks amazing! 
  3. I have seen some trees that have deco mesh ribbon coming down directly from top to bottom without going diagonal and it looks great as well. It’s really up to you on how you want your tree to look. That is the beauty of holiday decorating! There isn’t a right or wrong way to decorate for the season. Do what brings you joy! 

Christmas Tree decoration with mesh video tutorial

If you are a visual learner like me, this video tutorial will help you style your Christmas tree using decorative mesh and ribbon.  

The deco mesh lasts year-to-year if you store it correctly!  Keep in mind my tree looked really perfect before kids. Now I have little hands helping but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Have you tried decorating your Christmas tree with decorative mesh before? This design choice really makes your trees pop with color. 

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What creative and unique ways do you decorate your Christmas tree? 


  • * Deco Mesh Ribbon - any color you choose. 
  • * Christmas Tree with lights installed or included


  • * Wirecutter


First, make sure you install the lights on the tree before installing ribbons or mesh.

Attach the deco mesh to the top of the Christmas tree and move downward in a circular way. Every foot or so bunch the deco mesh ribbon and attach it to the tree by twisting a tree branch around it. Continue this process until you run out of the tree to place the deco mesh on. Cut the ribbon and tuck it under a tree branch. We did this three more times, but choose to go more conservative with the deco mesh look. Next time, we are placing more on the tree because it looks amazing! 

I have seen some trees that have deco mesh ribbon coming down directly from top to bottom without going diagonal and it looks great as well. It's really up to you on how you want your tree to look.

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How to decorate a Christmas tree beautifully

New Year is a holiday that neither children nor adults can resist. A special magical atmosphere, falling snow flakes, a sincere dinner with loved ones and, of course, welcome gifts - all this makes preparing for it a real ritual that brings incredible pleasure. The main role in creating a festive mood is played by Christmas tree decoration . In this article, we bring to your attention simple ways to effectively decorate New Year's Christmas trees.

How to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year in accordance with the Eastern calendar

The symbol of the upcoming 2022 is the Blue Water Tiger. What does the future patron of the planet value, taking up a year-long duty? He appreciates the classic attributes of a fun holiday - bright colors, luxurious decorations and delicious dishes. Fortunately, meeting the requirements of such a Tiger is not difficult if you like to celebrate New Year noisily at home or in a restaurant.

What role does the talisman from the Eastern calendar play? He dictates colors , which over the next year will bring good luck and promote any undertakings. For New Year 2022, the palette of recommended shades includes:

  • Blue.
  • White.
  • Grey.
  • Blue.
  • Black.
  • Silver.
  • Golden.

Silver and gold decor for home decoration is especially advised by experts. Small toys (bells, balls), fabric garlands, elegant beads of these shades will harmoniously complement the overall concept and create a sense of celebration.

In addition to the traditional decor for the New Year , an apartment, house or office can be decorated with edible elements. There are many options - coffee beans, vanilla and cinnamon sticks, chocolate and nuts, citrus fruits. These and other details have a bright aroma, which is often associated with the New Year holidays. With their help, not only beautifully decorate the Christmas tree and the interior of the room as a whole, but also to pay respect to the symbol of the coming year.

How to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year

Long gone are the days when existing toys were simply used to decorate the Christmas tree . Today, manufacturers offer a wide range of decorative products, which is increasing every year. Among the latest trends is the design of live or artificial Christmas trees in accordance with a certain style. Next, we will consider, how to beautifully decorate the interior and the "hero of the occasion" in accordance with popular trends.

Nostalgia for childhood - Soviet retro

Inspired by our own children's home holidays, many of us decide to decorate the Christmas tree in a retro style. How can arrange the premises in this case? Take a family album and carefully examine the New Year's photo . They will be able to notice bright mirror balls, glass figures of animals and birds, small and large beads of various colors . Many decorations from that time are no longer in use due to the increasing popularity of Western traditions.

The best idea that will help recreate the right atmosphere is a trip to older relatives on the eve of the holiday. They will readily share details that, due to your young age, you may not remember. It is possible that in the far corners of the closets of family members there will be those same toys , which now you can decorate your own Christmas tree . A provocatively smiling snowman, a charming snow maiden and a legendary red star will become a stylish interior decor for the New Year's Eve season and allow you to immerse yourself in light nostalgia. This is the very moment when from unnecessary things to a real family heirloom is one step.

Scandinavian style

Not sure how to decorate a Christmas tree , but do you really want to give up the lush multi-layer decor? Pay attention to Scandinavian minimalism. According to this direction, the most concise options look stylish. For example, you can just take Christmas tree and place it in a beautiful plain pot. If desired, additionally decorate it with craft paper, twine or decorative mesh with small cells.

Thematic photos on specialized resources on the Internet show that it is not at all necessary to hang numerous toys on a tree. To decorate Christmas tree in a minimalist style, just hang one unusual object on a branch or leave it “bare” altogether, but generously use it for decoration artificial snow . Such a idea will appeal to people who are inspired by minimalism and do not like to waste time on long preparations for the holiday.

Luxurious classic

The direct opposite of the Scandinavian style dictates its own rules. More! Brighter! More luxurious! Options photo interiors and trees, decorated in a classic style, full of lots of details. How to decorate a Christmas tree according to the canons of classicism?

  1. Choose a tall tree with lush branches. This is not the case when you can compromise and install a miniature neat Christmas tree . For a complete picture, you will need a huge beautiful tree , which can accommodate dozens of toys.
  2. Use original toys exquisite, matching colors . On the examples of photos of classic Christmas trees you can find huge balls, decorative bows, Christmas wreaths, natural and artificial candles, flickering garlands and endless rain. As a rule, they are made in red, white, green, brown, gold, black colors and their shades.
  3. Prepare decorations not only for the tree, but also for the whole house or office space. They can be placed on the windows, near the fireplace, on the festive table, form a special area for photo .

Rustic or soulful country style

The idea of ​​ decorating in this style is to use familiar, eye-catching gizmos, some of which can be created by one's own hands. Depending on belonging to a particular country, country music has characteristic features. French Provence is unimaginable without starched napkins and lavender, American style is associated with the times of the Wild West, and a Russian hut cannot be imagined without a huge flaming stove and a table bursting with food. However, in all cases, the direction involves the use of needlework, natural pastel colors and a large variety of textiles.

How to decorate Christmas tree and house in country style? From traditional decor elements, use glass balls. They look elegant and will be appropriate in this format. On photo rustic style often there are toys made of wood, New Year's gingerbread gingerbread, liquorice sticks of different colors . Edible elements will fill the room with the aroma characteristic of the winter holidays and will be a great gift for visiting children.

Which unusual decorations are suitable for country decor? You can make balloons and snowflakes yourself. Knitted toys will create a unique atmosphere, filling the room with coziness. In addition, they can be made quickly enough. A large number of simple schemes that require threads of different colors can be found on the Internet on specialized sites and forums. If you know how to knit, just be inspired by photo and start realizing fantasies that will turn snow-covered house is an example of comfort and good taste.

Eco style

Eco style is another trend that is very popular today. It beats all records along with Scandinavian minimalism and pop art. The ecological style contains natural colors and a minimum number of decorative elements. How to decorate space to match this trend? Follow the basic principle: there is nothing superfluous in nature.

Eco-style jewelry - any detail you like that you can find in the natural environment. Photo of this decor confirms: the gifts of nature will harmoniously complement the interior and create a festive mood. At first glance, it may seem unusual to you to use acorns and cones, citrus fruits and their zest, branches and fruits of trees, vanilla and cinnamon sticks. But such toys are the best way to emphasize not only excellent taste, but also respect for the environment. In eco-style, there are no plastic figures, confetti, metafan and other products, the disposal of which is impossible without harm to the planet.


A fashion and interior design trend that can be described as a combination of glamor and poverty. On photos of examples, natural colors , an abundance of original textures and decorative elements made by yourself are striking.

The best solution for a New Year's decoration in the boho style is handmade and lovingly made toys . Thanks to this, the holiday preparation will become an exciting process in which adults and children will like to participate. Feel free to invite all your family and friends to a pre-decoration event. Cut snowflakes together, create paper garlands and pom-poms, color your favorite colors balloons, stars and other decorations. After completing the exciting teamwork, be sure to take photos as a keepsake! Such a picture will continue to warm the soul of all the participants after many years.

Christmas trees are different

In recent years, we are confidently moving away from the tradition of installing a traditional evergreen tree for the holiday. Instead, alternative designs are used, reminiscent of a Christmas tree in shape, but created from the most unexpected materials. Among photo possible options are the most common:

  • Wall Christmas tree. This option is great for small rooms in which it is not possible to install a full-fledged Christmas tree. Use beads, garlands, branches, balls and other toys as elements for making a Christmas tree. It is important that the structure has a dense and solid triangular base. To create it, take a fabric or cardboard in a neutral or green color , attach the material to the wall. After that, proceed to the process of "decoration". Scotch tape, thermoplastic glue or ordinary thread with a needle will help to securely fix the elements on a vertical surface.
  • Wood from improvised materials. If you don’t have enough time or energy to prepare for the holiday, try making a Christmas tree from what is nearby. Books, cardboard boxes, decorative pillows, soft toys and any other items from which you can build a pyramid can be used. By throwing a garland and rain on top of it, you will get a unique and stylish Christmas tree for free and in just a few minutes. If you wish, you can simply decorate any indoor flower, because the main thing is not the presence of green needles, but a festive mood.
  • Christmas tree at work. Installing a large beautiful tree usually does not allow the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe premises, and are small Christmas trees pretty tired? Treat yourself and your colleagues with non-standard solutions, getting a fair amount of positive feedback from viewing photos of Christmas trees for various professionals. For example, healthcare workers can build a tree from inflated disposable gloves. It will rustle amusingly and wave its fingers affably to all those present. Due to the variety of shades of modern gloves, such Christmas trees can be not only the usual white, but also more cheerful - green, blue, blue, black and even raspberry.

How to decorate a Christmas tree

The main thing is to stop in time. This rule is relevant in various areas of human life, including decorating a Christmas tree. A large number of various toys and garlands turns the fluffy beauty into an overall structure that visually makes the space heavier and knocks out of the interior.

There are a few simple guidelines that you can follow to create an elegant and stylish Christmas tree. She will look spectacular at photo and will receive numerous compliments from guests. A couple of successive steps will help to achieve this result:

  • Decide on the size of the tree. It must necessarily correspond to the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room. The desire to decorate the largest and most magnificent spruce is understandable, but in a small room it is better to do without such experiments. Conversely, in a spacious room, you should take care of installing a tall tree with outstretched branches. A miniature Christmas tree in a large room will look out of place.

In terms of numbers, there should be 25-30 cm of free space between the top of the tree and the ceiling. It is possible to install a large Christmas tree, but did you like a small one? Install it on a stand so that the distance indicated above is maintained. Use decorated chairs, stools, tables, small stepladders, and other suitable objects as a platform.

  • Check out the look of the Christmas tree. The more magnificent and fluffy it is, the less decorations will be required for decoration.
  • Select the correct installation location. No matter how desirable a festive tree is, it should not impede the movement of people and block the aisles. Please note: it is not recommended to place the Christmas tree near heating devices. Constant exposure to heated air leads to rapid yellowing and shedding of needles.
  • Select a style. Look at photos of possible decors on the Internet, save your favorite options and think about which one will look organic in your case. It is important that the decoration of the Christmas tree matches the interior of the room. In particular, a Christmas tree decorated in a boho-chic or Soviet retro style will look ridiculous in a room furnished in a classic or high-tech style.
  • Follow the decorating order. First of all, hang an electric garland. This will allow you not to tangle the wire in toys and rain, avoiding potentially dangerous situations. Then proceed to hanging large balls and other figures. Place them at the bottom of the tree and evenly distribute them among the branches. Decorate the middle and top of the Christmas tree with smaller products. Save the smallest items for the empty spaces that have been preserved. The finishing touches are the installation of a star and bows at the top, fastening of ribbons, rain, which can be deliberately casually thrown over the rest of the toys.

What to do with the tree trunk?

Speaking of decorating a tree, as a rule, we mean decorating branches. But how to achieve an attractive appearance of the barrel and stand? There are universal ways to make the bottom of the tree aesthetic and stylish.

The most common way to set up a Christmas tree is in a sand bucket. To add variety, fill the container with cones. You can collect them yourself by walking in the forest. To achieve a characteristic coniferous aroma, pre-baking the cones in the oven with the addition of fir essential oil will help.

Another option that can be found while walking is a neat little stump. It will allow you to make the festive design as natural as possible. It is enough just to remove the remnants of the earth from its surface.

A simple kraft paper bag that hides any stand you use for your tree. Just give the material the desired shape and fix it with twine or double-sided tape.

Interiors made in Scandinavian style, loft style, country style, boho style will look spectacular with a trunk wrapped in burlap. Rough fabric will readily take the required shape and harmoniously complement the environment.

A large wicker basket is also perfect for rustic style. It is convenient to place a stand with a tree in it, and fill the remaining free space with various details - cones, small toys, artificial snow flakes, textiles.

A careful study of photos of ready-made solutions will help you choose one of the listed options and not make a mistake. Often they are accompanied by detailed instructions, which minimizes the number of difficulties in decorating the tree trunk.

Useful tips

  • Have you decided on the style of the Christmas tree? Observe it when wrapping gifts. For a minimalist or Scandinavian look, opt for plain materials in natural pastels. If there is a classic luxurious Christmas tree in the room, a mountain of gifts in bright packaging with lush bows, sparkles, and themed patterns will go well with it.
  • Will there be children or pets in the room with the Christmas tree? Regardless of the decor style you choose, try to use toys that are safe, impact-resistant and won't shatter into sharp pieces when dropped. The best solution would be plastic, wooden, knitted, paper products. Elegant glass balls, no matter how spectacular, should be abandoned.
  • Use garlands. In addition to the usual fluffy options, today manufacturers offer letter models with holiday greetings, exquisite ribbons, compositions of dream catchers, snowflakes and New Year's characters. Do you have time? Make them yourself. As materials, take paper, cardboard, felt, cones, sweets.
  • Flowers - not only for March 8th. Among the many symbols of the New Year and Christmas is the graceful poinsettia, also known as the Christmas star. Artificial flowers of saturated red color on special clamps are used to decorate Christmas trees, festive wreaths, entrance groups. Acorns, cones, dried berries, bird feathers and other elements of nature can harmoniously complement flower arrangements.
  • Do not forget about the symbol of the coming year. Giving him due attention does not mean completely "dressing" the Christmas tree in one or another animal. One or more stylish toys that you can purchase or make yourself are enough.

Winter floristry New Year's decor from tree branches. How to make a beautiful bouquet of fir branches for the New Year

    , or maybe it seems - that there is no one, if adults celebrate the New Year. Of course, on New Year's Eve it is not advisable to remain completely without decorations, because you need to create a festive atmosphere for yourself!

    We take a couple of spruce branches , you can also take a sprig of mountain ash, a few cones and Christmas decorations, and other decorations. We strengthen the branches in the flower pot so that they hang almost horizontally, and we put cones, decorative branches of other plants, toys in the pot (as shown in the photo).

    And if there are kids in the house, then they are especially happy to prepare for the celebration of the New Year and help decorate the apartment.

    Suppose there is no Christmas tree, then you can make Christmas wreaths, to do this, collect more branches of coniferous trees, as well as cones, toys, tinsel, even a garland with multi-colored light bulbs.

    The first option, how to strengthen the branches in the form of a New Year's wreath, is shown below in the photo

    you need to cut out a circle from a cardboard box according to the size of the desired wreath (with a hole in the center) and the same circle from foam rubber, glue them together and wrap them with an ordinary bandage for strength, this will be the base on which you and the children first attach the branches, then toys, wrap a garland around the wreath and you're done!

    The second option, how to make the basis for the Christmas wreath

    for the base, you can use a thick wire from which to make two circles, outer and inner, fasten them with pieces of wire and wrap with a bandage (see photo), we attach twigs and decorations to your taste and imagination on this base.

    It is very nice to decorate a window with Christmas tree branches and pine, there are a lot of ways.

    It will be symbolic to make New Year's bouquets in a vase for a festive table, they will decorate the house and give such a pleasant smell of pine needles! To do this, just one branch of the Christmas tree and a couple of other branches or fresh flowers are enough, and New Year's toys near the vase will add mood.

    I also really liked this idea if there are large floor vases at home, then you can make New Year's compositions in them from pine branches, colorful balls and any decorations you like.

    If you use your imagination, you will get an original composition instead of a traditional Christmas tree!

    I wish you good ideas and a Happy New Year!

    A bouquet of spruce or pine twigs (you can take any coniferous plant) is created to decorate the design of the room. Options where these bouquets are placed are:

  1. festive table
  2. window sill so that the bouquet can be seen from the street
  3. hallway
  4. to be hung in front of the entrance from the side
  5. to be placed in front of the entrance at the threshold on the side
  6. stand decoration of the hall or living room where the bouquets can be used on the floor .

The creation of a bouquet includes the presence of branches of a coniferous plant, large beads or small balls for the Christmas tree, a medium-width satin ribbon, decorative mesh wire made of aluminum or other soft metal.

As a basis it is better to take a vase with a wide neck, low, having a stable footboard, beautifully insert the branches into the vase according to the principle - shorter on the edge, longer inside. Decorate to taste with beads, ribbon. A decorative mesh can be used to cover minor imperfections in knot branches or the void between a bouquet and a vase.

I liked one idea, a New Year's bouquet with fir branches, toys, cones and snowflakes. Although, this is more of a composition than a bouquet.

This arrangement looks great if you can hang it from a chandelier or just from the ceiling.

  • The beginning is almost traditional. We make a very dense frame of wire or cardboard.

  • We glue spruce branches to the frame, so that there is no "wrong side", or at least remember that you will look at it mainly from the bottom. You can also attach some cones and Christmas tree decorations to spruce branches.

  • Cut out small snowflakes from construction paper. Snowflakes can be painted gold or silver, or left white or... blue (depending on your color preferences).

  • We attach snowflakes, toys and cones to the fir wreath with thick threads or rain.

  • We attach your composition to the ceiling or chandelier.

Much depends on your imagination. So don't be afraid to experiment. Add electric garlands, make snowflakes look voluminous, or replace fir branches with mistletoe, add holly... Whatever comes to your mind.

It's easy to make a bunch of spruce branches, just take a few spruce branches, three flowers and packing net or paper. Make flowers in the middle, and surround these flowers with sprigs of spruce, pack with paper or mesh. For example, you can take this bouquet as a basis:

Christmas tree bouquet will help to give the room a festive look and will be a wonderful decoration for any room.

For example, here is a Christmas bouquet in a vase.

We combine light green paper with spruce paws, toys, a bottle of champagne, toys for the Christmas tree and we get not even a bouquet, but a still life, which also looks very artistic.

And you can make such a bouquet from one Christmas tree. If you add, decorate the glass with quot; snowquot ;, and pour shiny fittings inside the glass, it is elegant and unique. And add real needles to the artificial Christmas tree for a smell. I would be happy with such a souvenir for the new year.

New Year's bouquet is arranged in a wide vase. A coil of wire is inserted into the center of the vase, and the wire is also wrapped in several layers around the vase. With the help of wire, you can easily fix the branches at the right distance. Space them evenly throughout the vase. Attach red artificial flowers and Christmas tree balls to the center of the composition.

A bouquet of coniferous wood to decorate a festive New Year's table can be made as follows:

We take beautiful New Year's balls, better unbreakable from plastic, in order to avoid injuries during the celebration of the New Year :)

We take twigs (spruce, pine) , of a suitable length and form a bouquet in such a way that branches stick out between the balls. We tie everything with a rubber band for money and put the finished bouquet in a jar of water.

We decorate the jar itself with ribbons or something else.

Here is a video tutorial on making a New Year's composition with your own hands:


The simplest thing is to put a few fir branches in a large beautiful vase and hang a few local toys on them. Do not forget about the main symbol of the upcoming 2014 - the horse. It will be great if you make a personal horse toy with your own hands . For example, this one:

On this site I found a lot of ideas for creating New Year's compositions. There you can read the advice of florists and watch master classes on creating such New Year's beauty . Such bouquets will decorate the house when there is a Christmas tree, and especially if there is no Christmas tree. It is also a great New Year's gift that is associated with this holiday. It is better, of course, to use live twigs, they will also give a unique aroma.

Variants of bouquets and compositions from branches of spruce, pine, etc.:


candle holder

It is customary to give bouquets for the New Year not from flowers, but from Christmas tree branches. They symbolize the new year, and it would be very nice to receive such a bouquet as a gift. In addition, it would be a beautiful addition to the New Year's interior of the house.

Winter is often perceived by us as a monochrome season, where everything is filled with snow-white color. But in fact, this is a time of contrasts: white snow and juicy red berries of viburnum and mountain ash, purple beautiful fruit and rich greenery of conifers.

In winter, even the fragrances are thicker and more intense. All this can convey your bouquet! Combine soft, airy cotton and cones, bright roses, oranges and spruce branches.

Combine elements that are opposite in texture, color and shape in a bouquet. What would be too much in summer will enrich the bouquet and create a mood in winter.

A true work of art! How could it be otherwise? Indeed, in a winter bouquet, not only flowers are often used, but also other natural materials that correspond to the season:

  • bunches of mountain ash, beautiful fruit, viburnum
  • sprigs with fruits of snowberry, barberry, wild rose
  • birch branches
  • dried flower pods with seeds, physalis
  • cones
  • bark and graceful tree branches
  • branches of conifers (spruce, juniper, arborvitae, cypress)
  • cotton bolls
  • cinnamon sticks
  • star anise
  • dried oranges
  • fruits and nuts
  • dry herbs
  • hydrangea inflorescences and other dried flowers

Your imagination can suggest the most unexpected options for the elements and decor of the bouquet. Choose something that will not freeze, will not wither quickly, which we associate with the winter season. For example, florists advise choosing flowers of dark shades for your bouquet, they are more resistant and even if the petals suffer a little from the cold, it will not be noticeable.

Rose, chrysanthemum, calla lilies, carnation, gerbera, tulip, gypsophila, freesia, hydrangea, snowdrop, cymbidium are ideal for a winter bouquet.

Knitted elements, ribbons, lace, cords, buttons, foil, Christmas balls, beads, organza, figures of angels and birds can become additional accessories for a bouquet.

Bright, saturated, and at the same time, a winter bouquet with piano roses, ilex, orchids and cotton.

This bouquet is composed of pine branches, "snowy" fir cones, brunia, thuja branches, snowberry and eucalyptus. Small flowers, reminiscent of cherry blossoms, look tender and light in a bouquet. The handle of the bouquet is decorated with handmade lace, twine and waxed cord with wooden buttons.

Interior composition will perfectly decorate your home on snowy winter days, complement the table setting and may well replace the Christmas tree. Use the advice of florists and create your own unique decorative object. So:

A winter composition will have a beautiful shape if you arrange flowers in it at different angles and at different levels.

Any composition has a focus - a point that attracts attention (a bright flower, a large bud, a candle, a branch of the original form). It is not necessarily located in the center, but it is around it that the whole composition is built.

Choose a composition container that matches the style of the interior.

If the composition will consist of fresh flowers, use a floral sponge. It will come in handy when creating a Christmas wreath for table setting.

Styrofoam or plasticine can be chosen as the basis of the composition. Such a base is suitable for New Year's compositions, when it is necessary to fix spruce branches, balls, animal figurines, garlands, and install candles.

For single cut flowers, you can use thin narrow vessels (test tubes) that are easy to fix inside the composition.

Use different lengths of branches (vine, wicker, tree branches and roots). With their help, you can add dynamics, direction to the composition.

A stand in the form of a saw cut tree is perfect for a New Year's composition. The composition itself is installed on such a stand not in the center, but is shifted to one of the sides.

On a light background, a composition of bright and dark flowers will look good, on a dark background - a light bouquet.

You don't have to buy flowers for your winter arrangement. Most houseplants are great for making this. Moreover, many of them have a flowering period in the winter. Choose:

  • poinsettia (Christmas star)
  • Schlumberger (Decembrist)
  • hippeastrum, amarylis, wallot
  • orchid
  • chlorophytum
  • cyclamen
  • azalea

Fragrant, winter composition of scarlet roses and spruce branches with cinnamon sticks and orange.

Feel like a real florist and try to create Christmas compositions with your own hands . And to make this science easier for you, we offer today's material to help you, in which, in addition to photographs of interesting things, we will also analyze the theoretical aspects of the correct composition of the composition.

DIY Christmas arrangements

Basis for almost any DIY Christmas arrangements becomes green needles or materials that look like it. We really love this green background and clearly associate it with the New Year holiday. At the same time, florists noticed that our countries are more likely to use pine, spruce, juniper needles in combination with fresh flowers, cones, dry plants, but in Western Europe they cannot imagine without bright red holly leaves, which create the necessary accent. That is why the classic color scheme for any such kind of work, if you do not pursue the goal of getting into a certain shade of the interior, is precisely red-green.

The principle of the classic composition of the bouquet is to choose the basis on which the whole composition will be. It can be a beautiful plate or dish, a vase, a jug, a special stand or fasteners, which are often used to place indoor flowers. For transformations, both desktop works, the size of which can be limited only by the width of the window sill, and hanging ones, which will be attached to the eaves, are suitable. So, the base is filled with background material, it is fixed there, depending on whether you need to keep it fresh or not. If we are talking about coniferous branches or artificial material, then they do not need to be specially fed, so nothing fits under the base. But if you want to use turf, grass or live plants that are now fashionable, then you will need a special spongy material, an oasis that fills with water, and then gradually gives it to the stuck plants.

Accessories and additions to the bouquet create the very personality that can distinguish one craft from another. Indeed, by and large, it is the details that increase the value of the work at times. Additional materials are ribbons, fabric, artificial flowers, small Christmas decorations, sweets, natural materials such as cones, acorns, chestnuts, shells, cotton bolls. If your goal is do-it-yourself Christmas composition for kindergarten , then it is best to complement it with animal figurines, small toys of a snowman, Santa Claus, deer and so on. All this is placed directly on the coniferous flower pillow, while you can use hot glue to attach all the elements, but learn that it will be much more difficult to disassemble everything after the holiday is over and some elements may no longer be suitable for further use.

In general, do-it-yourself children's New Year's compositions is a special art, usually kids want to turn bouquets into a whole fairy-tale world. If you want to give a gift to a kid, then don't forget to complete the most beautiful arrangement with a few chocolates that he can find and eat. This, believe me, will not spoil the impression at all, but will only make them even more desirable and attractive in children's eyes.

Do-it-yourself Christmas compositions: photo

Proper placement of a decorative composition in an interior is just as important as its attractive appearance. Big DIY Christmas compositions, photo which you might like in this article are designed to decorate rooms as a main accent. It is better to use them in a single placement for a bedroom, a children's room or a kitchen, that is, where exactly the composition will remind everyone that the holidays are going on. But in the living room, where there are already a lot of decorations and, moreover, a luxurious green Christmas tree is installed, you need to use smaller works. The ideal option would be one in which the materials, colors and decoration elements will be repeated both on a large Christmas tree and in a table composition, this principle of pairing is used by designers everywhere.

You can see a simple example in the lesson on compiling New Year's compositions with your own hands, a master class which is above. For work, green juniper branches were chosen as the basis, since they give a dense opaque base, which fits well in one layer and allows you to well fix the rest of the elements. Take a dish with high sides, if it is not too decorative in itself, then you can tighten the walls with cloth or corrugated paper. In our case, this is a special wicker basket, which is designed for fruits, sweets and the like. Put juniper branches on the bottom of the container to get the most even circle with the tips of the branches outward. Pine cones on this background can be somewhat lost, so they need to be given color, for this, apply a little white paint to the tip of each scale with a brush, it will turn out as if the cones are a little powdered with snow. We glue them in a circle at certain intervals, without trying to make a perfect circle, five pieces will be enough. Between the cones we place the rest of the elements, such as fir cones, small fabric roses, silver and golden Christmas balls. Choose decor so that you get an overall harmonious color scheme. A wide candle is installed inside, which should also match all the other elements in color, it is not even necessary to set it on fire, it will create an accent on its own. A string of beads will finish the work, which can be stretched or put on top so that a small part of it hangs from the wall of the stand.

Needles do not have to become a star in crafts, for example, for DIY Christmas compositions, master - the class of which is located above, ordinary cones become the basis and main element. Any schoolchild knows how to harvest and prepare them for work, but most often kilograms of cones brought from a forest or park lie unclaimed in the house. You can just dump it conceptually into a heap, explaining it as fashionable, or you can decorate them a little, turn them into a decoration for a window sill, shelf, coffee table or cabinet. Again, the container in which you will put the cones is of no small importance, the more beautiful it is, the more beautiful your craft automatically becomes. Each bump is painted in exactly the same way as in the previous master class, moreover, they do not have to be the same in appearance and size. In a single whole, we combine spruce, pine, cedar, in general, everything that can be found. On one side and in the center of the base we lay artificial coniferous branches or a garland cut into pieces that imitates pine needles, it should also be slightly modified with strokes of white paint. Then we lay out the cones in the right order and glue small roses on the ends of the branches, which are made from the smallest, softest cones (you still have to work with sharp tools, so be careful).

Do-it-yourself New Year's composition on the table

If earlier on the festive table you just tried to put as many dishes as possible and already saw enough decor in their decoration with parsley, today they are already approaching the correct serving with more responsibility. Central New Year's composition on the table with your own hands will draw even more attention than the Christmas tree, because it will be the one that will attract most of the eyes during dinner. It does not make sense to make it very large, it will interfere with people at the table, and there will be less space for all cutlery. If you have a round table, then it can occupy its inner part, but if you put a rectangular, elongated table, then it is better to make the flower decoration rectangular.

Among all the examples, needles, branches, I would like to highlight fashionable rustic bouquets. This deliberately rough, rustic style has become a favorite for organizing weddings, birthdays, and today it is already actively reclaiming New Year's venues. In the photo above you can see interesting examples solved in this style. Please note that for the preparation and decoration of such bouquets you will not need significant financial costs, but you will have to spend time and make efforts to, say, get a beautiful cut of a tree or knock down a wooden box as a stand.

Otherwise, desktop works can obey the same rules as everyone else, with a few exceptions, because they use candles, branches, only those that are not fragile, do not crumble and fall apart from touch, because touching the bouquet at the table will often. It would also be appropriate to add a few elements of an edible plan to the craft, this will make the decor related to the dishes on the table. A good example of this approach is the apple flower coasters that are placed in the center of the table.

DIY Christmas composition of branches

Both, and table bouquets can be made on the basis of tree branches, this trend is very popular and is not losing ground. For do-it-yourself New Year's composition from branches they can be dyed, decorated with paper, glitter, lacquer or used without any treatment at all, and still look amazing. You can see examples of the design and decoration of branches in the photos in this section.

Make a New Year's composition with your own hands

We suggest you make a New Year's composition with your own hands based on branches . For this, in addition to the main element, you will also need a couple of clusters of mountain ash.

Branches and berries will need to be painted; at home, this is easiest to do with thick paper, such as magazine pages. A large number of sheets are folded with an overlap on the surface, you lay branches on top, then you fold the paper into a bag and spray it inside with spray paint with a metallic sheen.

When the branches dry, place them in a jar, but not a simple one, but additionally decorated with golden braid, add the decor you need from your point of view. use of branches in decorative compositions

Nowadays, compositions made of flowers, dry branches, foliage and decorative elements are gaining more and more popularity. Such compositions look equally good both indoors - at home, office or cottage - and in the yard or garden. Materials for such decorative compositions are easy to find at any time of the year: in summer and spring, you can use flowers, greens and dry branches, in autumn you can dilute the composition with colorful foliage and dried fruits, in winter - with cones and spruce branches.

Branches, both naked and with leaves or berries, are an excellent decorative element and addition to flower arrangements. In addition, branches can also represent independent material for creating a “bouquet”. A beautiful composition will turn out from branches of dry berry bushes, dry branches of heather and forsythia. The choice of a vase for a composition of branches is very important, since the branches are directed upwards, and therefore do not cover the vase. Thus, the vase is also an important element of the composition. In this case, it is better to choose a tall oriental-style vase. Cut off unnecessary or damaged leaves, shoots from the branches, cut the branches to the desired length and place in a vase, according to the intended design. If you are using fresh branches, then make sure that their ends are placed in water. The length of the branches used in the composition may be different, depending on the design of the composition.

Bare branches will look good in a "winter" composition. In a small wooden tub filled with cones and acorns, place 3 or 5 small bare branches in the middle. This will make the composition more original and interesting.


Various branches and flowers are used for compositions, but special decorative elements are also needed to complete the composition. It can be artificial plastic berries or fruits, as well as fresh fruits. These elements are fixed in the composition with floral wire and glue. For example, an original composition can be created using light green and dark green eucalyptus, fresh pears, clusters of plastic fruits. Eucalyptus branches are cut to the desired length, lowered into a bucket of prepared floral foam (the foam bar of the desired size must be held in a pot of water until it gets wet, and then put in a bucket) and placed according to the intended design, allowing some eyelids to hang freely way down. With the help of wire cutters, separate the elements you need from the bunches of fruits and strengthen them in the composition with the help of floral wire. Insert a flower stick into the lower part of the pear (up to about half of the pear) and place the resulting product in the composition.

Massive coniferous branches are fastened with a metal holder-kenzan - a lead plate with brass studs soldered into it. If the kenzan is too small, it can be fixed on the stand with plasticine. The simplest and most affordable substitute for kenzan is a large potato tuber, into which the branches are simply stuck.

Twigs as the main element

When creating winter bouquets, coniferous branches, cones, dry flowers are used. Fresh flowers can also be included in such compositions, because some potted plants bloom in winter, for example, cyclamen, begonia, strelitzia, anthurium. They are also often used in winter bouquets. Do not forget about the flowers sold in flower shops. When used in a New Year's composition, fresh flowers are placed in a small vase, test tube or bottle of water, masking it among greenery or cones.

Coniferous branches should be washed with cold water before being included in the winter bouquet, yellowed and broken needles should be removed from them.

To keep the buds from opening, it is recommended to hold them over steam or a hot electric stove, and if it is necessary that they do not open for a longer time in a warm room, they are sprayed with hairspray. To attach the cones, a wire is used, the thickness of which depends on the size of the cone. In this case, the cones must be wrapped with wire, passing it through the lower scales and twisting one end around the other

New Year is such a holiday when you want to decorate your house with magic lights, fill it with New Year's fragrances familiar from childhood - pine needles, tangerines, cinnamon and chocolate. .. New Year's compositions will perfectly cope with this task! Create them with your own hands or you can .

Let's discuss how to prepare a house for the holiday and what winter compositions will suit your interior?

And we will also learn how to turn a festive table into a magical one, and a house into a real fairy tale! At the same time, we will try to use those materials that we can collect in the forest or buy for little money in stores before the New Year.

With the help of this lesson, you will be able to make a Christmas composition with your own hands

How to choose Christmas compositions for home decoration?

First of all, you need to pay attention to the interior of your house and its color scheme. And already they will tell you which New Year's decor will suit your home the most.

Most often in New Year's interiors you will find the colors of the winter forest - white, green, brown. We associate them with real Russian winter - a lot of snow, a beautiful Christmas tree that fills our house with a fresh forest aroma . .. Spruce cones, cinnamon, chocolates on the Christmas tree - how can we do without them?

And add bright shades to these three colors - for example, lilac, violet, blue! For example, a Christmas wreath on your front door with bright blue-green elements will look bright and spectacular. Already at the entrance, he will set your guests in the New Year's mood and set a special festive mood. At the entrance to the house, seeing a wreath, your guests will look forward to - what will they see outside the door of this house? What fairy tale will they fall into?

If you love red color (and according to the Chinese calendar it symbolizes the upcoming 2017 Year of the Rooster) - feel free to use it as bright accents in New Year's compositions!

What can be used to make Christmas compositions?

It is generally accepted to create New Year's compositions from live or artificial needles. That is, first a base is created from needles, and only then decorative materials are added. Various natural materials can serve as an addition - cones, cinnamon sticks, anise stars, hand-snow-covered tree branches, moss balls, driftwood and wooden saw cuts, bark.

The choice of decorative materials that you can put in the New Year's composition is simply huge! Christmas decorations, decorative branches with berries, foam and plastic snowflakes, textile flowers with sparkles, ribbons! And of course, candles! What's New Year's Eve without candles?!

Yes, and don't forget about real flowers! They look very cool in New Year's compositions and will refresh the New Year's interior.

Christmas compositions: ideas for inspiration

And of course, on the Internet you can find a lot of interesting ideas for creating New Year's compositions and decorating New Year's interiors. For inspiration - one of the best ideas, in our opinion)))

If for you a New Year's wreath is something banal and you want originality in New Year's decor - decorate your front door or one of the walls of a country house with a pair of cute stylish boots or winter skates with a winter "snowy" composition.

Learn more