When and how to prune an olive tree

How To Prune Olive Trees


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How to Prune Olive Trees


How to Prune Olive Trees

A Guide for Trimming Olive Trees

With thousands of olive tree cultivars worldwide, they inevitably grow to a variety of sizes, including dwarf varieties that only grow to two to four feet in height to those that can exceed forty feet in height and width. Use this guide as an aid in making your pruning decisions for your olive trees.

Above: Pruned olive tree with trimmed branches piled under the canopy

Pruning Basics

When to Prune an Olive Tree

Olive trees, like most trees, are best pruned during their dormant period. But there are other considerations for the timing of your pruning: Do you have any dead, diseased or damaged limbs? (The 3 “D’s” of pruning) Are you pruning to stimulate a larger crop of olives next season? Are you training the tree or targeting a specific shape? Read on below to learn more about these specifics.

Pruning Terminology

Let’s make sure we’re on the same page with our pruning verbiage. Below are definitions of the different types of cuts you may wish to employ.

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Head Cut