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  • Episode aired Apr 20, 2004
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Lucas believed he saw more then an auction slave's duty when Nathan kissed Peyton, but confronted Nathan is convincingly indignant. Brooke and a test kit tell Lucas they're expecting a baby.... Read allLucas believed he saw more then an auction slave's duty when Nathan kissed Peyton, but confronted Nathan is convincingly indignant. Brooke and a test kit tell Lucas they're expecting a baby. Jake still refuses Nikki any part in Jenny's life. Nathan tells Haley he doesn't understa... Read allLucas believed he saw more then an auction slave's duty when Nathan kissed Peyton, but confronted Nathan is convincingly indignant. Brooke and a test kit tell Lucas they're expecting a baby. Jake still refuses Nikki any part in Jenny's life. Nathan tells Haley he doesn't understand she won't share his bed but tattooed his jersey number on her backside. After 15 years ... Read all





  • Director
    • Thomas J. Wright
  • Writer
    • Mark Schwahn
  • Stars
    • Chad Michael Murray
    • James Lafferty
    • Hilarie Burton
  • Director
    • Thomas J. Wright
  • Writer
    • Mark Schwahn
  • Stars
    • Chad Michael Murray
    • James Lafferty
    • Hilarie Burton
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    Chad Michael Murray

    • Lucas Scott

    James Lafferty

    • Nathan Scott

    Hilarie Burton

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    Bethany Joy Lenz

    • Haley James

    Paul Johansson

    • Dan Scott

    Sophia Bush

    • Brooke Davis

    Barry Corbin

    • Coach Whitey Durham
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    Craig Sheffer

    • Keith Scott

    Moira Kelly

    • Karen Roe

    Barbara Alyn Woods

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    Emmanuelle Vaugier

    Bryan Greenberg

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    Brett Claywell

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    Kwame Heyward

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    Zach Herrmann

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    J. R. Rodriguez

    • Director
      • Thomas J. Wright
    • Writer
      • Mark Schwahn
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      Haley James: Nathan, I know I'm driving you crazy.

      Nathan Scott: No you're not.

      Haley James: Do you think that I'm a tease?

      Nathan Scott: Stop it.

      Haley James: Well what do you think?

      Nathan Scott: I think that you're my girlfriend, and I like to spend time with you. Look I just don't want to push you.

      Haley James: You're not.

      Nathan Scott: But I am. Haley, you got a tattoo for god sakes. It just freaks me out a little bit, because obviously this whole thing with us means a lot to you.

      [she looks at him, worried]

      Nathan Scott: I just don't want to do anything to pressure you. Or drive you away. Even though sometimes I can't help it. Just like I can't help that I fell in love with you. Cause I did. I love you, Haley. And it scares me, a little bit, but, there it is.

      Haley James: Wow. There it is.

      [She kisses him]

      Haley James: I love you too.

      [They continue to kiss]

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    • Release date
      • April 20, 2004 (United States)
    • Country of origin
      • United States
    • Language
      • English
    • Filming locations
      • Wilmington, North Carolina, USA
    • Production companies
      • Tollin/Robbins Productions
      • Warner Bros. Television
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      42 minutes

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      • Stereo
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      • 1.33 : 1

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    One Tree Hill Rewatch: Season 1, Episode 19 "How Can You Be Sure?"




    Image Credit: Fanpop

    We pick up directly where we left off last episode to a very emotional and vulnerable Brooke Davis confronting Lucas about the fact that she might be pregnant because she is very, very late. He reacts like I suspect most teenage boys would, he's flustered and kind of defensive, but also trying to be supportive. He takes her to the drug store to get a test (because she hasn't taken one yet) and back at her house, she reveals that it's positive.

    Keith is still standing in Karen's doorway professing his love for her. He shows her the engagement ring and asks her to marry him. She turns him down, saying that Italy changed her perspective on things and she has realized that there is more out there for her. Booooooo.

    Sophia Bush's acting in this episode is superb. As she shows Lucas the positive pregnancy test, she breaks down in tears and pushes his supportive hand off of her. He takes her to the women's clinic the next morning and Dan Scott sees them outside as he drives by. He laughs to himself because he's an evil son of a bitch. He later confronts Lucas and tells him that he asked Karen to have an abortion and that she was "too emotional" and that he should consider asking "that girl" (being Brooke) to do the same. Guys, I cannot stress this enough, Dan Scott is the worst.

    Image Credit: Tumblr

    Nikki is still here for some reason and tries to see Jenny, but luckily Peyton is over helping out Jake and is able to keep her away. Eyeliner Whore makes me so uncomfortable. She's always just popping up and making herself at home. She picks up a picture of the basketball team and recognizes Lucas instantly.

    Haley goes to Nathan's to wake him up for school and he notices her '23' tramp stamp. He doesn't say anything then, but later he addresses it, saying that it confuses him that she's willing to get something that permanent but won't have sex with him. Yikes. We are going into unfair territory. Haley tells him that those two things are not the same, and that she's just not ready for sex yet. This is so messy! The pressures of sex are insane, so of course Haley is going to be hesitant, plus her boyfriend has slept with one of her closest friends, is related to her best friend, and is a notorious player. Then again, she did just get his basketball number tattooed above her ass. But she's young! And in love!

    Peyton tells Haley that by saying how head over heels she is for him, she's already a lot farther into the relationship than her and Nathan ever got while they were dating. Haley James, here's my advice: do what's right for you. Do not succumb to the pressure but also don't not do something out of fear and fear alone. 

    Image Credit: LiveJournal

    Brooke and Lucas get into a heated argument at school where he calls her out for sleeping with multiple guys. Dick move, Luke. She gets a call from the doctor who confirms that she's pregnant, and she runs off telling Lucas to leave her alone. 

    Lucas tells Karen about Brooke, and she SLAPS him!!! She immediately apologizes, but is still freaking out because she wanted better for him than what she had, and she's so scared for his future. Karen is having a rough week because later Keith comes over and basically says that because she turned down his marriage proposal he's going to leave Tree Hill. At the end of the episode he heads to a pawn shop to sell the ring. 

    Nathan and Haley are in a really awkward situation, with neither one of them wanting to step on the other's toes when it comes to sex. While discussing the importance of their relationship and Nathan still wrapping his head around the fact that level-headed Haley got a part of him tattooed onto herself, he confesses that he is in love with her. She says she loves him too, and it's about damn time because she's practically told everyone else but him. They kiss and it's super sweet and they still don't have sex and that is okay!

    Nikki visits Lucas and asks him not to tell Jake that they slept together because she's trying to get her family back together. For the first time, she is actually acting human and she's not wearing too much eyeliner. It's so hard to take, though, because she doesn't really deserve the life she wants to have, and even if she did, there's just no chance she's getting it back. She creepily stares at Jake, Peyton, and Jenny through their window in the dark and I get chills because she's crazy.

    Lucas goes over to Brooke's to talk to her about all of his newfound realizations about how he came to be and the father he wants to be, and she is forced to finally come clean; she isn't pregnant. She lied. The test WAS positive, but when the doctor called he said it was a false alarm. Lucas is rightfully pissed that she lied to him about something so life changing, but I can't help but feel for Brooke as she explains herself. When the doctor called, Lucas had just slut shamed her and made her feel, once again, unloveable and inadequate. Should she have lied? No. But watching her hold herself sobbing at the end of the episode just makes my heart break. We have all been there, Brooke Davis. Your pain is felt and known. 

    Favorite line: "In the end, it all hurts just the same." Brooke to Lucas after he says that he never meant to hurt her. This line made me tear up, because it's so unbelievably true. 
    Important moment: First "I love you" exchanged by Naley!
    Random Observation: Deb is annoying the hell out of me because whenever she talks she sounds like a whiny baby. I feel like I needed to let this be known.

    Next time: There's a party! And parties always go over so well! 



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    One Tree Hill (Season 1)

    One Tree Hill The premiere took place on September 23, 2003 on The WB.

    The first season of the series was shown on channel NTV .


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    Aside from their love of basketball, Lucas and Nathan, two young men, seem to have nothing in common. Except for the dark secret that they share the same father. 18 years ago, budding basketball player Dan Scott received a university scholarship, left his pregnant girlfriend Karen, and drove off to study. It didn’t work out with a basketball career, but it worked out with his personal life - Dan married a classmate Deb, who bore him another son.

    Arrogant and overconfident, Nathan is the star of Tree Hill High School's basketball team. He belongs to the richest family in the city. Quiet and thoughtful, Lucas is a loner, the only support of his mother Karen. Lucas has always kept his distance from Nathan. But their lives collide when Lucas is placed on Nathan's team.

    The rumors that accompanied Lucas since childhood are now becoming more than whispers behind his back, as half-brothers compete not only on the sports field, but also fight for their love: Lucas falls in love with Payton, Nathan's girlfriend, and Nathan himself with Lucas' best friend, Hailey. The situation is complicated by the fact that Peyton's best friend, the beautiful Brooke, falls in love with Lucas.

    And Dan fuels their feud even more with basketball. Lucas is a distant and simply unnecessary person - a talented athlete, whose success all these years has been watched by Dan's brother, Keith, who is in love with Karen. Nathan lives the life of his father, who dreams of him achieving great success in sports. Thus, a deep and bitter conflict that has been brewing for years comes to the surface. He haunts them at home and at school as they struggle to figure out who they really are. And it is possible that there may be more in common between them than they imagined.


    • Chad Michael Murray as Lucas Scott
    • James Lafferty as Nathan Scott
    • Bethany Joy Galeoti as Haley James Scott
    • Hilary Burton as Payton Sawyer
    • Sophia Bush as Brooke Davis
    • Paul Johansson as Dan Scott
    • Craig Sheffer as Keith Scott
    • Moira Kelly as Karen Ro
    • Barbara Alyn Woods as Deb Scott
    • Barry Corbin as Coach Durram Whitey

    Guest Stars

    • Lee Norris as Marvin "Mouse" McFadden
    • Entwon Tanner as Entwon "Skills" Taylor
    • Bevin Prince - Bevin Mirsky
    • Brian Greenberg - Jake Jigelski
    • Emmanuelle Vaugier - Nicky
    • Thomas Ian Griffin - Larry Sawyer
    • Sarah Thomas - Teresa
    • Brett Claywell - Tim Smith
    • Cullen Moss - Junk Moretti
    • Vaughn Wilson - Ferguson Fergie Thompson
    • Colin Fix - Jimmy Edwards
    • Amy Parish - Shari Smith
    • Sean Shepard - Director Turner

    Description of episodes

    Episode Name Air Date Director Writers
    1x01 Pilot / Pilot September 23, 2003 Brian Gordon Mark Schwan
    At first glance, you might think that apart from the love of basketball between the two young men, Lucas and Nathan, there is nothing in common. But this is not so, because they have a secret - a common father. Nathan is the star of the school basketball team, a local hero. Lucas is a loner, the only son of a working mother. Unlike Nathan, Lucas plays basketball in the park with his friends. And now fate disposes in such a way that, thanks to Lucas, he ends up in Nathan's team. Now the brothers are fighting not only for the title of hero, but also for the love of Peyton, Nathan's girlfriend.
    1x02 The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most September 30, 2003 Brian Gordon Mark Schwan
    Lucas doesn't perform very well in the first game, so he decides to leave the team. Relations between Peyton and Nathan continue to crumble - the girl does not like the way he treats Lucas. Meanwhile, Kit and Karen fight when a woman refuses to show up to a game to support her son.
    1x03 Are You True? / You are real? October 7, 2003 Michael Grossman Jennifer Cecil
    Nathan doesn't like Lucas' growing popularity and tries to find the young man's weaknesses. After a successful match, Coach Whitey put Lucas in the center position, and Nathan plays defense. This was not part of the plans of either Nathan or his father Dan. “So, Luke will not have an easy life in a team,” they decide. Meanwhile, Peyton is furious at Lucas for offering her drawings to the local paper without her knowledge. Nathan decides to influence Lucas through Hayley.
    1x04 Crash Into You October 14, 2003 David Carson Mark Perry
    Hayley suggests that Lucas go to Nathan's after-game party together, hoping to bring the brothers together. Nathan and his friends continue to bully Lucas, and they go overboard. Lucas, seeing the wealth in which his half-brother lives, breaks down and quarrels with his mother, not understanding why she allows Dan to treat her like that. When Nathan's mother returns home and finds her angry son there, she turns to Karen for advice.
    1x05 All That You Can't Leave Behind (Where I End & You Begin) /
    October 21, 2003 David Carson Ann Hamilton and Mark Schwan
    Lucas asks Keith to go with him to the annual Father and Son competition. When a young man sees how Den humiliates Nathan during the game, he understands that his "father" is much better than Den. Peyton is going through hard times when the anniversary of her mother's death arrives, and the girl unexpectedly finds support from Whitey.
    1x06 Every Night Is Another Story October 28, 2003 Jason Moore Mike Kelly
    When Coach Whitey kicks Lucas and Nathan off the bus because of their fight, the boys not only have to walk 30 miles, but also flee from a gun gang chasing them. Injured during the game, Brooke asks Peyton to take her home, but as a result of an unfortunate set of circumstances, Peyton has to ask Hayley for help. Meanwhile, Karen and Kit are conflicted when they have to spend time with Dan and Deb.
    1x07 Life In A Glass House November 4, 2003 Robert Duncan McNeill Mike Kelly
    During the annual reception at Dan and Deb's house, each of those present is going through major changes in their lives: Karen makes a new friend, Keith meets his little brother again, and Lucas decides to confess everything to Peyton. Hayley and Nathan grow closer, but an unfortunate incident soon occurs.
    1x08 The Search For Something More November 11, 2003 John T. Cratchmer Jennifer Cecil
    Looking for fun, Brooke and Peyton infiltrate a student party, but the fun ends when Gabe, one of the students, drugs Peyton. When Brooke asks Lucas for help, he is forced to look at the girl in a different light. Meanwhile, Hayley gives Nathan a second chance and the two go on a date, but Dan is against their relationship.
    1x09 With Arms Outstretched November 18, 2003 Bayan Gordan Mark Schwan
    After an argument with his father and Hayley, Nathan breaks down under his pressure and takes steroids to improve his performance in the upcoming game. But, unfortunately, this decision was the first step towards the destruction of his family ... Keith does not understand the reasons for the dramatic changes that have occurred with his nephew. Meanwhile, Peyton comes to Lucas to sort out their relationship once and for all, but when the girl comes to his house, she finds him with Brooke.
    1x10 You Gotta Go There To Come Back January 20, 2004 Keats Samples Mike Kelly
    Deb and Hailey decide to have a karaoke night at the café. After Whitey cancels his workout, Brooke talks Lucas into taking the chance and goes for a crazy night out with him. Meanwhile, Deb asks Dan to spend the day with Nathan in order to mend their relationship. But everything turned out differently - Nathan ran away from his father to the city to Hayley.
    1x11 The Living Years January 27, 2004 Thomas Jay Wright Mark Perry
    Coach Whitey has resumed training, and Nathan, unable to bear the pressure from Dan, decides to leave the team and turns to Hayley for help to fill the free time. Meanwhile, Brooke becomes jealous of Lucas for Peyton.
    1x12 Crash Course In Polite Conversations February 3, 2004 Sandy Smolan Jessica Kueller
    Den returns home for a while to play the role of a caring husband and father. When Peyton receives the devastating news that her father has gone missing at sea, she and Lucas go to Hilton Head to identify the body. Overcome with emotion, Peyton kisses Lucas. Meanwhile, a surprise visit from Den's parents for his birthday reveals some family secrets.
    1x13 Hanging By A Moment February 10, 2004 John Barin Mark Schwan
    Lucas and Peyton hesitate to tell the truth to Brooke. Whitey wants to leave the post of coach, but Nathan dissuades him. On their way to the airport to meet Karen, who has returned from Italy, Keith and Lucas are involved in a car accident that puts the boy's life in danger. Dan, who witnessed the accident, takes Lucas to the hospital. And now, in order to save his son, he must confess that he is his real father. Meanwhile, Peyton decides to tell Brooke about the kiss.
    1x14 I Shall Believe February 17, 2004 Greg Prange Jennifer Cecil
    At the bedside of her son in a coma, Karen meets his lover and learns from Deb that she is going to divorce Dan. But she experiences the biggest shock when she learns that Keith was drunk when he got behind the wheel. Meanwhile, Nathan tries to get Hayley back, and Coach Whitey convinces Karen to give Keith a second chance.
    1x15 Suddenly Everything Has Changed February 24, 2004 David Carson Mark Perry
    Waking up from a coma, Lucas realizes that he made the wrong choice, so he breaks up with Brooke and hopes for reciprocal feelings from Peyton. Soon the girls have to meet face to face when Lucas again becomes ill. Karen decides to hire a new assistant at the cafe - Jake Jigelski. Meanwhile, unable to pay for Lucas' treatment, Keith puts his workshop up for sale.
    1x16 The First Cut Is The Deepest March 2, 2004 Robert Duncan McNeill Mike Kelly
    Nathan has to decide which parent to live with, and Keith is desperate because he has to sell his workshop because of debts. Meanwhile, Lucas meets a beautiful stranger who turns his head. Deb confesses to Nathan that she cheated on Dan, and the boy decides to officially leave his parental custody.
    1x17 Spirit In The Night April 6, 2004 Duane Klatk Terrence Coley
    Keith decides to leave the workshop, which is now run by his brother. The guys go to the next game, where Brooke should receive the award for the best cheerleading team. But when one of the girls gets sick, Peyton asks Hayley to fill in for her. Meanwhile, Coach Whitey has Lucas and Nathan in the same room, hoping to reconcile the guys, and Hayley is caught in the middle of two fires.
    1x18 To Wish Impossible Things April 13, 2004 Billy Dixon Mark Schwan
    Nicky decides to go back to Jake. Karen and Larry clearly like each other, and Keith knows it's time to propose to Karen. Brooke tells Lucas that she is pregnant.
    1x19 How Can You Be Sure? / Are you sure? April 20, 2004 Thomas Jay Wright Karin Asher
    Nicky wants to go back to Jake, but he has learned to manage the baby himself. Karen turns Keith down and he decides to leave town. Lucas contemplates his future with Brooke, and Hayley decides to have sex with Nathan.
    1x20 What Is And What Should Never Be April 27, 2004 Perry Lang Edward Curtis and Adam Horowitz
    Nathan is looking for a night job to pay the rent, and Hailey is hosting a housewarming party. However, things get out of control. When Brooke finds out she wasn't invited to the party, she hosts her own "party" with Nicky.
    1x21 The Leaving Song May 4, 2004 David Carson Jennifer Cecil and Mark Perry
    Lucas learns that when he was very young, Dan tried to get joint custody rights. Meanwhile, Peyton is in a panic after Nicky kidnaps Jake's baby she was babysitting. Dan finally signs the divorce papers.
    1x22 The Games That Play Us May 11, 2004 Greg Prange Mark Schwan
    Lucas and Nathan have to endure pressure from Dan as he prepares the guys for the final game. Hayley is intimidated by Dan, who demands that she end her relationship with Nathan. Peyton helps Jake and Jenny leave for Texas. Lucas decides to leave town with Keith, but before that, he is about to say goodbye to Nathan and Hayley, and learns that they are married. Meanwhile, Coach Whitey realizes that his condition may be worse than he thought, and Dan learns Deb's dark secret.


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    One Tree Hill (episodes)

    One Tree Hill is an American teen drama television series. The premiere took place on September 23, 2003 on The WB.


    • 1 Seasons
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      • 2.1 Season 1 (2003-2004)
      • 2.2 Season 2 (2004-2005)
      • 2.3 Season 3 (2005-2006)
      • 2.4 Season 4 (2006-2007)
      • 2.5 Season 5 (2007-2008)
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    Season Episodes Release years
    1 22 2003-2004
    2 23 2004-2005
    3 22 2005-2006
    4 21 2006-2007
    5 18 2008
    6 24 2008-2009


    Season 1 (2003-2004)

    Episode # Release date original name Russian name
    1x01 September 23, 2003 Pilot Pilot
    1x02 September 30, 2003 The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most Most frightening places
    1x03 October 07, 2003 Are You True? Are you real?
    1x04 October 14, 2003 Crash into You run into you
    1x05 October 21, 2003 All That You Can't Leave Behind Everything you can't leave behind
    1x06 October 28, 2003 Every Night Is Another Story Every night is a new story
    1x07 November 04, 2003 Life in a Glass House Life in a glass house
    1x08 November 11, 2003 The Search for Something More Seeking more
    1x09 November 18, 2003 With Arms Outstretched With open arms
    1x10 January 20, 2004 You Gotta Go There to Come Back You need to go there to get back
    1x11 January 27, 2004 The Living Years Young years
    1x12 February 03, 2004 Crash Course in Polite Conversations Looking for conflict when treated well
    1x13 February 10, 2004 Hanging By A Moment Hang by a thread
    1x14 February 17, 2004 I Shall Believe I will believe
    1x15 February 24, 2004 Suddenly Everything Has Changed Suddenly everything has changed
    1x16 March 02, 2004 The First Cut is the Deepest First cut - deepest
    1x17 April 06, 2004 Spirit in the Night Spirit in the night
    1x18 April 13, 2004 To Wish Impossible Things Wish for impossible things
    1x19 April 20, 2004 How Can You Be Sure? How can you be sure?v
    1x20 April 27, 2004 What Is And What Should Never Be What is and what should never happen
    1x21 04 May 2004 The Leaving Song farewell song
    1x22 May 11, 2004 The Games That Play Us Games we play

    Season 2 (2004-2005)

    Episode # Release date original name Russian name
    2x01 September 21, 2004 The Desperate Kingdom of Love Realm of Desperate Love
    2x02 September 28, 2004 The Truth Doesn't Make A Noise Truth Makes No Sound
    2x03 October 05, 2004 Near Wild Heaven Close to Heaven
    2x04 October 12, 2004 You Can't Always Get What You Want You can't always get everything you want
    2x05 October 19, 2004 I Will Dare I dare
    2x06 October 26, 2004 We Might As Well Be Strangers We can also be strangers
    2x07 Nov 02, 2004 Let the Reigns Go Loose Let the rulers lose
    2x08 Nov 09, 2004 Truth, Bitter Truth The truth, the bitter truth
    2x09 November 16, 2004 The Trick Is To Keep Breathing Hold your breath
    2x10 November 30, 2004 Don't Take Me for Granted No need for pity. ..
    2x11 January 25, 2005 The Heart Brings You Back The heart brings you back
    2x12 01 Feb 2005 Between Order and Randomness Between Order and Chaos
    2x13 February 08, 2005 The Hero Dies In This One
    2x14 February 15, 2005 Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows
    2x15 February 22, 2005 Unopened Letters to the World Unread letters to the world
    2x16 March 01, 2005 Somewhere A Clock is Ticking A clock is ticking somewhere
    2x17 April 19, 2005 Something I Can Never Have What I will never have
    2x18 April 26, 2005 The Lonesome Road Road of Solitude
    2x19 03 May 2005 I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning
    2x20 May 10, 2005 Lifetime Peeling Up
    2x21 May 17, 2005 What Could Have Been What could be
    2x22 May 24, 2005 The Tide That Left and Never Came Back (1)
    2x23 May 24, 2005 The Leavers Dance (2)

    Season 3 (2005-2006)

    episode no. Release date original name Russian name
    3x01 October 05, 2005 Like You Like an Arsonist
    3x02 October 12, 2005 From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea From the depths of the deep sea
    3x03 October 19, 2005 First Day on a Brand New Planet First day on a new planet
    3x04 October 26, 2005 An Attempt to Tip The Scales
    3x05 Nov 02, 2005 A Mulititude of Casualties
    3x06 Nov 09, 2005 Locked Hearts and Hand Grenades Closed hearts and hand grenades
    3x07 November 16, 2005 Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my fake friends
    3x08 November 30, 2005 The Worst Day Since Yesterday Worst day since yesterday
    3x09 December 07, 2005 How a Resurrection Really Feels How resurrection really feels
    3x10 January 11, 2006 Brave New World Brave New World
    3x11 January 18, 2006 Return of the Future Return to the future
    3x12 January 25, 2006 I've Got Dreams To Remember I have dreams to remember
    3x13 February 01, 2006 The Wind That Blew My Heart Away The wind that took my heart away
    3x14 February 08, 2006 All Tomorrow's Parties All tomorrow's parties
    3x15 February 15, 2006 Just Watch The Fireworks Just watch the fireworks
    3x16 March 01, 2006 With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept With tired eyes, tired thoughts, tired souls, we slept
    3x17 March 29, 2006 Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them? Those who survived and what they lost
    3x18 05 April 2006 When It Isn't Like It Should Be When not as it should be
    3x19 April 12, 2006 I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me I slept with someone from Fall Out Boy and all I got was this stupid song written about me.
    3x20 April 19, 2006 Everyday is a Sunday Evening Every day like Sunday morning
    3x21 April 26, 2006 Over the Hills and Far Away Beyond the hills and beyond
    3x22 03 May 2006 The Show Must Go On The show must go on

    Season 4 (2006-2007)

    Episode # Release date original name Russian name
    4x01 September 27, 2006 The Same Deep Water As You At the same depth as you
    4x02 October 04, 2006 Things I Forgot at Birth Things I forgot at birth
    4x03 October 11, 2006 Good News For People Who Love Bad News Good news for people who love bad news
    4x04 October 18, 2006 Can't Stop This Thing We've Started Can't stop what we started
    4x05 October 25, 2006 I Love You But I've Chosen The Darkness I love you, but I choose darkness
    4x06 November 08, 2006 Where Did You Sleep Last Night? Where did you spend the night?
    4x07 November 15, 2006 All These Things That I've Done All these things I've done
    4x08 November 22, 2006 Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye Nothing is left behind how to say goodbye
    4x09 November 29, 2006 Some You Give Away Something you let go
    4x10 December 06, 2006 Songs To Love And Die By Love and Death Song
    4x11 January 17, 2007 Everything in its Right Place Everything in its place
    4x12 January 24, 2007 Resolve Change decision
    4x13 February 07, 2007 Pictures of You Pictures of you
    4x14 February 14, 2007 Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers Sad songs for dirty lovers
    4x15 February 21, 2007 Prom Night at Hater High Prom
    4x16 02 May 2007 You Call It Madness, But I Call It Love You call it madness, but I call it love
    4x17 May 09, 2007 It Gets The Worst at Night It will get worse at night
    4x18 May 16, 2007 The Runaway Found Fugitive found
    4x19 May 30, 2007 Ashes of Dreams You Let Die Dream Ashes You Let Die
    4x20 June 06, 2007 The Birth and Death of the Day Birth and death of the day
    4x21 June 13, 2007 All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone I suddenly missed everyone

    Season 5 (2007-2008)

    Episode # Release date original name Russian name
    5x01 January 08, 2008 4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days 4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days
    5x02 January 08, 2008 Racing Like a Pro Race Like a Pro
    5x03 January 15, 2008 My Way Home Is Through You My way home is through you
    5x04 January 22, 2008 It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) It's all right, mom (I just cut myself)
    5x05 January 29, 2008 I Forgot to Remember to Forget I forgot to remember to forget
    5x06 February 5, 2008 Don't Dream It's Over Don't dream, it's over
    5x07 February 12, 2008 In Da Club Club
    5x08 February 19, 2008 Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want Please let me get what I want
    5x09 February 26, 2008 For Tonight You're Only Here To Know Today you are here just to find out
    5x10 March 04, 2008 Running To Stand Still Run to stay put
    5x11 March 11, 2008 Your Gonna Need Someone On Your Side Today you will need someone by your side
    5x12 March 18, 2008 Hundred Hundred
    5x13 April 14, 2008 Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace Echo, silence, patience and grace
    5x14 April 21, 2008 What Do You Go Home To? Why are you coming home?
    5x15 April 28, 2008 Life Is Short Life is short
    5x16 May 5, 2008 Cryin' Won't Help You Now Crying won't help you now
    5x17 May 12, 2008 Hate Is Safer Than Love It is safer to hate than to love
    5x18 May 12, 2008 What Comes After The Blues What comes after sadness

    Season 6 (2008-2009)

    Episode # Release date original name Russian name
    6x01 January 08, 2008 Touch Me I'm Going to Scream Part 1 Touch Me and I'll Scream Part 1
    6x02 January 08, 2008 One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning One million billion milliseconds on Sunday morning
    6x03 January 15, 2008 Get Cape. Wear cape. fly. Get the raincoat. Put on a raincoat. Fly.
    6x04 January 22, 2008 Bridge Over Troubled Water Bridge over troubled waters
    6x05 January 29, 2008 You've Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie In It You dug your own grave, now lie down in it
    6x06 February 5, 2008 Choosing My Own Way of Life Choosing the path of your life
    6x07 February 12, 2008 Messin' with the Kid Child problems
    6x08 February 19, 2008 Our Life Is Not a Movie or Maybe Our life is not a movie or maybe
    6x09 February 26, 2008 Sympathy for the Devil Sympathy for the Devil
    6x10 March 04, 2008 Even Fairytale Characters Would Be Jealous Even fairy tale characters would envy
    6x11 March 11, 2008 We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me) Our trinity (My Echo, My shadow and I)
    6x12 March 18, 2008 You Have to Be Joking (Autopsy
    of the Devil's Brain)
    You must be joking
    6x13 April 14, 2008 Things a Mama Don't Know What Mom Doesn't Know
    6x14 April 21, 2008 A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene Scene Capture Skill
    6x15 April 28, 2008 We Change, We Wait We are changing, we are waiting
    6x16 May 5, 2008 Screenwriter's Blues Screenwriter's Longing
    6x17 May 12, 2008 You and Me and the Bottle Makes 3 Tonight There are three of us tonight: You, Me and Drink
    6x18 May 12, 2008 Searching for a Former Clarity In search of former clarity
    6x19 May 12, 2008 Letting Go Release
    6x20 May 12, 2008 I Would for You
    6x21 May 12, 2008 A Kiss To Build A Dream On A kiss to create a dream
    6x22 May 12, 2008 Show Me How to Live Show me how to live
    6x23 May 12, 2008 Forever and Almost Always Forever and almost always
    6x24 May 12, 2008 Remember Me As a Time of Day